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Hi friends, this is Samar here. This is my first story on this platform and I am sure it won’t be my last.

This incident happened to me about 2 years ago when I was in Dubai.

Dubai is a beautiful place with a lot of good sites. Man made creation are plenty and all of them can be adored. The only thing which is more beautiful then the structures is the woman of dubai. People from across the globe are settled in dubai and due to this women from across the globe are also part of dubai. Single, married, exploring. All kinds of them you can find in dubai.

I had moved to dubai as part of my job search and I started working in a high end fashion store as a manager. The retail business is huge as one of the key things woman there do is flock the malls. Latest trend always comes to dubai. Since mine was a women only store we used to get the hottest woman in our stores barely accompanied by their man. One such evening a really hot woman entered my store. There were only 2 staff at that time and one of them was me. The lady was looking for a gift for her friend. She started browsing but could not find the appropriate thing she was looking for and thats when I stepped in to help her.

I took her through the collection again and showcased some of our best styles. While she was browsing through we were talking about her and how she is always so confused while shopping and looks for guidance. Thats when I did my chance pe dance and offered my services to her. Told her if she ends up buying something today I will assist her on her next shopping outing. We browsed through a little more and she ended up picking 3 outfits. One as a gift and 2 for herself. She tried them on and she looked stunning. A few minor alterations were to be done so I said you take the gift with you and I will send the rest of the pieces home. She left and it took us 2 days to finish the alterations.

Since it was weekend we had no delivery boys hence I called to check if she can come over to collect it. She said unfortunately she was tied up at home and could not come and also said that she would like to have the dress the same day as next day was a party which she did want to attend. I said sure and since none of my boys could leave the store I myself went to drop it. She used to stay in lavish apartment at jumeirah beach. Its one of those apartments which is given to expats by their companies. I reached the building and then confirmed with the security for her floor. She lived on the 20th floor of the building.

I entered the lift and was kinda wondering that so many rich people would be living here. Someday I would want to stay there too. I exited the lift and pressed the door bell. In a minute or so the door opened. Meera the lady I met at the store was at the door. She was looking stunning, she was wearing a black saree with a strappy blouse. Her hair was a little wet and she had kept them open. I guess so that they dry out. She said ‘hello’ and I did not respond she said ‘hello’ again but I dint she said ‘samar whats up’, thats when I realised I was ogling at this beauty for a while now and I said ‘hey meera how are you’. ‘she said I am good, how are you doing’ , ‘ I said I am doing and the said here are your dresses’.

She was elated and said this is another level of customer service. You personally came to give me. I am so glad and she went to the kitchen to get me something to drink as she walked past I saw her tight ass in the saree and it kinda instantly turned me on, though in my head I thought she is a client and I shouldn’t get such thoughts. She came back and she said she would want to try out the dresses just to be sure and I said no problem I can wait. She went to the bedroom to try. There were two dresses and one of them was a short dress with sleeveless shoulders.

She tried that and came out to show it to me and asked me how she was looking. As soon as I saw her I got an erection in my pants and I said u look really hot. I think she saw it and she commented back saying ‘ I can see’.She came back after trying the second dress and she looked beautiful in that as well.

After that she just changed back into a tshirt and hot pants and oh boy what legs she got. Perfect thighs. I was completely turned on at this but again she was a client. I also thought let me figure if she is married or her relationship status..

So when she came back I asked her where her husband was and she said she has recently been divorced and separated from her husband. That moment instead saying ‘ooh’ I said ‘wow’ and quickly corrected myself and said I am so sorry. Are you okie. She said yes I am happy being single again, just a lil lonely at times and hence I do retail therapy. I said ooh perfect and now you have someone who can take away the loneliness and I winked. She kinda teased me too and said yeah I have got a few men who have tried. I said I am not surprised you would have a long que outside your house always.

We then kinda got talking a lil more and the more I stayed the harder I got but then she was a client. She asked me if I was married and I said nah am happy being single. She kinda looked at the bulge in my pants and said I am not so sure. I was embarrassed. Thats when she said maybe I should go shopping today and as per your deal you will accompany me to the store. I said of course I will. I asked her what is she planning to buy, is it something for tomorrows party, she said yes she needs to buy a pair of lingerie which will go with her dress. I was thrilled and there was an adrenaline rush in my head. I just could not control myself and I said are you gonna try those and show them to me. She said depends on what you pick.

After that we walked to the victoria secrets store near her house. I told her with the dress she should wear a thong and a laced black bra. Since it was an lbd it would be perfect. She agreed to my suggestion and we bought it. As we walked out of the store I reminded her of the deal and told her I helped you to pick so I get to see a preview. She said may be and walked ahead.

We then got some stuff to eat and it seemed like from complete strangers we got super comfortable with each other. Since there were shopping bags on her I offered to drop her home. Once we entered the elevator she looked at me and said samar you are one of the nicest person I have met in dubai and I would like to know you better. I said for sure and it would be my pleasure. Saying that we exited the elevator.

We entered her home and I kept the bags. It was kinda late so I said hey meera it was a great day and look forward to more shopping extravaganzas ( having said that I so wanted to stay). I started to walk and thats when she stopped me and said hold on I am a woman of my words you should see how I look in what we got today and she picked up the lingerie and went to her room.

She wore the thong and the laces and came out. I just couldn’t control at that moment. My dick was throbbing and I so wanted to pound that hot girl in front of me. I told her you look stunning. She looked at me and then at my bulge and said why don’t you tell me in detail and she walked towards me.

She suddenly took her hands on my crotch and started to rub it. I got the guts and realized she wanted me equally bad. She whispered to me saying have been craving for some meat since a while and squeezed my dick. I said u gorgeous lady u had this all along on your mind and she said of course the moment she saw me at the store. I held her tight and kissed her passionately. Our tongues rolled into each others mouth and we started to feel each other. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the room. Her sexy body in front of me was a new high. I put her on the bed and started to kiss her all over. I gently caressed her body stopping at their pussy and then moving upwards.

I started to kiss her on her lips and moved lower to her boobs..I unhooked her laces and started sucking on to them. Boy those melons were so yummy. I took all of them in mouth and started milking them. They were the sexiest boobs I have seen. Her nipples were extremely perky and nice. I then moved to her belly region and started sucking on to it. She started moaning loudly and begging for more. I then moved to the juiciest lips of this world and started eating her lips.

Oh boy, there were so juicy, it was so wet. Her pussy was oozing liquid out. I slowly started slurping my tongue on her pussy and rolling it deeper. Every time I would dig deeper she would moan louder. I reached her clit and started to nibble on her. At the same time I was squeezing her boobs and she started screaming samar fuck me, fuck me now. I took my little finger and inserted in her pussy and started finger fucking her.

Gently I put my other two fingers in her and moved them in circular motion slow first and then really fast. All this while she was giving out the yummiest flavors in the world in my mouth. I finger fucked her till she reached an orgasm and then I licked her pussy clean. Every drop tasted like fantasy.

We then were just lying down when she whispered to me and I said I want more and slowly she slid down on my dick and starting sucking on the tip. She licked the tip and boy it was the most heavenly feeling. Her tongue rolling on my dick and she started slowly swallowing all of it.

She went the whole hog giving me a deep throat..My hard dick in her mouth was the best feeling. She licked around my balls a little and then she came back up. She stood up on me and then slowly took my dick inside her pussy. She started riding me. ( I love it when the girl takes the charge). She was moving it like a pro rider on a horse her boobs were bouncing in front of me and what a sight it was. Eventually I rolled her over and got on top of her. I fucked her slowly first and then started moving in really fast.

We went on for some time and then it was my turn to come so I told her I wanna do it together. She said she was close to a second orgasm and if I fucked her a little more she would come. I pushed harder and deeper now with every stroke. She came first and then I got my dick out of her and sprayed my gun on her boobs. She was amazed with the amount of my flow and said she was getting thirsty. She started licking all of it while I cleaned up her pussy. We then went in for a cold shower together where we had some more fun in the tub.

We had a few more shopping extravaganzas and some crazy sex. Will tell you guys more about it in my next story. Do leave your feedback on this attempt of mine, only so that I can make you guys and gals fantasize better next time. Drop me an email if you did like on [email protected]

Till next time, happy cumming

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