Shopping Turned Me To Masseur – Part 2

Hi everyone, this is RAM again with fresh and second encounter with new lady.

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Kindly read the first story to understand how got into encounter with second lady.

Myself, I am RAM (changed), 5.9, athletic built, working in it firm, Bangalore.

So the lady whom I met in shopping introduced me another mother who s working in an famous hospital in Bangalore as doctor. Her name latha ( name changed). she has a kid of 2yrs old and her hubby is top business man. Coming to her physics, she s 5.7 tall, hour glass shape figure.. Wheatish in color, 36-30-36 figure which makes any man to die for her.

Since lathas friend had already told about me to her I dint feel any discomfort in talking to her. Our first meeting happening in the hospital in the name of patient and doctor relationship along with her friend.

Latha spoke to me nicely and also told me, being doctor I could have treated myself on anybody problems but also need your help in getting rid of body pains with your sensuous massage.

I told OK for it, but where to massage was a big question. Since in her home even her father and mother in-laws were also staying together. So, latha asked for her friend’s help In arranging the place. That means, lathas from home would be used as venue for massage.

Latha enquired about my well being and also quite fascinated with my wit. I told her I’m still virgin, sacredly kept for my wife. I am doing this massage just like doctor treating his patients. So I have no regrets in doing massage. And told her I would not involve in hard core sex.

She was mesmerized for my loyalty to my wife and told my wife would be very lucky one. I smiled on her comments. And me along with her frn ( call her sweta) left the hospital.

The day came, it happened to be a Monday. Swetas husband had left for his job and her kid was left in play station. Latha also left to job in front of her in-laws but came to swetas home. I also was there in swetas home, was heating the oil for the massage.

Thy both started chatting and came to a conclusion that they both would take massage together at same time. I was OK with their decision. Again went back to kitchen to heat some more oil. in the mean time they both disrobed their clothes and sitting and chatting.

As I came to them, latha was bit shy full, so she smiled and dipped her face. Sweta dint sho any shyness,as I had seen her nude last time. we three went to bedroom and laid a mat on the floor.

They both went first, I followed them, I saw the ass dancing in tandem. the most electrifying scene watching nude asses dancing. the hour glass figures were killing me and my bulge started to increase in my pants. They both turned towards me giving a good view of boobs and pussy. Boobs were magnificent, they were standing still without any shagginess. Pussy was cleanly shaven.

They both put me a condition that I have to massage them without wearing any clothes. I told no I shall wear shorts as it would disturb me while massaging. But they were adamant on their decision hence I had to remove my dress too.

They both laid on the mat side by side facing the roof. I came in between them keeping the oil pod in the center. took good amount of oil in both hands, applied oil from legs.I applied one round on oil on their bodies in each hands giving equal importance to them.

Then I went down kept their feet on my thighs and started rubbing with oil, applying pressurres at the pressure points. They started moaning in pleasure due to massage on the feet. Both of their bodies were shining due to oil. the boobs were standing like a stiff mountain’s.

Slowly I finished feet massage and entered knee portion. Both my thighs and body was rubbing to their bodies on to the sides. even my skin was shining due to oil. I took good amount of oil and applied on their thighs and went up to pussy mounds. In the mean time I had spread my legs in between them and they were rolling their hands on my thighs. Slowly finished their thighs and went pussy. I made them lift their asses and kept a pillow under ass.

Poured some 15ml of oils into their pussies and held them in same position for 5 mins. In this time I focused on their boobs and was massaging simultaneously. They were playing with my balls since it was easing accessible to their hands. I applied oil on left out parts in the front side of face and neck, gave them a through massage for half and hour.

Now, I asked to further rise their pussies and poured some more oil. I asked to maintain same position.

I inserted my index fingers in their holes slowly massaged the Walls and gave them nice thrusts. I also touched their g spots for which they were flooding their juices out. the mat and pillow underneath was completely wet due to their multiple Orgasms.

Their both moans were in sync, room was filled with their moans and juices aroma. Since latha had 2yrs kid, she was still lactating. The milk had oozed due to boob massage. she was pressing her boobs hard and directing the nipple to my face and started pressing hard to let the milk ooze and hit my face with pressure.

I was enjoying this. Now I turned them to face towards floor, gave a nice booty massage.. I sat on each of the booties and massaged with my bums. They asked me to simultaneously massage both, so laid across on them started massaging using my body. they were enjoying to the Max.

They both lost control took me in between them hugged me facing towards me. But I still continued to massage with my body, which they liked.

Now they stood up, latha came to my front and sweta to back. and hugged me tight, dye to oil bodies were easily getting slipped. I continued body to body massage. now they both hugged me from front, I did massage in that position also. Lathas hand was stroking my penis. Sweat was holding my balls.

Now turned back and I hugged them from behind and gave penis massage to their booties. at the same time boobs were massaged, I made them to face each other and pressed boobs of both of them. But dint forget to point lactating nipple to sweta’s mouth. Sweta was drenched in milk. they both hugged me tight and latha forced her nipple to my mouth. I drank her milk and emptied her pods.

It’s been almost 3 hrs I started massage, which s a good amount of time to get absorbed.

Now both of them were taken to bath room and gave a nice head bath. they both in turn bathed me. entire bathing process took about an hour. Focused on every muscle of their body and massaged in running water.

I wiped the water off from their bodies, they wiped mine.

They wore cloths and I too wore mine. Sweta prepared nice food for lunch and had together.

Latha and sweta thanked me for this. And told me this best ever experience they had. And paid me heavily. Also told they would recommend me some more such massages. I told thank you very much and told them this two months I am busy as I am occupied in my career growth aspects.

They told, they shall plan according to my availability.

This is how my second encounter ended.

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