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Hi to all fans of this wonderful site. I am following this site from few years and always dreaming about my turn to write an experience. It happened to me last year where I used to live alone in my apt, Dallas tx. I see so many hot girls and aunts in my neighborhood. Shradda beautiful (married) woman whom I thought a college student when I first saw her. she noticed that I am admiring her beauty. one day I am standing in my balcony, she was walking and saw me gave a big smile, inquired if I am working in the same company as she does. Thats how it all started 🙂 We talked after that many times and exchanged our phone numbers.

Days went by she started sharing more personal details about her life. we became very close to each other.

Shradda: where are you from?

Me: I am from Hyd. Moved to Us few years ago. And you?

Shradda: me too from Hyd. I am really bored at home as I came here as dependent, can’t work.

Me: That gave me some confidence in going to next step.

Shradda: asked why I used to stay single, any gfs?

Me: I told her no, didnt find a beautiful girl like you.

Shradda: stop joking. Are you serious? do I really look that great?

Me: Your beauty can’t be expressed in words. I can only show you in person how much I admire you. there was no reply from her for some time

Shardda: Naughty guy. I always know you have such intentions on me. Every time you see me, looks like you want to eat me. I can’t wait for that moment. come to home my for dinner this weekend.

Me: My dreams are coming true. I was so excited and happy reading that message.

Finally its the weekend. I want to make it special for both of us. I brought red roses to make it a romantic night. called her and went to her apt around 8. she opened the door, she wore a saree (on my request), I was on the heaven seeing an angel infront of my eyes. It took few seconds to come in my senses. She was laughing seeing my face and told its all yours. I gave her the roses, then hugged her tightly. Started kissing her neck and slowly reached her lips. we kissed for more than five mins both of us were breathing heavily. while kissing i was holding her butt and pressing it tightly. she gave a moan and kissed me with more intense.

Slowly I started removing her saree and reached her boobs pressing it hard. sucking those boobs I can see the nipples getting hard on her boobs. I moved back to the top kissing her neck, ears, and started kissing her deeply again. I did bite her nipples very hard that made her erotic. Then removed her bra, panty and she took off my clothes.

We are completely naked facing each other, both smiling happily. Standing on our knees facing her continued to kiss (french kiss) her. My dick is saluting to her beauty and waiting to go inside her. I made her sleep on her back, kissing every part of her body came down to her pussy. Her pussy is already wet and so hot. That made me more excited started sucking her pussy. Meanwhile my hands are doing their job pressing the boobs and my tounge continues to taste her pussy. I inserted my fingers into her pussy moved it very fast. This made her cum for the first time of the night.

She cant wait any more and want my dick inside her. cow girl position, i was lying on back on bed, she came on top of me inserted my dick into her slowly started moving in and out. she increased the pace, it was paining at the beginning, later sex pleasure took over the pain we started enjoying it. Shradda was riding on my dick it is making awesome sounds her butt hitting my thighs.

While continuing in that position i pulled her close to me held my hands on back of her head kissing her deeply again. This continued for some time. I was about to come and she wants to drink it completely so moved down to my dick and starting giving the best blow job. She took my dick into her mouth and took all the cum in her mouth. After that she was on me cuddling her and slept for some time. we woke up and my dick is inside her pussy. seeing her beauty my dick is hard again ready for some more sexy time.

Now we are back to the missionary position. reached to her nipples biting them very hard. To make it more exciting I had ice cream on her boobs. the moment i put Ice cream that brought vibrations all over body, hugged me tightly. I inserted my dick into her pussy started moving it slowly later increased the pace. my lips are in action kissing her deep kissing and increase the stroke pace into her pussy. this continued for 10 more minutes. Increased my pace and released my sperm load inside her. She was caressing my hair came close to me.

She shared her personal pics and videos. we spent some time talking about each other and met her many many times after the action night. every meet with her is new shradda to me. Her excitement in the bed became addiction to me. she was amazed with my surprises with every time I meet her. we traveled to different places as a couple had great time together.

We had many more interactions and fun times after this. Based on the responses I will write my next story. Until then have fun out there guys and girls. If you girls enjoy my story give me feedback [email protected]. Any girls or aunties interested in having fun meeting up contact me. 🙂

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