Singapore Diary Of An Indian

Hi, everyone, I am reading stories on this website for quite a while and this is the first time I am writing my sex story. So if there are any mistakes, kindly give your feedback.

You can call me D, north Indian, 29 yrs old and I have average body and average size (don’t want to exaggerate) as I believe more in foreplay and I recently moved to Singapore been away from India for quite a while, so I had lots of experience but I am sharing the latest one. I will share more once I get feedback from others.

As I said I recently move to Singapore, so I rented an apartment in a condo, which has all the facilities and mostly porch people live here that’s why I choose this place as it’s easy to get along with them. Back to the story, I used to go swimming after I come back from work. Lately, I saw an Indian girl coming for swimming, she looked same as of my age with nice figure don’t know the numbers as it hardly matters. We had few glances while swimming but that’s it nothing else happened that day. It becomes regular for us to swim at the same time after work but no one initiated the conversation yet. But after 2 weeks I thought of trying my luck and went near her to introduce myself and she seems happy that I finally approached. Then we finally shared about each other and I came to know she is the mother of a kid and is 35 years old, which I said she doesn’t look and she was happy to hear that (let’s call her Ritika).

Gradually we started talking regularly every day about her work and my work and other general stuff related to Singapore, food, travel. One day she invited me for lunch on weekend and I readily accepted as I was missing home food too and was excited to be with her at her place though I had no bad intentions at that time because its good to have some people from your own country to talk too and she was really nice person though I didn’t know about her intentions.

When I went to their home, I met her husband ( I didn’t expect him though) and her kid. Anyhow I get along very well with her husband as we work in the same industry (not it). Everything went well, we had dinner, exchange information about each other, they were from Mumbai, had arrange marriage and shifted 4 years back to Singapore and her husband is at higher position now so have to travel frequently to asia pacific countries quite a lot and then we departed that day. Next week same as usual we were chatting and things got personal and she shared her husband is a very busy man doesn’t give much time to her these days and she miss someone company as most of the time she is just taking care of the kid and watching her maid doing the work or not properly. I just nodded and didn’t know what to say.

Next weekend I again went for lunch this time her husband wasn’t there and I was very happy to know that and it was sunday so her maid also had off. She saw me smiling and asked what happened. I said nothing just remembered something. She gave me naughty smile. We all had lunch and then her kid went to sleep and we were watching TV. All of a sudden while talking the conversation moved to massage and I said I know how to massage as I travel a lot to bangkok and learned a bit there. She said will you mind giving me a massage I was happy that today might be lucky day for me.

We moved to bedroom and I asked her to wear a bikini so that I can massage her. She accepted and changed to bikini and lied down on the bed and gave me baby oil. I started with back and she understood the straps are coming in between and she opened by herself. I could see she was getting excited and I moved from her back to legs. With upward motion I was massaging her inner thighs and sometimes touching her panty for which I could hear light moan from her.

My dick was hard by now and I have to adjust so that she doesn’t think bad of me. I asked her to switch and I kept the small towel on her boobs and started massaging by touching her boobs from side and below. Her eyes were closed and was moaning a bit.

All of a sudden she couldnt control and got hold of my dick and started pressing it and said I want this as I am missing it from quite a while. I was happy to obliged. I removed my clothes and jumped on her. We starting smooching and fondling each other. I sucked her boobs and then moved down to suck her pussy. In 10 mins she cum already and wanted me to fuck her. But I love foreplay more and keep sucking a bit more and then moved on top of her (put condom) and she guided my dick into her pussy. We changed position and she came on top of me . And then finally put her in doggy position and we cum together at the same time. We lay there for a while hugging each other and then went for shower together.

We still meet and do it once a while but soon her husband will be transferred back to india so I am going to miss her.So if there is anyone in Singapore who is looking for secret relationship can contact me at [email protected]. I guarantee that everything will be confidential and we can meet outside first. Looking forward to hearing feedback for my sex story or girl or aunties who are interested in me. I guarantee nice massage also if that’s all one want.

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