Single Mother Turned Into My Fuck Buddy

Hello there, this is Aakash and I’m back with another story. This story is a real incident that happened to me. It made my rather boring, lonely life filled with sex, pleasure and gave me a friend with benefits with no strings attached. Now I spent most of the time with her.

The main character is in this story is Anjula (name changed), a single mother to a 4-year-old daughter, with best stats any woman can have 36d-32-36 5’6’’.

She has an Indian-brownish complexion and an ass to die for. The entire encounter happened when I was alone and to kill time, went to a nearby mall. I started playing some games and when I felt hungry, went to Subway to order some subways.

I instructed him with cheese, veggies and finally came the sauces. I said “Mint-Mayo, Mayo, and one more sauce some, SouthWest..” A beautiful female voice said, “It’s NorthWest.”

I looked at her and was awestruck with her beauty and said, “Thanks.” I took the order, paid and left. I was looking for a place to sit down. Then suddenly a hand waved for me. It was that lady again.

So I rushed and sat at her table. She said, “I saw you searching for a table so called you,” I said “Thanks.”

She made her daughter eat some food. While I was eating suddenly some sauce fell near my lips. She laughed and indicated me to remove her sauce but I couldn’t get it. So the first time she put her fingers on my lips and removed it.

I smiled at her and quickly said, “I am Aakash.” She took a while and said, “Anjula, and my daughter Anika.” I said, “Nice, all of our names start with A.”

She asked, “How many years have you been living here?” I said, “I came 1 week ago.” We started conversing even after having the food, our tastes and conversations were so deep, interesting that I mistakenly came with her to a  lingerie shop.

Seeing that we both laughed and I played with her daughter until she was done with her shopping. We then went to the car park to take her car and bid her goodbye. I was about to leave when she asked me, “What are your plans for today?”

I said, “I am all alone here, don’t have any plans,” She said, “So can you come by to my house. Just to while off the time.” I said, “Ok.”

After I sat in the car, she said: “I hope you didn’t mind Actually, no one else lives in my house except us, so having a guest would feel something new for me.”

I said, “It’s not at all a problem.” So landed in her apartment and took all her bags and kept it in her room. In her room, I could see the pics of her with her daughter but no pic of her husband. So when she came into the room, I asked her, “You don’t have any pic with your husband on the wall.”

She was quiet and that felt odd. Then she said, “He left me when he got to know I was pregnant with his child,” and she started to cry. I tried to console her, “I am really sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

Wiping her eyes, she said, “Please don’t be.” I then said, “Guest ko bhuka marne ka plan hai kya?” (Do you wanna kill your guest in hunger?)

She smiled and went to the kitchen to bring something to eat. I was playing with her daughter. When the food came, her daughter sat on my lap and I fed her. This made her happy. Her daughter then slept in my lap, so I lifted her and put her on the bed.

I was about to leave and then she said to me, “Hey Aaksh, don’t you wanna know why I called you home?” I said,“No.”

She said, “Well, from the moment her father left me with a child in my womb, I was always sad, depressed. My family members and father kicked me out as well.” gulping some water, “I came to this stage with a lot of difficulties. Overcoming the rude words from the society by working overtime, along with raising a child. You can say for the past 4 years I have not been happy”

“But that moment when I saw you mumbling SouthWest for NorthWest that was the first time I laughed in the last 4 years. After that the way you looked at me didn’t change even after you noticed me with my daughter.”

“You didn’t care whether I was an unmarried mother and she was a bastard, you played with her even after knowing the truth. You won my heart Aakash.”

She came near to me and started kissing me. I then started to get involve and caressed her boobs and lips. She was moaning in pleasure and I kissed her neck.

She broke away from me and went into the other bedroom, I followed her but I couldn’t find her. Suddenly the door was shut and I turned around. She pushed me and I fell on the bed.

She came over me and sat on her knees and removed her salwar. I bent forward, kissing her boobs through the bra which she later removed. I pressed them, played with them which was making her crazy.

Suddenly I made 180-degree turn thus making her lay on the bed. I went a bit down and removed her kameez. There she was standing, the woman whom I met a few hours before, with nothing but a panty, that is gonna come out in a few minutes.

I started kissing her thighs and rubbing, licking her pussy over her panty. I then removed her panty and her pussy was inviting me. I separated the lips and started licking them, inserting my fingers down into her pussy and started fingering her.

She was moaning in pleasure. She said, “Lick it Aaksh I want this, give me more.” After many strokes, I increased the pace and she came. She bent over and kissed me for my hard work.

She held my erect dick and said, “Someone is ready for the action,” unzipped my pant. She saw a wet dot on my boxer as it was pre-cum removed it quickly and smelled it.

She saw my dick and said, “I want this,” turned my dick in another direction so that she can lay on her knees for better action. She removed the foreskin, kissed my balls and after a few strong strokes, I came in her mouth. She couldn’t handle that and spilled it on her boobs and neck.

Then without wasting much time, I inserted into her slowly as she was getting fucked after 4 years. The pussy was so tight that it felt like a virgin. I started increasing my pace and she started shouting. Fearing that her daughter might wake up, I kissed her.

I fucked her hard when her pussy accepted my dick dimensions. Then we changed positions to the girl on top or milf on the top. Her boobs were shaking. We again changed to cancer position I ramped her so hard, that she shouted, “Yesss Aakash make me yours.”

We both released our sex fluids. I collapsed on her and rolled over; she slept in my arms, cuddling each other. Then we heard a knock on the door. I covered myself and she covered with a blanket to open the door.

Her daughter was standing there rubbing her eyes. Our noises disturbed her. So, she as soon as we opened the door, she came inside and said, “I wanna sleep with you maa,” and came on the bed and slept.

After a few moments of sleep. I noticed that she left. So I woke up, leaving her daughter to sleep, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Looking at her from behind reminded me of the epic Hunter scene, and that gave an erection.

I went behind her rubbing against her body, my erect dick signaled her ass cheeks. She  ignored that and said, “Abhi kiya woh kafi nahi hai?” (What we did, isn’t it enough?)

I kissed on her neck and said, “Teri jaise soni ladki ko har second chodthe rahte hai.” (Beautiful girls like you are meant to be fuck every second) I turned her around and lifted her in iron chef position.

I kissed her and lifted her skirt, removed her panty while she stopped the knob of the stove. I went on my knees to lick my queen and she was moaning loudly. After many fingers and tongue licks, she came.

I then stood up and dragged her me. While she kissed me, I pushed my cock into her vagina. She broke the kiss and was on cloud 9, enjoying every stroke of it. She was pressing her boobs and holding the kitchen desk to suppress the pleasure.

As we were about to cum her daughter came into the kitchen. So she pushed me away and went to feed her child while turning on her favorite animation show on TV.

When she came back, I pulled her onto the floor, upped her skirt and fingered her. I entered her again and we both ended with a great climax on the kitchen floor.

From then onwards every Saturday and Sunday, she used to pick me up and we spent most of the time fucking each other in different positions.

Now we got so close that I am, in fact, writing the entire incident and she is sitting beside me giving me inputs/suggestions.

Oh! My god my queen has just become naked in front of me as I completed my story, will see you soon, have a woman to satisfy.


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