Sisterly Affection Turned Naughty – Part I

Hi everyone.. i m Joseph(name changed), age 21, 6 feet, well built body and good looking, from Kottayam, Kerala.. i m here to narrate my 1stexperience, which happened 2 months family includes my dad, mom & younger sister.. whenever we had any long drive, we used to call a driver, who was also living nearby.. he is Jos(name changed), and was damn friendly with us, especially with me.. though we were of same parish(church), i didnt knew anything about his family..

7 months back, we had a trip from parish.. there i happened to meet a girl who was looking damn cute.. she was attractive in d very first sightitself.. i enquired about her and came to know that, she was Jos’s 2nd daughter, Sruthy(name changed), working as nurse.. she was 25 years now.. though she was hot with 36-24-36 size and 5.8″ height, due to d relation with Jos, i decide not to look her in bad way.. in between, we became friends, and the trip ended well..

4 days later, i got a call from an unknown number, and d female voice said that, she is my ex love.. i was shocked, but after a short questioning, she told me that it was Sruthy chechi & was just kidding me.. we talked a lot, and thus our relation grew.. she was lyk an elder sister for me.. we used to chat, talk etc.. and even one day, she came to my house with Jos and all other family members.. my parents also had good friendship with them..

Our talks and chattings become a regular schedule.. we even started night calls.. one evening, while chatting, she told me, she was goingto bath.. i told ok, den we will chat later.. but den d next sms came from her asking whether i m coming with her for d bath.. i wasembarrassed, but asked wot i will get if i come.. and she told, anything you like, with a winking smiley!!

I didn’t give reply at that time.. later, in between our night calls, i asked her about that sms, and asked her that what would she give, if i was there to watch her bath.. she just laugh and asked me that, “naughty bastard, wont u take something from me wen i m bathing fully naked?!!” i was shell shocked, because it was d very 1st time that, we r talking in such a way!! very soon, i came to my sense and started to reply well.. i told hr that, i wouldn’t have taken, instead, i would have given something to fill her stomach.. thus we started our sex journey.. our talks, chattings and everything turned to sex, sex and sex only..

One evening, after her duty, she called me and asked me to take her from hospital to her home.. i took my bike and picked her.. her boobswere pumping on my back.. in between d journey, there were a school.. she asked me to stop, and we went down.. all were dark, and suddenly she put her hands around mu neck me and gave a kiss.. i tightly wrapped her in my hand and gave a french kiss.. i was going mad.. i didn’t want to leave her at any cost.. the kiss almost longed for more than 4-5 minutes.. i pressed her boobs from outside d churidar.. then i put my hand inside and squeezed her.. she was such a slut. she even squeezed and taken out my cock, just standing in that dark place.. since it was not safe there, we did only that much, and returned.. this became our daily routine..

And then, we had a youth trip from here to cherai beach.. we both were always together.. since she was 5 years elder to me, nobody doubts us.. moreover, everyone looked us as brother and sister!! in d wet dress, she was looking damn hot and sexy.. without anyone noticing, we went to d bathroom.. i smooched her.. i was eating her lips and tongue.. i bite her boobs.. squeezed that melons.. i took her top dress and d scene of her black bra made me mad.. her nipples were so hard.. i eat those melons and then, inserted my hand into her pant.. i ran my fingers over her panty.. den i put one finger onto her pussy… the slut had a vibration all over her.. she was moaning hardly.. after some time, she came and istopped..

While coming back, we were sitting together in the bus.. she was tired.. she laid on my lap.. her touches were making me hot and hot.. i brushed her boobs.. the darkness in the bus really helped us to enjoy much more… she too was becoming horny… she squeeze mu cock… i was pressing her boobs badly..

I asked her to open my jeans and kiss my cock!! pretending as sleeping in my lap, she started to give a blow job for me.. omg.. it was d bestin my life.. since it was dark in d bus, and everyone were sleeping due to d tiredness, everything was easy for us.. i took her face in my hand and placed my lip over hers.. i chewed it.. we exchanged our lips, tongue and saliva.. my hand ran all over her body.. i unzipped her churidar from d back.. i ran my hand through her bare back.. her black bra was inviting me.. my hand was inside he churidar now.. i started to press her boobs like anything.. due to d cold, her nipples were hard like rock.. i bite her nipples and squeezed her breast..

Then slowly, i put my hand inside her pant.. i ran my fingers above her panty.. then i put a finger inside her pussy.. a loud moan escapedfrom her.. “ummmm…. ammeee….” i suddenly start to chew her lips.. i inserted another finger too and started to finger fuck her.. hermoanings were trapped in my mouth since i was eating her lips.. after some time, she shivered and collapsed.. she came.. she laid her head onme and took some rest..

But, i was out of control by the time.. i again ran my fingers over her pussy to wake her up… i was not satisfied at all.. she was up, due to my fingering and boob pressings.. then she again moved down and took my cock out.. she lick and kiss it.. she took it completely in her mouth..eeswara.. i was in seventh heaven.. ‘sex at risk’ is d most thrilling dear pals.. omg.. she was the best best and best ever slut… i too came after some time.. wow.. it was d best sex i had ever.. then soon, we adjusted ourselves, and pretended to be normal.. soon we reached back, and went to our homes…

We continued our sex journey as always… sex calls, chattings, and the kissing sessions in the darkness when she come back after hospital duty… and one day, i fucked her very unexpectedly.. that will be described in the next story.. just gimme d reviews..

Any girl from kerala who are interested, plz contact in [email protected], which was my old girlfriend’s mail id.. and remember, everything will be private between us!! waiting for you girls….

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