Slut’s confession to her husband

Sitting in the cab, I felt ecstatic about all that had happened today. Of course, Cyrus’s invitation to his hospital the next evening gave me goosebumps. But even as I came near the house, the euphoric feeling wasn’t subsiding.

I got out of the cab, walked towards my house, and returned to my real world. The world where I belonged. The world where I was an honest and faithful housewife living happily with my husband.

Even though I knew whatever happened wasn’t right, I was not feeling guilty or ashamed. Actually, that thought was disturbing me. It was true that I had my discontent or dissatisfaction about my sexual life. Still, that didn’t mean I should be unfaithful to my husband.

My husband, Hiten, other than sex, has been a gem of a person. Very loving and caring. He has given all other pleasures and a lavish lifestyle. Still, I had no regret for being unfaithful to such a person. I was shocked at the change in my thinking. How can I change so drastically in just 2 hours?

At home, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. On one side, the picture of Cyrus’s erect dick wasn’t erased from my mind. I saw that pic again and again. I don’t know when I started to finger myself slowly, thinking about having that dick in my pussy.

Hiten called me to know whether I had gone to the doc and what had happened there. Obviously, I didn’t tell him exactly what happened there. But I decided to talk about the whole incident with him.

At around 8 pm, Hiten came from the office. Today, instead of my usual t-shirt and pyjama, I welcomed him in a sexy cropped tank top and shorts. The tank top had a deep neck, showed my cleavage and my entire tummy was open. The shorts were too low in fitting.

His eyes lit up seeing me in such a sexy avatar that day. He stared at me from top to bottom. He just gave me a big smooch right at the main door. He went inside to freshen up.

After freshening up, he went to make his drink as usual. Today, for a change, I asked him to make one for me as well. He has a peg or two of his favourite Glenn Levitt whiskey daily. But I drink only socially at parties, mostly Wine or vodka. Today I joined him.

Along with whiskey, I took a cigarette from his pack and lit it. Again, something I never do. I smoke, but only occasionally, and that too a few puffs from Hiten’s cigarette. Hiten noticed that.

Hiten: Is anything wrong today? Did you see the doc? Is there any problem?

I was speechless. I was lost in thinking about how to tell him and just having my cigarette look blankly.

Hiten: Darling, tell me what’s cooking in your head. You are doing things that you don’t do too often.

I gathered the courage and started.

Me: Yes. Today I did many things that I haven’t done before.

Hiten: Means?

Me: Hiten. Will you still love me if I tell you I have not been faithful to you?

Hiten was puzzled and a little shocked.

Hiten: For God’s sake, tell me what has happened?

He was sitting on the couch in the drawing room. I sat beside him and leaned my head on his shoulder. I started narrating everything that had happened earlier today. Right from stripping in front of Priya and Manu to shaving off pussy hair, then to the spanking of Manu.

As I was narrating the story, I was surprised that rather than getting annoyed. There was a bulge in his boxer shorts. As I continued to tell him, the bulge grew and made a small tent in the boxers. As I came to the double penetration part, he took off his shorts, showing me his erect dick.

He unhooked my bra and pulled up the top and bra, and started fondling my boobs. By the time I narrated my second orgasm on the doctor’s examination table, he was slowly stroking his dick. His other hand into my shorts, fingering my pussy.

I completed the story with a goodbye hug and kissed the doctor. He took off my pants and made me lie on the couch. Then he spread my legs apart, then inserted his dick into my pussy. He started fucking me hard and wildly. I was moaning and screaming.

No doubt, I wanted a real cock. But I never expected it to be this way because we had never had sex in the drawing room. He kept fucking, and, in the meantime, calling me bitch, whore, slut, randi – again, something he never does. Was it his way of expressing his anger?

Whatever it may be, I enjoyed being fucked by Hiten in the drawing room. Then he stopped and made me turn and started fucking me doggy style. While fucking he was squeezing my boobs rigorously. In between, spanking my milky white ass hard, he spanked so hard that my ass became red and was hurting.

Then he stopped, stood up and made me stand before him. Then he pressed my head from the top and made me sit in front of his dick. It was still hard and erect. Then he put his dick near my mouth. He knows I don’t like to suck cock, so I didn’t open my mouth.

He slapped me real hard on my cheek. I opened my mouth to moan. At that time, he inserted his cock into my mouth. Then he mouth fucked me for the next five minutes. Then he cum deep into my mouth. I wanted to spit out that cum. But he held my head tightly.

I had no option but to gulp down the whole cum. I just collapsed on the couch. I was panting.

Hiten: When I married you, I wished to have a wife. So treated you like a wife. But unfortunately, you turned out to be a whore. So henceforth, I will treat you like that only.

And Hiten went inside. He probably went to clean himself. He was wiping his dick with a towel when he returned. He threw the towel on the floor, wore his boxers and walked out to the balcony with a cigarette and lighter. He was silently looking out.

I couldn’t understand what he meant when he said he would treat me like a whore. Now that was completely unexpected for me. I was expecting Hiten to be angry with me. He would fight with me. He may even ask me to leave his house or throw me out of his house.

But instead, he fucked me like never before and then this statement. I got up, wrapped the towel around my body, and went to Hiten on the balcony. I stretched my hand to take the lit cigarette from his hand. But he declined by shaking his head negatively.

Hiten: Good housewives try to cover their modesty and not the sluts.

I was again confused. But the next moment, he pulled the towel around my body and threw it inside. I was stark naked on the open balcony. We live in a high rise, and no building is as tall as ours. So none to see me naked. But still, in a way, my husband made me naked on an open balcony.

Me: What are you doing?

I went inside, took the towel, wrapped it again, and returned to the balcony. He again tried to pull it off. But this time, I could hold it back.

Hiten: Are meri randi, tum nangi hi acchi dikhati ho. (My dear whore, you look nice when you are naked.)

Me: Are you angry at me? Why are you calling me whore, slut, bitch today? Never heard such words for anyone before from you

Hiten: Because you are one. I guess just now you have confessed that.

Me: So, having sexual desires is being slutty or whorish or sleazy?

Hiten: Definitely no. But having them fulfilled outside and then shamelessly telling your husband about it is slutty.

Me: To be honest, even I wasn’t aware of all those ‘desires’. It’s true that I would have loved to have more sex and in different manners like we had today. But I was happy with whatever I got. Believe me. Had I realised these desires before, I would have talked to you. Would you have known about it if I had not told you about this today? I agree I did something wrong. It is a shameless acceptance for you, but for me, it’s an honest confession.

Hiten: So, do you regret what happened and assure me it won’t happen again?

I took a deep breath. I still had no clue about what was going on in Hiten’s mind. But I knew my answer here might decide the fate of marriage here. So, I was caught in two minds. On the one hand, I felt I should say sorry, assure him it won’t happen again, and make the best effort to save the marriage.

But on the other hand, I felt that was more dishonest. Further, I was still unsure exactly what stand Hiten would take. So I decided to be honest with my feelings no matter what. Just then, Hiten interrupted my thoughts.

Hiten: See, you need to think so much for such a simple question. I think that tells it all.

Me: No. No. It’s not like that. Honestly no regrets for what has happened. But I can assure you it won’t happen again if you agree to fuck me like you did just a while back, whenever and wherever I wish and how I wish.

Hiten: Darling, I think I am your husband, and you are my wife. And, now onwards, my whore also. So I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I wish and the way I wish. In the remaining time, you can find your fuckboy outside and do whatever you want. Do you agree with that?

Me: Yes.

I went forward to hug him. But he stopped me by holding me by my shoulders.

Hiten: Say it clearly and loudly.

Me: What?

Hiten: What you agreed just now.

Me: Yes darling, I am your whore. And you can fuck me whenever and wherever you wish.

Hiten: English sounds boring. Say it in Hindi

Now saying that in Hindi was a little awkward for me. I haven’t used those words in Hindi before. But I gathered some courage and said.

Me: Haa darling main abhi se tumhari Rand hu. Tum jab chahe jaise chahe or jidhar chahe mujhe chod sakate ho. (Yes, darling, I am your whore now. You can fuck me whenever and wherever and in whatever way you wish)

Saying something like that gave me a tingling sensation

Hiten: Whores don’t have darlings. They have masters

Me: Haan Malik. Aaj se ye Harsha aapki randi hai. (Yes, Master. This Harsha is your whore from today.)

Hiten: That’s like a good slut. Now stop being a good housewife.

And he again pulled up the towel and threw it on the floor.

Hiten: Now, make your master’s dick ready for your pussy.

Me: Yes, Master.

I obediently sat down and took off his shorts and held his semi-erect cock in my hands, and started stroking it. When it became a little hard, I teased the tip of his dick with my tongue. Simultaneously I was playing with his hairy balls with another hand. His dick was hard and erect now.

He inserted it deep into my mouth, and a mouth fucking session started. After fucking my mouth for 5 minutes, he made me stand up facing the open side of the balcony. He made me bend, holding the railing of the balcony. Then he came to my behind and inserted his dick from the backside.

He was tightly holding both my boobs with his hands, squeezing them hard, and then some spanking on the ass in between. Then asked me to leave the railing and bent me completely with my hands touching the floor. He was rubbing his dick against my pussy. I was moaning loudly on the open balcony.

While I was expecting him to insert his dick into my pussy, he inserted it into my asshole. “FUCK,” I screamed. Though Hiten’s cock wasn’t too big, it was definitely too much for my anus. I couldn’t bear that. He took it out.

“Please don’t fuck me in my ass.”

Before I could complete my sentence, he inserted it a deeper.

Hiten: Chup baith randi sali. Abhi abhi tune bola tha na main jab chahu jaise chahu chod sakta hu? (Shut up, you bitch. Just now, you said I could fuck you anytime the way I want?) That’s what you wanted, right? Wild sex. Anytime, anywhere. Now, what’s the problem?

And he continued fucking my ass. He started playing with my clit with his other hand. I was about to reach the climax now. It was just too much sex for me for the day. Multiple orgasms at the clinic. Then one good fuck just a while back. And now again assfucking.

I screamed, “Bhenchod,” and squirted on the balcony floor. Hiten was a little surprised to see what had happened. He saw me squirt for the first time, though it was the third squirting for me for the day. Perhaps he, too, was about to cum.

So, he left my ass and made me sit in the mess I had done. He started mouth fucking, and then he cum. But this time, he didn’t cum in my mouth. But instead, cum on my face and my boobs. While I was about to wipe that. He said, “Wait,” and went inside.

Then he came back with his phone. He asked me to sit leaning on the railing with my face and boobs still with his cum. He spread my legs and took a few pics of mine in that position on his phone. Then he handed me the towel and kissed me on the cheek.

He asked, “What’s for dinner? I am hungry.”

Me: Dinner is ready. I will freshen up and serve you dinner in 10-15 minutes.

Hiten: What freshening up? If you want to pee, pee right in front of me standing or just go to the kitchen and serve me dinner.

That was completely weird and quite uncharacteristic of Hiten. But I was enjoying this Master-Slave thing. So quite obediently, I stood up, spread my legs and peed on the open balcony in front of Hiten.

Me: Happy?

Hiten nodded affirmatively. I went to the kitchen to warm up the food.

We had dinner. I completed all my chores and washed the balcony with water and detergent. I was completely naked all this time.

I came back to the bedroom and went for a bath. I lock the bathroom only when there’s anyone else in the house. Else I keep the bathroom door open, hoping that someday, Hiten will join me in the shower. Finally, that wait was over today. I was relaxing in the warm water in the bathtub, and then Hiten came in.

He took off his shorts and joined me in the bathtub. Then he gave me some good pounding in the bathtub. Then we had a shower and one round of sex in the standing position. When he was about to cum, he made me sit on the floor in front of him with my mouth open and tongue out.

This time he made a video of him cumming in my mouth, and then me gulping his cum. I had too much sex for the day and was completely exhausted. Neither my pussy nor my ass was able to bear anything more.

But when I was about to wear my nighty after the bath, Hiten came and took the nighty from my hands and threw it away. I was terrified whether he wanted another round of sex. But fortunately, he just asked me to sleep naked in his arms. I was relieved and slept peacefully naked in his arms.

The next morning, I got up to see Hiten wasn’t beside me. It was 8.00 am. It was too late for me as we usually got up around 6 am and went to the gym. The first thing that came to my mind was Cyrus’s invitation. I hadn’t spoken to Hiten about it. I checked my mobile.

There were Cyrus’s 2 messages. One was a topless selfie in the gym, and the other was a text message. “Today’s plan has been changed. Will let you know about the new plan soon. Sorry about that. Have a Great Day. Love, Cyrus.”

I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time. I was relieved because it gave me time to talk about it to Hiten. I was disappointed with the programme’s cancellation.

I replied, “That’s okay dear. No problems. Looking forward to meeting you soon.” Then I clicked my selfie in the bed, covering my boobs to my nipples with the white linen on the bed and sent it to Cyrus.

I got out of bed. I was still completely nude. I came out like that only in the drawing room. Hiten was ready to go to the office and was reading the newspaper in the drawing room. When he saw me, he got up, came near me, and kissed me. “Good morning, sweetheart.”

Me: Good morning.

Hiten: I forgot to tell you yesterday. We are going to a party today in the evening. It’s a very special party, and I want you to look perfect. So, I have chosen one design from your designer Shweta. She will deliver it by 4 pm. I called your beautician, who will be here by 5 pm to prepare you for the party. I’ll be here by 6, and we will leave around 7.

I was shocked by Hiten’s actions. How come Hiten has become so choosy about what I wear? He never interfered in that. At max, he would tell me about the dress code or colour code if there was anything specific. Else he never cared about that, and this time a dress from Shweta!

Me: But I have enough partywear dresses. I don’t need any new ones stitched so hurriedly.

Hiten: I have told her; I have chosen the design, and you will be ready in that dress when I’m back. And that’s final. Clear?

I had no choice but to nod my head affirmatively.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I must be our maid, Rashmi. But I was still completely naked.

Me: Master, can I wear something or open the door naked?

Hiten: The time has not come to make you naked publicly, so go and wear something. I will open the door.

I went to the bedroom. And I was lost in my thoughts. What did he mean by saying that the time has not come to make you naked publicly? Does he intend to make me naked publicly in future? And how did he get my designer and beautician’s number? Did he check my mobile? Did he see Cyrus’s message?

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