Sneha And Her Son Sachin – Part 2

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The breakfast table Sachin could hardly focus. His eyes couldn’t help but follow his mom around the kitchen.First, there were those long bronze legs, which looked so strong…yet baby soft. Her sexy bare feet had squatty little toes with nails that were painted naked beige.

Every few minutes as Sneha reached up into a cupboard she would rest her weight on the toes of one foot, arching her heel and tightening her legs. The blood rushed back into Sachin’s placcid penis.

What must it be like to have legs like that wrapped around you? What must it be like to see them open wide to huge spread eagle…with those beautiful bare feet flexed as they point in opposite directions? He thought.

Then…there were her tits. Soft squishy mountainous delights that always seemed to be shifting or bobbling as she moved about. They were a feast for the young boy’s eyes.

At the table With her husband sitting next to her, Sneha gave her son a cute little wink as if knowing exactly what was wandering through his dirty little mind.My poor Sachuu. All hot for his Amma. She grinned.

Sachin could hardly concentrate at school that day. He kept reliving the morning’s events in his mind…his mom turning towards him, placing her hands on her soft hips…her dangling breasts, still glistening from the shower, doing a gentle teeter back and forth.”Sachuu.” Her cute little voice whispered.Again, the scene unfolded…mom turning…breasts bouncing…placing her hands on her wide hips.”Sachinnn.” Came the whisper.Sachin froze the image in his mind…taking it all in.Her pretty face…hair still wet and slicked back from the shower. Dangling boobs with cute little stretch marks from their weight being pulled towards her tummy. Huge thick brown areola, nipples that were made for sucking. Then there was her mound the place where came out eighteen years back… the crowned jewel of all motherhood… covered only by a tiny well groomed patch of thin pubic hairs. .Sachin’s cock felt like it was going to slice through his pants. He could feel his mom’s butt cheeks closing in around it…smothering it’s girth.”Show me more.” He heard her say.Amma looked so sexy standing near my door…staring down at my big dick. Her eyes widening…her mouth slowly open. It was a look I had never seen before. I was impressing her. My own sexy Amma! Sachin thought.”Show me more .” She said teasingly….like a nervous young girl who wanted so badly to get her hands on it.

Often times Sachin’s mind would drift up into a cloud where his young naked body was laying on top of his beautiful big busted amma. Her arms encircled him…her long painted nails pressing his back. Slowly, her strong silky smooth legs rising up around him until her heels rested against his ass…holding him against her. Sneha would grasp his rod and feed the brick hard rod into the mouth of his first home.And as they disappearing into the cloud Sachin’s shaft would sink down inside his Amma’s soft glory hole…all the way to the balls. Just before they disappeared completely his mom would begin to move them. Back and forth they moved.

Suddenly Sachin was pulled back to reality by the sound of the bell. The teacher, Padma Ma’am, was at the front of the class, feeding him a strict stare as the other kids left.”Having difficulties concentrating today are we?” She asked.”Sorry.” Sachin answered, walking embarrassed out of the classroom…“Hello,” Sneha said into her cell as she stood in the store room folding clothes.

“Hi, amma.” Sachin said.

“Hey Sachuu, what are you up to?” She asked.”

Oh…not much. Just on a break between classes.” He said.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, um…I Just…wanted to call and say hi.” He said.”

How sweet…I miss you Sachuu.” She smiled, folding one of her sexy bras.

“I miss you too. Um, could I ask a favor mom? Could you send me a picture?” He asked.

“A picture of me?” She smiled.

“Yeah…um, I just thought it would be cool to have a picture of you on my phone to look at…and to show my friends” He explained.

“Aww, what a sweetheart.” She said.

“So you will?” He asked.

Send him something sexy Sneha. The poor boy is suffering from horniness. But how? I can’t have him showing his friends a picture like that. Wait, I know what I’ll do…She thought

“Tell you what…how bout I send you two pictures.One for you to show your friends…and one just for you.” She said.

“Okay.” Sachin smiled.

“Give me a few minutes.” She said.

“Thanks, mom.” He said.

“Bye sweetie.” She said.

Okay, where should I take these? My bedroom would probably be the best place. But no wait…what about his bedroom? Perfect! She thought.

Sneha walked upstairs to her son’s bedroom. It was still messy and unorganized.That boy! Okay, one for his friends first. Something a little sexy, but not too sexy. Don’t need any nasty phone calls from any of the neighborhood moms.Sachin waited anxiously in the restroom. The bell went off and he realized he was late for class,but he didn’t care.Seconds later he got a picture text on his phone and opened it.

It was a full body shot of his mom, standing in his bedroom.

Still in her skirt and thin top Sneha was leaning slightly against his dresser in a cute little pose, with one leg forward, slightly bent at the knee…her toes pressing against the floor and her heel arched up. There was a cute innocent little mommy-smile on her face.Below the picture was written: “FOR YOUR FRIENDS

“WOW! Those legs…and the way she has her foot kicked up like that. Holy shit! Her tits…oh my God look at the way she’s pushing them out. Oh shit, my cock is throbbing! Sachin thought.

Sneha looked around the room as she thought about her next picture.Okay, now one for my baby. Should I be naked? Oh, Sneha this is so wicked. Damn, there’s those butterflies again. I know, I’ll lay on his bed naked, but not completely exposed. I have to leave something to his imagination. She thought.A few minutes later a second picture arrived.

Sachin’s heart was pounding in his chest with excitement as he pulled at his cock through his shorts with his free hand. The picture opened and Sneha was laying on Sachin’s bed on her tummy…completely naked. Propped up on her elbow with her chin resting against her palm, she smiled lovingly at the camera, her big naked breasts bulging out as they lay squashed like soft dough between her and the bed. In the background, Sachin could see the swell of her meaty buttocks. Her legs were kicked up playfully and her sexy feet were stiff, toes pointing upward.Below this picture was written: “FOR YOU ONLY.”

OH, MY GOD-DAMN!!! He goaned.Sachin groaned a second time…his hands shaking as he was about to blow his balls.Holy shit, amma is totally naked and laying on my bed! I wanna stay and stoke off but I’m already gonna be in deep shit for being late to class. He thought.

Sachin could hardly stop gawking at the picture the entire day. Even at home in his room he had a difficult time focusing on his homework as he found himself rubbing his cock through his shorts as he gazed at the sexy picture on his phone. He didn’t hear his mom as she entered his doorway.

“Aren’t you suppose to be working on that math homework Sachuu.” She asked motherly with a nuaghty smile.

“Yeah, it’s just about finished Amma.” He said, blushing as he threw his phone aside.

“Wanna take a break for a bit?” She asked.”Why?” He asked.

“Well…I wanna get my bath before your father gets home. Thought maybe you might wanna come in a keep me company.” She said.”Really?” Sachin asked, his heart pounding.”Unless you’d rather stay focused on your math.” She said teasingly.”Nooo.” Sachin smiled.”Come on.” Sneha giggled.

Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m about to let my son watch me take a bath. Are you sure Sneha? Are you sure you wanna do this? Nudity is perfectly natural. This has nothing to do with his big penis…absolutely nothing. Just act normal…as if he’s watching you cook dosas. Yeah, that’s it…this is no big deal.

“Your father and I are going out tonight. Want me to order you some pizza or would you get on swiggy?” She asked.

“Sure, Pizza sounds good.” He said.

As his mom went into the master bathroom Sachin followed her inside. After turning on the water in the tub Sneha went back over, closed the bathroom door behind them and locked it.

Third Part Coming Soon.

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