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This is not exaggeration and this is based on my story of 2002. I shouldn’t have done this to her. I am from South Tamil Nadu. It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying 11th Std.

It all started from this point, in the night before my sister’s marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a medium complexion but really beautiful mean it. She was wearing silk blow and the bottom (pattu pavadai).

I was instructed to look after the kids who were playing on the Marriage’s hall terrace. I saw my cousin sister playing with these kids. The kids were all below 8 years.

She came to me and we started chatting about our school, teachers, friends and teachers (I believe, that’s the topic I can debate with my cousin sister) in the moon shine, I was magnetized by her physically maturity glooming out of her silk dress

Her magnetic eye, magical smile, her makeup and costumes carved the novel picture of Cinderella in my heart. I also noticed her boobs bubbling to new heights. This was the first occasion I am talking to lonely for about45 minutes.

And that was from the day we both had mutual attraction, and started glancing each other. After a few days.. the solitary time arose. Myparents and her parents left to Trichy for 3 days to attend a marriage function.

My Cousin sister and my grandma were left behind, and they came to my house for the stay (they live in another house oppositeto my house). That night, my grandma has gone to sleep [my grandma usually sleep in open veranda (for fresh air) and we usually lock the door inside).

We were alone watching the TV, (the TV is in the main bed room). She was sitting in the sofa and I was lying in the bed watching TV. It was a Love Story! I was shy watching the movie with her (of course she is my sister)

And purposefully went out to kitchen (to drink water) to un noticing the love scenes. But she was so cool girl looking as if she is unaware of Love. It was around 11.30 pm, she made herself comfortable to sleep down (side by my cot).

After 15 minutes I switched off the TV and the bed room light to went to bed. At midst of darkness I couldn’t really sleep something inside me ignited to have love with her.

After long thoughts I made my mind to have a love affair with her and I stated with a gargle mmuuueee, twice, thrice. I was heart beaten, she replied with the cough. I understood that is not asleep and she is of the same intension in order to conform

I coughed and she gargled. That the final sign I was waiting for. I approach her with my hands (As I told you, she was sleep on the floor besides my cot). I first put my hand out of my bed and slowly and steadily crawled my hands to her from my bed.

I never made an attempt to peed from my bed, all my hands did) I was about to touch her and was shaken by her meekly voice, “didn’t get sleep? I immediately took my hand and my mind was boggling to death. I said “”I couldn’t’”.

She raised up her knees leaning to the bed, and said let me make yousleep. She started, she started and she was on her knees leaning on the bed and I was lying on the bed, she reached my right hand and placed my palm on her cheek.

My heart started pounding and my vain pumping out. We were motionless for minutes. Slowly she whispered sleep rubbing her cheek against my palm. I was relaxed by her love whisper and slowly fingered her cheek.

After fingering for about 2 minutes, I slowly took my handoff her Cheek and hold her shoulder to rise up her knees. At last words came from my mouth sleep with me!.

She did as I said and lay besides me on my bed. For a few minutes we were motionless, suddenly she tightened my hand with hers and placed it on her belly. I made up mind not to waste time anymore.

I crawled my hand to her boobs, she was holding my hand tightly and never let me press it. She guided my hand to her face and I started tickling her ears. I can hear her Sex ecstasy voice mmmmm.

I was half way on her, and started with a smooch. She lost her control and hold my hair tightly and never let me take my lips. Ireached her tongue with mine, and she gave a bite. I kissed her all over her face, and so did she.

I started to invade her boobs and this time she let me play, kiss and mouth. We were hugging and spinning each other rolling all over the bed, kissing each other. She was wearing skirt and tops, I started unzipping her tops, and she was much co-operative turning her back for unzipping.

We knee on the bed and she raised her hand to take off her tops. As did to her, she did the same to take off t-shirt. Still on the knees, I could never resist and started hugging kissing her boobs and around.

When she whispered my name and hold my buttocks tightly to hers, as my hard pennies touched her she was jolted, and hold my buttocks still tighter and reached my neck hugging with hers.

When it was on the go, I slowly put my hands into her buttocks and slowly lowered her skirt. She suddenly realized and refrained me doing so. She was still half dressed in her petticoat (Slips) and I removed it.

The hand full of breast standing stiff and erect astonished me. We hugged in bare body and I realized the heat of her body in me. I dragged my tongue all over her face, arm pit and boobs.

She was so curious and hold my back hair and guide me from her boobs to belly. She was agonized by the tickle of belly. I went down licking and reached her toes. I stated going back kissing her legs, thighs.

I raised her Skirts and kissed her thighs and started my prime journey (in side the skirt) towards the treasure of cunt. She was again jolted, but as she felt inconvenience with her skits, she immediately unbuckled her skirt and took off through her head.

No word can explain her sexual exposure in her panties, in the darkness. I camped my kisses and licks in and around her panties, and I never let come out of it. She realized that I would never leave the area, without stripping her panties and making her nude.

She never wants to do so. She raised and turned me down and started kissing me from top to bottom. I wasn’t shy when she tried to remove my lungi. I am nude before my sister, she was very shy to look at my nudeness in fade lights.

When she was probing to touch my penis, I voluntarily took her hands and lead her to touch my hard penis. She made a feather touch, and my penis shoot up, and I whispered haaaaa. She understood I am getting high and slowly tightened her grip.

I was so high that I hold her head down to my pennies to acquired a kiss voluntarily. She then stated her kisses around my pennies and balls. She was on the I hold her hair back and hold my pennies and started trusting it into her mouth.

As she was immature and innocent in sex, she started with a rough work, teething my pennies, which pained my a lot. I was rather much curious to have an intercourse and trusted my hard penis between her legs. Our legs unlocked tightly, our body twisted, hands twisted around and kisses on her neck.

She lost her control, when I kissed her neck area, she murmured

mmm. I realized that this is the golden chance to undress her last panties.

I never missed the moment she was feeling the heaven and let me bring down her last piece of dress “the panties”. A real mystery of nudity ends here. I spread her legs with mine and trusted my hardest pennies in to hercunt

I was unsuccessful, because both were virgins and ‘New Lads to Sex’. Patently, I split in my hand and applied in my pennies tolubricate the passage. She holds my penis and guiding into her passage.

I trusted my penis with a vigor to reach inside. After an many unsuccessful attempts at last my penis reached deep inside the hole she shouted of pain. I immediate smooched her to stop shouting. She started biting my mouth deeply of pain and I was more generous let her do.

After a stand still silence of inserted penis, I gradually started moving my buttocks in and out. As she her cunt was too tight for my penis, She murmured enough”. I never let her go for 5 minutes and keep pumping out.

Not able to withstand the pain she pushed me down her and relived herself. That’s the day she rushed to the bathroom and never came out for 15 minutes. Not able to control, I knocked the bathroom

She said “enough I want to sleep”. I understood and collected her scatted dresses and handed it to her in the bathroom. By then she came out of the barroom dressed up I understood the play was over.

We did not speak to each other and went to sleep. The next night was the same old story, but both were in a relaxed mood to exchange sex. She strictly told me that I can do whatever I want, but not intercourse (dick inside her cunt), cause

She was afraid that there may be a high risk of pregnancy. I accepted and from then we had a very good Soft Sex. I use to finger her cunt and fuck her and she fuck me, masturbate me and eject the sperms to her body. Any Chennai gals want to have fun email me at [email protected]

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