Son Acting With His Mom In B-Grade Film

My Mom is an actor by profession. She’s been part of plays and has done many theater works. Mom despite all these years of hard work in the industry never got to work on any film project. It was always her dream to have starred in a movie but it never really happened.

Maybe part of the reason was because she had me at such a young age that she could never fully pursue her dream. She got pregnant with me when she was 19 with some big name Producer who told Mom at that time to sleep with him in return for a movie. Well, the movie never happened but Mom got pregnant with me and the Producer gave her a huge amount of money to not bring his name into the picture.

I was also aspiring to become an actor. I got interested in this profession when I started going to the theater to watch Mom’s plays. Her acting skills were really good and she was the best dancer according to me. I’m sure she could have given tough competition to all the big heroines.

Mom’s personal life was not much interesting either. I knew that Mom did date a few guys from her theater who were usually co-actors but she never got serious with them. Maybe because she was happy with just me and herself as a family. Speaking of friends she didn’t have many but she had a best friend from her college days. Shilpa Aunty was that friend who was an actor and acted in B-grade movies. Mom was regularly in touch with her. She would come home and tell us all the stories and gossips from the industry.

Now about my Mom, she is 39 years old. Her face is still young even as if she was in her late 20s. Mom had brown eyes and black long hair which reached just up her ass. Speaking of her ass they were round and big but not fat. They were just of the perfect size. She was not certainly slim but all her fats were in the right places. Her boobs were not too big but they were of the perfect size as her bra was a 34C.

And about me, I was pretty built for a 19-year-old boy. My hair was the same color as my Mothers although my eye color was green which I think I got it from my Producer father.

So Sunday morning just as I wake up and head for breakfast I see Mom running towards me excitedly. She tells me that Shilpa Aunty had just called. Apparently, there was a new B-grade movie to be produced and directed by one of Shilpa Aunty’s friends who was a big name in B-grade movies. He wanted to cast a fresh face lead for his upcoming movie. A mature female was required for the lead and Shilpa Aunty had recommended Mom’s name for the role. So the director had offered her an audition next week.

“Wow, mom. This could be it. I’m sure you’ll get the role for the lead” I congratulated Mom on getting the audition.

“Thank you, son. I really hope I can impress him at the audition” mom said.

“Mom when is the audition taking place? I asked her.

“Saturday” she answered “can you come along with me. Gosh, I’m so nervous. Please, son. ”

“No problem mom. Anything for you”


Saturday had arrived and mom was tense just like a kid is before exams. After all these years she had an opportunity to do a movie and she wanted it so badly.

I drove mom to the audition. Once we reached Mom got out of the car as I moved to park the car. I wished her all the best for the audition and told her that I would be waiting for her at the waiting area. Mom hopped into the studio for her auditions.

After parking the car I entered the studio and found that there was another audition for a young actor around my age. I thought about auditioning myself for that part and applied for it. Long story short I auditioned for that role and accidentally impressed the director himself and landed that role. I was told that the role was a lead in the film and that the director loosely followed the script. He liked to see raw dialogue’s from his actors. We had spent the whole day at the auditions and I hadn’t seen mom since the morning. When she finally emerged she looked ecstatic and told me that she got the lead role.

On our way back home Mom called Shilpa Aunty and gave her the good news. She thanked her and while I was driving I noticed she was literally jumping with joy. I had never seen her this happy. I realised that I had to tell mom about my audition as well. I told her about it and also said that I would withdraw my application as it would be weird to act with her- especially if we were to be lovers. Mom wouldn’t have any of it and insisted that we were both lucky that the director had picked us and that this might lead to bigger and better roles.

Shooting would start the following week and would be an intense schedule every day for two weeks until the film wrapped. We weren’t given scripts and just told that instructions would be given on the day of the shoot and that we would just make up our own lines as we went on but would follow the story. We thought maybe that is why they were called B-grade films.

That night we saw one of Shilpa Aunty’s movies. It had Item songs where the dancer wore skimpy and revealing clothes. Shilpa Aunty too had done an Item song in the film. But the thing that I was most worried about were the sex scenes in the movie. Well, they were the main USP of the film and those scenes were always wild and raunchy. I was not worried about seeing mom in those scenes but was scared of Mom’s reaction if I had to shoot a scene like that with Mom.

During the week we got emails saying that the shooting would start the following Saturday. We were told to be at the studio at 9 am and to expect a full day of acting at a hectic pace. Mom and I were both excited to be working at a professional pace and I was actually looking forward to it. To save ourselves the embarrassment of a mother and son playing love interests in a film, we decided not to tell anyone we knew and also to pretend we were strangers in front of the cast and crew.


On Saturday, we arrived at the studio. There were many people who had already been busy with shooting work. We met other actors and amongst them was a known actor who was older than my mom. Apparently he was the other Lead in the film. At 9 sharp the director with his Assistant Directors (AD) arrived. He briefed us about the central plot of the film. It was about a woman not satisfied with her marriage looking to satisfy her needs with a young guy. Hearing this I knew what it was all about and now I was too embarrassed to look at Mom. I thought that I shouldn’t have applied for the role and had done a huge mistake. The director introduced us all to each other and the shooting commenced.

Now since it is a B-grade movie, budgets are tight. So all the scenes are directed simultaneously by the AD and are planned accordingly. The director would direct the important scenes in the movie and overlook the entire shoot. So we were all handed out our scenes and asked to shoot with our respective AD.

In one of the scenes, mom and her on-screen husband are at home and fighting their differences over at dinner. As mom delivered her unscripted lines, I was in awe. She owned this role and perfectly portrayed the housewife. The scene went on for 5 minutes without any prompting from the director and at the end, everyone clapped. My mom was in heaven. The director said that the words from both the actors were natural and said that they should just stick to it. And so after a long day of the shoot we packed up and headed home.

As we reached home I wanted to talk to Mom about our scenes in detail. As we entered Mom said she knew what I had been thinking. She said “Son, this movie is a big break for both our careers. You can’t back out now. Remember that we are both professional actors and when we face the camera we are just actors and not mother and son. So don’t worry. We will be fine and lets just follow what the director wants and make our debut film a success. Also nobody at the shoot knows that we are related. So we won’t be embarrassed like that.” I nodded and understood that mom was right.


So every day we arrived at the studio and began shooting. At the end of a long day when the director screamed “Pack Up” we would head home exhausted. After about a week’s shoot, Mom was scheduled to do an item number. The item number displayed the wife’s urge to satisfy herself. It also had a rain sequence. Mom had to wear sarees for the item song which were revealing her body. The blouse were mostly low cut and she didn’t wear a bra. So she showed some serious cleavage and her boobs were almost on full display when she danced to the raunchy music. In the rain scene, her bum was so wet that it showed her big round ass. Mom had danced like a diva in the item song. I noticed that the director was interested in nothing but showing of my mother’s beautiful body. I got angry but realised what my mom had told about us being actors. The item song was shot and the director was more than happy with it.


A few days later I met Mom during lunch break. Till then we had shot many scenes with each other. Mom was right. We got more and more comfortable after every scene. Although we hadn’t shot for a sex scene yet. At lunch, mom told me that the next scene was with the two of us in bed. She told me that she really wanted to continue to impress the director and that we should just do what he says. “After all, we are just acting,” mom said.

After lunch my sex scene with mom starts. This is the scene where the wife has sex with the young boy for the very first time. The set is that of a hotel room as mom and I are both sitting on the bed as I start kissing her. The director starts applauding and I get encouraged. As I push into mom the director shouts Cut. He tells us to be more passionate. Mom sensing what the director meant takes charge and jumps on me. She holds my face in her hands and lies above me on the bed. I realise that she was sitting on my crotch area and sensed a twitch that of my cock. The director liked what he saw and urged me to take control and asked us to notch up a bit more.

I look up at mom and signal her to discontinue but she pleads with her eyes to continue. I’m instructed to feel my mom’s breasts and pinch her nipples which were poking through her blouse. So here I am pinching my mom’s nipples in front of 25 people watching my mom moan in delight. Seeing mom responding to my act suddenly turned me on. I didn’t know whether she was acting or really getting aroused.

The director told us that we would keep our underwear on until we were under the covers. Now mom and I had to undress each other. Mom removed my t-shirt as I opened her blouse. She stood and removed her petticoat and saree as I unzipped my jeans and lay in my underwear. Everyone on set were horny at the sight of my mom in just her bra and underwear. I looked at her breasts and noticed that her nipples were clearly visible. They were so hard that the director must have got a close up shot of it. My mom’s round ass was perfectly in view of all the people on set. She was wearing a white underwear which hardly covered her ass cheeks. This sight of my mother had got my dick hard and I decided to play with her ass. I slapped my mom’s ass playfully and she jumped up surprised but then eased up into her character.

After a lot of passionate kisses, the director asked us to move to the next phase. So mom and I got under the covers and the director now asked me to remove my mom’s bra and throw it out. I was so ashamed but mom nodded me to do it and I did like the director wanted.

Now, mom was below me and her legs were wrapped around me. As we were making out, mom started to make noises and we were thrusting back and forth in the motion. Mom’s naked boobs were in contact with my bare chest. Had this been any other woman in the world I would have been in heaven but this was my mother and I was made further nervous knowing that people were watching.

The director then shouted at us to mimic fucking and also throw our underwear out of the sheet. Mom pulled out of her panties and stuffed it into my mouth. I was surprised by what had just happened and threw it out of the covers. I too removed my undie and now we were both naked. The director liked what he saw that we had improvised. So now I had to push into my mother’s body acting as if we were really fucking. We tried but the director kept on asking for more passion.

Suddenly mom whispered to me that the fake sex was not working. She told me that were just acting and asked me to fuck her for real. Realising what mom told me I pushed my cock deep into her pussy and started pushing back and forth. I felt everything going in slow motion as I began to feel pre cum drip out of my cock. At that moment the director said that this was looking good and for us to “Climax it up a bit”. He instructed that this meant “fucking” faster and grabbing her body more passionatly. Mom reacted immediately and quickened the pace under me and this brought even more action down below. Being so wet, I was now sliding my cock up and down her pussy even more violently. My cock was all wet as I realised that my mom was now leaking. She had climaxed and now it was my turn. As I saw my mom climaxing I came as mom whispered noooo but it was too late. I came deep and hard and deposited all my cum deep into her cunt. It was then I realised the intent look of the crowd around us. The director broke the silence by clapping and the others around continued. I collapsed on top of mom. Clearly we had put on an impressive show but at the cost of committing incest.

Soon the entire team moved to shoot another scene with just mom and I lay naked under the covers. In that moment we realized what happened. Mom consoled me and said it was just what two good actors did for the scene. There was nothing to be ashamed of and that she was really proud of me. I felt good and soon we cleaned ourselves and dressed ourself and prepared for the next shot.


As the days passed by we shot plenty of scenes with each other. Now we had gotten comfortable with each other even the sex scenes. We wrapped up with the shoot and received our dues.

After a month we got a call from the director saying that the movie was to be released this Friday. The movie released and was a blockbuster. The audience had loved Mom & me as the lead actors. We started getting loads of offers for movies. Mom and I had become superstars in B-grade film industry with our debut movie. Also, our secret was kept safe since we adopted screen names as our names instead of our original names. So nobody knew that we were mother and son. People in the industry thought that we two were in a relationship as girlfriend boyfriend.

A week later after the release, Mom came to my room. She was crying. I got worried and asked what happened.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.

“What???? Are you serious? But how did that happen??? Who’s the father ?? ” I threw all questions at her at once.

“You are the father. Remember our first time shooting for the movie. I don’t know what I’m going to do now? She said sobbing

“Mom don’t worry. Everything will be fine. What do you want to do with the baby?

“Son I don’t want abortion. But who will look after me and my baby. Also I don’t mind quitting my acting career. I completed my dream by acting in a movie. I think I’m happy with that. Now I want this baby but I’m too worried.

“Mom please don’t worry. I am the father and I will support our child. I’m ready to take care of both of you.” Comforting mom and hugging her tightly

“Really son. But what will we tell the world?

“Mom we both have new names. We can get married and start a family. Plus we don’t have any relatives as such. It’s only Shilpa Aunty who knows that we are mother and son. And I’m sure she will not tell anybody.

Mom was convinced and soon they got married. Mom delivered a healthy baby girl who was her mother’s true reflection. As for the son, he enjoyed a successful acting career in movies and the love of his wife (his Mom) and their baby girl.

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