Son fucks and takes chubby mom’s anal virginity -hot incest story

Son: Like this?

And I took off my clothes.

Mom: Hey-hey, don’t do that.

She was hiding her face using the pallu.

Son: You remove too, mom.

Mom was hesitant but she gave up. She turned around showing her back and started undressing. She untied her saree.

Mom: Hey! Don’t look at me. Either close your eyes or look at the other side.

Son: Come on mom, nothing will change if my eyes remain open or closed.

Mom: But it’s embarrassing.

Son: Uff mom, your back looks sexy. You don’t need to worry.

Mom: Really, do I look sexy? Ain’t I just fat?

Son: Yeah mom, you look sexy fatty.

Mom (in a disappointed tone): I know I am fat, but you should only say ‘sexy’, Okay?

Son: Alright, my sexy mummy!

Mom laughed and started undoing her petticoat. It fell on the ground showing her big booty. She was wearing black panties.

Son: Mom, you have a juicy ass.

Mom: Stop it, son. Please stop staring. Close your eyes.

Son: I can’t. Your charm is irresistible!

She laughed: You may get a girlfriend with your flattering skills. You are wasting all those efforts on me.

Then she untied her blouse. Her boobs bounced out from that tight blouse. It was my first time seeing her boobs.

Mom: Which part do you like about me (in a seductive pose)?

Son (I gave an instant reply): Your ASS.

Mom: Is my big ass really sexy?

Son: It’s breathtaking!

She laughed and removed her panty and bra. Then she covered her beautiful melons with one hand and her pussy with the other.

Mom: Finally, look at my ugly body of mine.

Son: Come on mom, you look really sexy.

She came close and slept on the bed. I was staring at her beautiful mounds and her pussy.

Son: Mom, remove your hands.

Mom: Nope.

Son: Please mom, remove your hands and look at me.

Mom (acting like a kid): Nope.

Then I put my hand on her thigh and started caressing.

Mom: Aah… okay, okay.

She looked at me. We didn’t say anything. It was our gaze. Our bodies started radiating heat. Mom came closer.

Mom: You dirty rascal, how do you feel sleeping naked with me?

Then I took her hand and put it on my cock.

Son: What do you think?

Mom: Mmm… Let’s see what you can do.

Then she caressed my dick slowly

Son: I want to kiss you again.

Mom (closed her eyes): Okay.

Then I moved forward and gave a small smooch.

Son: Hey, part your lips.

Mom: Okay.

This time the kiss felt more erotic. I could feel her tongue. Then I put my hand on her back and started caressing and spanking her ass.

Mom: Mmm… Mmm…

Son: How about kissing my cock, mummy?

Mom: Uff… okay, move a bit and lay on your back.

She moved her leg over me and sat on me; placed her ass on my chest and grabbed my cock.

Mom: Am I heavy?

Son: Not at all.

I could feel her pussy hairs on my chest. Her little movements was giving a brush feel.

Son: Mom, you have lots of pussy hairs.

Mom: I don’t get time to cut.

Son: Okay, when we bathe together I will shave it.

Mom giggled. Then she grabbed my cock and said –

Mom: This was so small when you were little. But it has become a good length.

Son: Is it bigger than dad’s?

Mom: Yes, I guess. But he is quite thicker. Let’s see which is better.

Son: You will love mine.

Mom: Haha, let’s see.

Then she smelt the cock head and gave a quick lip touch.

Mom: Fine.

Son: You have to use your tongue, mom. Kiss it with your tongue.

Mom: Uff..Okay, one more try.

And she licked my cock.

Mom: Fine?

Son: Now, use both your lip and tongue.

Mom: You really are a bad boy, beta.

She loosened her hair a bit and started sucking my cock. Then she made to and fro motions. Her saliva and my mixed precum were in her mouth. It felt heavenly. She let go of my cock.

Mom: I guess that much is fine.

Son: Yeah, it felt really good.

Then I pushed her ass and she knelt in a doggy position. She was embarrassed and said –

Mom: Use a condom.

Son: Okay, my lovely mummy.

And I touched her pussy.

Son: Mom, dotted or normal?

Mom: Use the dotted. It feels good.

Then mom spread her ass cheeks and I put on the condom and rubbed my dick on her clit.

Mom: Mmm….. feels good. Stick it in me.

Son: Okay mom, I am putting it in.

The first penetration felt tight. Mom moaned a bit. I did two more strokes and it felt good.

Mom: Ahhhh… ahhhhhh…. Yeah… oooooh… Mmmmm

She pulled the bed sheet. Then I penetrated slowly at a normal pace. The sound of our intimate parts and mother’s moans reverberated.

Son: Hey mom, how is it? Feels good, right?

Mom: Mmmmm… Mmmm… yeah, feels really good. Keep moving.

I spread her legs more and increased my pace. Mom responded with heavy loud moans. We were sweating. I kissed mom’s back and grabbed her boob.

Son: Mom, your pussy feels great.

Mom: Your dick feels great too.

I grabbed her boob tightly and fucked her for 20 minutes, after which I ejaculated. Mom’s pussy and hips shook after such a vigorous session. She lay on her stomach. Then I removed the condom and threw it in the dustbin.

We drank some water. I kissed and bit her lips. Then she got up from bed.

Mom: Let me wash a bit.

Then I took her hand and said: Once more, as my penis got erect again.

Mom: What do you mean?

I gently hugged her and she could feel my hard dick on her belly.

Mom: You can continue.

I took out one more condom and put it on.

Son: Let’s do it in missionary.

Mom: Okay.

I stretched her leg and my erect dick went into her pussy. Then I slowly started moving.

Mom: Mmmm… Ooooo…. Yeah, it’s hard again.

Son: You are so sexy. My dick will always be hard for you.

I started ramming my mother’s pussy slowly and increased my pace. She bit my shoulders and locked her legs and after pounding her I ejaculated on her.

Mom was quite tired. I felt tired too, but I wanted to try one more time. So, we went to the bathroom and under the shower. Then I again started fucking her and ejaculated. Mom slept on top of me naked. I kissed mom’s cheeks and both went into a slumber.


The next day, Mom was ready in her blue saree and told me to head home. I was still sleepy. Everything felt like a dream. I got up and we headed home. We both did not say a word. Upon reaching home, Mom went into the bedroom and said not to talk with her.

Son: Why, mom?

Mom: No reason, but give me some time.

I said okay and went outside to bring lunch as it was already noon. I bought some fruit. Then I headed to purchase more condoms as I knew more sex was waiting at home.

While having lunch together, I said –

Son: Did you like it yesterday?

Mom: Yeah, it was good.

She gave an innocent smile.

Son: Thank you, mom for accepting me. I LOVE YOU. Mom, can we do it once more?

She paused and said –

Mom: Only at night. And mister, don’t tell anyone about this, especially your dad.

Son: Mom, you are really horny.

Mom: I can’t help it. It’s been six months. You know your dad is a workaholic, so he was paying less attention.

Son: That’s so bad. Don’t worry, mom. I will make every night special.

Mom smiled seductively.

Mom: Yeah, naughty boy! What about today, any task?

Son: How about remaining naked the whole day?

She laughed and said: Fine.

And after lunch, we went to the bedroom. Mom stripped and teased me. I removed my clothes and lay on the bed. She slept in my arms. Then I grabbed her boob and the other was on her butt.

Mom: It tickles.

Son: Hey mom, we are like husband and wife.

Mom giggled.

Mom: You are my son, idiot. And find a girl for yourself. I am just your temporary relief. I want to be a grandma.

Son: How about making you a mummy again?

Then I sucked her boobs. She moaned. I put my finger on her buttcrack.

Mom: Ooo… Oooo.. mm..

Son: You are really horny.

Mom: Finger my ass more. Your dad doesn’t like my ass at all.

Son: Why? You got a lovely ass. Why doesn’t he like it?

Mom: You know dad has piles, right? So he doesn’t like to do anything.

Son: Mom, are you an anal virgin then?

Mom (nodded): I wonder how it feels doing anal.

Son: Okay, let’s do anal then.

Mom: Really?!

Then I brought some oil and started lubricating my mom’s ass, but it was really tight. She moaned in pain rather than pleasure.

Son: Let’s take it easily, mom.

So within a 2-hour interval, Mom knelt in a doggy position and I penetrated my finger slowly. Then I increased my number. But she moaned in pain. So I gave up.

At night I shaved her pussy and butt, her armpits, and every part. Then I lubed her ass. Mom was moaning. It seemed her pain was turning into pleasure. Then I brought a banana and slowly put it inside. Mom stuck the banana inside her. Seeing it made me horny.

Son: Mom, try to pull it out.

Slowly, the banana came out. Then I put oil on it and put it again inside her. The same thing happened again.

Son: I guess you have spread enough.

Mom smiled and fingered her ass. Then I put on a condom and oiled it over.

Son: Okay mom, spread your ass.

Mom stretched her ass. The sight was so horny I shoved my dick inside it. Mom screamed and moaned.

Mom: Oh aah… aah.. slow.. slowly, do it slowly.

Then I removed the dick and slowly put it in again. It felt like fucking a virgin woman. I grabbed her boobs and spanked her ass. Her ass was really tight. So I lubed more oil, and penetration become easier. We both were engaged like dogs and both ejaculated. I fucked her the whole night with short pauses.

Mom was in pain, but she said she had the best night. Then we both slept naked.


I got a call from a company that they wanted to hire me, so needed a meeting. The package was a big deal. I told the happy news to mom. Hearing the news, mom kissed me. We exchanged saliva again and finally, I fucked her again. Then I departed that night.

When dad came, he was surprised to see his bank balance.

Dad: Hey, see your son has sent something.

Mom: What has he sent?

I sent the money to dad with a short note, “LOVE YOU MOM”.

Dad: What’s with the note?

Mom understood and smiled.

Mom: Maybe he loves mummy more than daddy.

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