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Few days back my sister joined with our home with her six months aged daughter. Her hubby married with another girl and compelled sis to share him with new wife, but sister was not interested the same, she told him clearly to keep away from her and live with your new wife. He finally called my grandma and told to convince her to co operate with him, but gm also cursed him in very worst language like sinner, insolent, libertine, bastard and beaten on his cheek. Grandma told him as, she is taking off my sister back to our home and you never get her again to play with her life. Girls are not toys for male and they have also pride, we decided to get divorce from you, son of devil. Brother in Law begged to grandma to forgive him and to recommend sister to accept him as hubby and stay with him, he will separate his second wife to another home. Grandma again cursed him, told to think, if your wife will marry another guy secretly, will you accept that? So you lost the chance to touch her and we take your child to our home because your second wife will harass and torture the tiny child. Grandma brought my sister along with the child to our home in an evening and called me by phone, informed the good news for me as well as mom. I and mom smiled while hearing the good news. Mom thought, my sis will be safe with us and I also wished to fuck a young girl daily and I will be better than any other for my sister.

Actually mom also started thinking to how share me with a mom and daughter. We closed our shop early that day and reached home with our son, my sister took my son with fondness and kissed his cheeks very lovely. She thought, he is her brother and from our dad’s seed. But we both me and mom were got blessed by seeing my sister’s fondness to our child. Sister made tea for all of us and mom told her to serve me first, with a smile. I also took the tea glass along with her hand and hugged her by one hand from her behind and consoled her to keep calm, you will be safe with me and we will preserve you forever, never send you with any other man. I felt inebriated smell from her body and erotic smell of boiled gingili oil mixed with camphor from her hair, which started to entice me to feel, kiss her. But I controlled. I felt her whole body as withered and her face as a faded flower. At the time of her marriage, her face was like a half blossomed rose flower but now looked as a tired female young deer resting, gasping after a terrible marathon run, being chased by a panther for finishing her life. I felt sorrow to her sad condition and tried my level best to make her pleased by touching, caressing her body over dress. Mom was also watching both of us thru the kitchen window with a smile, as she also wishes to copulate me with my sister and keep my sister as my wife along with my mom and our kids.Mom is already having a son and a grandson from me and I have already sowed again my seeds in her tore vulva and she is going to bear another foetus from my seeds, her second grandchild, but I have no any idea to justify others regarding birth of our second child. That day, mom told me to keep away from her, as she wished to have my sister to sleep with her. Grandma noticed, my face became dull, she told mom to leave my sister with her room. By hearing this, I got very much pleasure, because, I was thinking, if sister sleep with mom; I will lose the chance to fuck mom. Also we both mom and me completely became couple in our home at all side with grandma’s silent permission and blessing of God. Most of days, we were sleeping fully nude till to the morning, some time grandma saw I am sleeping tired, pasted over mom’s body, between her widened huge thighs while she calling me for milking our goats. Always in the morning, I was sleeping on my mom’s chest after the final round fucking, due to the usual temper of a guy’s dick with urinal, without any precaution for preventing pregnancy and I always cum in to my mom’s vulva. After seeing me nude, grandma moved to goat fold and I followed her after cleaning my dick with moms under skirt. Two of our young mother goats and one grandma goat were not allowing milking by grandma. They only allow me to touch their breast and some time I sneezed milk direct to my mouth and grandma wondered about it. She preserved me very much and always took special care about my health. I heard some time, she advising mom to take care of my food, since I am almost twenty years younger than my mom and sex between me and mom will harmful to my health due to the age difference. So mom daily asking me to what I wish to eat today and always she cooking dishes as desired me.Later I start playing my mom’s butts and breast in front of grandma and she never mind it, because mom became a cute, younger, much beautiful, pleasant, and happy perfect women after I started to fuck her and became mother of my child. Grandma also wished and blessed both of us and accepted us as young couple and started to treat me as the man or our home and her son in law. My son was always played with grandma and she was also very happy to keep my son on her chest. I noticed some time, grandma feeding her dried but huge nipple to my son and by seeing this, I wish to fuck my grandma also because her breast was so huge sized, swelled and found stronger than mom’s breast. When I was I home, I had been always keep to touch my mom’s body and hug her and mom felt disturbance some time but grandma warned mom, he is so tender and fresher, he will be keep away from you after some days when his greed and lust is distinguished by you. You just obey him and never object. Or if he might mount on your breast in front of me, don’t give the chance me to see that.Mom went to bed with my son and I slept in same room on the floor, grandma looked both us seriously and partly closed our door and she went another room with sister and her child. One hour later, I woke up and mom warned to stay there, as sister might come to our room for talking with mom. But around 11 PM, grandma came out of her room by hearing crying sound from goat fold and called me to assist her. We both went to goat fold and the front part of my shots were projected with my dick in fully erected condition like a bow from bottom to the top and some time touched at grandma’s butts and she kept calm and found guiltiness to lose my first tempered chance to fuck and tear my mom’s pussy. But I noticed the tickled twist of grandma by touching a hot, erected young dick on her butts creak and I felt she needs my dick inside her cleavage some time, but she afraid to tell me the same. We didn’t see anything near the goat fold and return back to home. I asked grandma, if sister’s child slept or not.Grandma smiled and told me: Don’t act with me, I understood the power of your ………….to penetrate in any were of a women and now you need to know your sister slept or not, am I right? I am sorry for disturbing you like denying your food from the dining table. You have the full night to have your ever tasty hot dish and distinguish your inner fire.I also smiled and told: Yes, thanks grandma…………..,Grandma: Don’t worry about your sister, she had already slept and will wake up next morning only, so you are free in the night. Your pasture is also ready on her bed, don’t be gluttony, go and conquer your Everest peak and make your holy pond manasasarovar between your mom’s legs more glittering and remove all the mud from her depth.Grandma left me in front of my room told: Close the door from inside as you are making a sound like tusker mourning while mating with his female. If your sister wakes up, I will take her to another direction, so go inside and make your pair pleased.I very much thanked to grandma, kissed her and pressed her huge butts purposely and rubbed my dick with her fat loins, her vagina was projected beneath of her belly like a tortoise resting on her vagina between her legs joins. She removed my hand from her butts and pushed in to my room and told: You are not enough matured to conquer all the peaks of our Himalaya home, make me grand and grandmother again, as your pair might wait her mate. In the mean time, grandma found the huge size of my cock and I she felt; I greedily wish to fuck her also.I closed the door and fall on my mom’s breast with full power like a lion jumping an catching a tuskers cranium, as I got the open credentials to collapse my mom’s pussy and all the mountains, depth, cliffs from mom and grandma, since my mom’s breast grown up almost double than my first fuck with her and she also aware of the change occurred on her body and mind with a young guy’s touch, crassness, loving, passionately greedy needing from a you loving guy, and also almost ten year of the disregarders from my dad, she became a young lover of me and she started to see me as her perfect mate and very much thanked me for fucking her, licking in her vulva, swallowing her juice and distinguish the hungry and thirsty of her vulva and her huge breasts, butts, clit daily. Lot of times she told me same with very much shyness and loving and kissing me when in our shop, whenever we got free. We were closing our shop for lunch for three hours and we lay on the floor by hugging each other, but she never allowed me to fuck her in our shop, as according to her, that will be sin before God. But whenever I need, she lifted her saree and allowed me to kiss, lick, suck in her fat thighs, fleshy vagina, her long clit and allow drinking her milk along with beating on her breast like a male lamb on his mother goat’s udder. She also very much thankful to me to made her a young, cute, beautiful and happy woman with my unending mad love, hugging, touching, and caressing her. I placed a mirror in front of her vagina and she found her pussy became more beautiful, soppy, glittering and projected more ahead and her clit became longer than before I started to suck it. Previously there was some swelled flesh pieces (obesities) on her back thighs beneath her butts and back of her hands above the elbow joins, reverse side of her neck but my continues caressing, pressing, massaging and crushing , now her hands and thighs are became well shaped and totally she became a beautiful woman in our domicile after our secret marriage. Grandma also became very much happy for seeing my mom like so young, shy new married bride and me as a tender grandson in law of her and she always pray to God for blessing both of us with long life and gift so many kids to play her with them.By falling on mom’s chest with a fluck sound, I tried to untie her blouse and bra, but I stunned, she had already removed it and actually she was waiting her beetle to drink the honey from her vagina.She warned me: Eat my flesh slowly dear, as your sister is so younger than me and she also hungry and thirsty for a young dick in her vagina and you are the same beetle to drink her tender pussy juice and breed her with your cock and seeds. So give me some rest and you have a lot of sheaf of corn to trample and thrush out and have to ooze your hot thick bitumen in to your sister’s young, wet, cute, tight, thirsty, hungry, vulva, plough and sow your seeds in to her tender field and reap more corn from her field, as she is so young, fertile, greedy, perfect than me for your age and your strong gigantic tool.I started sucking her nipple with vigorous mad mood and mourned like a bull before mounting a cow’s hump and pressed and licked in her both armpits and she became ticked with my tongue in her fat armpits. There was a swelled, black pieces in her each her armpits and found projected to both side while she will be on standing position but now looked like a parted knee pan (shell cover of a husked coconut). She automatically widened her fat thighs and accommodated my cock in her vagina so easily, told me to fuck her slowly, since there is chance to wake up my sister. But I already started threshing out her fat body with a mad mind. Sometime later, mom started to breathe strongly and hugged on my back and pressed on my loin and I felt some very hot liquid oozing from mom’s vulva an

d I found mom is squirting her semen and my dick covered with her juice like a child coming from a women’s vagina while giving birth. I raced my power and speed, my loin started to beat between her fat grassland and I lose my control and forgot all the promise given to mom while started to fuck her, I also felt like piss in to her vagina and my cum sneezed inside her soppy vulva so deeper to reach in to her womb and my lacks of seeds started to fly in to the mixed semen of both of us like dolphins flying in sea. I felt my dick head entered in to her cervix and my seeds were flying like running competition to searching my own mom’s eggs hided in the mixed juice to penetrate with them and make more my siblings. I lay down on her breast for a long time and kept my dick in her soppy, hot, trusting vulva and slowly he became shrinkage and automatically withdrawn from my mom’s vagina and I purposely ignored her words and given a slap on her left cheek first time.Me. You must obey me, what I tell you, otherwise, I will kill you, I have the right to beat you remember, as I am your new hubby. She kept silent some time and allowed me to lie on her chest by keeping her nipple in my mouth. I tried to suck her both nipple together, pulled both breasts to her middle chest and she also supported the same of her breast. At last I won to suck her both nipple together madly, bite her left nipple, pulled with my tooth strongly and stirred by m tooth in round shape and she mourned by closing her mouth with her hand, enable to block her sound came out.Mom: I told you few months back, you will beat me like your dad, you did it but I like it dear, whenever you need, you beat me, I will afford the same with very much pleasure and will cry silently, as you are my son and new hubby, also I have no any other way, I became your fucking toy and I allowed to be played by your both hand, dick, chest, lips, teeth and you can beat and torture me at any way you need dear. She cried very loudly and I closed her mouth with my hand.Me: No mom, dad had beaten you as he was not interested on your flesh and he started to mate with another young girl’s flesh, but I beat you due to the style of my fucking. I love you very much dear but I will beat you madly my dear fat worse while I fuck you only, because a guy will get more pleasure by beating his pair while fucking and also you are my mountain pass for getting me training to drive over any women, since you are a son fucker. You are the great Mount Everest and I am Mr. Tensing Norway, I am conquering your parts and now I know the entire secrets of your lumps, pits and cliffs of your body and I will crush and make flat perturbed you and I will enter thru your soppy, smelly doorway and excavate your inner mysterious treasure like a post graduate geographic student and I will gain 100 per cent marks in my final exam of my excavation of a woman’s body………………..OK?Mom: You kill me dear, I already yielded to you and I only intended to get pregnant from your seed and die by giving birth to your child, but I also enjoy your toil to satisfy me, do whatever you need with me.By hearing these words from my mom, I shocked and felt sorrow on her, I hugged her and told.Me: No my sweet gigantic fucking balloon, my sponge bed, I need you till my entire life not only as a fucking partner but also my life partner and mom of my lot of kids and I am ready to fuck you even in public place if you need. Also I wish to see my second child deriving from your womb by tearing your vagina and your sufferings for making me again father/siblings. Can you imagine the relations between me, you and our children? Mom smiled and her face looked shyness, guiltiness and love to her son and grand kids.Mom smiled with utter confusion and told: God will decide; now we are couple, you are preserving all of the three women in our home and you have the right to do anything on our body. I am just obeying you and if you need, the rest two will be wide their legs, but I have only one request, please leave your grandma, as her parts are so old and not match with your young tool. You just fulfill your desire on my body and soul dear, If God decided to get me pregnant again, I will bear your child in my belly and give birth in front of you and you get satisfy by seeing my suffering and tearing my vagina by your kids.I got excited on her word, got my soul and body more strength and tightened, my dick erected again like an iron rod lifted, I looked on her fleshy vagina and started play with her both breasts, pressed from the bottom to the top and all the milk started oozing thru’ her nipples. I started sucking both nipples each other separately and at last together, drunk her entire milk till both breasts got emptied and freed her breasts and those fall down and hanged near to her each armpits.Mom: You naughty rascal, you finished my milk, what I feed to your son, he is also mad like you while drinking my milk, I felt, he will also fuck me when he will be on his teenage, we both smiled and enjoyed the sexy joke from mom.I kissed her, woke up from her chest, caught her neck and pulled to my loin, tucked my soppy half erected dick in to her mouth. She caressed, sucked my cock head with love as like as her another child. Her vagina area and both breasts were found like trampled sheaf of corn. Some dots of our juices were got pasted on her inner thighs and vagina walls also her pubic hair. Her clit found like a pupa resting in her cage, awaiting another round of wake up from my tongue and grass field at the foot of my dick.Our life was fruitful going on those days and we both were in the honey moon mood even after two years after our first fuck.


Next day of my sister’s arrival at our home, mom woke up early in the morning. Grandma was sick so I assisted mom to milk our goats by 4.30 AM. One of our grandma goats was not allow milking her by mom, but she gave at least two lambs per delivery at least twice in year. She only allow to touch her udder and breasts to me and I was always drink her milk directly from her big, long nipple like a lamb and she also very much enjoyed my sucking on her breast. If she didn’t give milk, I was beating her udder with my head like a male lamb to his mother goat’s breast. I told mom, you see one miracle and I cleaned the huge breast of grandma goat, freed her from her tied rope and I lay down on the upstairs. She jumped on the upstairs and kept calm over me, placed her four legs both side of my chest and I inserted her hanged breast in my mouth and started sucking her milk. She started to lick my entire body and mom got stunned to see our son mom relation by feeding her milk to me like a lamb. In the mean time, she folded her back and I caressed her huge vagina with my hand and inserted my finger in to her vagina hole. She started to squirt her pussy juice on my hand and I played with my finger in her vagina for some time. Mom watched, my dick was erected and after emptying both of her breasts, I woke up and the goat got ready for getting something from me from her back and she automatically turned her back enable to reach the edge of the concrete slab, folded her neck and listen me with a please mind. I told mom to keep silence, I became half naked and mom was shivering by see this. I touched my dick head on the grandma goat’s vagina and slipped and rubbed on the huge vagina face of her and she also started to stir her back, her tail and looked to me. I parted her vagina cleavage with my left hand finger, pushed my dick head with help of my right hand and the goat widened her back legs more and more to accept my dick in to her vagina. I slowly pushed my dick and she fully accommodated my Seven inches long, fat dick in her vagina slowly with some tightness and slight pleasure pain, we kept same position some time and mom sat down on the floor by wondering to see this.

After few minutes, I started to flee my dick slowly till the extreme end of her vagina and she also started enjoy like ten male goat’s dick entering at once in to her vagina and I caressed her udder with my both hands and she totally fold her body, I felt, my dick has taken the whole area of her vagina over her cervix and entered in her womb. After five, ten stroke, I retreat my dick from her vagina. My dick came out from her small vagina and jumped above like a bow and she started to lick my dick like a child licking ice cream. Mom was looking our plays like a primary school child seeing an elephant first time and she placed her both hands on her head with wonder. After few time I neared the goat and she also got ready to our second part. We played with my dick and her vagina for almost fifteen minutes time by six or seven parts, because goats always getting satisfaction with some few strokes with a male goat dick but only one strong shot from a guy’s dick and she couldn’t accommodate more time a human dick in her vagina. But this time I gifted a few drops of my semen in to her vagina, because, the entire night I was fucking my mom and mom’s pussy oozed my entire semen in to her vagina and womb. After finishing our fuck, grandma goat became very much happy, pleasured and she licked my dick and my lions for some time and mom was keeping same position with a surprised mood, by seeing an ever unexpected thing in her life. Very soon the goat’s udder filled with milk again and I milked in to the vessel. I know, once a goat got sexually satisfied and got orgasmic, her udder will fill with milk again immediately and the same is the symptom of her happiness of she fucked perfectly, that was our practice for the last five years.

Mom: Are you mad to do this?, do you think this is natural?, when you started this with this poor goat, I remember, this goat given birth to some unnatural creatures some time like half human and half goat, I think those were from your seeds, now also you are doing this and cheating me sharing your cock with both your goat and mom. This is sin dear son, this is sin, Mom start cry, I consoled her.Me: Yes mom, we both are mad, so you widened your legs and gifted your hot vulva to your son and I dipping in to your pussy pond and we both in satisfied mood, but my sexual relation with this goat started in my school days, almost five years back and continued till I started fuck you, but this time did to just show you, so don’t worry about my dick sharing with goat vagina and yours even now days. Now I got the entire gift from your pubic courtyard and I never repeated the same with goats. You forget all and do milk other goats.

Mom: How you started this, how the beginning of this ever great play, how you felt this experience with the poor goat, tell me dear. I noticed, while you ware fucking me first time, you performed like a fucking master and I suspected how you learned to fuck a gigantic women like me in your nineteen year of age, now I understood the secret and know the reason of the glazed, huge size of your dick crown almost equal to a duck egg, strength and size of your dick like a stallion but the bend on to the top ahead and the twist to your left side are a gift of God, enable to satisfy any women . Also this is the secret of your power and stamina for destroying a woman vagina by fucking. When I widened my legs for you, I felt actually you ware not fucking me, totally collapsing me and I admired about my dear son. I think there will be no any guy like you with a power of a giant in the world and once a women fucked by your dick, she will never forget you and always need to be swallow your king cobra in her pussy and need the mad haughtiness and wriggled by your king cobra in her vulva and she also need her eggs join from his seeds.

I self admired and satisfied with mom’s words and my dick got tired and also shaped a bow in the tired condition, hanged between my leg joins and have a twist to the left and some drops was oozing from his tiny mouth and mom looked him and found his head became red and looking to mom’s red lips.Me: Mom, I can fuck a woman at least ten times a day and now I know the reason of my gigantic power, which awarded from this goat’s vagina and I will be very much thankful to her. I never allow selling her, I will love, preserve, give more care to her till end of her life. Mom you remember, once we planned to sell this goat to a slaughter man, and I objected same in front of this goat. The man lifted this goat and told to grandma, this is around ten kilograms and told a price of her flesh. But the goat was in a terrible, frightened mood while smelling the slaughter man and she started run in our goat folds with fear to die and I felt she is looking me for save her life. Animal can identify a slaughter man with his smell. I felt sorrow on her and I objected to sell her and some time argument with grandma with me. At last grandma yielded to me and the slaughter man left out. Sometime later, I entered in the goat fold, she started lick me with very much thanks.

From those days I started caress her and she also started licking, rubbing her face on my body and I felt, she loves, kissing me for saving her life from the slaughter man. Once I was sitting on the upstairs slab in the goat folds, which made for the lambs, where you already stood in your knees for me and I fucked you from your behind like a male goat, and this goat always kept near to me and she started to lick my body and once I untied my trouser hook and revealed my erected dick to her. She also started licking my dick head and enjoyed the different smell of my dick and my oozing liquid than a male goat dick. I placed my hand on her vagina face. I felt her vagina wet by deriving some thick liquid from her hole, I tucked my middle finger inside her vagina and she got tickled and I felt, she is enjoying my finger play. Since my luck, she was in heat that time and ready to mate with a male goat. But I wish to fuck her and got utter confusion, my dick was so bigger than a male goat’s dick and how can I insert the same in a goat’s tiny vagina cleavage. With that evil thought, my dick became hard like an iron rod and I felt pain on my dick. I rubbed my dick head between her back legs from the bottom to top from her udder to her vagina and she kept calm and felt enjoyed the same and I felt she expect my dick in to her vagina. At last I tried to push my dick in to her vagina and she felt some pain by entering my huge dick crown thru’ her narrow cleavage, but she kept silence for some time. In the mean time, I clawed her with my both hands from the bottom and started caressing her udder and both breast with my hands and I pushed my fully erected dick slowly in to her tight vagina and I felt very much pleasure from this strong tightness and I felt, am going to die with this unexplained pleasure from this animal vagina, first time in my life. My dick was fully conquered whole area of her tight vagina and his head was twisting and jumping inside the tiny hole and the goat was also enjoyed the strength, shivering, heat of my long, thick, bended, twisting dick reached till her womb and I felt the neck of my dick head entered in to another hole and some tight rounded ring like a rubber band covered my dick head inside her vagina and I felt my dick head and entering in to her womb, also I felt a heavenly pleasure and heat, I afraid to lock my dick in her vagina like dogs, but the wetness of her inner flesh, I could pull and push my dick with heavenly pleasure thru her narrow hole front and back. Later I felt pain on my dick crown due to the tightness, I partly retreat my dick from her vagina and she also found like got some slight electric shock on her body and my dick found covered with some thick, hot, liquid. Her face fond like a virgin groom’s face, while his hubby’s dick breaking her hymen and entering in to her secret hole first time. Her vagina cleavage filled with thick liquid with mix of slight blood and totally found like a twelve year old girl‘s tiny vagina after hardly fucked by a strong matured guy’s dick.I felt sorrow on her, but due to my age and mad erotomania, I can’t leave her and have not enough patience. I exploited her silence and innocents, as she is an animal, can’t shout like a girl. I pushed my dick again in to her vagina and this time, I felt some more lose and lubrication from her vulva and she acted like painful but tolerated, not objected to fuck her by his love mate.

I never got that much pleasure in my life even from your vulva. We kept some time in same position and slowly I started to pull and push my dick by keeping my half of dick in her vagina and slowly she also started enjoy my huge dick, which she never afforded like a dick from any male goat. But I was not in a controllable mood, due to fear and mad lust. I fucked her for some time and she got bend over her whole body and I felt she is suffering with my dick in her vagina for long time and I pulled back my dick and some viscous fluid oozed from her vagina along with my dick and hanging from her vagina tip like a thick wick sized equal to my finger. I wounded, she found satisfied with my huge stroke and looked me with thanks. When I saw the mixed thick juice oozing from her vagina, I caught her again, pushed my dick in to her. This time she kept calm but I kept patience to fuck her. My second round continued for long time till I cum in her vagina and she found very much pleasured with my dick power and enjoyed the squirting of my hot semen in to her cervix and my seeds fleeing in to her womb. That night I again reached to her and we lay on the slab till morning by hooked my dick in her vagina and fucked several time till we tired both. I caressed her full body with my hands and she licked my whole body that night. Thus we held up in love each other. We were enjoying our copulation till I started to fuck you and I used her vagina while you were in menses period. Some days later, when I reached near her, she started to dance with ecstasy and I felt sorrow on her. The second menses period of you, you didn’t allow me to fuck you, those one week fully I distinguished her hungry and irrigated her vagina, cervix, womb and her vagina tip and our mixed fluid flowed from her vagina to her udder thru’ the cleavage between her reverse legs and by stirring her tail, she pasted the juice on her pubic area and smelled, licked, tasted our juice and got satisfied like a newly wedded wife of an army man got fucked, filled with his semen in her vagina, crushed, chewed, sucked her breasts and got satisfied on the first day of her hubby’s leave.Mom: Does grandma know this?Me: No, only you know, please keep this between both us mo….., please.Mom: OK………you goat fucker. Now I and the poor goat are your wives, sharing to afford your bowed cock power and bearing your seeds on both of our vagina………….OK?Me: Ok mom…………………..OK.Mom: I think, if you get your grandma’s vagina, will you fuck her also.Me: sure, I will make her a you g women with my young dick and with my hot semen, her loin will also get blossomed and if God decide, she will also get pregnant from my seeds as she is just fifty five of age and also you know, a sixty year old women will become more young and her vagina will be very much pleasured with a teen aged boys dick and very much interested to accommodate again and again for a sole day and night of a teen aged boys dick, once she enjoyed it.

Mom: Poor grandma, please let her free, if you use her old vulva, she will die.Our romantic talks and my confusion between me and mom broke down, as grandma called mom, what you are doing there, she thought, we might fucking in the goat fold, as she very much knows, I always interested to fuck my mom in the goat folds. We returned back to home and grandma started curse mom, didn’t you satisfy last night? If you need more now?, you can do it in our home, your son hubby is so tender, so don’t kill him you bitch, give him some rest. Mom had no any reply; she was in an excited mind by seeing the play between me and the goat. After breakfast, we both went to our shop. Grandma and sister were in our home.Mom: I am excited, I never thought a female goat vagina can accommodate a guy cock as much as huge yours.Few hours later, grandma called me to come back home, as sister shows symptom of some unnatural mood and not minding her child. I came back and saw my sister, was lying on her bed without any food and bath. I lifted her with my hands, looked in to her eyes, she lay in my hands without any unnatural feeling, I lifted her to wake up but she hugged me like an innocent child and folded her head and kept on my chest. I kissed her cheeks, hugged and consoled, as she had been beaten and tortured by his husband for long time and she couldn’t afford the same.


Me: Dear, nothing to worry, you will be safe here; we all will be with you, go and take bath with grandma and have some food and take rest.She yielded to me and shake her head off, went to bath with grandma and came back to her room, dressed with blouse, saree and she found like an angel in that dress, her eyes found harvest for some things for her whole body and I felt she is inviting me to fulfill her needs on her hot young flesh and her soul. I invited her for breakfast and I feed her with my hand, she sat down on my lap and had the food. I hugged her and directed to her room and stayed with her in her room for some time. After lunch, I planned to go our shop with food for my mom and my son, but sister caught me tightly, she found feared and didn’t allow me to leave her. I told to grandma to reach the lunch to mom and I will be with sister at home. Grandma obeyed my words and she went to our shop. I sat down on sister’s bed and she lay on my lap, her child was sleeping. She looked to my eyes for some time and I lifted her on my hand and joined her chest with my chest, squeezed her hot, perfect breasts on my chest, her breasts were abided on my chest ant we both tickled and I felt a heavenly pleasure. I pressed her chest to my chest more and more and she kept calm and she very much co operated by joining our chests together. Her face was resting on my neck and I felt her hot breath, a tickled pleasure with same from a young, cute, beautify bridal women first in my life. I kept her same position for a long time and felt the tiny softness of a young women’s breast pressing on my chest. I felt my chest is getting wet with some hot liquid. I lifted her and found her blouse was also wet with some white liquid, which was her milk oozed. I confused, what I have to do, but she never minded the same and kept calm like nothing happened unnatural. I also found some problem with her mind and decided to consult with a doctor. But she hugged me stronger and told to don’t leave me, she clawed my neck with her both hands and started to kiss me madly, told me to keep her same position for the whole day and I also became a sexually mood by pressing a young women body to me and I untied her blouse hooks and brassiere and told her to change your dress which is wet with her milk. She wore another set in front of me with some shy and I saw her beautiful partly crushed breasts and my hands wished to caress her breasts, but I controlled with fear of how she will react. But she dressed with kept the hooks of blouse and brassieres lose and I tried to lock her bra hook, but she didn’t allow to hook, pushed me to lay on me back and she mounted on me soon without my permission. She didn’t lose her hand from me and her left cheek pressed on my right cheek and she laid on me with her whole body and I felt sadness and madness for some time. We both were half naked and she opened her mouth, bites my year and told,

Sister: He……….., never touched me since the initial stage of my pregnancy and he never be in home at night, was sleeping with his second secret wife, she also pregnant now, so he demand to marry her also. I am alone and abandoned for him for the last two years and am very much need yours……………now. Also grandma told me, you will marry me.I understood everything from her words. Grandma also told her as I will take care of her, but sister meant grandma’s word wrongly as I will marry her, as she had schooled till seventh standard and her mind was not enough matured to understand the relation of a brother and sister in the society.Me: My sweet, hear me patiently, I will protect you means, I am planning your remarriage with some another guy and I can’t marry with you.She closed my mouth with her hand and I licked, tasted her sweet breast milk from her hand and I she allowed me to lick her hand for some time.Sis: Do you need to drink my milk? Does it fast, Grandma will come back.I felt she is normal and addicted with erotomania, needs sex with me. I also know grandma will not come back to home till evening, as my mom never allow her same, as mom also aware, what is going to be happened in our home now between me and my sister.

Her hands were started caress my chest and she pressed her loin with my loin, her fat fleshy bread was touched on my dick and my dick was already erected and tried to escape from my jetty and pants. I first time hugged her tightly and kissed her cheeks. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my hands on her body. I caressed her whole body with my both hands and given more attention to her fat, fleshy, butts. I slowly started to shake, crush her medium sized butts, parted both butts and tucked by both hands between her butts and rubbed her ass hole. She widened her legs more and more, made easy path for my hands to reach her canal which starts from between her ass cheeks and end up at her clitoris. I am almost one foot taller than her and I could able to touch her secret cave in that position. I rubbed the entrance and ran my hands thru her cleavage and I felt her bread more soft and the middle path is so hot and I very much intended to see and smell her vagina cleavage. I split her cleavage over her petticoat and rubbed over her soppy pit with my finger and she hided her face on my neck with shy and enjoyed my play between her ass cheeks. I pushed her and she woke up from my chest unwillingly and I removed my pants. She looked to the huge lump in front of my jetty and lay on her back, kept her eyes closed. I listened to the windows and confirmed they are closed. I lifted her and kept on my lap, removed her bra. Her breast freed from the jail cups like two balls sized as parted pumpkin jumping. I licked her red nipple, she pressed her breast to my face and my nose immersed in her breast.

Sis: Drink my milk dear, I am very much thank full to you for escaping from my ugly, bastard husband. I will be yours for my rest life, grandma given the symptoms of the incest relation going in our home. I also willing to share with you and we will live together like our goats, as they have no any restriction for mating with any male and give birth to any male’s child even son mother and brother sister. Any male goat will never beat, torture to any female and till the end of their life, they will be together, mating, licking, each other. I also know, you are the master male among our goats and mating with our female goats. But in future, never do it, I am with you till the end of my life and if mom and grandma also agreed, I will give birth to your kids and we live as couple here. How dear?

I stunned and totally crushed myself with her words. My erected dick also became partly shrinkage and drawn down in my jettyMe: how you know, I am mating with our goats.Sister: I know very well, I also tried several time for our male goat’s dick in my ……………. and to be fucked with our male goats in my teen age, but never I could, only the male goat licked my parts, tasted my juice and I enjoyed very much of his rough tongue. So I can understand a boy’s nature and character in his teen age. But once we started our relation, you may never use our goats or any other women for sex …ok?I hugged, kissed her and told: I never fucked a young, cute, beautiful women like you dear, also never saw the secret parts of any young women and am seeing a nude beautiful breast of a young women first time in my life. I started to suck her left breast and drunk her milk, removed her upper dress and enjoyed her both beautiful young breast, felt this is so much better than my mom’s breast. Half in size of mom’s and partly crushed, wrinkled by top, but perfect to fulfill a guy’s passion. I became frolic, started playing with her both breast and she first time looked to my eyes like an innocent teen girl. My dick was again got in full size and my lump started to lift my sis from my lap. She looked to my face with shy and I give the silent signal to remove her underskirt. But she only lifted her dress, as she was afraid of GM may came back.Me: Don’t worry, grandma will not return till evening, we will go to our shop by evening and we all return together.

She lay on her back; I started to shiver like I fucked first time to my mom. I widened her legs, tucked my face between her leg joint, enjoyed the heavenly smell of her young pussy, felt almost like my mom’s pussy, but more wetter than mom’s pussy, already soppy, oozing condition before I fuck her, smell was also some slight deferent from mom’s pussy. I enjoyed her wet, red color honey comb, caressed with my hand, but my fingers are slipped and evaded from the both thick pieces, looked like two thick wall protecting the hole from anything enter inside. I kept silent and parted her pubic hair covered her soppy hole. In the meantime, she also started to caress my dick over my jetty and I removed my jetty, she also admired with the size of my dick. She immediately caught my dick and started to suck it, like a hungry girl having food after a long fasting. I understood her lust and greed of a young guy dick in her twenty five year aged young throbbing vulva. I lifted her both legs, I stunned, there was some brown colored lines on her back thighs. She told me those are marks of her hubby beat her with a cane. I caressed on those lines and kissed, licked the back side of her butts, she became tickled and caught my hair. I enjoyed the wet, mixed smell of her butts with mad passion. Her eyes were closed, filled with tear. I licked her ass cheeks, lifted her in my hands from the coat, she got tickled and blossomed because, her hubby never lifted her in his hand. We both hugged very passionately and tumbled down on the floor. She automatically widened her legs and I tucked my hand on her hairy courtyard and plunged two fingers in to her wet canal. She caught my wrist and just acted as trying to remove my hand from her grass field. I removed my hand and tucked my face in to her pubic area, enjoyed the smell of a young women pussy again. That was indefinable for me, as I have only experience with my mom’s matured, fat, thick, split but my ever tasting hot dish.I immediately started to lick her suck honey comp, but she didn’t allow to lick inside, as the day was the ninth day of her menses and she thought, some remains of her nasty juice in her vagina or any other faces will ooze from inside, but I felt her lovely vagina very much clean and more red in color than my mom’s vulva like a rose flower. I madly enjoyed her pussy smell, slowly started, licking on her grass field and tucked my tongue in the soppy hole. She tightened her medium fat thighs both side of my head and pulled her loin back and begged, please don’t take more time, do it fast, as grandma will come back. If you need more from my …………… I will allow in night, if you come sneak to my bed, so do fast please. She was also very much hungry, greedy for a young guy for the last two years. I lifted my face from her pubic area and removed my jetty, she looked around the windows of the room. I kissed her vagina courtyard and pulled her pubic hair between my lips, she also started enjoy my plays with slight fear. I pray to God as usually while fucking my mom and entered my dick crown in to her sweet, hot, smaller than mom’s vulva with a holy fresh bridegroom fucking his newly wedded wife in the first night. Her vulva was not enough loose like my mom’s vulva, felt like a virgin girl pussy. I slowly entered my partly left and upside bend dick in to her vulva till the bottom, kept same position for some time and removed it from her hole.

Wonderful, her juice oozed from her vagina with slight red color and she felt slight pain, but very much enjoyed the power and heat of my dick. Also her right inner side of vulva got a strong massage touch first time and she felt a pleasure tickle. Actually I know she is my sister, but at that time, we both were taking revenge of her hubby, a bloody fucking bastard and a mad oppressor. I started fucking madly in her vulva, like a piston of a diesel engine with the lubrication of my own sister’s pussy juice, slowly her vulva started making slight fluck cluck sound and I confused her vagina is crying of laughing. She admired of my dick power and kept her hands on my back, caught tightened enable me to get my full power. The room filled with a sound of our both sibiliation. We enjoyed our first fuck till she got satisfied but took some more time for my ejaculation as the previous day also I fucked in my mom’s pussy twice. I uprooted my dick from her vulva with a tiny flixzz sound and lifted my loin from her loin. I probed her beautiful body and face, but she hide her face with her both hands and her hanged breasts were clearly found more swelled and projected with light blue colored thin veins. Her areola also found very much satisfied by a young guy’s lips and tongue. I woke up from her and looked on her bottom belly, found more flatter than my mom’s fat belly but almost half of area taken for spreading her butts and fully wet with our sweating and her pubic area found more kneaded with her juice and some blue tiny hairs orderly paved from her umbilicus to her projected grassland and paved onwards her leg joins. I lifted her in my both hands and laid on her back on the coat and placed her legs on my both shoulder, but she afraid to be fucked on that position, told me that will be un affordable for her as my dick length is almost equal of the length from her clit to her umbilicus and my dick head will reach and beat in her cervix. I consoled her and told, don’t worry, a guy dick will never enter in to any women womb, it will reach up to your cervix and a dick occupy whole area of a women vagina, that will be very much pleasured to a women. I placed her knees on my shoulder but her vulva reached up to my belly button.

I got her legs down till her vulva reach equal to my dick bottom, as my dick was fully erected and his head was almost up to my umbilicus like hood of a cobra. I spread her butts with my both hands and found her vulva opened for swallowing my dick again. That was also a wonderful sight in my life, as I fucked my mom same position several time but due to the gigantic size of mom’s butts, I never could see her vulva opened in that position and the two mass fleshes covered like two forts in both side of mom’s pussy. I pushed my bended dick head to bottom and into her vulva fast and he fully dipped and head kissed her cervix and stood impatiently like an athlete on the starting point, waiting the start whistle. I started silently but my dick bottom could reached almost two inches away from her vulva mouth as, my front thighs was beating on her bottom thighs, my grassland not touching on her grassland and I didn’t felt more comfortable on those position.

I pulled two of the sofa chairs near and placed her legs on the chairs, pulled her butts towards me and half of her butts came out of the coat, her fleshy butts bottom were hanged from the coat edge and her vulva lips found going to join together like the mouth of sleeping women oozing some saliva. I pushed my dick head in to her vulva strongly and she shouted loudly, as my dick head reached and beat with a strong flesh piece, almost six inches inside her vagina. That was the first experience in my fucking life and I never had this experience from my mom’s vagina, only I enjoyed this pleasure from our goats vagina. Mom always could able to accommodate my cock in her vagina easily from any angle and she enjoyed my mad fuck plays like a cricket batsman blowing his bat to any angle. Actually my dick lifted her whole butts through her vagina like a scavenger and her butts were almost six inches up from the coat, I felt I am tearing her vagina and she felt my dick like a sword and her vulva was going to be severed and my dick will cut her vulva and tear her bottom belly. She begged me, dear, are you fucking me or finishing me, this is the way you preserving me, please put my butts down and do it fast by half your dick keep out of from my …………….., otherwise, my ………………will get two slices and if I got pregnant from you by your first seed, I can’t hold your child in my belly for nine months, if you tear it earlier. I placed two pillows under her butts and started to pump my dick again and I told her, if my dick will not fully enter in to your …………….., my grassland will not beat with your courtyard, I will never get satisfied with this fuck, so please allow me to enjoy our first fuck with ultimate pleasure. If you got pregnant from me, I will protect you and my child at any cause and I will always use your lose hole and never think about any other tight pussy hole.

Sister laughed, ok dear, but remember my words. I looked on her face but this time she caught my hands and found feared, told me, do lightly and fast, I am already satisfied and tired, my inner part is also not enough capable to afford your ………………, as I given birth to my child only six months back.

Me: Ok, I started pumping slowly but in the mid way my dick head touched to her cervix falsehood and by aware of my cheating her, she clawed her vulva muscle tightly around my cock, I felt her sweet vulva very much tighter than mom’s vulva and I felt to shout with great ecstasy and some time, I purposely lifted her butts with my both hands and pushed my cock in to her vulva as much as strongly and madly. Later I felt her cervix going more inside and her vagina provide more depth to accommodate my fully erected dick inside her heavenly vulva. I started twisting by dick around in her vulva like a grind stone. I felt to cum and closed my eyes but she closed her eyes and given symptoms for her second orgasm. Her legs reached on my shoulder automatically , her vulva became more tight, her butts hiked from the pillow, her breast became more swelled, her nipple turned to brown color and became hard like a ripe grape, her belly became stronger, her neck became thin, her nerves became budged, her thighs became strong and clawed my dick, her vulva clawed my dick more tightly, my dick became more tight in her vulva and I felt indefinable pleasure from her vulva, my dick head became tied in her cervix, her vagina became more hot and red in color, her honey comb became more fleshy and soppy, her lips became dark and bended, her teeth became strong and gnashed, her color totally became dull and felt she forgot about her tender inner part is being destroyed, her cervix and womb became ploughed and going to bear my thick wad inside, her womb is going to be filled with my semen, her hide eggs are going to be penetrated with my seed, her bottom belly is going to more swelled with pregnancy, her womb is going to bear my foetus, her vulva is going to be tore after nine months by giving birth to my child, her breast is going to fill with fresh milk for feeding two kids and me, her loin is going to become fat, her beautiful, well shaped umbilicus is going to be a lump, her menses is going to be stopped for another few years, her mouth and stomach is going to nausea, pyrosis and vomiting due to pregnancy, her total body going to become fat and pale, her beautiful face is going to more swelled, her ass hole and ass cheeks are also going to become fat and frolic, her clit is going to grown up as double in size, her inner thighs are going to more fat, flat and dark in color, we all are going to face our neighbors to find an answer of her second pregnancy with my seeds, she totally going to be in labor room for another ten years due to intermittent pregnancy from my seeds, her breast is going to feed to my kids almost equal to a cricket team, her vagina is going to more rough by rubbing , grinding with my rasp, her girdle is going to untied and removed from her waist, her total body and shape is going to a fat, matured, proud and her butts are going to be like a female elephant, her vagina is going to be more hanged from her pubic, her lust is going to mitigate, her kids will going to be her niece and nephews, her brother is going to become her hubby. I exploited her erotomania, fucked madly like a stallion pushing his cock in to a mere’s long vagina. I felt her vulva attained enough depth to accommodate my long, left side bended cock.

I uprooted my dick from her vulva, found her fleshy, warmth vulva throbbing and madly greed of my dick inside more and more. I started flying between her legs and my hands over her both strong breasts. She tried to bring her both beautiful thighs together, as the fast fleeing of my cock till his bottom in to her vagina resulted to touch his head to her cervix but both of her thighs were stopped by my thigh muscles and both of our thighs beaten each other, made some fantastic sound of a brother sister fucking. I stopped my flying as per her begging and I slowly pulled back half of my dick from her vulva, stopped up to rub my dick head on G spot, listened her response and found she also feeling a new pleasure.I earlier tried my level best to touch the G spot of mom with my finger and tongue but I failed, due to the huge size of mom’s thighs, vagina, bottom belly and the strong, flatter, bush stump covered vagina courtyard. I smelled her vagina and felt an intoxicated smell as a smell of mixture of her, pussy juice, slight blood, sweating like steam derived from boiling mixed fruits, boiled pineapple and also the wrap of all the fruits and parted onion. Actually I was cheating my sister by planning to make her pregnant intermittently for another ten or fifteen year. Both of our age and body nature and cute for copulate and mom also offer support to make her daughter pregnant continuously enable to our home filled with kids and also mom intended to turn my mind from she and to my sister and mom thought that, she can escape by getting more pregnant from her own son’s young cock. But actually I became more blessed by God to become luckier one among million, haughtiness like a wild elephant in a sugarcane field. I planned to enjoy my full life with both matured and young mates and copulate with both of my mom and sister everyday and prayed to God to keep me capable to distinguish their lust with my tool.Atlast I finished and com inside my sisters womb first time and we both enjoyed the heat of our liquid, we both lied on the floor for some time by hugging each other by thankful to get satisfied. Sister felt afraid of pregnancy and begged to me to leave her, but I was in heaven and enjoying her hot dish and liquid surrounding my cock and pasted on my pubic area. I felt my sister’s vagina more tightly, hot, soppy, fertile, better than my mom and I got the courage to make her pregnant again and again than my matured mom. This is the first fuck with a young girl in my life also the starting point of the marathon fuck with my sister. I kept her legs more widened to ooze my entire semen in to her womb to get her pregnant in my first fuck. Almost half an hour, I started warming up for the second round by ignoring her begging to leave her.

Mom’s vagina smell was so appreciable for me, as I was a fresher and enjoying a woman vagina smell and my act of relishing was just like a student looking on his text book and felt the smell is best due to my ardent attachment, but later I felt the smell of mom’s vagina be disgusted and started boredom for smelling her vagina. I got an Idea from my school days that some women is covering their vagina with jasmine flower before night and allow her husband for enjoy the mixed smell of jasmine flower and pussy, so I suggested mom to do it. She was also in the situation for obeying me what I am demanding. We have some jasmine plants in our home with lot of flowers and mom started covering her vagina with wet jasmine flower in daily evening under her panties after taking bath, enable to get her son stallion in a compassionate mood and I enjoyed the smell. I thought that idea is not necessary for my sis’s vagina, since her vagina smell is natural and very much better than my mom’s. I smelled sis’s vagina for some time with a break and she also acted as an innocent twelve year old girl without knowledge of vagina smell and she peeped my smelling and slicking in her vagina. I was already accepted her as my young fucking toy and felt my mom as an old, tired, barren women like a tired fat ill mare, which not having enough capacity to bear my strong shaft in her vagina and give birth to my more kids in my thirty’s, as she is bearing my second child in her belly in her forty’s and my soul is awaiting to see her sufferings to bear her huge belly swelled more and more again with my child and madly desired to see the birth of my child by tearing her vulva.

My first play with sis was is in day light, so I could see her full body nude in day clearly but most time she hide her face with shy and fear to fucked by his own younger bro. At last we both reached the most, ever great finishing point, but my first and sis’s second finish, so she was gasping to afford my tool and the heavy beating of my grassland on her loin and our both loin ware sharing the shivering and flying with a rhythm of our matured and perfect, young fuck in all aspects. I felt my dam is breaking and my load squirted, sowed my seeds in to her inner parts after almost one year gap her empty barren field and I felt she is enjoying the squirting and spreading of my semen in her vagina and I fell down on her chest like a stem of a huge tree cut down without any branches and her total body spread more with acceptance of my body weight and we twisted together for some time on the coat. I was lucky, as my GM feed me with some pudding made with black gram, jaggery and some ayurvedic medicines daily to be made and filled enough semen in my semen bag to be sowed and irrigated my mom’s vagina and get enough strength of my dick, nerves and my all other sex organs and satisfy her matured daughter. So I could fuck my mom and sis at least twice a day.Few minutes later we both woke up and she ran away to the bath room for hiding her face from me. I followed her and we both taken bath together and taken rest for some time. She opened the window and searches surroundings and came back to her child. In the mean time her child was playing on my chest and told her to make a coffee for me. She went to kitchen and brought Horlicks mixed coffees for us and served me with a pleasant smile of sexually satisfaction and seated along with me on the coat. I was playing with her child and she also caressed on both of my head and her child’s head. I finished the coffee and hander over her child to her and she lifted her upper dress to feed her child, her breast was already emptied by me. She looked on my eyes for any solution to feed her child, as the child had no interest in any other baby foods. I clicked an idea of my previous experience with our G’ma goat and told her.Me: Are you OK now, how you feel our …………… Just happened now? She looked me with shy and utter helplessness to feed her child but she forgot the opened upper dress and her hanged breasts and both of her shrinkage nipples also looking to me.She: What I will feed her dear, I have no any idea, as you fool sucked my entire milk and emptied my …..

Me: OK, but you didn’t give answer to my question, how you feel our ……………………….?She: OK baba, very much excellent, first time in my whole life and I beg you to don’t separate me with you, she started cry.Me: Please don’t cry, that will lose my honey moon mood with my dear heart, so please don’t cry, I will never separate you till end of my life like mom, OK………..?I noticed her face, she looked on my face with some suspense. I felt, whether she knows about the incest relation me and mom………?I took her child and lay on my shoulder and she slept again.Me: She slept, please show me your tasty dish, let me see and allow me get friendship with your dish.She implored with shy: You didn’t see it, you are already tasted it, so what have to see it again…………?Me: Look dear, if a child getting ice cream in her life first time, will she enjoy the beauty of ice cream or enjoy the taste first………………..?She: Ok, enjoy the taste first, she smiled with fondness to me, caught and pinched my ear,Me: Ok, so show me your ever tasted dish again for make a banquet to my eyes, mind, soul etc…

She excited on my words to appreciate her dish, lifted her dress up to her waist and lay on back with keeping her child on her chest. I placed her legs on the sofa chairs and stood on my knees between her legs. I started caressing her both fat thighs with fondness from her knees to the top, as I know, a female, even women of animal will get her breast refill with milk by enjoying each orgasm. So I intended to fuck her again and get her orgasmic and thus she can feed her child.She: Do you like my…………………? How you feel my…………………dear?Me: Ever great and tasty gift served you in my life dear, you know, a women breast again will get fill with milk by getting orgasm, so I am going to make you orgasmic again now, get ready for it.She stunned and told: Please don’t dear, I already satisfied and tired, so I can’t afford your…………..once again now, so please let me take rest some time, I will serve my dish you some time later.

Me: OK, but your child will be hungry till after your breast filled with milk, and she may start cry.

She got confused, looked to me, automatically widened her legs more and gave signal to eat her pussy and suck her dish again. I thoroughly examined her vagina by parting both tiny, soppy walls with my both hands and found her vagina almost half fatness than my mom’s and her clit was also very tiny and shrinkage between the top of her sour tasted mellifluous honey comp like an egg of a honey bee hided in a bee hive. Her vulva found more red in color and some mixed liquid was oozing from the soft, unshaped flesh cave. Her clit found like almost half my mom’s clit and sized like garlic piece. I searched inside with my fingers like a monkey searching louse on her kid’s head and rubbed her clit with my tongue and after few time, she woke up again and her vagina got ready to another fight like a grind stone to be grinded by a young, strong pestle . I started to lick both of her inner slices and tucked my tongue in to her shrinkage vulva as deeper as. She also tightened her loin and started to lift het butts from the coat and lifted her legs, placed on my shoulder automatically and clawed my neck with her both legs and pulled me near to her and my lips and tongue ware pressed and rubbed in her vulva mouth and I felt breath trouble, but I enjoyed her tiny young vagina as much as possible to fulfill my mad desire to eat her vagina. My hands were clawed her both side bottom belly and my palms were caressing on her belly and my middle finger moved around in her umbilicus from left to right and reverse with the dampness of her pussy juice. She got ready for the second round and shocked to seeing my cock, which already got hardness in full size, twisted left and bend to the top like a bow, enable to rub her upper wall of vagina. I placed my balls on her vagina mouth and my dick was also oozing some drops from my dick mouth and she touched the tiny hole and caressed his head and guided in to her vulva, told me do fast.

Me: If I will do it fast, you will not attain your climax pleasure and your child will hungry now, so cooperate with me to reach the finishing point to win the 1000 meters running competition of our Olympics final together and win Gold medal for both of us.She smiled and told: You are a poet in this game, I surprise, how you got this much knowledge and control in this age…………? Tell me dearMe: I will give details later, now we need to feed your vagina first and then your child.She: Actually do you think about my child’s angry now or make more sharpness of your bended tool by rubbing my inner wall………………..? Tell me idiot?.Me: Ok, did you hear, there is a pro verb in our language, “Getting two birds in single gunshot”…….?, that is my aim, as I like very much your kid, as my daughter and she is going be the elder sister of my kids from your womb.She admired about my love on her and her child and she invited me to mount on her top and she served her full dishes as a buffet, till her head from the toes and I started to eat the tasty food, enjoyed and tasted all the side dishes very sincerely and passionately, but only sucked her nipple, didn’t sucked her milk out and we finished our buffet almost together and she allowed me to lay on her without a single pieces of cloth, to reach my seeds till her womb fully and fill milk in her breast.Few minutes later she found her breast became swelled slightly like a balloon being pumped slowly and we both watched the changes occurring her breast. I took her child and tucked her nipple to the child’s tender mouth with my finger, her first bite on my finger and I enjoyed the bite like a soft touch with a rose flower and I caressed and kissed on her head with love and fondness. She started to suck her mom’s milk and sis touched my chin with love and respect to a perfect guy, who mating with her sincerely and loving her lot and taking whole care of her and her child.Sis: We are till bro and sis, what will be the impact, if I got pregnant from you, as my hubby touched me almost one year back and my parts are so tender after birth of my kid and became most fertile to sow a guy’s seeds and blossomed in my womb surely I know, what will we do dear if your seed grown up in my womb………?Me: Pray to God to blossom my seeds in your womb, I will preserve my child and his mom very sincerely and you will be with me in our home like your daughter playing on her mom’s lap. Also you get pregnant from me; I will sure get permission from GM and mom to marry you.

Her eyes filled with tear and ecstasy, she hugged me with her right hand and I also hugged and kissed both sis and her child passionately and cleaned her tear with my tongue and she got totally blossomed by physically and mentally. I lifted both of the mother and child and shake her in my hand like a swinging coat and she enjoyed my love and fondness to both mother and kid. By Four O’clock, before tea, I fucked her once again, but this time her child was on her chest and both mother and kid got shake with my fucking rhythm and we both enjoyed the deferent type of fucking. But she didn’t enjoy the fuck and orgasm, only allowed me to fuck as much as to fulfill my desire and as a thankful gift to me to protect her and her child.I looked on her face and she was in a blossomed mood but I got my ultimate fucking pleasure with tired young women. After the typhoon some time, she found totally collapsed and I felt this is the perfect time to unload my liquid and sow my seeds in to her womb. I heard in my teen age from my friends, a tired or Six months pregnant, half starving woman will be more wearied and best to fuck and if she is fertile, there are hundred percent chances to get her pregnant. I was in heaven by seeing her tiredness and seeing her beautiful, young, cute, spread, subverted” Y” shaped woman body in fully nude and I felt I have been blessed by God and gifted both my mom’s and sis’s nude bodies and souls to play and their matured and tender womb’s served for sowing my seeds and yield my corps. I have already sowed my seed in my mom’s matured womb and reaped a pretty son/siblings and now ploughing her sweet, fatty, bushy vagina and her mysterious canal for second cultivation, but now I got the chance to sow my seeds in my sis’s tender womb and I expect my reap in the shape of a handsome son. I got gratificated myself with this double gift and pray to God for blessing with long life with my both female mates and I felt my life is some meaningful and I am an extra ordinary person with looking by God with his own eye directly all time.After finishing my entire load by drop by drop in to her cervix with strong jumping and twisting of my dick head from bottom to top in the stringency in my sis’s vagina and her cervix and I saw through my dick eyes, my seeds flying through the mixed liquid of both of our ejaculation to enter in to her womb like a shark chasing his food in sea.We both got satisfied and laid on the coat for half an hour by hugging each other. Few minutes later, her child woke up and sis served her breast to her and she started sucking both nipples with very greed, as she was so hungry and she got food from her mom’s breast and sis got wondered to fill her breast with in few times, from I had already emptied her milk.

Sis: I am surprised, how you know about a women breast………………………? This is wonderful.Me, with proud: From mom, I told her with absent mind.Sis: From mom….…? Oh My God………, what I am hearing from you, Mom taught you iiiiiii……..?I stunned and fed up with utter confusion to justify my foolishness.Me: No dear……………., Mom means our mother goat, you are also aware of the same, yes iiii…….?.Sis got calm and told me with a smile: Ok, I thought you started with mom also, how I can believe you. I can’t trust your chastity in sex in your age, you will do sex with any women in the world with absent mind, am I right…………….?Me: Yes, We are going to be couple, can I believe you…..?. You widened your legs for your bro…why?Her face got dull; she accused herself for sex with me and confessed: Due to my suppressed erotomania and helplessness to take care of my child and also grandma told me, you will protect me and I misunderstood her words, as you will marry me, she started to cry.I felt sorrow on her and I told; Nothing to worry my dear, what is grandma told you is real, I am going to marry you and you will give birth to my children, are you ready……………………?Sister: Yes, I am ready to bear your child in my belly and give birth to them, as how many kids you desire, but don’t give me to any other guy, they will torture me like my hubby again and I am afraid about my child’s future with a stranger guy, only he will need my parts…….., but I know, you will take care of us.By hearing these words, I became proud and told: No, I will never leave you, because you will not get free time to marry with another guy, for the future ten years, you will be nude , laid by widened legs, my body weight on your chest, my dick in your sweet pussy, our loins will be pasted together and you will be pregnant or admitted in labour ward of a hospital most of days with my children and your crushed and tore belly, milky breast and your tore and lose your dish ok?.She hugged me and told: Are you mad to tell these words to your elder sister and tear her pussy rascal……….? Ok, I agreed all your order and you fuck me or kill me, but now the time is five o clock, grandma and mom may return to home, so we will be getting ready for receiving them. Or if you need once more……………………….?Me: Yes, I need your sweet parts more, but not now, we have enough time in our home after our marriage but you have to be nude with me now by widened your legs and I will play in your pussy with my face, tongue hands…….Ok?Sister: Ok dear but make me nude up to my waist please, she lay on her back by lifting her dress up to her waist and I started play with her heavenly pussy till six pm.By seven O’ clock, mom and grandma came back to home with my son and we shared some time in our drawing room and sister made tea for all. After our dinner, we again gathered in our drawing room and started discursion about future plan of sister. I suggested marrying her with another guy with a previous dramatic plan. I already had with sister, but both mom and grandma objected to do so. They both suggested me to marry her and protect her and the child. I also wished the same and sister was peeping behind the door and smiling to hear the words. After few days, I married my sister with the blessing of grandma and mom, but mom was found unhappy, but she was already three months pregnant with my second child and she afraid to reveal the news with my sister.

I told mom in our bed room after one round of fucking, I will talk to my sister and convince the situation caused the incest relation between us but mom told me, dear, I am mentally not enough healthy to face my daughter with my swelling belly with my own grandchild. I hugged her and told to take rest and mom wondered to hear it, because I had been fucking her almost thrice in every night and today I am telling to take rest only after one round fucking.Mom: Do you feel disgusted to me……….?Me: No my sweet heart, I never feel boredom of your parts, but I have to keep some for my second wife, she is not like you, like a young mare, needs a stallion cock with full power for more days intermittently, as her inner parts are so hungry for a guy dick for the last one year, so I have to take some rest before starting our tennis match.Mom: Ok…… you already started………?Me: Yes, thrice yesterday and my seeds started to penetrate her eggs and the members of our family are going to be hiked without labour pain in your pussy.Mom smiled and told: What about grandma………..?Me: she has already told her to be protected by me and she also wished same and waiting for our marriage.Mom: How you reveal our relation to her……?Mom: Don’t worry, we are lucky, as all are incest minded in our home, me, you, grandma and now your daughter, so this is not a barren of beef, I will manage and you take care of yourself and be caution of my second gift who growing in your belly.Next day early morning grandma called sister to assist her to milking goats, she thought, as usually I and mom were in tied and hooked position by our sex organs. I thought to take another round fuck to mom and mounted on her and started my power play without any foreplay, as mom has no interest to be fucked at that time, as she know, if once I start, will take almost half an hour to finish. In the mean time grandma and sister will come back or grandma will curse mom to not controlling me.

But our bad luck happened. sister peeped in to our room and found I am lying on mom’s chest and mom’s legs were fully widened and my loin were almost fully sunk between mom’s huge thighs and her legs clawed my legs and my face hided between her breasts and my full body immersed on mom’s spread, half nude body totally like two snakes mating and she stunned by seeing my lion totally revolving among mom’s leg joins and my slight mourning and moms objection for fucking her and my mad murmuring due to morning temper of my dick exploring mom’s vagina, like an un imaginable wonder. Grandma pulled her to the goat folds and retuned back to home almost half an hour. Sister didn’t behave like any unnatural happened between me and mom. Later grandma told me, she will manage and I convinced her and you don’t worry about it.

Sister: Ok ma, a mahout taming a female elephant with his stick and hook, like he is taming his gorgeous mom with his short but thick, strong bend dick……….Ok?, Both laughed.Grandma: Not only strong, bended like a bow, turned towards left and I felt a tickle on the left inner side of my vulva while rubbing his round dick head.Sister: Tell me ma, how he started to fuck his own mom and how can you allow them……….?Grandma: With shy and guiltiness: See dear, to error is human but forgiveness by God, any person can do incest relation depend on situation. Thus, once your mom compelled to widen her legs for her own teenage son, her own third child. She feed her breast to him in his childhood and now he is crushing, collapsing, squeezing, biting her breast, hanged due to his heavy erotomania and lust and she totally crushed by his hand, thighs, cock, and lips and filled her belly with his semen and made her womb swelled with his child without any mercy.Sister: OK ma, please tell how this very interesting plays between mom and son, start.Grandma: Few months later of your dad demanded to get divorce from your mom, she found sad and sorrow and I felt she is feeling bad by becoming alone with his teen aged son, but some days later she changed her sleep in another room with his son. One day I heard her cry from her bed room and I peeped inside, I stunned, her son was lying on her nude body and fucking madly with fluck fluck sound and she trying to control him and telling to keep away this relation from me. I retuned back to my room but, I can’t sleep full night and I watched, they were fucking full night without a piece of cloths over them. Next day morning his son found tired and she feed him milk by mixing eggs. Whenever I was not in home, they were fucking regularly and I peeped thru’ the window and found she is enjoying very much of his mad fucking between her huge legs and he was tearing her vagina with his gigantic cock. I also interested to see their fuck play, your brother fucking your fat mom like a very experienced guy and your mom was enjoying his hot strong dick in her vagina like a new bride in her honey moon stage.Both of them were going to our goat fold to milking the goats and coming back almost one hour back daily and I understood, they were fucking in the goat fold also. Few days later, I caught them and trailed and both of them found guilty and your mom described the entire situation for this incest relation.Sister: Please tell me ma, it is very interested to hear.Me: Your mom started cry and told to me with very sorrow. I consoled her but she was in a terrible mood, as she started thinking about suicide even. I asked again, what is your another problem..?Mom: No ma, it is so late, nothing can do in the last time because he already conquered me totally and used all my parts like a husband for the last six months and now …………………she started weep loudly with guilty and confusion.

I fed up to consoled her and asked: Now…..what is now……………? Tell me you bloody bitch? Don’t be getting tempered………………anything will be happened, quite natural as a human being.Mom: He knocked out me ma, now……….. I am bearing his seed in my womb, going to collapse my bottom parts by giving birth to his child……….., that I am pregnant with his child, what can I do my God………………Me: Oh God, please forgive us for this great sin………. Ok, Is he know this……………and why didn’t you try for abort the sin child……………? Why you didn’t tell me about this, I might find some solution for same………..why….you up normal bitch?Mom with a quite bold mind: No mom, even this is sin ……..a child is always a gifted by God and he also not allowing me to destroy his first child of his eighteen year of age, as he is going to be a father is in his teen age.

I shocked, stunned and told: You devil, dirty bitch, prostitute, son fucker, you will be the ruin of our tradition and culture, how you can talk like this to me, I feel you also need this incest with your blood and need this child, your own grandchild………..? What will be your relation with the child, your son? Your grandson? And who are you? You are your daughter in law together? You are giving birth to your own grandchild you know? Ever think of his son’s age? He will make you pregnant with his child at least ten or more times, as his age is not enough to think of your health and age. Can you afford it? A woman can give birth to child till almost her thirty five of age and you are already forty and so fatty, a guy can control his sex when he will be after his forty’s, so pray to God to bless you with enough health and strength for your inner part to bear his children and get ready to give birth to your own grand kids as and how your young son hubby needs, even in forty’s. A women will be fertile till her fifty’s by intermittently fucked by a young guy almost half of your age, you remember your son will demand to fuck you just next day of your child birth. How you can manage his immaturity for controlling sex? I am sure, he is interesting to fuck his own mom so he will definitely intend to fuck me also and in my fifty five of age, how can I afford his young cock ? I know, I may compelled to wide my legs for him while you will be in the labour room for another few years,So I planned to marry him with your daughter and she will share his power with you but this is nasty and impure, you know? But we lucky, the incest relation between you and your son will be kept secretly in our home. I am not sure, due to his irrepressible erotomania, he will not satisfy himself with your elasticity and he may tolerate with his sister but he will mainly intend to fuck you and make you pregnant again and again than your daughter, as a guy can’t avoid his first love mate in his entire life. By hearing these words, your mom became more blossomed herself and found become younger than earlier and told.

Mom: Ok……, this child is from incest, but this is my own grandchild and from my son’s blood. At any cause any way, we both need it, I will give birth to this child with very much pleasure even I die on this age and we both already accepted our child by a great gift from God and we decided to preserve he or she whichever we gifted n my forty’s and my son’s teen age. My womb is so much happy and fertile to bear this huge weight as likely to be breaking my lower belly and give birth by heavy labour pain even in road even in any public place, as a revenge of my bastard, rascal husband. I love my son my rest life and I will be yielded to him to be fucked by him, became pregnant and give birth to his kids each year and if God allow me, I will give him at least five or six kids from my womb. My pussy is very much hungry for his tool, his hot semen and my belly is already hungry for his seeds more and more and you also get ready be a mid wife for our child birth and his part time wore for two months with a gap of every ten months. I will not free you while my son hubby needs your vagina for a brake of his riding my pussy and you have to satisfy him till my vagina is ready. I am sure; he will not allow you to bring your legs together for those two months, when I will be in labour room. After two months, you will also become my co wife and widen your butts for him in front of me also.

Me: You bitch, how dare you to talk like this, are you mad? Are you need to kill me, if he fuck me continuously two months, I will also might be get pregnant from him, as my menses period is stopped few years back and a young guy’s dick penetrate in my old vulva, my inner parts will become young, pleased and also if God decide, your grand child will be curdled and live in my old womb for another nine months. My womb is like an abandoned home which emptied for the last thirty years and no any alive inside, but if his young dick may plough my baron field and his seeds penetrate thru’ the key hole to my womb and join with my older egg, what will happen, you think of it ever you bitc……..? I can bear his child in my belly for nine months but I am not sure, can I give birth to his kid, as there is chance to end my life.Mom: Ma, we will die once, you think, if we three became pregnant together, what will be going in our home and how we justify to our neighbors……? Already I confused to reveal my pregnancy and no any idea for it. Any way my son is very happy to see my belly swelled with his kids.

Me: Our home will become a goat folds field with a young bull goat and and three deferent aged female goats with fear of mounting the male on any ones mount at any time. One is older but strong for mating with a young bull, another is matured but fat, fleshy and hanged belly, vagina, breasts but fertile and the third one is so young and cute, perfect to be fucked by a young bull and enough capable to give birth to so many calves of her own younger brother bull. Oh my God……, please forgive us, bless all of us to alive with this ever great gift by you. You bitch; you know how your belly is already hanged and will be become huge while your pregnancy reach none months, it will be like an elastic bag hanged over your vagina in standing position and how will be the second time? And or if more than one his seed clubbed with your eggs, how you bear his two kids together in your belly and I think, you will be fully on bed for the none months and how can I manage him, as he will be a bull for those period……..?Mom: Ma, don’t be in unnecessary thoughts, only pray to God, everything will be end up in virtue.

Thus we decided to take care of the pregnancy of your mom and as usual she given birth to her own grandchild in her thirty nine year of age with heavy pain in our home with the help of a mid wife, in front of your brother, father of her child. He is very much interested to see the child birth and he toucned the head of his child first and caressed his mom’s vagina and prayed to God for keel her vagina perfect for his second child soon.That day after our dinner, we sat down on the sofa in our drawing room and both of our kids were playing on my mom’s lap. I confused, with whom I share my cock at night and how I call my mom or sister to sleep with me. But grandma noticed my thinking and asked to me.

Grandma: Why you getting impatient, now the time is just 9 o clock and we had our dinner just now, get your mind fully happy with playing with the kids and get your body warm up and attain enough flexibility and stamina for hard work in your bed room gymnasium and become a rutting tusker, as you have to beat down two matured female elephant alternately every day as they are already in intoxication and insanity, but one is already trampled and tamed by your hook and the other is so young, amorous, need sexual intercourse with a strong guy.Me: OK ma, now I will play with the kids first, but both of them should be on their mother’s lap, so I can play with them along with also their mom’s breast, Ok …………………?Grandma: No, if your son should be in your mom’s lap, you can play with both of your kids, as another is inside her womb……….. . Am I right you rascal…………………?We all laughed and I immediately hugged my mom along with her half swelled belly by tucked my hand on her waist thru’ the knot of her underskirt, due to blindness to hear the joke from grandma, but ma cursed me, as your sister was watching your matured play with your mom.Me: No ma, my sister is my co wife and started to share me with our mom in my bed room.

Grandma: But your mom told me, she will manage her son, as you are so young and always need to fuck her and she compelled to kids from you. What she will do and you are madly desired her body and got addiction to fuck her in day and night in even public place like street dogs and some time need to hook her with your dick and tied, locked up both of you by you sexual organs and pulling her nude in public road like dog in heat………….Ok?Grandma to mom: Don’t worry, he can’t stop the incest thinking but slowly, you try to convince him by allowing to touching, caressing, hugging and kissing your secret part over your dress only and divert his mind to his sisterWe all laughed, gtrandma looked on siser’s face and gave signal to share my bed and she took both of our kids to her room along with my mom. Mom looked me with peace, like a head loader found poster’s rest on his way for unload his burden for some time for taking rest. I entered in my room and switched off the light and lay on my bed, my sister wife came and sat down like a groom. Mom knows, definite I will meet with her in night and I gave the signal to be lay on the floor by nude or keep her brassieres untied, wash her vagina as I will come in night, eat her pussy and fuck her in front of grandma.

Few months later, mom gave the symptoms of pregnancy with my second child even in front of grandma and sister and she looked with very shyness in front of her daughter as her age was forty one and also her belly already swelled and hanged like a nine month pregnant lady in her three month of load. I became very much happy to see her hanged belly and always found enough time to caress her belly and kissed my child over my mom’s belly and mom was also got pleasured with my mad love to her , even she is afraid of the pregnancy in her later age. Grandma suggested me to leave mom with her, she will take care of her pregnancy and I have to live with mi second wife. I totally became a mad, untied mating bull among three tied matured and perfect cows in a cow folds. Most of time, I kept my half erected dick unveiled in our home like a mating bull and all of the women in our home will be gathered in our drawing room or kitchen for escaping from my dick. When ever got chance, I mounted over my mom or sister in our kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, sit out or goat folds and started mad fucking without any mercy to my female mates. But grandma always given warning to me about the growing child inside mom’s womb and advised me to leave mom and chase my sister.I demanded to grandma, mom to be fully nude in home while I am with her, so I will not fuck her, only caress her belly and kiss over her partly hanged vagina.

Grandma: Shut up you mad, is this possible in a home? Think about your young wife, what will she think about her husband? Look dear, you have a long life to enjoy with the whole matured women in our home, but keep enough patience, or if not, God will not forgive you, live like human and not like animal. Whenever you need, you can fuck any of the mature women in our home at any where you need, but in night only and also think, you are going to be father of twin kids from both of your mom’s and sister’s womb.I stunned by hearing the great news. I looked to my sister, she ran away and hided in our bed room. I chased her, lifted and shake her like a swinging coat in my hands and demanded to show her vagina. She lifted her dress up to her waist and I found her hot, tasty bread projected ahead like a face of a ten year old girl. I kissed her vagina, inserted my tongue in the creak and licked her juice a lot, sucked, giggled her clit, pulled her small, thin labia ahead with my lips strongly and left immediately for some time continuously and she also very much enjoyed my lips plays over her labia. Her vagina felt more tasted than earlier and she begged me to leave for some days, as she found my dick is getting erected and she feared if I demand to fuck her now. She warned me, my seeds started to grow in her womb and we have to give enough time to set the seeds curdle and allow to get solidify of our foetus inside of her womb. So leave her for few days and then after she will allow me to fuck her but, not madly, with careful of my kid inside. I thank God for blessing me with twin kids from separate women together and I demanded to grandma, to leave both my cows on my bed to caress both belly together.

Grandma: Look dear, both of them are your wives OK, but both are mom and daughter and they can’t accept your demand. You can have both of them in your bed room, but one will be on the bed and other will be on the floor and you never use their both vaginas same day, because they are not your wore, your wives and same time your mother and sister, also both of them bearing your child in their wombs and they need privacy and hide their nude body from others, so you can fuck them by hiding from each others. Also please note, that will be sin before God as we are human, not animals. So never fuck in light and never make sound while fucking and control yourself by respect each of your wives as they are going to give birth of your children almost together. I am afraid of my butts and vagina could afford your dick for another ten months.Me: Look ma, I also think same of you, if I get both of my matured fuck mates in same bed, I can tolerate by fucking with love both of them till another almost eight months and you will get rest for that period. I will not use your butts. Or if not, I compel to fuck in your ass hole with my bend tool and not blame me if your both holes became together. One more thing you hear, I felt your vagina and butts tighter and stronger than my mom’s vagina and I intended to fuck you if you ready to share my dick. Please tell me, even in this sixty’s of your age, how your vagina and butts remaining tighter than my mom, my grandpa didn’t fuck you enough? Or you are having some medicine for the same? If yes, please share with my mom, as her body is swelling to be huge size. I love and like her huge body than any other woman in the world, I will fuck her even in her ninety’s if God allow, I will make her pregnant as and how she can afford pregnancy.I always wish to see her hanged belly with my child and need to see her suffering to giving birth to my children, also I will preserve her very much and wish to see with long life.

Grandma got pride by hearing my appreciation about her butts and vagina. She smiled with slight shyness and fondness. I was sitting on the kitchen slab and she was standing between my legs and my hands were clawed her neck, I pulled her closed to me and kissed on her lips first time and she became confused, as my mom and sister were in other room. I started to suck her bottom lip and inserted my tongue in to her mouth and both of our tongue caressed each other. She hugged on my neck and I immerse my both hands thru’ her armpits over her strong breasts, I enjoyed the two small flesh pieces projected in her armpits and I lovely caressed on both of the flesh and she became giggled and hugged me with love and fondness. I fully hugged her closely and pressed her both strong butts for some time and she tried to escape from my hands and told me.GM: Look dear, I like very much of your tiny mad plays on my body but, if they see it, what will they thing about of you and me, so you come back to home in day time, by leaving your both cows in their shops, I will allow to play with my body and any where you need. I will lie on the kitchen slab and you can mate with your grandma cow without fear of pregnancy. I know, you will destroy my parts in the next few months and I also have to get some warming up of my body and get lubricant in my holes for accommodate your gigantic tool. I also wish to bear your child in my womb but, my age is already over to give birth of a kid from my womb. So you can fuck me mad, as your grandpa fucked me for a very short period and I was waiting for a strong dick in my vagina and now God heard my prays and gifted me your young, strong, hot cock, so come back home tomorrow noon, I will serve you my hot, tight, dish till distinguish your lust, OK,

By hearing these words, I became much pleasured and that day, I gave rest for my tool after two years of marathon fuck in my mom’s and sister’s vagina.The next day, as grandma suggested, I closed my shop by 12 of noon and ran away to home. Grandma was sitting on the coconut crusher and scrapping coconut for our lunch. She told me to wait some time but I was not in the mood of patience. I tucked my right hand inside to her pubic area and I can’t reach my hand up to her vagina, only reached on her budged belly and I felt her belly very hot and I thought, if her belly is this much hot, so how will be her vagina. I tucked my hand more and more deep and finally I caught her triangle shape vagina and started to crush it.She shouted: close the door you idiot and eat my bread, I woke up and closed the door, she also understood, resistance is meaningless in front of me and laid on her back on the floor and widened her fat legs for me. I stunned, her vagina fully covered with huge bushes and her clit is peeped outside, I also became nude and lifted her, placed on the kitchen slab and made same position which I fucked my mom first time. I placed her legs on the back rest of the dining chairs and I caressed my dick head with jealous, as he is going to another heaven for more flowering my mind and soul. I didn’t waste time, caught my dick head, rubbed the crown over her vulva mouth around from left to right and reverse and took my dick in hand and started to beat his head over her big clit. Finally she started to enjoy my plays and begged me to do fast. I pushed my dick inside her old vagina, but I stunned, her vulva was already soppy and throbbing with hungry for some food. I slowly entered my dick fully inside and my dick head touched inside somewhere. I kept same position some time and looked on her face, she was gasping like my mom, when I fucked her first time. I understood, all women will be same mood, while fucked by a guy first time, with fear of his dick power, shy of a young guy seeing her secrets parts, fear of pregnancy and guiltiness to be fucked her own grandson. But she very much co operated and told me, does it fast dear, you can enjoy my vagina for the next one year. If somebody comes to meet me, what will we do? So do it fast. I removed my dick from her vagina, pulled the chair and sat between her fat thighs and looked on my dick, he is fully covered with my grandma’s old but hot pussy juice and he started to stir his head like as a bus engine stopped in a bus stop while running. He looked like a tied youngest bull dog pulling the chain by seeing an old female dog for mating while the female is in heat. I put her fat loin on my lap by hooked my dick in her old vagina with a fluck sound. My dick crown found like an obstacle in her vagina mouth like a squirrel entered his head in to a ripe custard apple partly creaked and stirring his head in side and penetrate to enter in to the flesh inside and her vagina mouth found budged like an old cow’s vagina while entering a horse dick head.

She smiled and told me, she is going to eat your banana and if you a perfect male, sow your skill, feed her and extinguish her hungry, this is a test doze for you, as I am checking the power and capacity of your cock, is he able to manage two mare pussies of a twenty year older and five year older than you.Me: Never mind, if she needs my dick, I always feed her with my fully erected banana and all the three, five, twenty and forty years of older mare’s pussies will be got satisfied with my cock. But you have to preserve me for the same…..OK?She; OK dear but now do it fast, don’t tear my tired vulva.Me: No my dear old ma, you are so better than your daughter and I am feeling you are my newly married bride and wish to make you also pregnant. I feel your vagina younger and tighter than your daughter.

I started fucking by lifting her butts up and down with huge sound, but she not interested to do same, as my dick head strongly touched her cervix and she had some pain, so she suggested fucking her in missionary position, but I interested to fuck by standing between her legs, because her budged belly will be inconvenient for missionary position and half of my dick will be outside from her vagina, so I interested to fuck her in standing and I laid her on the slab again and started to fuck slowly. I placed her legs on my shoulder and pressed her both fat butts inside to be tightened my dick inside her vagina and my dick fully entered in her pussy till his bottom and my grass land also partly entered inside of her hot , wet vagina cleavage. She also felt pleasure by rubbing my young dick in her vagina flesh and her vagina started oozing thick butter color liquid and I felt the smell of her old vagina and her pussy juice almost equal to my mom’s. Few minutes later she suggested finishing. I attained my full speed and power and told her, I am going to irrigate your already soppy vagina canal with my semen and she also indented to feel the pleasure of my seeds flying in her old vagina plying in to her half closed, dried, barren womb mouth.I prayed to get my young seeds penetrate her old eggs and curdle in her womb and birth of her fourth generation in her old womb.She: Look dear, I very much interested to get pregnant from you, but I am already over aged to get pregnant, so we can enjoy fucking without any fear of pregnancy and you can wriggle between my legs at any time, as and when we get time, but hide from your both wives please.I sat down on the chair again by lifting her and put her on my lap and did cum my load inside her vagina and kept same position by keeping her legs over my thighs for oozing my entire semen. She was gasping and I started playing with her half crushed, hanged breasts. Few time later I felt some liquid oozing over my balls and felt the smell of her old pussy juice. She hugged my neck and kept my face on her chest between her huge breasts and suggested.

She: You are the master of this game, if I get your dick in my pussy in my young age, I might give birth at least a dozen of your kids dear.We woke up by keeping my half erected dick in her soppy vagina and I will not interested to separate each other, enjoyed the soppy tucked dick vagina combination some time, our mixed semen was oozing between both of our thighs.She begged: Please leave me now; I will come to the kitchen at night after your mom slept and we will fuck on the kitchen slab. Your sister already know you are fucking me but your mom doesn’t know her teen son’s dick exploring her mother’s old vagina, so leave me now dear, I love you very much my dear child.After lunch, I left our home to the shop with lunch for my mom and sister. Mom kissed me and closed the glass door of our shop and went to the back room for having lunch with our son and I left to another shop with lunch for my sister.Sister asked me with smile: Have your lunch…? Did grandma feed you with her great dish..? I know you also you feed her bottom mouth with your raw banana, am I right you idiot, grandma fucker…? Will she also get pregnant in her sixty’s…….? What will we tell to the mid wife of the pregnancy of grandma, daughter and granddaughter at a time idiot….?

Me: With smile….you are right and wrong. I did feed her both mouth with my tool, but she will not get pregnant, as her menses cycle has already over, so no chance for the fourth generation kids from her retired vagina, only a baron play canal for my dick for an interval while both of my wives will be in the labor bed..OK,Sister: OK but….if you try your level best, she will also bear your child in her retired belly and she might suffer to give birth of your child, so fuck her slowly by keeping her life you idiot.That day evening, we returned back our home, our home was in a festival mood and all of us are very much happy mood. In the mean time, I was watching both of my wives belly swelling and most of time I was fully nude in our home and some time grandma cursed me for becoming nude in front of my kids.

Grandma: Look dear, I already told you we are human, not animal. You can fuck in all the three female cows in the cow shed, but keep some privacy, as a women will interested to be fucked by hided from others. So you hide your blessed tool always. You stay in your bed room and call each of your wives to fuck as and when you need, but don’t call me in day time please. I have an idea, one who enter your room for fucking, keep her foot ware out of the room door, like the great Pandavas fucked Panchali by term and nobody else will enter in your room once you leave her after fucking, OK….? We all laughed.Mom smiled and looked on my face and gave signal of my sister entered in my room for cleaning, but don’t try to fuck her, this dusk time is inauspiciousness to fuck and both fucked will became impure, this time for pray to God. But you can do foreplay if you need over her dress, but don’t lift her petticoat and touch her vagina.Me: Mom, I am your son and husband bow, a hus can’t touch his wife’s vagina in dusk time also, but a son can touch his mom’s body at any time…OK?Mom: You rascal…idiot….what a clever idea for fucking your mom, I admired your skill, but this is note fare dear, after our pray, you can take your wife to bed before supper if you need, but not now.

I decided to accept mom’s suggestion, but planned to fuck mom after pray and before having supper. I suggested her and she blinked her eyes. I entered my room and told sister to go with grandma and take rest. While hearing my words, she ran out of my room and I called mom to my room. While mom entering my room, I was standing behind the door, blocked her and lifted her saree. I stood on my knee and started licking her pussy. She refused and caught my hair, but my tongue already entered in to thick vagina and started to suck her thick, soppy honey comb and her clit was already being chivied by my teach, so she couldn’t do anything. Her swelled belly was on my head and I slightly beat on her belly from the bottom like a lamb beating on his mom’s udder while drinking milk.Few days I contineuslely fucked my sister, but I didn’t get the pleasure from her pussy which I enjoyed from my mom’s old thick vagina. While fucking in sister’s pussy I felt like a heavy truck driver driving a small car, where as I fucking in my mom’s pussy like driving madly on the Himalayan highway but now I start driving a 800 c c car in the narrow village road. So I always interested to fuck my mom and mom also need my body heat over her fat body and my cock will be hided between her huge legs and oozing my semen between her fat thighs and thick, blossomed, matured vagina canal, as grandma advised her to keep my cock and semen in her pussy daily for being young cute woman. Also we both interested to sleep by keeping my cock in mom’s vagina creak her nipple in my mouth. My dick was also need a ripe, vide, thick, muddy pond for revel and arrogant play. I told mom to lay with me in night, but she sought advice from grandma.

Grandma to me: Fuck both your mate cows’ pussies’ alternate days, but give rest to mom and keep away from making her pregnant.

We all accepted the suggestion and continued to fuck both my old and young cows’ alternate days and I escaped from the three days menses period gap of both cows and I became like a mating bull in our home. Grandma purposely kept away from me, as she very much aware of a young mating bull’s intention for pushing his long, young power full dick in to an oldest cow, who retired from giving birth, mulching and whose vagina and womb became dry, antique and expecting a young bull’s dick coming inside by penetrating all the shrinkage flesh wall of her vagina and squirt his young, hot semen and thus she can get pregnant and give birth to her own grandchild.

At last I used to fuck both of moms and sister in same room, but sister was lying on the coat and mom was on the floor by keeping both of our kids. I changed the style of fuck, ie; fucking my sister’s pussy and cum into mom’s pussy and reveres, but mom not interested in the same because there is chance of mom get pregnant and she suggested reverse, that I have to fuck mom first and cum in sisters womb and we all accepted the idea. Six months later mom given birth to my second child with heavy suffering in our home and I was also witness of the child birth with, as grandma thought that, if I witnessed of my mom’s sufferings to give birth to child, I will stop making mom pregnant again.

That was a good idea and I also accepted same. Mom given birth to a boy and sister also gave birth to her second and my first child from her womb, that also was a boy, thus I became father of three boys in my twenty two year of age and became proud of it.

Two year later sister gave birth my another child in my twenty fourth of age, that was also a boy, grandma suggested to stop her pregnancy by do some operation, but I wished a girl child from her or mom.

Grandma also wished same, told me ok, but not from mom. Sister told me don’t leave mom, make her pregnant once more and this is her forty four year of age, if you waste more time she can’t afford pregnancy, so make her pregnant now, as her last child is two year of age.

After second child birth from mom, I started to fuck her throughout day and night and used to cum inside her matured, fertile hot pussy always and mom got my idea to make her pregnant, but she had no other way to stop my intention and she caress on my head while I fuck her and she accepted my hot cock, semen with great pleasure. Thus mom became pregnant again and grandma shouted me to do so. But I smiled and told her, see grandma, your daughter is so hot, cute and still a fertile mulching cow, she is my first fuck mate and I will make her pregnant till she give a daughter to me.

Grandma prayed to God, this child may be a girl and God blessed me with another boy from mom’s womb nine months later. Grandma told me, see dear, your age is almost half of your mom and she will never give a girl child to you, as your cock and seeds are so tender and her eggs and womb are almost nearing to retirement, so please don’t kill her by making pregnant again. In my twenty fifth year of age, all they planned to give some gift to me that was after one month of my third child birth from mom.

Mom asked me what I need; I suggested a girl child from you, mom got sad by hearing my words, as she got fear of another load in her belly.

Sister also cursed me and told: this is your greed and you need to kill your mom, if you need a girl child, I will give you, not from mom, from today you have to sleep with me only and you can use mom’s… by wearing a condom an never cum in to her …… idiot.

I agreed her words and from that day I started to deposit my load in sister’s pussy , but I always cum by keeping my one hand on mom’s breast, as she were sleeping beneath our bed by hearing the flap flap sound between me and sister’s sweated loin.

We still continuing and happy life in our blessed home with our six kids from both my mom’s and sister’s womb and grandma also happy for playing with our kids, two from mom and three from my sister. Once in a week grandma also allowing me to taste her old vulva for keeping wet, fresh and fertile with my young, hot semen and some time I felt, her old vagina is a warming up ground or a grinding machine for my cock and making my dick more hard, making my dick head more sharp and glazed by the liquid and heat of my grandmas old pussy and sharp by grinding on her old vagina walls.

While going our life fruitful and grandma had one suggestion that, six is a wrong number and we need one more child in our home and she looked to both of my mating cows face and me. I also got pleasured to hear grandma’s word and I suggested to grandma to give birth of my child from your old belly and she beat me with love and told, not from your mom, but from your sister.

Our sleeping in our bed room was a fantastic sight, as mom sleeping on the floor by widening her legs, sister was on the bed by folding her legs and peeping my fuck over mom’s nude body.

In my twenty five year of age, I became a perfect guy, five feet ten inches height with a strong body, as grandma feed me with good foods and some traditional medicine. Mom also became so young and fatter than ever after birth of my three children. Sister also became fat, cute and happy women in our home. Grandma commended like a joke as, if I am a mating bull, we might earn lot of money by making almost ten cows pregnant daily and here I have only two cows and both always.

Now I am thirty year of my age and we all living in our home by pray to God for keep all of us forever blessed and happy. I heard from my friends, a guy will be most powerful in his thirty year of age and if he have a child in that age, he or she will be smarter than all other kids and I demanded to both of my female mulching cows for getting ready for bearing by sixth child in which belly you decide, but I need my child this year. Mom is nearing fifty and sister thirty five and both were already bore my three kids each in her belly and all are healthy by God sake. One year after my desire, sister gave me another boy and now our home is almost like a play school and grandma is the marten and mom and sister are the teachers and I am the principal of the school. Now mom is already retired from child birth, as her pussy became huge and her loin became like female elephant and I am using her huge body for sleep like form bed and I used to fuck and beating my sister for simple mistake dome by anyone in our home and some time, mom also being beaten by me and I reduce the fuck play because my elder son is thirteen year of age and my sisters elder daughter is fourteen and I am sleeping with mom in separate room but nude and always sleep in floor over mom’s hot, flat, fat body. Several times I pissed in mom’s vulva and she also drunk my piss.

I have only despondence in my life, as a lecher I gave very much suffering to my own mother by mad fucking, beating, making her intermittently pregnant, ten months weight of pregnancy, painful child birth, tearing her vagina, drinking her milk, crushed her fat thighs, breast, belly, cheeks, ass cheeks, made her pussy hole more lose enable to tuck my face fully inside and lick on her g spot, ass hole tore, clit and labia bite, pulled outside and made very huge in size, inner thighs make crushed and black in color but now days I also fucking her daily with intention of making her pregnant at a hundred times and if she got pregnant, I am sure, she will bear my load in her huge belly and give birth to my so many child till her life end and I will never share love to any other women like my mother.

I have only one request to all of the incest readers, please term your own mother and use to fuck her and if possible, make her pregnant at least once, because in all over the word, older women are being expelled from house after son married another girl. If we fuck our own mom first, we will never forget her and her pussy, hot vulva, her breast, which feed you milk in childhood and used to extinguish our lost in our youth.

Request to all mother, please term your son and vide your legs for him and accept his cock in your mature vagina, if so, he will fuck you with greed at anywhere in your home and never leave you from his entire life and if you got pregnant from him, give birth his child, God will preserve you from the heavy suffering to the child birth and the child will be most healthy than any of your other child. A son’s cock in his own mother pussy and a son’s seeds in his own mother’s egg will be so much tasty as like ice cream in a child mouth. If a mom is in her eighty year of age and her pussy will be wrinkled, flown, dried but, if your young son’s cock can make you a young matured women and keep proud and perfect women in your eighties. Your pussy, inner thighs, womb, ass cheeks, breast, face also will be young and beautiful by caressing a your son hot body and if his young, strong cock and his balls will rub and grind your inner walls of vagina and your dried honey comb, will be always wet and young, fresh, smelly like in your young age. If his hairy loin will rub over your hair winnowed vagina and his strong dick enter in you’re all the three holes and if you drink his hot semen, you will be a young, cute women till end of your life.


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