Son Married His Mom And Became Life Partners – Part 1

Hi this is Neeraj, today I am going to share with you a true incident that happened to me few years back, and my life has been changed ever since.

First let me introduce myself, I am Neeraj, I m 26 yrs old, I m from dharwad, currently I m working in an MNC in Bangalore, where I stay with varsha who is my mom and also my wife and is 48 yrs old. My father died when I was 10 yrs old, and since that time my mom raised me and educated me,

My worked in a government office, so there was financial problem after the death of my father. So let me introduce my mom, her name is varsha, she is little fat she has 34D boobs, and her belly protrudes a bit because of some operation, and has a huge round ass.

So let me start the story now, the incident happened when I had to go to Bangalore for my CET counseling with my mom who took leave from her office to come with me, the travelling date was two days earlier than the date of counseling, my bus tickets where for the 11 pm bus to Bangalore.

But on that day morning I had to collect some documents from my PU college and make zerox copies of it and also get it stamped by notary, I told my mom that I m going to collect the documents and I will be late and also will meet my friends after the work is done and I may come back home by 4pm.

“Ok, and don’t be late than 4 pm, we have to packs bags” mom said.

“Ok mom” I said, and left home at 10am

I went to college and got documents by 12 noon and then I went to zerox centre where I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home and had no money, so I went back home, I knocked at the main door which was locked from inside, but my mom did not open.

I thought she might be in the shower so I went around to her bedroom window, and heard male voice and my mom’s voice and it was like erotic talks and sound made during sex, and the sound was coming from my mom’s bathroom,

So I went to the bathroom window and peeped through it, I was shocked to see my mom nude and having sex under the shower with sumit uncle, he is my mom’s colleague, after seeing them I thought to make video of them, so that I can confront mom and threaten her to publicize the video, to make her stop having sex with sumit uncle.

I took out my mobile and started recording the video, my mom was in doggy style and sumit uncle was fucking her cunt from behind and pressing her boobs and also slapping her ass in between, mom was moaning and saying ah aaaahhh sssss sumit slap my ass hard, and aaahh aaahh ram your dick inside oh yes oh yes.

After few minutes of pumping his rod in my moms cunt pressure started building in uncles dick. “I am going to cum aaaahhhh grrrrh what I lovely cunt” uncle said. “You know the drill spill your sperms on my back ah ah. I do not want a single drop of your sperm inside me” mom said to uncle.

And then uncle grunted and spilled his sperm on moms back. After the climax mom laid on her back and opened her legs wide, and asked uncle to lick her pussy, I saw my moms pussy clearly, she had some pubic hair on her pussy lips, so for few minutes uncle licked her pussy, mom was satisfied,

Then uncle asked mom for a blowjob and mom said “no blowjob, and also I have not given it even to my hubby” and then uncle just kissed my mom on her lips, and told her that he has to leave, they had bath together and dried each other with a towel and came out of the bathroom,

Uncle started getting dressed and my mom was lying on bed nude and watching uncle get dressed, after uncle got completely dressed my mom got up from bed and went near uncle and whispered something in his ear, he smiled looking at her ,

She slowly opened his trouser chain and put her hand inside and took uncles dick out from the chain opening which was semi erect, she grabbed his cock and took uncle near the bed, she sat on the edge of the bed and uncle was standing in front of her with his dick in moms hand,

She kissed on the tip of his dick and then spit on it and started moving her hand back and forth, after few minutes of hand job, pressure built in uncles dick and he said “I m going to cum”.

Mom got her right boob near the tip of his dick and started moving her hand fast, he grunted and the sperm was all over my mom’s right boob and the sperm started dripping down from her nipple.

She then placed his dick inside his pant and zipped up the chain, uncle then kissed on her lips, and asked her to part her legs, which she readily did, and he kissed on her pussy lips and said thanks for everything, mom said I enjoyed your dick in my cunt as I always do, he left and then mom cleaned her boobs with a tissue and got dressed,

It was about 2 pm, I stopped the video recording, and went at the front door and knocked , mom opened the door and said you are back early, I did not know how to react, for few minutes back I had seen her complete nude, and now in front of me she is like as if nothing has happened.

I did not talk about her sex session with uncle and I did not look her in the eyes and said that I came back for my wallet, and will be going now to the zerox centre.

So I went to zerox centre and finished all of my work, but cancelled to meet my friends, and instead went to a open ground nearby my house which was not crowded. I sat under a tree in the corner and took out my mobile and started watching the video,

I watched it for more than 10 times, and each time I saw my mom’s boobs juggling while getting rammed by uncle from behind , and her hairy pussy in that video, I grew more incest feelings towards my mom, and started imagining myself in place of uncle, what would it be like if it was my dick ramming in and out of my mom’s cunt,

My dick got erect after such thoughts and I started jerking off looking at my mom’s nude body in that video.

After I shot my load , I left the place and started heading towards home, during that time I also realized what she meant by saying “I enjoyed your dick in my cunt as I always do”. I used to see sumit uncle at my home having tea with mom and both looking at each other naughtily,

When I returned back from my school in the afternoon and on those days mom used to be home on leave from work. And now I know that the fucking is going on from a long time.

As I reached my home I decided that I will threaten my mom to have sex with me or I will spread the video in her office and in our neighborhood. I went at the main door and knocked, mom opened the door and smiled and said “u r late Mr. and its 6 pm now ”. “sorry mom” I said, “its ok” she said.

Mom said she will prepare tea and after the tea we will start packing our bags. Mom was wearing a black tight track pant and a wide neck t-shirt till her waist, which gave me a clearly show of her round ass while she was preparing tea , which started giving me erection,

I was sitting at the dining table, she brought the tea cups and placed it on the table, before she sit on chair , I threw a pen at her feet, she bent to pick it up, and gave me clear show of her deep cleavage. I was trying hard to hide my erection.

After having tea we went to pack our bags and it got over by 8pm. And then we had dinner, I finished and went to watch tv, mom went to wash the dishes, and by 9 pm she finished washing the dishes, and came and sat beside me to watch tv. Till that time I have not spoken a single word of she having sex with sumit uncle.

After she sat beside me I just turned off the tv and took out my mobile and started playing her sex video in front of her eyes, she was shocked and scared, and made me stop the video in between. And asked me “what is this?” . “this is the video I shot of your sex session with uncle,

I should be the one asking you what is this? And why are you being such a slut? I said. She started crying and said “after your father died I had sexual urges and this was the only way, and sumit was the only one who I can trust.

I said “I will spread this video in your office and I our neighborhood”. “please don’t do that I will do anything for you, If you want I will get you a new bike” she said. “I don’t want a bike, but you should stop having sex with sumit uncle” I said. “ok I won’t do that again but please don’t spread the video” she said.

As she was standing, I took a step toward her and put my hands around her to grab her round ass and planted a kiss on her lips, she did not co-operate, and pushed me away and said “what the hell is this?”.

“If you stop having sex with sumit uncle, then I won’t spread the video in your office , but if you don’t want me to spread the video in our neighborhood then you should have sex with me without hesitating for anything” I said.

She stood still and gave a thought, and then wiped her tears off, and stood in front of me and said “I m yours now, I m your slave”. It was 10pm now and v had 1hr left for the bus, but 1 hr was a lot of time to have sex, cause even if v left home 15 mins before 11pm v would reach pick up point in time as it was nearby to our house.

I took a step towards my mom and went close to her, and put my arms around her and grabbed her ass and pressed myself against her , her boobs were pressed on my chest, and my dick was pressed against her pussy mounds,

I then started kissing her lips and sucked her lips hard and this set a current in me and was now completely excited to fuck my mom, and I guess even my mom might have got excited, by the thought that she is now going to get fucked by her own son.

So now I started removing her t-shirt now and she co-operated by raising her hands, and then I unhooked her bra, and her huge boobs sprang out, her nipples were erect, I then made her lie on the couch and then I lay on her top and started squeezing her boobs like melons, and then took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking her nipple and started playing with her nipple to tease her, which made her excited and moms eyes were closed and she started moaning slowly, “aaahh ssss oohhh”.

I simultaneously sucked and squeezed both her boobs, and then I shifted my attention to her pussy, I inserted my hands between her thighs and started massaging her pussy over the track pant, mom then put her hand over my hand and guided my hand to rub her pussy vigorously .

I then pulled down her track pant along with her black panty, my eyes lit up seeing moms pussy, which had little pubic hair, as all this was happening on the couch, I had to get into 69 position to lick and suck her pussy, so I positioned myself so that we are in 69 position,

I brought my face near her pussy, and with my nose touching her pussy I smelled the aromas of her pussy, which kicked in my brain and made me more hard, and now it was impossible for me to contain my 7 inch dick inside my pant, it was paining and my dick was throbbing to come out of the pant and get into the nearest hole of moms, but I did not pay attention to the pain, and was busy licking moms pussy

Then I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and was simultaneously licking and fingering her pussy , and now moms sexual arousal was uncontrollable, she was moaning loudly “aaaah ahhhhh sssss ooohhh ssss”. And now she needed to grab something, as she was noticing my bulge from few minutes back,

She decided to take a look at my penis which made her curious of the size of my penis for making a huge bulge, so she started groping my groin, and she was moaning she unbuttoned my pant and unzipped it, and pulled my pant down along with my underwear,

My huge 7 inch dick with a girth of 1.5 inch sprang out and hit on her nose, she was shocked to see such a huge dick and said “ ssssss son of a bitch aaahhh your penis sssss is very huge aaahh neeraj beta aaahh it is double the size of your father or sumit penis sssss”.

Those were the first words mom spoke during our intimate session. I said “ yes mom it is huge did you like it”. She said “ ssss hell yeah sssahhh”. And inserted my dick in her mouth and started sucking on it and started moving her mouth back and forth on my dick.

I was surprised and was curious of what was going on in her mind, because she has never given a blow job to my father, and she also refused sumit uncle for the same. But I decided to ask her about it later , and just enjoy the pleasure of warm and soothing effect of moms mouth on my penis, which soothed off the pain in my dick.

Now she she said “ssssss neeraj beta I could not aaahhh wait anymore insert your huge dick in my pussy aahhhh”. I soon obeyed her order and positioned myself for missionary position, she then grabbed my dick and positioned at the opening of her pussy hole and asked me to push it in, and guided my dick into her pussy,

She experienced pain and said “ooouui mmaaa sssss” as she had never taken such a huge dick in her pussy, but she knew to handle pain and got over it and started enjoying the pleasure.

As my dick touched the inside wall of moms pussy for the first time, the feeling was amazing, the pussy muscles contracted and got a tight grip on my dick, and now started moving my dick in and out of her pussy, and she started making loud moans and started saying “ ssssss neeraj fuck your mom hard aaahhhh make me your slut sssss make me your slave ooooh neeraj faster”.

I then increased my speed, and then she had grunted aaaag rrrrhhh neerrr aaahh and had an orgasm, as I had licked moms pussy earlier, some of moms pubic hair had gotten into my mouth, and I spit them out on moms belly while humping mom.

The few minutes after her orgasm pressure started building in my dick, my load wanted to get into moms pussy, I said “I am aahhhh ahhh going to come mom aaahhh” , but she did not tell me where to shoot my load whether inside her pussy or outside and she was busy in moaning and enjoying my dick.

I did not know what to do and shot load inside her pussy and kept my dick inside her and rested my head on her chest and started teasing her erect nipple with my tongue. I thought she will get angry for unloading my sperms into her pussy, but instead she smiled, which showed she is more than satisfied because she had an orgasm for the first time.

I lay on her for some time with my flaccid dick inside her pussy. I then checked the time, it was 20 mins remaining to 11 pm, I said “ mom its time v should get up and get dressed and leave for the pick point”.

My dick slid out of moms pussy as I stood up, my sperm started dripping out from moms pussy, I went to the dining table and got some tissue paper for me and mom, I gave some to mom, as she stood up to clean her pussy, drop of my sperm mixed with her juices, started dribbling down on her thigh

She cleaned her pussy with the tissue and pulled up her panty and track pant and wore her bra and t-shirt, even I cleaned my dick and pulled my underwear and pant up and buttoned and zipped up my pant.

As we reached the main door with our bags, she groped my genitals and holding my genitals mom said “I never had such a fuck in my life, and I love your dick and the way you fucked me with it, and I may need its service again sometime soon , I wish we had time now for a second fuck, but v have a bus to catch”.

I said “even I loved the sex with you and your pussy, and before you may ask for my dicks service, I only will fuck you every now and then as you are my slut now, I will fuck you any time so always be prepared for my dick”. Mom said “my pussy is always open for your dick and your dick will be welcomed anytime with a smile”. Well it was hard to believe the mom and me just had sex and talking erotically. So v left for the pick point.

That’s all for now I will share the remaining story in the second part, in that I will tell you how v started having more kinky sex, and then how we got married.

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