South Indian Married Woman’s Pleasure And Our Made Boy (Gurgaon)

How’s the mood pleasing you, mate. This is a story on my neighbour cum relative so i plotted it in incest!

This is my second post and another real, strange and alluring incident to share. So i did take no-time. Came back on my keypad to help you eject juices! 😉

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My last story:-

A married beauty awaiting me in gurgaon!

For those who don’t know me. Myself, a 21 year old college undergraduate and martial artist, ABHI 5’10 weighs 170 pounds with a 7 plus inches, a little bent yet strong, dick. Sex is a thing my eyes and body craves for life. But when i do, i perform with all my heart. LOVE!

Coming back to your moods!

Here’s the story,

I reside in a very reputed and cultured society in a city near gurgaon. My family is a little familiar to everyone here. Being a young guy and a college student, i was always treated like a school boy by my mother’s group. You know, we in this stage of our age are full of sexy hormones and sperms ready to shoot out of the cave.

The host here is a married women living in our same society with her husband. I don’t know why, but they didn’t have any child. Even though they were married for long years. She was in her 30s. Her stats were perfect. She can take up modelling! I swear it on my life. She is goddess. She belongs from a state of south india. Which i didn’t even bother to get know. :p

One day, it was our weekend. And we youth of our society gathers down in ground just to gossip. Her flat is in my building. Mine’s on 10th and her’s 1st floor which is kinda ground floor cause below it is parking and lift area. After usual gossips i left for my home. Lift was under mantainence. So i took stairs. 10th floor isn’t easy to climb stairs mate! :p

I, after ringing up my doorbell and then calling my mother, got to know that noone was in flat for that moment. So i decided to go back down and wait for them to come with keys. I stepped stairs down! And reached ground floor. Man, i was real thirsty. Who wouldn’t be.

So being our close so-called relative cum neighbour. I went on first floor and rang my herione-of-the-story flat’s bell. She was use to be alone whole day till 8 pm, the time her hubby get backs. I heard some annoying unidentified languages songs. It was her television. She opened!

Me:- “Hi! Namastey…” (It’s how we indians treat.. I won’t edit my story fake! Nhi toh mza nhi aayega)

She:- “Oh! Hi abhi.” (She knows me well, being close to our family)

Me:- “Actually, mujhe pyas lgi thi. Mom ghar par nhi hai. I called her, but vo half an hour bad aayengi.”

She:- “Andar ajao.. Baitho.. Main abhi ai!”

She brought me a steel glass full of cold water. They don’t have proper furnitures. I don’t know why. But they live sober. So simple! I sat on a plastic chair. And she sat down on a mattress opposite her tv.

I drank that glass and stood up.

She:- “kya hua!”

Me:- “Ap neeche baitho ho and i am sitting on a chair.”

She:- “It’s okay”

Though, i sat near her on the mattress!

Me:- “Chlo main bhi yhi baith jata hu” (with a little hehe)

She was looking terrified. Like i was going to kiss her. I understood her expression.

Me:- “kya hua. Why are you worrying?”

She:- “koi aa gya toh?”

I was laughing inside. But she was more of a reserved one. So, i made my concern on it view on my face.

I don’t know what happened to me that day. But i saw her first time sitting this close in a nighty. She looked beautiful. Her nighty was too slim i could see her nipple making a little erection through inside. I did feel different! :0

I wanted her lips on mine, her boobs under my palm, her face in my face, her waist to grab and twist and her hairs to comb back everytime they fall in front!

I decided.. I do need her for my ride now.

Soon after i came back in senses.. When she said “koi agya toh?”.

Me:- ” Hum sirf sath hi toh baithe hai! Acha chlo main door close krdeta hu. Kisiko pta hi nhi chlega ki main yha aya tha. Okay?”

Without any of her reply. I stood up and closed the maindoor which was left open by her. She really got terrified!

She stood up in a glance and spoke ,”Arey! Kya kr rhe ho. Kisine dekh lia toh.. Tum jao”. She opened the door and asked me to leave.

But ab main kha manta. And really that day i don’t know how i was into her. I did want to ride her bad.

I came back inside and left the door open. And asked her ,”Acha! Ap tea acha bnati ho i know. Mom ko abhi time lgega ane me. Can i have some tea?”

She looked confused like she was deciding to have sex with me or not! 😀 She was a hell of conservation.

Few seconds later, she asked me to sit on that chair and to leave just after that tea. She was making me tea. I was watching her back from the hall! Her kitchen was open.

She brought me a cup. I drank it! We drank it! She took the cups back to the kitchen. I stood up, like it’s my last chance for today and without any thought i just went to kitchen. She didn’t see me coming! I did hold her from back. And placed my face on her neck from back. She inhaled a long! :0 And resisted very bad.. She turned and pushed me. But i tried hugging her from front after. She didn’t let me!

She:- “Tum pagal ho kya. Main shadi shuda hu!” (Pulling my hamds off her waist)

Me:- “mujhe pta hai! Please ek kiss krne do”

She:- “No!” (In an angry tone)

And pushed me hard. And asked me to leave or otherwise she will call someone. I left.

My evening and night went being little scared. What if she tell’s my mother things i have done today. But she didn’t even came down for an after-dinner walk at night. I just saw her hubby walking alone this time.

I got much more terrified now! Didn’t know what to do.

It was 12:45 am and i decided to whatsapp her up. I took her number from my mother’s contacts. And added her up in mine. I texted her a sorry though her last seen was 7:30 something! :/

I waited for a reply.. Next morning as well! Her last seen was the same till next night as well. And i didn’t have that much guts in me to go and apologize to her.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I was too horny that moment recalling that scenario. I slide down my shorts and did hold my sausage over my undies with an instant hand. And rubbed it mad! I was rubbing it savage up and down. Then i went to my washroom and stroke my dick hard visualizing her in mind. I masturbated! Cum shot out in a huge amount and i drained myself. I was feeling weak. And i slept.

Next day went as same as the other two till 2 pm. It was 2 on clock and i was really missing her bad. I somehow controlled myself not call her but now i couldn’t help myself and i called her. She picked it up!

Me:- “Hi aunty!”

She:- “kaun”

Me:- “Abhi.. Apne mere text ka reply nhi kia?”

She:- “Tum please phone rkho.. And don’t text me as well”

Me:- “Main apke ghar arha hu”

She:- “No.. Please mt ana”

I did cut the call and went down through lift. I was too out of control now. I rang her doorbell. She opened in an instant. I didn’t wait for anything else and pushed the partial opening of the door and went in. I turned and closed the door. She was looking afraid. But she was looking gracious. God, she was wearing a red saree. MAGNIFICANT! A tight blouse. Proper waistline. DEEP DOWN CLEAVAGE.. 38 i guess.. I didn’t think anything about what’s gonna happen next and just hold her waist and pecked her on lips. She resisted with a really angry move. It wasn’t enough to stop me. I Was really turn on. And i could see a spark in her eyes. She was looking down angrily but on my tent.

I was wearing shorts. My long thick dick made a perfect view over. She was trying to control her smile with her eyebrows. I did put my left hand on her left boob and pressed her hard and pulled her by my right hand and smooched her hard. She was melting now! She was responding. She was really kissing me. I ejected my tongue inside her teeth opening she let me in and used her tongue as well. We were tongue fighting. And i could see now. She was enjoying me. We kissed and made out for 15-20 mins and i pushed her and made her lay on her mattress. I stripped her.

Oww.. Her boob view was gracious. I took out my dick and put in her cleavage and boob fucked her real hard.. She was enjoying it!

I cum a ton after stroking her hard by all my force. Her face was covered with my white fluid! She didn’t like that fluid on her face but she was enjoying every moment for now.

I wiped her face with a towel and slide down her panty. And we had sex in dragonfly position for 10 mins and i cummed inside her.

This isn’t the end of this story!!


He is now 1 year and 2 and a half months old. It feels really good seeing him 🙂

Thanks for the read. It’s crystal real! 😉

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