Sowmiya My Beloved Maths Teacher

Hey! ISS readersThis is a real story that happened to me in ChennaiI’m 22-year-old guy with height 6’1″with fair skin and athletic body and a fairly good size dick to please any girl or woman, and I’m doing engineering in Kerala now.And basically from Kerala so any woman who wants to get laid please do call me and please forgive me for any mistakes from my side. I know the story is kind of long but I have put in the effort to write down all the details that had taken place and I assure u it will be worth masturbating at least twice.And please do comment if u liked to motivate me to write my next story

Coming to the storyThe main character of this story is sowmiya ma’am(fake), who was our maths teacher. She was 35 and was divorced she was one of the hottest teachers of the school.

She had a fair complexion and a slim figure. She always wore a tight blouse with sari exposing her waist a little. And the way she wore her sari parallel to her neckline exposing her cleavage whenever she bends down giving a glimpse of her boobs bulging out of her blouseGetting back to the story this happened when I was in 12th at that time I was a poor student and failed in maths terribly (who hasn’t ).It was not because I didn’t study but was because I was busy staring at ma’am near perfect ass and they way she swayed it back and forth , the way she purposely bent down in such a way so as to show the most amount of cleavage as possible..

No wonder I had failed and was also held back for extra classes by sowmiya due to my bad marks but instead, I kept bunking those classes and went out with my friends. I had kept doing this on a daily basis even after lots of scolding from her .Having no other option she had called my parents and had told them that I would be attending extra classes in her home after school hours so that I won’t be bunking classes any more.

In the last period I was waiting to escape from the class she came to my class and stood outside waiting until the period was over.When I came out she said “So where do u think u will run today ”Having no other choice I went with her to the teacher’s bike parking where she took out her scooter and told me to sit behind herI was a taken aback as I was going to sit behind one of the woman’s I had fantasized the most about and had lost count of the times I had fapped thinking of her

Cautiously I climbed on the scooty and sat maintaining a distance from her she started the scooty and the moment we passed the school gate she picked up speed and was driving quiet fast so I had to grip my hands on something. I was frequently falling on her back since the handle on the back was broken. She asked me to hold her waist, and not to fall on her as she was losing her balance. I was hesitant at first, but having no other choice and also because I wanted to hold her, I placed my hands on her waist. But, by mistake I placed my hands on her abdomen, which was fairly open and smooth. I realized the awkwardness​ and immediately moved my hands to her waist, which as it turned out, was open too.

I kept my hands on her bare skin, it was so smooth to the touch and soft like butter which turned me on, I slowly then moved my arms around her navel acting as if I couldn’t take grip.I couldn’t think properly her navel was the softest thing I had ever touched being a horny guy from childhood I never had any girlfriends and this was the closest I had ever been to a girl furthermore a woman. My pant was wet, with the pre-cum and my penis was fully erect.And was bulging out of my school pant and I could seriously tell even without a protractor that it was standing 90° straight. All of a sudden she went over a speed breaker and I was pushed forward and my dick literally fucking went through her ass crack a little and she lost balance she was taken back and asked me what I was doing behind her.I understood that she knew what poked her and I kept quiet.Before I knew it we were home , we got down from the scooty and I followed sowmiya behind her as I was too embarrassed as my penis was erect and couldn’t walk properly.

She lived in a flat on the ground floor her house was not so big but it was well maintained she told me to wait in the living room and she went to change her clothes.

Lots of thoughts were running in my mind, I kept remembering​ one of those porn videos in which Jonny sins was a student and him fucks his teacher.I was getting all worked up thinking about the ride on the way and was thinking how lucky a guy would be to fuck such a sex bomb.All my thoughts were suddenly interrupted when sowmiya came out of her bedroom wearing a low neck gray t-shirt and a tight skinny fit black leggings it felt as though she was purposely wearing such clothing to turn me on cause it was surely turning me on.She bought some drinks and came and sat near me.She asked me if I feeling hot , I was literally sweating my ass off the heat was intolerable and her t-shirt which showed off her cleavage was not helping reduce the heat.I didn’t bring any other clothes with me,so she told me to remove my pant and sit in my boxers ,I was waiting for a chance for her to say this I immediately removed my pants and and in my boxers I knew things will get interesting from now ,to make me comfortable she asked me about myself and she asked y I don’t study and school related matters after a while we got along very well and she started asking me touchy topics like if I had any crush on any girl to which I told no , she was surprised and said “Don’t u like any girls in it school ” to which I bravely replied ” I like u, ma’am ”

She was surprised and started laughing and she placed her hands on my thigh’s , a sudden surge of blood rose to my penis with her touch and u got an erection it was clearly seen through my boxers and sowmiya had noticed it ,she gave a naughty smile and said “Oh I didn’t know u were such a naughty boy being turned on by ur teacher”I was a little embarrassed but knew that this was the moment that would change my life and said ” ma’am I have liked u from a very long time and I would love to have sex with u” to which she was startled and she got angry and said “Rahul that’s enough I am ur teacher not ur friends to say such things to ” I felt a little bad and left that topic we continued studying when suddenly sowmiyas phone rand she picked it up and went to the balcony to take the call when she came back she said it was my parents and they had to go to the hospital as my uncle had met with an accident and I had to stay in her house I was totally confused , after some time we ate dinner and watched some tv and sowmiya made my bed ready and told me to sleep in the guest room while she slept her room she left and went to her room I was lying in her bed and was thinking about her how her navel felt and started masturbating I finished once and went to sleep but I couldn’t sleep it was too hot I tried to on the a/c but the remotes had no batteries it was almost 11:55 I thought of sneaking into sowmiyas room and taking the batteries I tip toed towards her room when I heard some noises I was sounding a little like a woman moaning I slowly went near her room and opened the door slightly and I was stunned to see sowmiya lying on her bed naked with a vibrator in her hands

She was calling out my name softly while violently increasing the pace of the vibrator moving in and out of her cunt she was dripping wet ,I didn’t know what to do my mind was blank and my dick hard as never before I could do only what my instinct told me and that was to fuck sowmiya’s ass off I went inside the room , sowmiya was shocked she covered her milky boobs with a hand and the other to cover her pussy she was stunned she couldn’t say anything I was standing there staring at her gorgeous body ,my boner was clearly seen and she kept glancing at it, I went near her and she got up I held her in my hands and tried kissing her, she was forcing herself away from me and said softly “Rahul please stop this is not right” it looked like she wanted to get fucked too ,but was a little shy ,to make her comfortable I said ” ma’am, it’s ok there’s nothing wrong with doing it with me ,she was a little surprised and said ” it’s not that I don’t want to it’s just that ur still younger than me and u are still a virgin and I don’t think u can satisfy me and gave a sarcastic smile .I was a little stunned to hear this, and it also hurt my ego I knew I had to fuck this bitch

I said that she should let me be the judge of that and I crushed my lips against hers again. This time she responded enthusiastically and when she popped her tongue into my mouth I knew it was all systems go. I slid my hand up the back of her top, unhooked her bra and then I laid her down, removed her padded laced bra and began to suck on those soft warm tits.

Her body became numb all over when my hand slipped up her skirt, my fingers explored for a while before finding its way around her panties and then began working my way up and down the lips. When penetrating her well-lubricated clits with my fingers I worked it in and out, slid it up and down into her cunt and then back in again. She was letting out short little groans as I continued to bring her closer and closer to orgasm.

Suddenly her body shook and she jerked upwards as she went into a massive orgasm.Soon I was helping her out of her clothes and then I stood up and stripped off.

I admit I had a puny body at that age but I did have a big dick(bonus)and as she lay there on the bed I stood by the side of her face and touched her lips with my dick. She nervously gave it a little kiss and as I pressed it against her mouth she opened up, closed her eyes and began to work up and down my shaft. It felt great and even better when she started to run her slender fingers around my balls.

In a while I felt my cum moving up my pipe I intended to warn her but was a little to late, without giving her a chance to withdraw and finish it off with her hand, I said, “I’m cumming.” and that’s what I did. She didn’t resist, she simply swallowed it and lay there with her eyes closed as if she was too ashamed to look at me.

Taking her by the feet I repositioned her so that I could place my face between her thighs. She was twitching a little as if anticipating my next move. I knelt before her, gently separated her long waxed legs and worked my way up to her hairy bush. When my tongue flicked across the lips her body stiffened up and she reached down to grab onto my shoulders. I used my fingers to stimulate her cunt and then I licked all the way from her anus to her clit. She went ballistic.

Sowmiya had sucked me good and I intended to give her the best tongue lashing she’d ever had. As my pussy licking worked up and down her crack and my hands reached up to tweak her nipples she moaned and groaned and squirmed her ass around as if she was enjoying every second of it. She was moving her hips to the motion of my tongue, she placed her hands on my head and pushed me deeper into her pussy

When I felt her body going weak I knew she was about to cum and I pulled out all the stops to give her the best orgasm possible, her juices were all over my face

When she finished trembling I positioned myself above her and the drove my throbbing dick deep inside of her. She gasped and dug her nails into the cheeks of my ass as I began to ram it in with considerable force. It wasn’t long before I was at my limit and I shot my load inside of her. She almost cried and dug her nails deeper into my ass as I gave those last powerful thrusts

I collapsed on her , our bodies were steaming with sweat I looked into her eyes and she kissed me passionately​.We slept naked with my cum dripping from her aching pussy.

I woke up next morning being greeted with sowmiya blowing my dick her hair tied into a bun, a streak of hair falling over her faceShe bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Oh, sowmiya!” I moaned. I watched as her head bobbed down, engulfing maybe half of my penis, then back up again, then down and up again several times. She tongued me all over, wetting my entire shaft, then took me back into her mouth and moved her head all the way down until my entire knob was in her mouth, and her lips were against my pubic bone. My own teacher was deep-throating me. I can’t describe how good it felt.

While her head gently moved quickly up and down, her lips created a strong vacuum that intensifying the feeling. She then wrapped her fingers around the base of my knob with one hand and used it to follow her lips up and down. She was working every part of my dick all of the time,

And it did the trick. I felt the tingle start.

I’m gonna cum soon!” I expected her to pull her head away, but instead she moaned again and began sucking me harder and faster. I exploded into her mouth.

She put a hand on my abdomen to hold me down. Her mouth never left my cock, and I knew that she was swallowing my cum. My orgasm finally subsided

She then pulled her mouth away from my dick and looked at me, and I could see a little trail of my cum dribbling down from her lower lip. As we looked at each other, she flicked her tongue out and licked the cum droplet. She moved it around in her mouth for a moment, savoring it, then she swallowed. I shivered a little, and she smiled at me.

“Like it?” she askedShe then got up and went to dress up I slept for a while and was woken up by sowmiya holding my clothes and that’s when I realised I had school to attend she dropped me off in her scooty in school andAfter that we had sex daily and whenever we got time and I ended up banging sowmiyas pussy in the school hours in the staff room with other teachers that another story which I will post later

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