Start Of Incest Journey With Shalini Didi Part – 2

I am rajveer, from Hyderabad, working for an MNC as a regional head, 5’9″ height with average built body, I like meeting and having safe sex with mature, married or single women (any female who wants to have a good time in bed), This incident is about how I was seduced and had sex with a very distant older cousin sister Shalini who is married and has a son. She wasn’t my cousin by relation, though our families were very close and our fathers were like brothers so we considered their daughter and son as my cousins.

Shalini was the older one and she had a younger brother jatin, both shalini and jatin were older than me, shalini was 11 years older than me and jatin was 5 years older.

This story is the continuation of the first part, I request you all to go through part 1 and then read part 2 to understand the situations better. Hope you all enjoy it and coming directly to the story.

I left for my room as I don’t drink so did Shalini didi with her son, I went to my room and changed my dress and was just in towel and underwear, setting my dress in its cover so as to no to spoil it, when I heard a knock at my door and all of a sudden someone just opened it and I realized I didn’t lock it, thinking about lock I forgot I was just in towel, and then I see Shalini didi entering, and I greeted her, hi didi, not sleeping?… she saw me in towel and was staring at me with lust in her eyes and said no, wasn’t sleepy so thought I will spend some time with you, by then I realized my condition and quickly put another towel on my upper body and said sorry didi I was still changing.

She giggled naughtily and said, no problem… have seen you since childhood days, don’t be shy now… mmm… anyhow, you have changed a lot, macho… I tried to walk away from her and was taking out my clothes from my suitcase and she comes closer to me and tries to play naughty with me by tickling me and pulling my towel from my upper body, and I hold on to the towel and keep telling her not to do so and let it go… but she was in no mood to listen and pulled off my towel from my upper body and threw it and started tickling me badly, and even I was trying to defend myself and was trying to tickle her as well…

While tickling I was losing balance and she pushed me on the bed and climbed over me, and my towel on my lower body opened up and I was just in my underwear, and didi was sitting over me and we were laughing and she was still poking and tickling me, and then didi suddenly kissed my cheeks and said, ur so irresistible now, and I took everything as a joke, and she kissed on my other cheek, and I told her to go kiss your son, he’ll like it. She said I want to kiss you not my son… and I tickled her back.

Now didi caught both my hands and pinned them over my head and was grinding her teeth naughtily and she did the unexpected, she locked her lips over mine, and I was in shock and frozen, gone all blank didn’t knew what to do, and her lips kept sucking mine and I could feel her tongue and her saliva was mixing with mine, and the kiss mixed with her body fragrance was intoxicating… I somehow regained conscious and managed to free my hands and pushed her back and asked her what she was doing, didi said, that she’s unable to control or resist me any longer, she said raj, please quench my thirst, I am burning in desire.

I replied, didi I am you brother, this isn’t right… to which she said, you are like my brother but not my brother by blood, we aren’t related, so nothing’s wrong and she pounced back on me and started kissing me wildly and her fingers were scratching me all over my naked body, and the logic seemed correct to me and even I was losing my control, anyhow, I am also a young man, so how could I resist such a hot married lady, I started responding back and we both were kissing passionately, kissing, sucking and biting each other lips, our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth…

My hands wrapped around her and pulled her closer and my fingers caressing all over her back, and over rest of her body, she was moving her hips and rubbing her ass over my dick, tempting me more, my hands were caressing and squeezing her hips and sides and her belly, reaching down to her ass cheeks and squeezing it, when I did do, didi looked into my eyes giggling and said ooohhhh! Someone is getting in mood…

I rolled over her and pinned her down and kissed her lips more passionately and wildly, sucking her lips deeper and longer and our tongues tangled and rubbing over each other’s, then I slowly moved to her cheeks, her ear lobes and her neck and shoulders, kissing and licking… then I slowly started raising her gown from over her thighs, while my fingers gently caresses every inch of her as the gown moved up and revealed more of her naked skin, and she was enjoying it and going crazy with more lust and desire.

Her flesh was so soft and smooth, felt like my fingers were caressing a melting butter cube, caressing all over her inner and outer thighs then I slowly and gently started kissing and licking her on her highs and kept going up, and over her abdomen and reaching over her belly and nelly button, gently caressing it with my finger tips and gently blowing air over her belly button and licking it with the tip of my tongue and kept moving the gown further up and kept kissing licking and caressing at the same time.

I removed her gown and threw it off on the ground, didi wasn’t wearing any bra underneath and was only in her panty which was already wet and her pussy was dripping… that was one such a tempting view, my room was filled with intoxicated lust and it was driving us both crazy… I took a moment to look at her from head to toe, capturing the beauty of her fully developed body and assets and admiring the creation of nature… she felt shy and was covering herself and turning her face away and blushing…

I moved closer to her, and spread her legs and slide in between them and rested my entire body over her naked body, locking my lips with her again for a longer time and then whispered in her ears, didi if I knew you were so damn beautiful, sexy and hot, then I would have pounded you into bed this morning after your shower… she giggled again and gently slapped my cheeks and said “accha didi se aise baat karte hai” to which I bit her cheeks gently and said, “nahi, baat toh nahi karte hai, direct kaam karte hai” and started gently caressing her breasts and nipples with my palm and finger tips.

Then I slowly started pinching and squeezing them, and slowly lowering my mouth over it and kissed both her breasts one after the other over the nipples, and then gently brushing my lips over them to tease her and then blowing cold air over them to make her feel more tingly inside and make her nipples more hard… then with the tip of my tongue licking the tips of her nipples and circling them and after teasing her for long I slowly take her nipples and breast in my mouth and start sucking them, biting them, deeper, harder… creating pressure on one with my lips and teeth while my hands were busy with the other one.

Shalini didi kept her eyes tightly shut and kept flipping her head from left to right and sometimes grabbing the sheets or pillow and sometimes grabbing my hair and moaning and begging for more and arching her sexy back… I was also all hard and erect but was in no hurry, I wanted to enjoy every single inch of her sexy beautiful body and assets, didn’t want to miss even a single bi of her… I kept sucking both her breasts and nipples one after the other while my other hand was sometimes on her hips and sides, sometimes on her other breast and sometimes on her stomach and thighs caressing and squeezing.

I go further down and kiss and lick her entire belly and belly button gently kiss around if, and push my tongue into the belly button and lick it from inside, to which didi, moaned louder and said… rajj… your killing me, fuck me now… don’t make me wait for my baby… fuck me deep and hard… pleassseee… I said didi wait and enjoy, I have more for you…

I flipped her on her stomach and started to caress all over her back and spine from her neck, shoulders to all the way down to her hips with the tip of my fingers and Shalini didi kept biting her lips, and then I put my lips and tongue in action over her back, kissing, licking all over from behind her nape to over her spine to down to her hips and then I pulled her panties down and removed them and started kissing, caressing and squeezing both her ass cheeks, my fingers were caressing in between her ass crack and around the but hole with my fingers.

I bit her ass cheeks gently which she liked and then I gently spanked it naughtily, to which she said “oohhhh! You naughty boy” then I flipped her straight and started kissing her toes and licking them and kept going up to her calf, knees, and finally to her thighs, kissing, licking and biting, both her inner and outer thighs, while I moved further up and saw the beautiful view of her thick pussy lips, neatly shaved with no hair, and all wet and dripping, I blew air over it gently and her body shivered, I went further and touched it with my fingers and rubbed the outer lips gently and also around the clit.

I gently kissed her pussy lips and licked the outer surface with the tip of my tongue and also around the clit, she was going crazier, and pushed my head into her pussy and was thrusting her hips on my face, and I stiffened my tongue and pierced it in between her pussy lips and pushed it inside and started flickering it and licking her, I kept licking and sucking her pussy and she was full lust mode and would never stop at any cost.

I kept licking and sucking more deeper and harder, and was also rubbing her clit, didi was moaning and screaming in pleasure, when I rested my chin on the sheet found it to be all wet, seems didi has already had her first orgasm, and even now while I was licking her, seems as if her flood gates have opened up, I gently inserted my fingers into her pussy and was fingering her deep, and was also spreading her pussy lips and licking her pussy at the same time… which she later said that gave her maximum pleasure, and within no time shalini didi came over my face, she got up quickly and pulled down my underwear.

The grabbed my dick and started stroking it hard, and was kissing and licking it running her tongue from tip to the balls, and then took it deep in her mouth and started sucking it like a wild hungry slut, and also kept playing with my balls and I too kept thrusting my hips to give her deep throat and she kept sucking and licking it until I was all hard as a rock.

Then I made her lay on the bed and went in between her legs and with the tip of my dick kept teasing her pussy by rubbing it on her outer pussy lips, and she kept begging me not to tease her more and fuck her… then after a long tease I asked her if she has a condom, she said she didn’t neither did I, then she said, let me feel your flesh in me, forget the condom, then slowly started to push my dick deep inside without a condom… she was tight, and she whispered, bhai… slow, your bigger than my husband… I slowed down further and took time and went to the deepest ends of her pussy.

I stayed there for some time and leaned over her and kissed her lips and sucked her breasts and when I realized that her pussy was adjusting to the size of my dick I started giving long thrusts, pulling out till the tip and going in deep again, and slowly started catching up with the pace and started increasing the speed and the power on thrusts, giving her long, deep, hard and powerful thrusts, my dick was all wet with her pussy juices and the sheet was all wet and messed up, and our naked bodies were rubbing and grinding over each other’s naked skins.

I kept her legs on my shoulders and grabbed on to her hips and at times to her breasts and started ramming her pussy like a wild bull or a wild horse and the entire room was filled with her moans and the sound of our bodies slamming against each other while thrusting… she kept moaning… raajjjj… mmmmmmm… yessss… ooohhhh yessssss… I loveee ittt…. Fuckk your soooo gooddddddd…mmmm ooohhhh yeahhhh… and I felt her pussy tightening and she was about to have her third orgasm… I kept thrusting harder and deeper and finally after she came, I asked her to get in a doggy style which she obeyed.

Now what can I say, in doggy style her curves were more tempting and her sext ass was right in front of me and I squeezed it again and kissed it and then I positioned myself behind her and entered her pussy again, I was holding onto her hips and thrusting her from behind, in between use to spank her ass cheeks, and sometimes lean forward and kiss her back and put my arms around her and grab her bouncing breasts squeeze them and keep thrusting, and as I would near to climax I would slow down my pace to control and take the session longer, and in between I also use to insert one of my fingers into her ass hole and finger it while my penis was deep in her pussy.

In doggy style I made didi have two more orgasms, and then changed the position and asked her to ride me, so that I can catch my breath and take her further or more rounds, which she was waiting to do, didi aggressively pushed me down and came over me and positioned herself and my dick into her, and started moving her hips, and to match her and thrust deeper, I too kept thrusting from below, the sight of her huge breasts bouncing on my face was driving me wild and I use to grab and squeeze them suck them and bite them, sometimes I use to grab her ass cheeks and pull her down harder for more deeper thrust.

Finally, after a long fucking session, she made me cum, and we both relaxed for a while and discussed where and what position to fuck next and keep kissing and caressing and cuddling with each other.

That night we both had sex till 3 am in the morning and we had 7 rounds in which I made didi cum almost 9 times in different positions and even different places, and she made me cum 4 times… I fucked Shalini didi on bed, on floor, in the bath tub, on the couch, we both had three full days of sex marathon, she said she never had so many orgasms in a single night, we both went crazy, even now whenever we meet, we both desperately keep looking for opportunity to have sex… me and didi have phone and cam sex too… we both keep sharing our secret desires and secrets with each other and keep fulfilling it.

In the later parts, I will tell you guys how Shalini didi’s mom (Priya aunty) and jatin bhaiya’s wife (shefali bhabhi) became a part of this and my sex partners as well.

So any female, single, married, divorced, from Hyderabad or any part of India and of any age, interested and wants to be friends, or have a secret relationship, sex chat, or wants to meet me in real for real sex or secret relationship, or meet up over coffee to get to know each other, I am always available and also freely travel to any part of India to meet them, you can contact me and also drop in your feedback on [email protected].

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