Starting My Classmate With Friends After Taking Her Virginity

Hello ISS, here is your Nani with a new story. This story is about how I fucked my classmate and it ended as a group sex. For feedbacks or any secret relationships, please mail me at [email protected]. Before getting into the story, let me introduce myself to new readers. I’m Nani, 21M with 5.11″ height, looking fair with good body. I’m from Hyderabad completed my bachelor’s.

Let’s get into the story without wasting the time.

This incident happened when I was in my final year of The heroin of the story is my classmate named Sandhya. She is the sexiest girl of our branch with stats 36-28-38, 5.5″ ht. We are not much close but just classmates. We used to chat in class casually but I always dream of fucking her. She is such a sexy girl every guy go mad of her. I always tried my level best but finally end up with failure. She used to be very strict, never allowed anyone to touch her.

I have 2 friends named rahul and Santhosh. We are the best friends used to hang out together, parties, fun, etc. Everyone used to share everything, the desires we have on girls, etc. Our only goal is to fuck Sandhya at any cost. But, I’m the only one who speaks to her more. So, they both always force me to seduce her. Me and Sandhya used to chat in WhatsApp but not late nights. After few months, I managed to chat with her late nights.

We used to speak about many things, her problems, mine, etc. We started playing truth or dare games in WhatsApp. Later, we started chatting every day, I used to make fun of her, cracking jokes. After some days, I started praising her beauty. At first, she used to change the topic but later, she started blushing for my comments about her beauty. She always used to wear t- shirts, jeans which exposed her assets very clear. Although she exposes her assets like that, she never used to be close to anyone.

She is a girl, she is a human being like us. She will also have desires as we have but never expressed to anyone. So, I decided to get her close to my and play the game. Within few months we are addicted in texting each other. Every day we used to chat late nights.

After few days, I started asking her personal questions like why she has no bf, why she always never be close to any boys, etc, for which she answered that boys always looks for favour from girls, they never love them, just they try to use them etc for which I got angry. Then, I asked her why did she speaking to me closely and why did she believed me more than anyone else. She replied, ” I believe you because you are a good guy, you respect women, never misbehaved with anyone”. Yes, I really respect women. I have desires on girls but never tried to use and throw them away. I was very happy with her answer. We continued chatting for further few days and day by day she became so close to me. We need to take enough time to seduce a girl like her.

After she getting close to me, I decided to start the game. One night, around 12am I asked her, “what opinion do you have on me?”. she replied, “you are a cool guy, can believe you blindly, you have good respect towards me”. Then I told her,” even I’m a boy, I too have some feelings on you. You are the most sexiest girl I have ever met “. She was shocked hearing my words and I was tensed how she is gonna react. But to my surprise, she was shocked but was not anger on me. I thought this would be right time to share all the feelings I have on her. She the chat was like this…

She: Nani, I never expected such things from. I’m really shocked to hear that.

Me: yeah sandy,I can understand. But, even I’m a boy. I too have some feelings right.

She: but I never expected that you have such feelings on me.

He: sorry sandy but you are the most sexiest girl I have ever met and you are my best friend too. I thought i shouldn’t betray you having such feelings in my mind but acting good with you.

She: thanks for that Nani, atlast you told me everything.

Me: actually sandy, I didn’t tell you everything. If I tell you about the complete feelings I have on you, definitely you are gonna die.

I know, by that time she is very much excited to hear about the feelings I have on her.

She: it’s k Nani, you tell me everything. I will not say anything. You just tell me everything.

And I started to tell everything that I had on hher, shared praising her beauty but in an elaborated way and finally I told her that I really wanna have sex with her if she agrees to that. Now, she was really shocked to hear that from me and I didn’t receive any reply for few minutes. I was really tensed that she may leave me. Moreover, we are good friends now. So I was tensed about losing her friendship.

After few minutes, I got a reply but it was the reply I never expected. It was like this…

She: Nani, I never expected such things from you. I’m really shocked with this. As you said that you are a boy, you too have some feelings. I’m also a girl and girls too have some feelings. But I never believed any boy as they always look for favours. The only guy I believe now is you. I have no such friend like you. Now, I have no problem sharing my feelings with you. But, I’m not ready to give you what exactly you want.

Me: sandy, I didn’t get you.

She: Nani, let’s have some good chat, let’s share our feelings through texts but I’m not ready to share my body now.

Me: you mean sex chat?

She: yes Nani. Let’s have sex chat. Let’s get our desires fulfilled through chat.

I thought this would be the right chance, hence I accepted to have sex chat.

From that day, we used have sex chat every day, used to masturbate texting each other, sharing our feelings, desires etc. After few days, she started showing her real face which is very wild that I never expected. I asked her many time to share her nude pics for which she never agreed. She never agreed to have sex as well.

After few days of continuous sex chat, one day she told me about a desire that she had. She said that she loves to get fucked by 2-3 guys at a time but not group. I was completely shocked listening to her words.

After continues trials for few more days, she finally agreed to have sex with me. I was in cloud 9. I told her that I will make a plan and tell her in few days. I didn’t even tell about this to my friends. I was really trying really hard to arrange some room to fuck her but everything failed. But one day, I got a message from her that her parents are leaving Hyderabad to attend a function and they will return after two days. That was the green signal she gave me.

Finally, the day has come which I was waiting eagerly. That was Saturday, time 8pm. We planned everything and I’m waiting for her message. Finally, I got a message by 8:30pm. I took my bike, bought 2 packets of condoms and reached her house by 9pm. I was very much excited. She opened the door and I was amazed to watch her. She is looking damn sexy wearing a tight blue colour t-shirt and skin fit short which are exposing her assets clearly.

As soon as I went in, hugged her tightly and started to smooch her. She stopped me slapped and said, ” can’t you wait for sometime, we have more time further”. With that, I released her from my arms. She already prepared dinner, we had it and now it is around 9:45. I was sitting on a sofa watching TV. She finished all her works in kitchen and came and sat beside me. She was shy, not looking at me and smiling. Since, it was the first time for both of us, we are little bit shy. We sat like that for 15 mins without speaking a single word. Meanwhile, I was unable to control myself.

Finally, I got courage, placed my hand on her lap. She gave a naughty smile which drove me hard. I went near her and started kissing her cheeks, neck and forehead. I slowly placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her smoothly. She closed her eyes and enjoying the kiss. She responding to my kiss and we started sucking each other tongue passionately. We are smooching hard and it continued for 10 mins.

Then I broke the kiss and removed her tee. To my surprise, she is not wearing the bra. It turned me on watching beautiful pair of boobs for the first time. She is very shy covering her boobs with her hands and giving naughty similes. I took her hands off and started pressing her boobs. I slowly took her boobs in mouth age started sucking it. She started moaning slowly and she is enjoying it.I then slowly made her lie on sofa, removed my shirt and started kissing her navel and licking it while pressing her boobs.

Now, it’s time to explore her sexiest part. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down exposing her beautiful blue colored panty. I removed her jeans completely and started looking at her body she made her more horny. She is giving naughty smiles and one cannot explain how it feels watching a girl like that for the first time. I took my jeans off and now we both are in one piece.

I again started kissing her lips, continued to boobs, navel and finally reached her lower part. I thought to tease her. I slowly started kissing her thighs exactly below her love hole. She is dying with my moves and was unable to control herself. I moved down, started kissing her legs, slowly moved up, reached her thighs but not touching her pussy which is making her go mad.

Now, I slowly pressed her pussy over her panty which vibrated her entire body in pleasure. Now, I pulled her panty down and omg she had pink pussy which is cleaned shaved. There were no hair on and around her pussy. That moment I watched her pussy, I gone mad and within no time, I placed my mouth between her legs. I started licking her pussy like an ice cream. As it was the first time for her, her pussy became completely wet with her juices. I started circling her pussy with tongue and inserting it as much as it goes in. I started tongue fucking her she has gone mad moaning slowly.She cummed atlst 2 times while I was licking her pussy.

Now, it is her turn to play with mine. Once, I told her that I love taking blow job. Hence, she stood up, made me sit on sofa, kneeled down and took my inner off. She is very excited to watch my 6″ tool as it was the first time watching a boys private part. She is not ready to take it in her mouth as it is the first time. She slowly started jerking my dick, pressing it and with a big hesitation, she kissed the tip of my dick which made me mad.

Slowly she started enjoying my tool, took the half first and later took the entire dick in her mouth. She is really a good sucker even though that was her first time. She slowly increased the speed and now sucking my dick with high speed. Since, it was the first time for me as well, I cummed within few minutes in her mouth and some on her face.

Again I started licking her pussy which made my tool hard in no time. Now I positioned her on sofa, widened her legs and slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy. She is going mad with my move. Since she is a virgin, I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. It was very tight and she asked me take it out as it is paining very high.

I took it out, started licking her pussy again and after few minutes, again inserted my dick but this time I applied little force and it went half in. She is dying in pain but again with little pressure, I inserted my dick which went completely in. She is crying in pain and started bleeding. I kept my dick in, kissed her lips and whispered, “you lost your virginity baby”.

She gave a naughty smile after regaining from pain. Now I positioned myself well and started stroking her slowly increasing speed after every stroke. She started enjoying it and going mad, moaning loud. I fucked her for 10mins in missionary position and then made her to lie upside down. She has a great well shaped round ass which is so smooth. I widened her legs from the back, so her pussy is very clear to watch. I went back of her, slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her. I can feel the smooth ass on my belly while fucking her.

We are completely horny, going mad on each other and she was enjoying my fuck with immense pleasure. I started fucking her very hard and her pussy is completely wet making sounds due to my continuous strokes. With 15 mins of continuous fucking, we both reached climax at the same time. I loaded my entire cum inside her wet pussy with condom on. I was on her for more 5mins with my dick still in her pussy. Then I took my dick out, removed the condom and throwed it away.

Since, she is a virgin, due to my hard session she became very tired. We watched TV for one hour being nude, shared our views age desires on sex. Meanwhile she is playing with my dick and I was playing with her boobs, pussy and kissing her ask over her body.

That time, she told me about her desire to get fucked by 2-3 people continuously one after the other. But she requested that it shouldn’t be a group sex but everyone has to fuck her one after the other inside a room. I was really excited listening to her desire and told her about my friends that my friends are looking to have sex with you, they are ready to fuck you and if you are ready for that, we will plan a day and fulfill your desire.

How I convinced her to have sex with my friends and how she turned to be a big slut to three of us and how we three fucked her, I’ll tell you in the next part. I hope everyone enjoyed the story. Be ready for the next part and I promise to make it more horny and make you horny.

For any feedbacks or any secret relationships, please feel free to mail me at [email protected], especially the people from Hyderabad. Do read my next parts and enjoy, support me. Thank-you guys

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