Starting Of Friends With Benefits

Hi, Guys and Girls, I have been a big fan of ISS for at least 3 years and this is my first sex story I’m publishing which is my real life incident which happened to me a few months back with my friend Archana at the escape cinemas in the express avenue at Chennai.

So about me, I’m 21 years old guy from Chennai and I stay at Nungambakkam. I love to travel, watch movies and TV series and the best thing about me is I’m a professional state level swimmer, so I have a very good body which I’m really proud of. I’m still a virgin right now, so in this story, I’m going to tell about how I made her get into friends with benefits relationship with me and going to base 3 with her. Also before her, I have been with 2 other girls as a fling too, till base 2 and 3, which isn’t much worth writing.

And about my friend Archana, she 21 too with a lean body and has medium sized and round shaped breasts and has a face of Angelina Jolie, the best part is her lips where u can’t stop thinking of kissing and sucking those amazing lips. She is open minded about everything, loving person and loves to hang out with me.

So coming back to the sex story now, I and Archana have been friends for a few years now. We meet during an event which happened in Chennai, then we got to talk and we exchanged our phone numbers and talk frequently, I found that she is single and doesn’t like to be in relationships. So at first we casually used to talk about our studies and college, then as days passed by we were comfortable with each other and open. Then we started to hang out with friends and go out to movies and dinner, one day while we were talking on the phone

ME: Hey, have u ever kissed a guy before?Archana: Haha yeah, but I wasn’t in a relationship. It was just a fling.ME: wow, nice, was it just a kiss or more than that?Archana: hmm you seem more interested in my sexual stories, why don’t u first tell about yours?ME: hahaha okay, I have been with 2 girls before just as a fling. The first girl was at a club where we made out and went till base 2 and the other girl we went to her place and I gave her an oralArchana: damn that’s so hot dude, were you any good? Was she satisfied?ME: well yeah she did cum at the end but she didn’t return the favorArchana: aww that’s really sadME: yeah it is, okay u tell me about uArchana: alright, my first experience with a guy was just a kiss. Then I met an another guy at a club, and we partied a lot and he went down on me.ME: awesome, how did you feel?Archana: the best ever, I had chills all over my body. I wish I got more of it.ME: hahaha looks like you must be always horny AF?Archana: yeah whats wrong in it? Well, don’t you wish u had more?ME: Hell yeah, but I was wanted something casual like a fling.Archana: good that’s what I always wanted too.

From then we were open more to each other, we started to talk more about our sexual feelings, our sexual fantasy, favorite porn stars, and videos etc. She would teach how to turn on girls my touching them down and satisfying them and I would give her a few tips too. We became so close, I also imagined to have sex with her, but never get to share that with her.

One day, we planned to go for a movie on a Tuesday afternoon at escape cinemas, and that time I plan to make my first move and propose friends with benefits relationship with her. As I reached there I saw her in front of EA waiting for me, she was wearing a short sleeveless tops that if she raised her hand her navel and hips would be visible, then she was wearing a black jean, she was looking so hot in that and I went up to her and hugged her tightly and she did the same.

Then we went up there to see which movie was available and they had a 3’o clock show for the movie Jackie. So we booked it and started to roam around the mall. While we were roaming around we held our hands and sometimes she would put her hands around me and walk so close to each other as her boobs would touch my arms. I really loved those moments and started to arouse me sexually. Then I took some courage and I put my hands on her hips and she didn’t mind anything and since had a short tops my hands would touch her bare hips and I loved rubbing them slowly while walking. After a few minutes she put up her hands over my hips too, we were like a lover couple walking around the mall. Sometimes we would hug and hold our bodies together when we were at a shop sometimes.

Then as the movie was about to start we went up to the theater and saw it was so empty that out of 10 rows only the top 3 rows were full and we were in the top row too. But we just went and sat in the 4 row in the couple’s seat and there were no side bars between us. Then the movie started, it was so slow and actually so boring, so mostly half of the time we were just talking. While talking my hands were over here hips rubbing her soft body and her hands were over my thigh and she was rubbing them tooAnd then our conversation started to move to sex and we were talking about our fantasies, I got so turned on and I know that she would feel the same too then I took some courage and said…

ME: Archana, you know you have amazing lips (as I took my finger and rubbed her lips slowly)Archana: thank u baby, and u have an amazing body too (she gave me a rub over my stomach and chest)ME: if u don’t mind can we kiss right now?Then there was a pause between us, she was a little surprised we I asked it and I guess she liked it for my courageArchana: haha okay yeah let’s do it!!

And then I held her around tightly around her hips and then came closer and as our lips touched she took her hand around my body and started rubbing them, it was so hot and her lips were so soft. At first, we kissed slowly by using our tongues and it was the best kiss because she knew how to rub her tongue over mine, then after a minute of kissing we stopped and looked into each other eyes and we laughed suddenly

ME: wow, your such a good kisser, I really loved itArchana: thanks u too, but I guess we could do better than thatME: haha really how?Archana: okay let’s kiss again and this time let’s try more tongue into each other’s mouth

Then we went closer and kissed again, this time it was really much better we both had a heat rising between us and we used our tongue and moved around each others mouth. I started to move my hands around her hips and came to her belly button and started to rub her stomach, she then held my face started to move her tongue inside mine which was making me turn on much more. We broke our kiss and started to kiss each other’s face and neck.

Then I took my hand to her round boobs and started to press them softly and she gave a light moan. Since she wore sleeveless tops it was easy to remove her tops on one side and I started to rub her boobs on the top and kiss them. After that, I pushed down her bra and saw her soft round boobs with brown nipples waiting to be sucked and then I took them into my mouth and sucked them slowly. She kept giving light moans now and then.

While sucking her breast I took one of my hands under and started to rub her pussy over her jeans and she took her hand to my erect dick and started to rub them over my jeans too. now and then we used to look around the theater to see if any1 is looking at us, but none did cause they were all far away if gave us much courage to do more. Then I removed her jean button and zipped down, and took my hand into her panties and found she was so wet that her juices were already flowing outside. then I started to rub her clit slowly while she took hands and held her mouth shut from moaning too loud, I kept rubbing her wet pussy and then inserted my 2 fingers inside her vagina and swirl around it, she got so turned on started to hold me down and started to kiss me so strongly.

Then I again kissed and sucked her breasts a while and whispered in her ears ‘can u go down on me?’

She didn’t say anything but then she started to unbutton my pants and unzip them, it was her first time in giving a blowjob and for its first time for me to get one. She held my erect 6-inch dick and kissed the top and that was the best feeling I could ever get and then she slowly started to use her tongue and use her saliva to lick my top dick. Then finally she slowly started to take down my whole dick inside her mouth and she gave me and amazing blowjob for a few minutes and I felt the whole time on cloud 9.

And finally when I was about to cum she took my dick out and gave me a handjob and at the same time, she was licking the top layer of my wet dick. and when I came a slight cum sprayed over her face and others on her hands and it flowed over my dick, then she took out her kerchief and wiped it all over and then again sucked my whole dick and cleaned it with her tongue.

After that, we put up our pants again and lied down and each other and watched the climax of the movie, after the movie was over we talked and planned to be in a friends with benefits relationship and then we would always have sex talks over the phone and we would send nude pics of each other. It was one of the days I would never forget in my life.

So one of mine and Archana’s fantasies is to have a Threesome with another girl, so if any girls love to have a Threesome with me and Archana feel free to contact me, and of course we wish to be discreet, so no worries. we would also have a no string attached casual relationship with just me if u want too, I’m fair skinned and I have a swimmers body, I would send my pictures too, And of course, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

So feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected]I love to know your feedbacks too, so I would make my stories much better next time.

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