Step Mother – Part 7

I am thankful to all the readers who shower their love and affection for my stories by email and giving comments at the bottom of story. There is great good news for readers and fans of my stories. A Hindi film producer has offered to make films from few of my stories. Step Mother is one of it; another is Train to Real life thrills. He asked me to make necessary changes in the story. I have agreed to their demand and in near future you will hear something about it.

Prakash took Maya to his apartment. On their way they have decided certain important things. They have decided that they will first not introduce Maya. Maya had done her make up in such a way that she doesn’t look ditto like Jaya. They will be meeting after many years so the probability was that Jaya may not recognize her immediately.

They have also decided that they will not talk about cancer till they decide to go to doctor. They have decided that they will not let her know about present status of their relationship. However during their last kissing session behind the closed door, before leaving home they have promised each other to remain united forever.

When Jaya opened the door and saw a young girl with Prakash. Her heart was broken; she could not even dare to look at the face of girl. She took them inside without looking at them. She had thousands of ill thoughts like they are friends, or she is working in his office, and they must be in relation with each other. She also thought that Prakash may be planning to marry this girl. May be he decided like that because some time he showed interest in having kids and I am unable to give him any.

Jaya recalled that some time she has asked Prakash to marry another woman for kids. But how can he do it without taking my advice, she asked herself of her own. Later Prakash and Maya found her crying in kitchen. They brought her out; they understood her mental condition but did not say anything. Maya introduced herself to Jaya. Jaya was very happy to meet her own daughter. Prakash did not give more details. He took both for lunch and there they won a prize trip to New Zealand for two persons.

They returned home, on their way they decided that it is late night so Maya stay with them. On reaching home, they all were in mood to sit to gather and have lots of gup-sup. After changing to night dresses they settled in master bed room. Jaya gave Maya a nightie; both of them were wearing beautiful nightie. Prakash was wearing a night pants and shirt. That very much resembled to the one he was wearing today noon at Maya’s place.

They talked so many things. In the process Maya and Prakash gave more information about Raju and his present condition. That time Jaya was crying a lot knowing the sorrows of her daughter. To calm her down Maya and Prakash consoled and caressed her sitting next to her both the sides. They also talked about Maya’s job role as personal secretary to Prakash, however they did not say more details like since when she joined etc. They presented the whole story as if their more focus since their first meeting was on Raju’s treatment etc. They also hide the fact that they have hired new beautiful apartment for Maya etc.

Jaya once indicated that Maya should come and stay with them, but what about Raju was her next question. Prakash embraced Jaya and said, you have suggested what I am having in my heart. He said, Raju is in center and bed ridden so Maya can come and stay with us. She can keep her house as it is. And in any case, as per doctors there is least chance for Raju’s health to improve. Looking at Jaya he said, you convince Maya to shift to our house. Maya was looking at Prakash with mischievous face. She embraced Jaya and let her face hid in to Jaya’s busts. Jaya felt her gesture loving. Jaya showered kisses over her.

Prakash thought to play a mischief. He said wait, wait. Let me first clarify something. Looking at Jaya, Prakash said, when Maya was 5 years and I was fifteen years. That time you saw her cuddled in me and you became furious. Tell me what will be your reaction now if you see both of us in embrace. Jaya started slapping Prakash on his back lovingly and said; now if you don’t cuddle her I will beat you and not Maya. Is it so? Then I will cuddle her just now, saying so he tried to cuddle both of them. They were already in bed. It was almost like 2 am. They wanted to sleep there only. However Prakash suggested that I will sleep in another room. However his suggestion was ruled out by Jaya saying that there is enough space here.

Prakash lay in middle, Maya and Jaya on each side of him. I want to sleep with mom, Maya declared. No we are alright, Prakash said. After so many years I have got chance to sleep with mom, let me have that privilege. OK you come on this side, saying so Jaya made place for Maya next to her, that made Jaya and Prakash next to each other and Jaya and Maya next to each other. Maya and Prakash were on farther ends. They all fell to sleep immediately, with Jaya and Maya cuddled into each other fully.

Prakash could not sleep well and was awake till late. After making sure that Maya is well asleep he kept his hand on Jaya and palm caressing different parts of her beautiful curves. He knew tomorrow is going to prove a bad day for Jaya. He was sure that she will require more of his love tomorrow. Prakash was thinking on how to make her come out from the trauma of cancer and mastectomy later on. He did not wish to hurt her feelings in anyway. He wishes to see same joyful Jaya forever, this was the biggest challenge, he thought.

Early morning Jaya wake up at her regular time, Maya was fast asleep in embrace with Jaya. Jaya somehow managed to come out from her embrace and wanted to leave bed. Before leaving the bed Jaya wanted to kiss Prakash she lowered her self to kiss Prakash. While she was busy kissing Prakash. Maya rose from bed and started to leave. Jaya found that she was caught red handed making love to Prakash.

Jaya came down the bed. She stood before Maya but was little embarrassed and puzzled as what to say. Maya took her in arms and kissed her cheeks as if giving morning kiss. After kissing and caressing her, she said, my sweet mom, I want you to take rest today; I will cook today and feed both of you. I want to see whether both of you like my food. Just now you please enjoy your early morning. She looked at her with a smile, when she found smile on her mother’s face Maya winked to confirm that she understands everything.

Before leaving the room Maya latched the door from inside and then closed the door, she knowingly checked the door and lock from outside to confirm and let Jaya know that the door is locked properly. Jaya’s heart beats were still high and irregular. She lay in bed next to Prakash and started caressing him. Prakash opened eyes and looked at her lovingly, he checked on the side next to Jaya. He found Maya’s place vacant.

Prakash pulled Jaya towards him and kissed her cheeks one after another. Maya caught me making love to you, Jaya told Prakash while caressing him. Jaya also kissed Prakash on both his cheeks one after another. Prakash opened her gown from front and put his face on her busts, she was not wearing bra. Jaya caressed his head back and said darling you gave me the best gift of my life yesterday. I was always worried for my daughter but could not tell you anytime. That day I spoke ill about her but it was just to show that you are the only person whom I love.

Darling did you clarify or did she say anything to you after she saw you kissing me. Prakash asked while letting his palm glide on her belly and her waists. Jaya started open shirt of Prakash and started caressing his chest. Her palm was moving on his chest and let her fingers play with his nipples. She let her palm glide in his night pants and held his stiffening cock.

Darling did you clarify or did she say anything to you after she saw you kissing me. Prakash asked while letting his palm glide on her belly and her waists. Jaya started open shirt of Prakash and started caressing his chest. Her palm was moving on his chest and let her fingers play with his nipples. She let her palm glide in his night pants and held his stiffening cock.

Jaya looked at him and said she winked at me and said you enjoy your morning. Cock of Prakash twitched in her palm and grew more with her touch. Jaya lowered his pants. Prakash opened her gown fully and came on her with his legs settled between her legs. Jaya was already holding his cock, she guided it. Prakash pushed to enter in her, Jaya was already wet. When he reached fully, Jaya embraced her with her legs around his thighs and her arms around his neck.

Prakash looked at the door whether latched. Jaya told Maya had knowingly locked the door while leaving the room to provide us privacy. Prakash pulled and pushed back. He started riding her with his tongue actively licking her right boob nipple. That was sending waves of pleasure to Jaya. Every time they make love Jaya was enjoying as if they are new lovers. That was the charm of their love even after so many years. Prakash continued making love while giving her slow and fast strokes.

Prakash caressed her face, looked in her eyes and asked, do you feel she knows about our relationship. Prakash started giving stronger pushes. Jaya said seems she doesn’t know anything but she may have doubts about it. Jaya gave matching upper strokes. Jaya said fortunately Maya understands and is considerate too. Jaya holds bums of Prakash and grinds in such a way that he also started grinding his torso in such a way that his rod starts rotating in her as if churning in her honey pot.

Jaya moaned with pleasure and pain to confirm that she likes what Prakash is doing. If she was not considerate what was she going to do, Prakash asked. Prakash and Jaya were making love to each other and talking. Jaya said sure she would have been the looser or we can say she will be the looser. Prakash kissed her face again and again and started looking in her eyes while caressing her face and said, Raju told me during discussion of drugs that his marriage failed very first day. I did not ask details to him.

Prakash started giving harder strokes. I was also sexually frustrated during my life with your father but you handled me and my life very well that made my life worth living. Darling are you really happy with the life you are enjoying with me, Prakash asked Jaya while holding her face in his palms and looking deep in her. Jaya said darling I am really happy with you, but I am now worried about Maya. If what you say is correct, she is deprived of the real pleasure of life. I think I should openly discuss this with her.

Prakash started giving harder and harder strokes for some time and slowed down to talk to her. He kissed her on her busts and said, darling at the moment you need not worry about pleasure of her life. Think what will happen if she comes to know about our relations. Jaya held him with her arms around his neck, pulled him little closer and shower kisses on his face. Prakash slowed down more with pulling out slowly but fully and pushing in fully like in slow motion.

He was eager to hear what Jaya is saying. In his ear Jaya said darling, I am sure she has understood everything. The way she behaved with me this morning. Prakash increased speed and started sucking her right boob. Jaya said oh no Prakash you are making me cum, wait today let us go slow. Today I am enjoying it so nice. I feel like a real woman of this house. Maya made me feel like that.How she understood everything, I can explain you. She must have found that no other bed room is being used. So it makes her sure that we are using the same bed and bedroom. Second and important thing is that, she caught me making love to you like a woman will do with her spouse early morning. Very important point is that she can relate all these with my behaviour when she first entered the house.

Prakash knew everything but could not say anything to Jaya. When Jaya was explaining everything he could not say anything because his mouth was fully filled with her right boob. This has made Jaya again to skip the edge and was about to climax, she was yet not willing to cum. She locked Prakash and stopped her breath after a deep inhale. This prevented her from cumming. At the same time Prakash stopped his movement to prolong his climax.

Jaya changed the subject and asked Prakash why are you not convincing her to stay with us? Prakash kissed her on her cheek and said for that I will have to tame her, I am sure you will not mind. Jaya pulled his cheek with her thumb and fingers and said. So you naughty want to make love to her also Jaya asked. Are you against it? Prakash inquired.

Prakash, I can understand that she must have not enjoyed her life with this Raju rascal. Jaya caressed bums of Prakash and pushed him little more inside, suddenly brought her palms on her wide chest and started caressing around his shoulders as if praising his vigour.

Jaya said her life must be barren of real love from a man. I wish, you succeed in that, but you will have to be very careful. Prakash caressed her face and kissed her cheek he started moving in and out slowly and asked her am I not cool? When she was staying with me she was like a fire Jaya explained.

Prakash increased speed while holding Jaya from her waist and raised himself for giving stronger strokes. Do you think it will be OK for me and Maya to be physical with each other? We are that way brother and sister. Prakash asked. Jaya crossed him, why not; she is not your real sister. Jaya started giving matching upward strokes to meet his heavy strokes. Second thing if you can be incest with me, why not with her?

Prakash took her right side boob in his mouth and started sucking it while holding it like a child playing with mango. Jaya said if you are sure, Raju is not going to last very long. That time Prakash continued with mixture of slow and fast strokes. She will be in great vacuum; it will be really desirable to make her engaged before the vacuum is created Jaya made him to understand her view.

Prkash left the right boob and started moving his tongue on her left boob. Today I have seen that she behaves with you in very respectable manner. May be because you are her boss and also because you have done so much for her. But be cautious Jaya warned him. Jaya was talking but unable to breathe properly because of impending climax. Prakash was also in same situation. He increased the speed and missed the edge.

He sprayed his first hot strong stream of love juice deep in her barren womb. Jaya also ready to climax still said, don’t do anything till I say you to do it. First let me see how she behaves with me when she comes to know about our relations by hearing it in my own words. Her last words were broken. She stiffened still said I love you my king. They stayed in embrace of afterglow for another half an hour. Jaya let Prakash sleep.

When Maya and Prakash were alone, Maya winked at Prakash and asked how was your early morning love making. Prakash said excellent due to your good wishes and tactful act. However Jaya told me that you seem to have understood our relations. I have not told her that you know everything. I have also not said anything about our relation. You be careful if she talks to you anything. To taste how you react about our relations, she may ask you direct or indirect question. Prakash asked Maya to remind Jaya to go to doctor’s place.

Later Prakash, Maya and Jaya went to doctor’s place. Jaya was very cool when doctor informed them that the cancer is in third stage. Jaya was unmoved. She did not panic or cry. Doctor explained that there is all the treatment available. But we are not going for it. Mastectomy is the first available course and normally everybody go for it. The stage two is chemo therapy followed by radiation.

You are in such a stage that we cannot open the growth cancer by mastectomy. We will have to try to cure it by radiation first. After radiation we will decide our next step. Dates were fixed for radiation and they left for home. No one was ready to speak anything. Against their expectations they were free very early. It was only 1 pm yet. Prakash and Maya have decided not to go office. On way, Jaya told that he wanted to meet Raju.

They reached main office of centre. They were told that you were called immediately, because there is bad news for you. But we have come of our own. Oh, so you were not at home. Anyway, Raju is having his last breathes, come on I will take you to his room. Raju’s was taking his last breathes. They stood near the bed. Maya sat next to his head. Jaya and Prakash were standing near his legs.

Raju folded his hands and turned to Maya as if saying excuse me. He said I have harassed you too much. I have no right to say excuse me. God has given me the punishment for whatever I did with you. He looked at Prakash and called him nearer; he took out one piece of paper and gave it to him. Prakash put it in his pocket. Raju said, God is great; he had pity on me so he sent me to you.

Sir, take care of Maya forever. These were his last words. They asked the centre people to help to finish his last rites. They finished the last rites. They reached home, Maya asked Jaya to perform the rituals for her as widow. Jaya told her that, we are not living in 19th century. All those methods of showing widow worship are gone. Second and important thing is that though you were married was as good as unmarried, I very well know that.

They have cried and wiped too much at the cremation; their tears have emptied, at home their faces showed the grief but could not cry. Maya was much moved and was required to be consoled often. Either Jaya or Prakash used to hold and caress her continuously. After bath they ordered food from restaurant; this was the first time in the day they were eating something. After dinner they settled in bedroom.

Jaya said their life has dramatic changes in last two days. One day we were suddenly high in the sky the other day we are in the valley of sorrows. Prakash said, take it other way. Our life has started settling slowly, however the incidences were fast, but this is all sure going to lead us to a path of change. Raju’s departure was imminent, nobody can avert it.

Now for Maya the road will be clear to get settled; otherwise Raju was a chain tied in her legs preventing her progress. First of all now we should start your treatment, secondly we start our duties soonest. Jaya said soonest means from tomorrow both of you will start your work. Maya said both of you are logically right but I wish to continuously stay with my mom till her treatment is completed.

Prakash said you are right, I also wish that you remain with her continuously but not just now, you will do it after the radiation starts. Today let us sleep now, yesterday we have minimum of sleep. You both sleep in this room I will sleep in my room. Maya without looking at anyone said I will sleep in another room I am accustomed to sleep alone since long. Jaya held Maya in her embrace and said, how can we allow you to sleep alone? Yesterday we have been in the bed to gather and were comfortable. We will continue it.

The night was peaceful for all three. They slept well. Jaya had kept Maya in embrace a little. She uses to caress her often. She had not slept well. Prakash had his arm around Jaya and use to caress her whenever little awake for a while.

Prakash and Maya went to office early morning. In car they discussed few things. Prakash left her at her house to wear office dress, and also as per their routine they wanted to go office separately. They were very busy in the office for whole day. They could not talk much about their personal matters.

On their way home they decided to go at Maya’s house to bring few important things. Once in the house, Maya and Prakash embraced each other from sides and started showering kisses to each other. Their kisses were more emotional and least sexual. Prakash lead her to bedroom with all the delicacy he can. He took out his shirt and throw aside. She was in her office suit. Prakash pulled her to lay herself on bed with her head on pillow. Prakash also lay along.

Prakash started caressing her face, caressed her forehead, caressed her head and started playing with her hair. Maya was looking somewhere on the ceiling and was in deep thoughts. He kept looking in her eyes, but she did not know it. She suddenly busted with deep cry and embraced Prakash. Prakash let her cry but started caressing her back. Maya said how I could have managed everything if you were not there in my life.

How could I have managed his treatment, how could I have taken him to hospitals, he would have been pressing me for money for his drugs and liquor, he would have killed me if I would have not provided him everything. May be he would have sold me or forced me to flash trade. Prakash, God is great that is why he sent you to me. Maya started kissing him on his chest. She was caressing his chest, shoulder and neck and again started showering kisses on his face.

Prakash responded her with equal eagerness to reciprocate the love she was showering on him. Prakash kissed her face. He kissed her forehead; he touched her nose tip with his nose tip and moved around each other’s. Prakash kissed her neck and fondled her ear lobe. This was enough for Maya to get fully aroused. Her arousal was more of emotional type. Prakash removed her suit and started showering kisses on her cleavage.

While kissing her cleavage Prakash caressed the slopes of her breasts along the bra. Her bra was half cut sheer. Touch of Prakash was felt like touching directly to her skin. Her nipples erected in anticipation. He took the nipple in his mouth along with bra cloth and started sucking it. Maya’s palm automatically reached to his head back and started moving in his hair. Her finger tips were massaging his scalp. He pulled down her bra to have direct suck. Maya unclasp bra to get rid of it.

Prakash started licking her boobs around the slopes. First licked her right one and then changed to her left one. Maya wanted Prakash to be more aggressive. She raised herself a little allowing carry on his activities, she started remove her clothes one after another. She was now in her pantie only. Prakash removed his pants. Maya laid first on bed resting on her right side. Prakash started caressing her curves from her thighs to upward.

He continued looking at her in between. Maya found pure love in his looks. She had a tear in the corner of her right eye. Prakash was caressing her hips and kissing on her panty and panty line. Maya had perfect slopes at both the ends. On down side she had no fat on her thighs and on upside you can say that the hips were perfect.

Just now he was seeing only her left side. She was resting on her right side; that was showing her curves more prominent. He wanted to bite there. He looked at her when he opened his mouth to take a loaf of meat from there he see the tear in her eye. While looking at Prakash she took one drop of tear on her finger tip; and she smiled looking at Prakash. Prakash’s mouth remained open till she said. This again reminds me how much you have loved me whole of my life.

He closed his mouth on her hip and tried to take loaf of meat in his mouth. Maya you have always been the reason for my success. He could not take a big loaf but had a small bite there. Looking at her face he said that monsoon night when you were five years, you insisted to sleep with me and the other day I was forced to decide to leave the native and came to Ahmedabad, had I not been here, I would have never done MBA.

Prakash went further up, now he was caressing her waist and started kissing all around there. This time you came in my life you became the reason for my progress in the company Prakash said. This was giving tingling to Maya, she wanted to giggle but she also wanted to hear him so refrained from making sound. She extended her palm to caress his head. Prakash when you make love to me, my every nerve feels the pleasure.

Just now you are kissing me there, but whole of my body feels the effect. Prakash you are so lovely. Prakash now started kissing her belly. His palm was moving on her back. He was kissing and licking her front on and around belly. After licking around he started licking her belly button. This made her inhale deep to keep herself under control. She pulled her head closer to make him stop for a while. Adversely he tried to bite there but in vain, he could not do it because her belly was flat.

Maya turned little left making her back flat on bed. Prakash continued kissing and licking her. Maya continued her fingers play in his scalp and some time caress his head deranging his hair. Tongue of Prakash was now travelling between her boobs. When Prakash started licking around her left boob, it reminded her about mom’s cancer. She asked Prakash, what you think, mom will be cured? Prakash stopped licking and looked up.

Maya said forget it, I got your answer. Now tell me how long can she pull? Nothing guaranteed, depends on our luck. Attention of Prakash was diverted from licking; Maya guided his head to continue. Instead Prakash leave what he was doing, he came face to face with her letting his fully body rest on her without giving her much weight. Eye in eye he told that this is the second physical blow on her by God or nature.

Maya exclaimed her face showed she doesn’t know. The first was when you were born. She lost her uterus after you were born. She cannot become mother in her life again. Is it so? I didn’t know it. Prakash said yes, before some time she was telling me to marry for the sake of successor. Maya started caressing his face and kissed on his lips. Prakash also started moving his palm to caress her. Maya took her hand between them and moved it on his knickers. He was very hard. She pulled down knickers a little making his rod free.

Prakash leave her embrace and removed his knickers, meanwhile Maya removed her panty. Prakash again settled between her legs and upper body pressed with Maya. Face to face he looked in her eyes and said. Yesterday morning while making love she showed her concern about how you shall be reacting after knowing about her physical relations with me. Prakash hold his cock and started moving his bulbous cock head on her slit.

Prakash kissed on her cheek. Looking in her eyes he continued saying; however she said that most probably you have understood it that is why you said her to enjoy morning. Prakash kissed on another cheek. Prakash continued you winked looking at her. You also securely latched the lock from inside while going out of the room. You checked the lock from outside to let her too confirm that it is locked properly.

Prakash moved himself to enter her. Maya widened her legs to let him enter fully. Prakash said Jaya thinks that you are considerate about it. Prakash pulled out fully and pushed in. She showed her concern about you not having any physical relation with Raju. While again pulling out and pushing in he said. As Raju was alive that time, she suggested me to be physical with you to satisfy your physical needs and mental peace.

Maya embraced Prakash with her arms around his neck and while kissing him said my sweet brother is already doing it. When Prakash was busy kissing her side neck and front, Maya said, darling I know first time you did it with me on very first day of our introduction with the same motive. You didn’t do it because you were sexually attracted to me. Your eyes were saying it that day but I could not understand it.

Prakash started licking around slopes of her breasts. He started with her right side. Maya was caressing his head while he was licking her breasts. Maya was feeling very romantic. Prakash continued giving her slow strokes while licking her busts. Prakash was gliding like a knife in butter. Her inner was soft like butter but her muscles were holding his shaft with a strong grip.

Prakash knew that he has deflowered Maya, that thought itself was giving him lot of pleasure, her inner walls holding him tight was increasing the pleasure. He started playing with another boob. He pulled out fully and pushed in full. He looked at her beautiful face. He kissed her lips, licked her lips, looking in her eyes Prakash asked her. What did you think after I took your cherry? She looked at him smiling. She took a bunch of his hair in fist and pulled upward.

This puzzled Prakash for a moment. He was astonished to see her reaction. Eye in eye she said that day I thought something different, today I am thinking different. Maya let loose her pressure of pulling, but still holding his hair. Prakash said tell me both. Today I think that God is great. After we departed in childhood, in my teen age I have dreamed to let you take my cherry. The day you took my cherry, I thought that my dream is not fulfilled. Today I am continuously thanking God for fulfilling my dream.

Is it so? Prakash started giving strong continuous strokes. Prakash showered kisses for her confession. He started caressing her curves. He increased his speed and started licking her boobs. Continuing licking he asked what you thought first time. She caressed her face, caressed his head and hair; that I will tell you after you bring me to climax like that day. Prakash started sucking her boob, one after another and making them wet.

Maya was on the verge of breaking her dams. Knowing this fact he increased the speed and also started sucking her both boob one after another and at the same time knead another boob with the help of saliva as lubricant. He took his palm towards her pussy and caressed the edges and slowly started touching her clitoris keeping their union intact. This was too much for Maya. She was about to climax, but wanted to enjoy his touch at her clit.

Prakash started moving one finger on her clit and try another finger to enter her pussy alongside to his steel rod like shaft. Maya started moving her head right and left. Looking at her urgency he pushed his finger in her and his finger touched her g-spot. Maya shouted with pleasure as if not worried to let the world know her climax. Prakash left her boob and locked her mouth with full mouth kiss. Maya embraced him tight.

Prakash gave last strokes anticipating his climax. Maya stiffened and Prakash took her in full embrace lovingly. Maya could not move; Prakash was fully locked. They stayed like that for some time and when she came to senses. She caressed his hair and caressed his head back. She took his face between her palms and raised his face. You want to know that what I thought after our first time right? She said Prakash that was the first day of my life, any man entered in me.

Prakash my life was like a hell immediately after marriage. We were moving from city to city to keep away from creditors. Raju had bed friends all around. Many of his friends, creditors and others tried to seduce me and take benefit of my bed luck. With lot of difficulties I have saved my body and soul. Raju was a good man in the only sense about saving me. If he was not a drunkard or drug addict, I would have sure loved to be his wife with poverty and also without enjoying sexual life.

Maya God is great he saved you from all odds, because he knew that your brother is there to help you out. Yes, that is why God first time pushed me towards you. I willingly offered myself to you.

After you satisfied me fully, immediately I thought that how could it be, if I can marry you? When I was dreaming to marry you, you were thinking to resettle me in life with new house, new job, new clothes and what not. Prakash that day you were showering on me your brotherly love. I was dreaming to have you as my husband.

Maya did you really dream all these? Maya I am not dreaming, I was going to propose you very soon. Prakash was very happy to hear her dream. He started showering kisses on her face. He caressed her face, caressed her head and hair. His shaft which had loosened a little after her climax soon started showing the effect. He pulled out and pushed in. Maya this is really a dream for me. I still do not believe it.

Prakash embraced her tight, Maya also embraced with her arms around his neck, both started kissing and caressing each other. Maya pulled her down and said let me take the charge. Immediately on coming over him, she took the position and adjusted his rod at the entrance to heaven and glided inside. She pulled out and pushed in twice to let herself get acquainted with it.

Prakash was happy to receive the treatment like a king from his beloved queen. She brought her boobs near his face for him to please them while she adjusted her speed. She continued moving in out with her body sinking down and going up to please Prakash. At the same time Prakash started pleasing her boobs by first playing with them with both his palms holding them, caressing them, letting them feel his face.

Prakash showered kisses over them. He soon started building pressure. Maya was doing things like an expert. She continued doing it, with her hair moving right-left, some time moving in front from back and again to back. She was trying to make knot of her hair, but was unable to make it due to her movement. She had come above him after quite a long time.

In between she kissed his face and said, Prakash I will manage everything. I will make mom agree for our marriage. In fact I will make her request me for marrying you. Oh really Maya? I wish you do it at the earliest. I am very eager for that day. Happiness about marrying his lover made him arouse more and Maya’s prolonged movements made Prakash to send first spurt of his baby making seeds in the womb of a woman of his liking.

They stayed to gather in to arms of each other while making love of afterglow of their beloved. After another half an hour they prepared to go home with resolution to make their way to get united for ever with the blessings of Jaya.

When they reached home, they were greeted warmly at the door by Jaya. She took both in embrace first one after another and then they three stayed to gather in embrace for a while.

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