Story of a steamy Intercourse With My Sultry School Teacher

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 19 years old. I’m here to share with you another encounter of mine with my school Teacher, Maya Iyer. She is 34 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful and charming. She has a regular body type with plump arms and no visible belly fat. She is the mother of a 7-year-old girl.

We have been in an affair since August 2022. I also shared our first encounter with you through my story ‘Lost My Virginity To My Favorite Teacher.’ Since then, sex has been quite a regular affair between my teacher and me.

However, since my college started by the end of November 2022, we could not quite meet. This is because our timings did not match. On multiple occasions, I was too tempted to bunk my classes. But I could not manage to do so as it was the very first month of my college.

Maya was getting annoyed with me. On 14th February 2023, she even went to the extent of saying that I used her and her body for my lust and was trying to dump her now after 4 months of sex. But I was feeling exactly the opposite of it. That is, every time I had slept with her, my hunger for her had grown multifold.

With some difficulty, I convinced her that I was not trying to dump her. We then ended our almost 80 days sex drought on 19th February 2023. It was a Sunday. Maya said she would make it to the school, starting special classes for Class 10 students.

A day before, on 18th February 2023, I messaged Maya asking, “What’s the plan?” She replied, “Meet me at the back gate of our school at 8 am. I have booked a room. We must arrange transport as the place is far away.” She shared the screenshot of the hotel booking.

The hotel she had booked was on Chennai’s outskirts on a long expressway named OMR. I called one of my school friends and managed to borrow his motorbike. He agreed to give me his bike for a day. I informed Maya. Her first reaction was, “Does he know about us?” as he was also Maya’s student.

I sarcastically asked her, “Do you want me to tell him?” She replied, “Idiot. I meant to ask, what did you tell him to get the bike?” I told her, “I said I had some personal work to complete. That’s it.”

She replied, “Ok then. Please wait for me at the end of the street at the back gate. My husband will drop me at the front gate at 8 am. I’ll enter the front gate and exit the back gate.”

I went to my friend’s house at 7:45 am. I picked up his bike key and helmet and rode the bike to the back gate. I was waiting at the end of the street where my school’s back gate was situated. She was late by 10 minutes that day.  I wore the helmet and waited for Maya.

I was wearing a normal collared red T-shirt and cream colour pants. I stared continuously at the school street. In a minute or so, I saw a woman in a rose colour saree and blouse stepping out of the back gate with a horsetail ponytail. It was Maya.

As she approached closer, I was continuously gazing at her fleshy arms and her lemony waist. She noticed me gazing at her as she came closer. Nodding her head, she asked me, “Already hit the bed in your mind?” I told her, “I wish this bike could be our bed and this place be our bedroom.”

Giggling at me, she sat on the back seat sideways with her legs on the same side. I started the bike and started driving. The hotel was about 29 kilometres from our school and about 18 kilometres away after we hit the expressway. Holding my lust back with great difficulty, I kept driving.

We managed to weather our lust through the bike journey. Maya was looking at the map on her mobile. As we got closer, she started giving directions from behind. We turned left from the expressway into a mud road. With a couple of lefts and rights, we reached the hotel at about 9:45 am.

It seemed to be an apartment hotel with quite a few empty plots. Maya went inside first, saying that she would complete the check-in. By then, she asked me to park the bike and come in. I parked the bike and went inside the hotel.

Upon seeing me, the receptionist pointed at me and asked Maya, “Has he come with you.” Maya said, “Yes.” There were 2 receptionists, one guy and one lady.Both of them whispered something between them. They told Maya, “Ma’am, we need his ID proof.”

Maya looked at me. I gave them my ID proof. They passed my ID proof to each other, glanced at it and continued to whisper something between themselves.Maya looked at me once and asked them stiffly, “What’s the problem?” With some hesitation, the receptionist said, “Ma’am, we are checking. One second.”

Again, they both whispered, asking, “Should we call the manager?” Hearing that, Maya lost it and asked harshly, “Are we getting the key? We have a booking here, and is this how you treat your guests?” They both looked at each other. The guy nodded his head, asking the lady receptionist to give her the key.

Maya snatched the keys from the receptionist and started walking towards the lift. I extended my hand, asking for my ID proof back. The receptionist guy was continuously gazing at me as he returned my ID proof. I could not actually tell if he was jealous of me or scared to give us the key. I collected my ID proof and followed Maya to the lift. Our room was on the 3rd floor.

We got into the lift. As the lift door closed, I could not wait to enter the room. I pushed Maya to the lift wall with her back to the wall. I placed my hand on her lemony soft waist. Maya gave me a lusty smile at me. Just as I pressed my lips over her lips, the lift made a ding sound.

We had reached the 3rd floor. We managed to pull apart. Luckily, there was no one waiting outside the lift. Our room was the second one to the right-hand side opposite the lift. As Maya opened the door, I started to murmur, “Fuck. I could not hold back anymore. Open fast.”

Maya replied, “Wait. I am feeling the same way.” As she was replying, she opened the door. We rushed into the room. As we got in and shut the door, we dropped our bag/handbag down at the doorstep. We bumped hard into each other.

Maya rolled her arms around my neck. I hugged her tightly around her waist. We jammed our lips against each other and started kissing intensely. We were kissing sloppily with our mouths wide open. Kissing her tight, I gradually pushed Maya towards the door, resting her back on the door.

As we continued kissing hard, I pinched her soft waist. Maya gasped loud and withdrew her lips for a second from mine. Both of us were breathing heavily. Standing closely, I slowly raised my hand from

her waist and squeezed her big soft left boobs. Just as I started to squeeze her boobs, Maya grabbed the hair on my head and dug her tongue into my mouth.We started kissing again. But this time, it was a lot more sensual than getting intense. I continued to press her boobs hard, sucking her juicy tongue.

After kissing her sensually, I slowly released her tongue from my mouth. I then went down her body, slowly kissing and licking her jaws and neck. Instead of slipping her saree pallu down her shoulder, I pushed it towards her cleavage, exposing her left boobs.

I went down, kissing and biting her boobs over her blouse. I then fell on my knees, kissing her soft lemony belly and waist. Her saree pleat was tucked into her abdomen above her navel. I have always loved fingering and licking her small dark navel.

I dug my fingers into her saree tucked into her abdomen and pulled her saree down, exposing her navel. I rolled my left hand around Maya’s waist and jammed my face into her belly. I slowly licked and dug my tongue into her small dark belly button.

Maya grabbed my head with both hands and started moaning slowly as I licked her navel. Her sensual moaning made me feel hornier. Licking her navel, I took my hand down, trying to dig my right hand into her saree from the bottom. Before I could dig into her saree, I first removed her slippers.

Maya raised her feet, allowing me to get rid of her slippers. I removed both her slippers and blindly flicked them behind inside the room one by one. I then placed my hand on her feet and dug my right hand up into her saree. I raised my hand, rubbing her legs, knees and fleshy thighs.

I then managed to dig my fingers between Maya’s legs and rubbed my fingers on her pussy lips over her panty. I even pushed her panty to the side and rubbed her wet pussy lips directly. But her panty was behaving naughty by covering her pussy every time I took my finger out of her pussy lips.

So, I decided to get rid of it, pulled her panty down her thighs and legs, and left it on her feet. I dug my tongue into her navel again and dug my hand into her saree. I caressed and massaged the tiny hole just above her pussy hole. I started to massage her pussy a little intensely. Maya started to moan louder.

I looked up at her face licking her navel and her pussy. I could see her moaning loud with almost a crying face. I could not stop myself. I was also enjoying the strong pricking sensation at the tip of my tongue and the texture of her wet pussy flesh on my fingers.

I continued to lick her navel deep. I slowly slipped my middle finger down her pussy and dipped my finger inside. Maya immediately spread her legs wider and pressed my head harder into her belly. I engulfed her belly into my mouth with my tongue deep inside her navel and started fingering her pussy.

I chucked my middle finger deep inside Maya’s hot and wet pussy. As I started fingering her deeply, Maya started moaning louder in ecstasy in a crying voice. I drilled her pussy hard and deep with both my fingers. I continued fingering Maya’s pussy deep, stinging my tongue hard into her tiny dark navel.

Maya kept moaning a little loud in a crying tone. But seconds later, I felt some liquid flowing down my fingers, palm and wrist. Maya grabbed my head with both hands and started to scream louder and in a firm tone. I withdrew my tongue from her navel and my fingers from her pussy.

I witnessed water-like fluid spilling out of the pussy. I felt she was peeing. But Maya’s body was moving up and down slowly like waves as she squirted over her panty hanging over her feet for about 5 seconds. I went up, kissing her moist body.

Her blouse was so drenched in sweat that the rose-coloured blouse almost looked maroon. As I stood up, Maya rolled her arms around my neck and started kissing my face randomly, whispering, “Thank you,” with a heavy breath. I wondered for a second why she was thanking me.

But then realized that she was only going through her emotions. I rolled my hands around Maya’s waist, dragged her inside the room and dropped her on the bed. I grabbed her red panty and stuck them onto her feet. It was drenched with her ejaculation. I flicked it quickly out of her feet on the floor.

Maya bounced back and sat on the bed instantly as she fell on it. Her saree was strangled loosely all over her body. With a heavy breath, she gave a lusty smile at me and slowly removed her hairband, letting her hair loose. I took off my T-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

I was not wearing an inner vest inside my T-shirt. Maya quickly crawled on the bed towards me. She started to kiss my belly sloppily, holding my waist. Maya then slowly went down my belly kissing. She quickly unbuckled my waist belt, unbuttoned my pant and pulled my pant and underwear down.

My hard black dick popped out as she pulled my pant and underwear down.Maya grabbed my dick. She looked up at me and started stroking my dick slowly. I pointed towards my hard dick and nodded, signalling for her to take my dick inside her mouth.

Maya smiled with a shrunk face and looked down at my dick. Since mid-October, I have been pestering Maya for a blowjob. That is, about 2 months after we started having sex affair. Since then, I ensured to shave off my genital hair, not knowing if and when she would agree.

However, I could not get a blowjob till the end of November when we stopped meeting altogether. Stroking it for some time, Maya slowly pulled the foreskin down with the head of my dick halfway out. Maya lifted and held my dick facing upwards and slowly licked and kissed my balls.

My anxiety now peaked, thinking I was just seconds away from experiencing my first-ever blowjob. She slowly engulfed my hard balls into her mouth and sucked them sensually. I was overjoyed feeling the wetness of her saliva over my balls.

I grabbed the hair over Maya’s head and watched her closely, sucking my balls. Maya then slowly came up, licking and kissing my hard black dick. As she reached the top, she again looked up at me. With some hesitation, she again asked, “Do you want me to suck it? I have never done this before.”

I replied, “I lost my virginity to you 6 months back. Why not you lose your oral virginity to me?” She gave me a smile at me. With some hesitation, she slowly kissed the head of my dick. Closing her eyes, Maya finally engulfed the head of my dick.

She took my dick halfway into her mouth about twice or thrice. But then quickly removed it. She picked some particles stuck onto her tongue and sprinkled it on the floor. Maya then took my dick again into her mouth and started to stroke and suck it sensually.

Her saliva was drooling down my dick. I again enjoyed the wetness and heat inside her mouth over my dick. She could not take it deep throat but engulfed just over half the length of my dick. Maya gave me about 3 rounds of hot and wet blowjobs with about 10 seconds for each round.

She looked up at me with a heavy breath. I was getting heavy urges and could not hold myself back. I tucked my hands into her underarms and lifted her.She got onto her knees. I also stepped onto the bed on my knees. I slipped her saree pallu down her shoulder.

I pulled her saree pleat tucked into her petticoat. I loosened her saree and petticoat around her waist by pulling it away from her body. With much restlessness, I asked Maya to raise her hands. I pulled her saree and petticoat up her body and threw them on the floor.

Both of us were semi-nude. Maya had her blouse and bra on her. I had my pant and underwear just over my knees. We hugged each other tight and fell on the bed, kissing sloppily. We started to cuddle on the bed, but my pant and underwear hanging over my knees were a hindrance.

I quickly got up and pushed my pant and underwear down my legs. I removed my legs from them. I kicked my pant and underwear from the bed with some desperation on the floor. We hugged each other tight, cuddled and rolled over each other all over the bed.

We kissed each other randomly all over our faces and upper bodies. I loved the hybrid smell of her sweat and body spray. After some intense cuddles for some time, Maya got on top. She lifted her body and sat over my waist. Her blouse was completely drenched in sweat.

Maya slowly unhooked her blouse with a lusty smile at me and boasted her breast to the front. She slowly removed her wet blouse soaked in her sweat with some difficulty. Her blouse was sticking hard onto her sweaty body. Maya was sweating so heavily that her sweat even sprinkled over my face.

She removed her arms from the blouse and dropped it on the floor. With her knees on either side of my waist, Maya lifted my dick and swallowed it into her pussy. She came down slowly on my dick. My dick was about three-fourths inside her pussy.

She started to fuck me moving her waist up and down on my dick. I loved her tight pussy flesh gripping my dick from all sides. The sticky sound it made every time she went up and came down on my dick. Maya also seemed to enjoy the intercourse.

She continued to fuck me with both her hand tucked into her hair, biting her lips and closing her eyes with a naughty smile on her face. I placed my hands on her juicy thighs and enjoyed the intercourse as she rode over me. Maya started to ride a little hard and fast, banging her wet fleshy buttocks over my thighs.

After riding my dick hard and deep for some time, Maya slowed down, resting her palms on my chest. I got up, hugged her tight and sucked her lips sensually a few times. I unhooked her bra and pulled the straps down her arms. I was so desperate to fuck her hard.

With my dick still inside her pussy, I rolled my arms around her waist, lifted and dropped her on the bed and got over her. Maya pulled her arms out of her bra straps and slipped onto the bed beside us. My lust hit the roof seeing her glowing wet body closely.

I locked Maya’s wrists on either side of her head and started to fuck her hard. Now I have her nude on the bed with my dick deep inside her. With all those old memories and cravings lingering, I started to drill her pussy deep and hard. Maya moaned loud with a crying face every time I thrust my dick in her pussy.

I could not resist as my eyes caught up with her even-toned yet rough underarms. I released her wrists from my clutches. I continued to drill her pussy hard, digging my palms under Maya’s shoulders and rubbing both my thumbs over her wet and rough underarms.

We moved together like waves on the bed as I continued to screw her deep. The bed creaked when I pushed my dick inside Maya’s hot pussy. After a few seconds of intense sex, my dick erupted. I felt a strong tickling sensation flowing through the length of my dick.

I splashed my semen in multiple lots inside Maya’s pussy. I was so thrilled as I ejaculated. I fell over Maya and moaned in ecstasy as I ejaculated inside her.With a heavy breath, I lay over her. As my dick became softer and shrunk, I slowly rolled over and slept beside her.

We lay down for some time, breathing heavily. Taking my breath back, I smiled at her. She asked me, “What?” With some hesitation, I said, “I recollected how our equation was a year back. The way I used to salute you, wishing you good mornings and good afternoons. Now, my dick is saluting your pussy.”

With a smile, Maya rolled over me and said, “Don’t make me feel awkward now. Also, ask your dick to behave and keep saluting my pussy. This equation should never change.” I nodded my head and said, “Ok, ma’am.” We laughed it out.

Maya lay on me. We rested there for some time and left at about 12:30 pm.As we checked out, Maya was not ready to get into a faceoff with the receptionist guy again. She gave me the money, asked me to settle and said she’ll wait outside.

As I settled the bill, the receptionist pointed at Maya and asked me, “Who is she, bro?” I looked around. Maya was already outside the main door. I slowly whispered, “My school teacher.” He looked shocked, enlarging his eyelids wide enough for his eyeballs to fall off his face.

He kept looking at Maya and me standing outside and slowly asked, “How did you convince her, bro? How did she agree?” I felt he asked that question because Maya is milky white, and I’m a little dark complexion. Also, the age difference between us.

With a bashful smile, I told him, “It’s just luck by chance, bro.” We giggled between the both of us. I settled the bill and left the place. Maya and I had lunch on the way. I dropped her close to her house at around 3 pm, left the bike at my friend’s house, and returned home.

So, friends, this was my real-life sex experience with my school physics teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with her in a hotel room. You could also write to me at my mail id [email protected].

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