Story Of Arpita – Part I – Wife At Stake (Continued)

Two hours later, they had completed their lunch. Anjan and Arpita were joined back by Unmesh and Rahul and they had ordered some sumptuous food in the room itself. Arpita and Anjan both had a refreshing fuck at the bathroom, and were very hungry. And all of them ate heartily.

Later Rahul and Anjan were at the living room, watching TV, while Unmesh took Arpita inside the bedroom. It was Unmesh’s turn as per the plan and he intended to use her well throughout the afternoon.

Outside, Rahul and Anjan discussed about their experience and boasted about how they had the girl squealing in pleasure. They discussed how to use her for the rest of the duration too, and lot of kinky ideas came to their mind. And both laughed.

Inside, Unmesh was not wasting any time either. Both were already naked and wrapped under a single blanket. Unmesh pulled her closer to his body and they hugged each other cosily. “I just loved the way you made me come the other day” Unmesh told her and she again felt shy and blushed in embarrassment.

Unmesh then removed the blanket from over them, to have a close look at her nudity. He then gently hugged her and started kissing her lips. Arpita reacted by kissing him back with the same passion, she put one of his hands on his head, keeping his head close to her lips. They began brushing each other’s tongue, and sucking each other’s lips with gentle desire.

Little later, she rubbed her hand on his toned body as he kissed at her shoulders. He then took her ears in his mouth and started sucking and licking her tender ears. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped slowly as he continued sucking her earlobes, often biting it gently. Then once again he kissed her slender neck and sexy shoulders, smearing his saliva wherever he kissed her.

Arpita was once again feeling aroused. She couldn’t believe, how many times in these past few hours, she had felt aroused and horny like a bitch. He once again kissed her at her ears and gently whispered, “It’s now my turn to return you the favour”. And then he looked at her eyes and smiled. Slowly then, kissing round her body, he started going down towards her waist. Arpita felt an immediate tinge between her legs and she closed her eyes, partly in embarrassment and partly for the pleasure to come.

Unmesh positioned himself between her legs, spreading them farther he slowly bent towards her neatly shaved cunt. He looked at it for a moment and then appraised himself for such a marvellous job. Her pussy glistened and glowed pink after being used so regularly in the last few hours. He stared at her cunt for a moment, how wonderful they looked and the slowly started licking over her pussy lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” gasped Arpita, she put one of her fingers in her mouth, biting it softly with her teeth. With the other hand, she held one of her breasts, often pressing it gently in excitement. Unmesh was lying on his chest, between her legs. And while one of her legs was spread at one side, the one was on Unmesh’s shoulder. And Unmesh continued licking her pussy lips.

Unmesh licked her pussy lips, and often kissed and sucked it lightly by closing his lips around it. And Arpita moaned and gasped as he continued licking, and often probing through her pussy lips. Then after sometimes, he brought his hands on her cunt to gently spread her lips, and then started licking her inner labia. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Arpita gasped and wriggled as she felt his wet tongue on her rapidly wetting clitoris. And immediately her body started churning.

She took the finger out of her mouth and grabbed hold one of the pillows tightly. But her other hand was still on her breast and her legs in that spread position, opening up her cunt automatically. She breathed heavily as her breast rose and fell rapidly. Unmesh continued playing with her clit and with his tongue, and she struggled hard to control herself.

Arpita’s waist and thigh was shaking hard, unable to contain the touch of his tongue on her pussy. She was moaning hard and had almost reached the edge. But Unmesh continued sucking and tasting her sweet feminism. He kept his fingers on her cunt constantly, pulling her pussy lips and exposing her labia for an easy lick.

“Ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh…” Arpita moaned as she struggled hard to stop herself from coming. But Unmesh continued relentlessly, sometimes bringing her pussy lips together he licked on them, and sometimes spreading them apart he pushed his tongue inside. Soon he too realised how close he had brought her to orgasm, so he stopped licking her anymore and climbed back to kiss her lips again.

Unmesh didn’t wanted her to come so early and wanted to have good long fun. Arpita held him eagerly and pulled him closer to kiss his lips. She felt relief from that constant mad urge and kissed him deeply, offering her tongue in his mouth. He placed his hands on both side of her body, and then putting his weight on them he lowered himself down to suck her tender lips.

She felt his cock throbbing near her waist, and so spread her legs again to allow him settle his body nicely. His cock was right on her vagina, and he started rubbing its length on her cunt. “Ummmmmmm” she welcomed the sensation of his thick meat rubbed on her wet vagina, and once again closed her eyes into a delirium.

Unmesh rubbed his cock hard on her cunt, but soon he felt it more throbbing and wanting to feel the warmth of her pussy. He then paused gently and withdrew slightly to put his cock head at her cunt head. Arpita took a deep breath, she had her eyes closed, but yet realised what was going on. She prepared herself for the invasion as slowly Unmesh pushed his six inch monster into her cunt.

“Aaa… aaaa… aaaaaaahhhh” she moaned as he gently pushed his cock deep inside her. And then after a brief pause, he started stroking it in and out of her wet pussy. “Awwwoooohhhhhhhhh” Arpita opened her eyes as a wave of pleasure filled her up. She grabbed the pillow tightly with her two hands and then spread her legs further so that he can push his cock little deeper.

Unmesh continued stroking his cock hard and fast, and soon she was taken in a trance. She felt a strange mix of pain and pleasure as he continued banging her hard. She looked at him but her pupil looked dilated. Unmesh bent forward and kissed her lips lovingly. He kissed and brushed his tongue on her breasts too, but continued moving his cock relentlessly.

A mad urge took her over as well and she spread her legs even more and also lifted them in air as she slowly moved closer to her first orgasm. Within moments, she came hard – her face flushed in excitement as she held him tightly and fucked him back. Unmesh too continued fucking her hard, inspired by the way she was now reacting. Both were kissing and sucking each other’s lips passionately as Unmesh too was nearing his climax.

“Shall I come in you?” he whispered at her, and immediately she felt shy and closed her eyes. But then too she nodded her head in agreement and pulled his head closer in a tight hug. Unmesh became even more excited and started thrusting harder as he reached the crest of his climax. And then almost immediately he felt a sudden urge and then started shooting his load deep inside her. Arpita wrapped her legs around his ass and held him in position as she felt his warm juices fill her up.


Chapter 4

Arpita didn’t realised when she had dozed off. She had spent a nice sensual afternoon with Unmesh – he had given her a nice and sensual fuck, filling her up with his warm juices. After that they laid together, in each other’s arms for a moment, and then perhaps she had slowly fallen asleep.

She must have slept for a long time, because it was already dark when she woke up. Unmesh was no longer in the room, she was all alone. She looked outside towards the window, the sun had already set and whatever little light was fading soon too. She felt elated as that meant that her ordeal was coming to an end. Her husband, Pritam, had loaned her to these guys till Sunday evening only.

She heard sound of music coming from the other room. Quickly she got up and looked around, but couldn’t find her clothes. May be they were in the other room, so she wrapped the bed-sheet around her and slowly stepped outside.

All the three were outside, and they were joking and having fun when she joined them. “Heyyyyy, here comes the princess” said Rahul as all of them turned towards her. Arpita walked up to them and asked about her clothes, “Have you seen where my clothes are?”. But they only joked in reply. “Come on you are here for just a few more hours, you will get your clothes later, now come and sit with us” Unmesh said.

Arpita blushed but then joined them and sat on one of the couch. She saw that they have already started their party. There were bottles of beer, vodka, whisky, on the table and there were 3 half filled glasses too. She was staring at the table when she heard Rahul’s voice again – “Pour her some vodka Anjan”.

Anjan was seated to her opposite and before she could protest, he had already started pouring some vodka for her. “No… Please… I… I don’t… drink” she tried to explain but they were not ready to listen. “Come on. For our sake, just for this evening, our last evening perhaps” insisted Anjan and then extended the glass towards her.

She took the glass with trembling hands and then started drinking the well mixed liquid. “Arpita! This evening, leave behind all your inhibitions and get drunk with us” Rahul insisted. “We still have few more hours to go, lets enjoy it to the fullest” he added.

She finished that drink, and Anjan poured her one more glass. “At a single go this time” he insisted as Arpita took the second drink from him. And then as the others cheered her, she completed it at one go. They poured her another glass, and then another, and in no time she started feeling dizzy.

Arpita was now sitting at the middle on a 3-seater couch, Rahul and Unmesh was sitting by her sides, and Anjan was on a couch on the opposite side. They all looked at her as she had slowly got drunk and dizzy. “So how did you liked your stay with us Arpita?” asked Rahul. Arpita looked at her with a smile, “I jusht loved iiiit” she said.

Arpita was still naked, with just the bed sheet draped around her. And Anjan placed his hand on her bare thigh. “Would you want to come back to us again?” Rahul asked again, teasing her. And drunk as she was, Arpita nodded her head in reply. “Oh sweet girl” remarked Unmesh and then kissed at her cheek.

They had all started teasing her verbally, and then suddenly Rahul stood up. “Come dance with me” he said as he turned on the music. He then extended his arm towards Arpita, and she held it and stood up. Unmesh took her bed sheet away and she was again naked between them. Anjan turned on the volume and Rahul pulled her closer and they started dancing together.

Soon the song bheege hont tere started playing, and Rahul started feeling her naked body as they danced close to each other. Soon Rahul joined his colleagues back at the couch, leaving Arpita alone, and dancing naked in front of them.

She swayed her cute and adorable body nicely with the music. The vodka was having its effect and she started touching and rubbing her own body. She continued dancing and rubbing her own body for song after song. Soon the bheege hont tere was replaced by chikni chameli, and then by oo la la from dirty picture, and then by munni badnaam hui from dabbang and she forgot everything and continued dancing naked in front of them.

Rahul, Anjan, Unmesh, all of them were feeling the heat of it – they didn’t realised that she could turn so wild. They all had a hard on again and were ready to take her down on the bed once again. They looked at each other and then smiled, realising that they were all thinking alike.

Unmesh stood up first, he lifted Arpita on his lap and then carried her back inside the bedroom, followed by Rahul and Anjan. Arpita, drunk as she was, instead of protesting cheered him. They carried her to the bed and put her on it. She was on her fours, resting her body with her knees and elbow, like a bitch. Her ass was protruding high and her breasts hanging freely. As they all surrounded her, Arpita looked up and said, “Fuck me… fuck me hard… I am your bitch… please fuck your bitch”

They all smiled, but Rahul was the first to lower his pants and take position behind her. His cock had become throbbing hard when he parted her legs slightly and placed his cock at the opening of her cunt. Arpita bit her lips as Rahul pushed his cock gently inside her. “Ahhhhhhhh” she moaned softly at the feeling of his cock rubbed all the way inside. And then grunted hard as he started fucking her hard immediately, “Ohhhh… awwwwwwwwwww… ahhhhhhhhhhhhiiiieeeeeee”.

Anjan too, lowered his pants, and then climbed on the bed. He knelt in front of Arpita, who was still in her fours – in a doggy position. His cock was at a perfect level for her to take it in her mouth. And immediately she started sucking Anjan’s cock.

She grunted and struggled as Rahul kept banging her hard from behind, but didn’t let go Anjan’s cock and sucked it with all her will. “Ohhhh…. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh” Rahul moaned as he kept stroking his cock in the bitch’s sore pussy. He gripped at her waist tightly and continued thrusting at her waist hard. Anjan too, held her head tightly to keep his cock deep inside her mouth. Arpita was being fucked and made to suck like a pro whore.

They continued like that for some ten minutes, and then Rahul took his cock out and made way for Unmesh. Rahul hadn’t come yet, but they had decided to fuck her in turn for a long period. Immediately Unmesh filled up the vacancy, denying any relief to her already aching pussy. Anjan too, now moved away, replaced by Rahul who now shoved his cock in her mouth, making her lick and suck it along with some of her own juices.

Once again she was being fucked both at her cunt and mouth. Moments ago, Rahul was fucking her from behind while she was sucking Anjan. Now Unmesh was fucking her from behind and Rahul her mouth. “Awwwww.. awwwww… awwwww..” she grunted uncontrollably as they fucked her very hard. In between she had already come twice. It was hard to believe how excited she felt being treated like this. And so like a bitch she continued servicing the two guys with her cunt as well as mouth, at the same time.

Soon Unmesh was replaced by Anjan at the cunts, and Rahul was replaced by Unmesh at the mouth. But yet Arpita was being fucked and both her holes were kept filled. She had already come 3 times and was now going mad with so much pleasure and excitement. Her thighs were oozing with her juices which flew freely from her cunt.

“See how the bitch is leaking” commented Rahul, seeing at the amount of juices coming out of her body. “I am sure she has been coming repeatedly” he added.

“It’s a wasted that she has to go back to that useless husband of hers, she deserves to stay with us” commented Unmesh, who was now enjoying his cock sucked hard by her.

“Pity we couldn’t use her ass, I would have loved to feel the tightness of her ass around my cock” said Anjan this time.

“Why would?” asked Rahul, “I say, fulfil what you wish right now. Isn’t that the motto of our company as well? – Right Here Right Now” he added. And then he walked up to Arpita, she was sucking Unmesh’s cock so hard that didn’t noticed when Rahul grabbed her hairs and yanked her head upwards. “Won’t you let Anjan fuck your ass, bitch?” he asked.

Arpita was out of her breath, the vodka, and then the mindless fucking had made her mind numb and she couldn’t think right. She nodded between heavy breathing, “yes…. yessss… sirrr…”.

Anjan smiled and then he took his cock out of her cunt, it was still hard and throbbing. And as Unmesh too took his cock out of her mouth, Rahul lied down on the bed, beside her. Arpita looked on curiously as she didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. Then Unmesh and Anjan picked her petite body up on their lap and made her sit on Rahul’s cock.

Rahul held his cock upright as they lowered her carefully. Rahul guided his cock gently up her cunt and they lowered her on his lap. Arpita grunted as his long cock penetrated deep inside her and then Rahul held her tightly and pulled her body towards him. She bent forward as he pulled her hard, until she her upper body was in parallel to his. She still had his cock in her cunt and she outstretched her hand, grabbing the bed sheet tightly to ease some of the pen.

Her ass was now completely exposed. Unmesh held her hands tightly to stop her from moving as Anjan knelt behind her, lining his cock with her ass. With her continuous coming, her ass too had become somewhat slippery, but it was still tight inside. And as Anjan pushed his cock at her ass, she started nodding her head vigorously. “Noooo.. noooo. Nnnooooooooooooo” she shouted in pain, but by the time Anjan had pushed his cock half way inside her tight ass.

Unmesh tried to calm her down by caressing her hairs gently, but once again she shouted in agony – “NNNNaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. This time Anjan has pushed the rest of his cock inside. She had been doubly penetrated in both of her holes. And then both the boys started thrusting at her. Arpita continued grunting as Rahul started fucking her cunt and Anjan her ass. “nnnnnnhhh… nnnn…. nnnnnn.. ohhhh nnnnnoooooooo…”.

But soon her scream of pains turned into wild moan of pleasure – and she started enjoying the fuck at both her holes. It was time Unmesh engaged her other hole too. She didn’t need any further enthusiasm, and as soon as she saw his hard cock, he took it in her mouth.

Her destruction was completed by then. She had become a complete bitch – fucked in all three holes. Her entire body became messy and sticky with juices, saliva, and drool. They continued like that, in the same posture for almost ten minutes, until each of them came inside the hole they used. First to go was Anjan – he was so excited to fuck a virgin ass, that he came hard inside. His seeds shot wild inside her belly.

Rahul came next, shooting his load deep in her wombs. And then did Unmesh, unlike the other night, he didn’t took his cock out but came right in her mouth. Arpita, already in a trance and drunk, didn’t mind and swallowed his load completely. And then one by one they took their cock out of her holes. All of them were exhausted and panting, but looked proudly at their horny little slut. They picked her up again and then took her to the bathroom to clean her nicely.


It was 11 pm, when they finally checked out. They had taken close to an hour to wash and clean her. Each took his time to rinse her cunt well. They had soaked their fingers with soap and then put them inside her cunt, cleaning her nicely. They made her come again by massaging her cunt, and then she knelt and sucked each of them again before cleaning her up nicely under the shower.

Arpita was so much in a delirium that she couldn’t walk on his own, and to add to that, they had made her drink some more vodka too. They got her cleaned and dressed and then carried her out of the hotel, to Rahul’s luxury sedan. Unmesh sat at the back with her, while Anjan sat in the front and Rahul at the driver’s seat.

Arpita’s senses were almost numb and she didn’t realised what was going on. Once out of the resort, they had to drive for more than an hour to reach the area where she and her husband live. Being Sunday, most of the road was empty as Rahul attained maximum speed on the highway. Some moments later they had taken the diversion towards the main city roads and were now making through the main city.

It was a long and boring drive, though the car moved fast there was no excitement on the road. Besides, all the excitement was within the car, and too drunk as well to be exploited. Unmesh thought of having some last moment fun before finally dropping the bitch home. Arpita was lying almost unconsciously on the seat when Unmesh kissed on her lips. Though she didn’t responded back, but Unmesh knew that she felt it right.

Slowly then he started undressing her again. First her salwar and then her top, one by one he stripped her naked once more. The tinted glass and the empty streets kept her safe from any unwanted glares, but once again she was naked and vulnerable like a mouse amidst the three vultures. While Rahul concentrated on the roads, Anjan turned back to become a spectator.

Unmesh slowly started playing with her body. He spread her legs and then started rubbing her pussy with his fingers. Though numb, yet Arpita felt the goose-bumps it sent across her body, and then slowly started reacting to the treatment. Without trying to make any protest, she bit at her own lips and started moaning.

Soon the car came to a halt, and Anjan too joined them at the back seat. And as the car once again continued rolling, both Anjan and Unmesh now started playing with her body. While Unmesh started fucking her with his fingers, Anjan had started sucking, licking, and fondling her breasts. Her cute 32 B breasts have certainly seemed to have swelled more in these 24 hours – he thought, and then started pressing them hard again.

Her cunt too had become very sensitive from the continuous use in the last 24 hours. And now even with the slightest touch it started becoming wet. Arpita started moaning as the two played with her breasts and pussy. Anjan sucked one of her breasts and pressed the other, while Unmesh continued fucking her cunt with his fingers. And she was already moaning, coming, and leaking with her juices running wildly.

They continued finger fucking and sucking her breasts, through the entire length of the journey, making her come continuously for countless number of times. She felt her body stiffened and spasms rise up her cunt each time she neared an orgasm. And then almost silently and automatically she came and came and came. And it kept on continuing until they had reached her home.

It was almost 1 am when they stopped beneath her apartment, and it was dark and empty outside. Arpita also was completely wasted by that time, her thighs were sticky with her juices which she came all along, and her breasts were swollen and red with occasional bite marks almost all over her body. And she was in no condition for standing up and make up to her third floor flat.


It was late and Pritam was very worried. His bosses had promised that they will drop her wife back in the evening, but when even at 8 pm there was no sign of them he had started pacing the road beneath their apartment. He had tried calling his boss, Unmesh, a few times, but his mobile was switched off. And then he had started feeling really worried about the fate of her unfortunate wife.

He was in such a situation that he couldn’t even go to anyone. And when it was almost 10, he decided to wait for the night and then go looking for her at the resort in the next morning. But anxious he couldn’t bring his mind to rest, and all the time was thinking what could have happened with her wife. Was it possible that she resisted and they treated her harshly and unable to bear that she may have committed something tragic? Thoughts like this kept him awake and anxious.

He was deep in his thoughts when he got startled by the ringing of his mobile. It was Unmesh and a sudden relief flushed his worries.

“Hello?” he answered, still anxious and nervous.

“Hey man! Look we have brought your wife back as promised” answered an excited voice from the other side. And for a moment he felt joy with the news of his wife’s safe being.

“Just come outside of your flat, and wait near the lift, we will send her up” Unmesh said next.

“Ye… Yes sir” he stammered as he climbed out of the bed and then hurried outside to the corridor, to the lift.

Pritam saw the lift was at the ground floor and then suddenly started climbing up. His heart began pounding faster, not knowing how he will find her wife. And then gradually the number panel showed one and then two, and then the lift stopped. The sliding doors slid open automatically and Pritam’s mouth opened in a genuine shock. For a moment he closed his eyes, denying what he saw, and then slowly again he opened them to reality.

Arpita’s body was dumped on the floor, she was all naked with no traces of her clothes. Her body was swollen and scattered with bite marks. And her thighs were sticky and gooey with her own juices. Her eyes were closed, though she breathed, but she was clearly unconscious from whatever must have happened with her.

The sliding doors were about to close, but they collided with Pritam’s body – bringing him back to his senses. And immediately, brushing his shock and anger aside, he picked up his wife and then carried her back inside the safety of her home. Tears already started running down his eyes. Not even in his wildest imaginations he had expected her to be returned in such a state.

Silently he had carried her back to the bedroom, put her on the bed and then went to the bathroom to fetch a wet towel to wipe her body clean. He came back with a towel and a bucket full of warm water. And once again he looked at his wife’s naked, exploited, and devoured body – every mark, every spot was evident of all the wild things happened to her in the past 24 hours, something he would not want to know. But his biggest fear and embarrassment came from thinking how was he going to face his bosses in office from tomorrow. Now that he had saved his job, but he will have to work with the three bastards who had made his wife their whore.

End of Part 1

Author’s Note: I sincerely hope that I was able to keep all my readers glued to the plot and excited and on the edge. The entire intention of this story is to provide fun and pleasure to all who seeks it, and not to tarnish or defame women, wives, or the relationship of husband and wife. I apologise earnestly if I have hurt someone’s sentiments unknowingly.

All the characters in this story are fictitious, and it will be a big coincidence if any one finds any similarity with any real life character.

Though at times I have mentioned how the men had come inside Arpita – it is purely for the excitement, in real life though I always endorse safe sex and the usage of condoms.

If you have found the story exciting and wish to know when the second part is published, please email me at [email protected] and I will send the ISS link of the second part to your emails when it is published. You can also contact me with your admiration, criticism, suggestions for improvements etc. I heartily welcome my reader’s comments and always thrive to improve their reading experience.


Story of Arpita – Part 2 – Once a whore always a whore. Is the sequel to the part 1 where out little, cute and adorable Arpita slowly turns wild and slutty. Those 24 hours has helped her discover a wilder desire within herself, and now she is ready to pay any price to be treated the way she had been in those 24 hours. It starts having its effect on her relationship with Pritam, but she doesn’t cares anymore, and slowly she becomes a part of something bigger planned by her husband’s bosses.

Story of Arpita – Part 2 – Once a whore always a whore. Will be Out Soon.

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