Story Of Arpita – Part I – Wife At Stake

Hello readers, I am back again after a long gap. I hope you had missed me and liked my previous stories in the meantime. If you have not, you can search with my name – xxxauthor, and I promise you will not be disappointed. This time too, I am back with an equally enthralling storyline, with the expectation that it will be liked and loved by a lot of you just like my previous stories.

This story is about Arpita – a recently married housewife is her mid twenties, and how her ideal married life takes an unusual turn and the resulting series of unfortunate events. I have thought this to be a 3 part story originally –

Part 1 – Wife at Stake

Part 2 – Once a whore always a whore

Part 3 – Mr. Richard’s fuck toy

But now I am also thinking about a fourth sequel – Arpita’s Revenge. Currently I am working on the finishing bits of the second part (a synopsis available at the end of this story) and will be posted as soon as it is ready. If you have come to like this story and want to read the second part too, kindly mail me at [email protected] with your comments and suggestions to make it a better experience for you.

The part 1 (Wife at Stake) is about a young newly married couple, who had just started making a life at the big city and is immediately faced with ever dynamic challenges of this harsh world. The boy suddenly loses his job and has no other mean to support his family, that is when the wife steps up and put all they have at stake. Can she take what her husband’s bosses have in store for her? Lets find out…

Chapter 1

The taxi took a ninety degrees turn to enter into the busy streets of the city. It was slowly heading towards the city exit. Pritam looked towards his wife, Arpita, she was gazing at the various people outside. Her hand was placed on the vacant area of the seat beside her. Pritam gently placed his hand on her hand and squeezed it softly. Arpita turned to look back at her husband and then tried to manufacture a smile. But the tension was clearly visible on her face. She looked both tensed as well as anxious.

“It’s OK. You don’t have to do it” said Pritam, in a caring tone.

Arpita nodded her head thoughtfully and then held back his hand tightly. “Don’t worry, I am fine. It’s just that I am a bit anxious”, and then she slid towards her husband and placed her head on his shoulder.

Pritam rubbed his fingers on her cheeks lightly and then kissed on her forehead as a consolation.

“And I am doing this for us, for a better future for us” Arpita took a deep breath before saying. “But I am afraid you may start hating me after today”, her eyes were moist and she looked so innocent and beautiful. Pritam hugged her immediately and kissed on her forehead again.

“Don’t you even think about that, my love and respect for you have already grown immensely after you took this decision. You are making the ultimate sacrifice any wife can do” and then both of them hugged each other and sat tightly while the taxi crawled through the busy street of the city towards the highway.


Just a week ago Pritam had suddenly received his termination notice letter at his office. The company was going through a rough patch and so it had decided to lay off a few people until things improved. And Pritam was one among the unfortunates who were facing the axe. Recently he had not been able to meet his sales targets by big margins. And the market too was truly getting challenging and the rumour of a possible lay off was quickly becoming popular.

And now with the letter in his hand, Pritam knew that it was not a rumour after all. He was broken. He looked at the letter again and again. He had started his career with the company just a year ago, and with this market condition it was likely that he will get a job, immediately, somewhere else.

Making matters worse, he had just got married to Arpita. And all of his savings were spent at the marriage and then at the honeymoon. He quickly checked his internet banking account but the bank figures showed a very small five digit sum. Pritam went all pale and read the notice once again. He wasn’t terminated with immediate effect. It was just a notice letting him know that his services will not be required from the next month.

He felt a strong surge of tears in his eyes, but fought the feeling back quickly. But still he sat there dumb not knowing what to do next. Later at lunch, he found out some of his colleagues too shares the same fate and they too didn’t knew what to do, or how to cope with the changing market. The event had left all of them seriously concerned and broken.

The rest of the office suddenly started acting strange. The ones who were not on the hit list started keeping distance with the unfortunate few. They too were worried about saving their own job and pretended to be more serious and busy than they usually used to be.

Arpita too was disturbed when Pritam told her about the termination letter. They were married just a couple of months ago, and had a lot of dreams about their new life. And then suddenly all their dreams were shaken off by this sudden storm. Both couldn’t sleep the entire night and kept lying, silent and gazing at the ceiling, not knowing what to do.


“So how did you manage to convince them?” asked Rahul.

Unmesh was sitting at a corner, he had his laptop open and faced towards Rahul and Anjan. A facebook page was open on the screen. On it, Arpita’s profile was open and they were going through her facebook profile. She had a very cute profile picture, one taken during her honeymoon – still very fresh and with the glamour of the marriage glowing on her face. They had also browsed through some of her other photos.

Unmesh, Rahul, and Anjan were executive managers at Pritam’s office. Anjan was responsible for the daily business, while Rahul was responsible for HR. Unmesh was slightly lower in rank but they were very close pals. Unmesh heads the sales division at which Pritam used to work. And he was the one who was given the task to choose the people who were to be laid off. Though he did it purely on the basis of performance, but at that time he didn’t knew that it can turn into such a profitable proposition.

“The dick husband was in the laid off list, and he came to me to beg for his exclusion” Unmesh said in reply to Rahul’s question. Rest of them were listening keenly.

“I was in no mood for any, the guy’s performance is just pathetic. But just then I luckily remembered his wife whom I had seen in the last month’s annual sales event” Unmesh said with a chuckle.

Pritam had once brought Arpita to an office party. She is quite pretty, not a stunning beauty, but was quite adorable and had an innocent look. Her short 5 ft 2 inches frame makes her look more cute and loving. She was fair, and had a smooth flawless skin. Her figure complimented her frame beautifully. She had small 32 sized breasts with perky B cups, a streamlined waist and 30 hips which made up her petite look.

Newly married, she always carried that glow about her, and many at that party couldn’t help but notice her. Unmesh was one among them, he had gazed at her secretly many times. She looked very cute and adorable.

“I knew I had seen her somewhere” remarked Anjan, the HR head. He too was present in the party that night, and had noticed her quite comprehensively.

“So how did you convince her dick husband?” Rahul asked again.

“Well I did nothing, I stayed cool and let him go along with his begging, and finally when he begged that he could do anything in return, I casually asked him whether it included his wife too.” A devilish grin appeared on Unmesh’s face. “Ofcourse he didn’t agree immediately, but the frustration of being jobless finally got on to him, and then he had to come back again”.


The taxi had reached the highway by then, and it was just a few more minutes before they would reach the highway motel. At first Pritam had hid about his encounter with his boss from Arpita. But then one day, he had spilled out everything in a state of drunk. Arpita was shocked first, then slowly realised that it was the only way to recover them out of the pit. And it was Arpita who had convinced her husband to take the offer.

The deal was struck the next day. Pritam offered his wife for a weekend in return of his name to be struck off from the layoff list. Unmesh had agreed lovingly, and she was to be delivered at the highway motel on a Saturday evening till the Sunday evening. Pritam had no other choice but to agree, and later that night both Pritam and Arpita cried holding each other’s hands and then made love to respect the sacrifice she was making for him.

The motel was situated 9 kms outside the city, along the highway. They were about to reach the destination soon. Pritam looked at a passing sign of the motel and realised how close they were. He took a deep breath and looked at his wife. She too had a moist eye and then both of them kissed each other. Arpita felt the warmth of his emotions and lingered on to him for longer than they usually do.

The taxi took another ninety degree turn and entered the premises of the motel. Pritam asked the taxi driver to wait as they climbed out and headed for the reception. He already knew the room number they were supposed to go to. An attendant showed them the directions, and they climbed up to the second floor for suite 2011.


Pritam and Arpita reached in front of the door of the suite 2011. Pritam looked at his beloved wife, one last time, before knocking at the door. He had an apologetic face, Arpita realised the turmoil within him. She rose on her toes to kiss on his cheeks. Pritam took her hands in his, and she squeezed them and nodded her head to approve what he was about to do.

The three were in middle of some discussion when they heard the knock at the door. Unmesh answered the door and let them inside. Pritam felt embarrassed in presence of his seniors while Arpita felt so shy that she couldn’t look at their eyes.

“Be comfortable, come sit with us” Unmesh said as he led them towards the sitting area. The others made way and Pritam and Arpita settled in a couch at the corner. Rest of them settled around them, both Rahul and Anjan have been looking at Arpita with a keen intent. Arpita felt there stares but felt too shy to look back.

Unmesh realised the tension in the air and tried to ease the situation. “So Pritam, we were just discussing how bold a decision you took to save your job” he said to start some conversation.

“Yes indeed, you are quite promising too, we may have lost a good future prospect too” added Anjan trying to get normal. Pritam looked back at them and nodded his head with a fake smile.

“Arpita, are you scared?” asked Unmesh, seeing her so withdrawn like that. And finally she managed to look back at him and she too replied with a fake smile.

“Do you know why you are here?” asked Unmesh, and Arpita nodded her head in agreement.

“Good! You are one good wife” remarked Rahul, who had been silent till then. And once again Arpita returned a feeble smile at him.

“Why don’t you go and get fresh” insisted Unmesh, showing the direction of the washroom.

Arpita looked at him and then towards her husband, and then finally stood up to leave towards that direction upon her husband’s insistence.

“It is going to be difficult for you if you stay” Unmesh told to Pritam as soon as Arpita had left for the washroom. Pritam looked back at him, not knowing what to say or what to do. Should he leave? Or should he stay back for his wife? But inside he realised that Unmesh was right, it will be difficult for both him and Arpita if he stays back.

Anjan felt the confusion in him and wanted to make him feel comfortable, “Don’t worry, she will be safe, we will personally drop her back home tomorrow.” And then he took out a bundle of note and pressed it in Pritam’s hand, “Take some stress relief over this weekend, you did well to save your job”.

Pritam was confused, but he couldn’t refuse the money. But it made him feel like a pimp, a pimp who has sold his own wife. He wanted to cry but it was not the right place. He didn’t want to show his weakness in front of them, most importantly he didn’t want to show his tears to Arpita. She was being very strong and brave.

Finally he stood up and headed outside. The door to the suite closed behind him and he started dragging himself back towards the stairs. His throat was getting choked with pain and he wanted to cry. On his way down he couldn’t stop it anymore as tears started running down his cheeks. He ran out of the hotel, towards the waiting taxi, and commanded the driver to take him to the nearest Bar.

Arpita splashed a lot of water on her face to hide the traces of her tears, and then carefully dried her face before coming back. She looked around but couldn’t find Pritam, her heart started beating fast. And it sunk when they told her about her husband. But yet she drew up a brave face and joined them back at the couch.

“I know it is difficult, but cooperating is very important” said Rahul, trying to sympathise with her. “We want to keep it soft so that you too can enjoy” he continued. And then took out a strip of tablets and put it on the table before her.

“These are some stimulants, it works similarly for women as Viagra works for men, you will be more comfortable if you take some of these” Rahul insisted her to take those stimulants to make her horny. Arpita looked at the tablets but didn’t move. “Don’t worry, these are fine, it will help you to forget and enjoy” he insisted again, and picked up the strip to take 2 tablets out of its groove.

“Pour her some Vodka and some Sprite” Rahul told Unmesh, who was standing close to the in-room bar. And he immediately poured a small amount of Vodka and mixed it with a lot of sprite to keep the spirit diluted. He then extended the glass towards Arpita.

“Have these with it, it will help you” Rahul offered the 2 tablets, insisting her to take it with the vodka. Arpita had already thought about it and so took the glass and the tablets. She swallowed the tablets, one by one, with the vodka and then finished the vodka at one go too.

“Good, now we just need to wait for the tablets to start having its effect” Rahul smiled as he remarked, “Make her one more drink till then” he told to Unmesh.


Chapter 2

It was close to an hour since she had had the tablets. They were all waiting for the tablets to have its effect on her. In the meantime they switched on the TV, discussed work, and also kept an eye on her to monitor her condition. She didn’t seem any different apart from the sweats which had slowly started to appear even in that air conditioned room. It was a positive sign though.

Arpita too didn’t felt much at the beginning, but slowly she had started feeling hot. She started sweating in that cool room. Gradually she started feeling an odd sensation within her body. She started feeling thirsty, as well as dizzy. She felt something warm running within her veins, she wanted to rub her body to get rid of that sensation but it continued to increase.

As time passed, she felt the strange rubbing sensation growing all over her body, she wanted to touch her body and rub her hands all over it. She felt a moistness developing between her legs and she pressed her thighs together to help get over it. But it was slowly increasing, and she started rubbing her thighs with each other, it felt good. Slowly she was growing horny, her nipples became erect too, and she felt a strong need for being touched and fucked.

The three had been watching her in between, they too slowly realised that the tablets must have started having its effect. And when they saw her sweat so profusely and rub her thighs together, they understood that she was ready.

“So Arpita, I think you are now ready.” said Rahul. Arpita had forgotten where she was and this sudden intrusion shocked her a little. She looked up at him and then tried to sit straight.

“Let’s start with some nice question answer. It will help to break the ice” Unmesh suggested with a smile, and Arpita nodded back.

“So how old are you Arpita?” asked Rahul.

“25… no 24” she replied with slight hesitation.

“24? You are a girl then” said a surprised Anjan. Compared to them she was a girl indeed. Unmesh was 31 year old, Anjan was 36, and Rahul was the oldest at 39.

“Did you have any boyfriend at school or college?” asked Unmesh. And Arpita nodded her head indicating a No in reply.

“You mean your husband is the first man in your life?” asked a surprised Anjan. He didn’t want to believe that she didn’t have any boyfriend before. But Arpita nodded in reply as Pritam was indeed the first man in her life. She had led a very orthodox life before marriage, and thought of what she was doing that day was far from any realms of her thinking. Yet she ended up where she was today.

“Have you sucked your husband’s cock?” asked Rahul.

Arpita felt shy, but she had sucked Pritam’s cock once. That too after Pritam had requested her and kept insisting for days. She didn’t like it much then and they had decided not to do oral sex after that day. She nodded her head, remembering that one time she gave head.

“And? Did you liked it?” asked Anjan, he was grinning from ear to ear expecting a positive reply. But he was dejected when Arpita nodded negatively.

Rahul looked at his face in amusement, “Don’t worry, she will like it when we finish” he said and looked back at her with a grin.

“And did he ate your pussy ever?” asked Anjan, trying to find more interesting topic.

“No I don’t like oral sex” replied a restless Arpita. She was growing anxious with such personal questions. The itch in her body had increased to a much greater level. Her cunt was almost wet by then and she wished they would stop their stupid question answers and get on with the real business.

“So the only thing you like is your pussy being rubbed by your husband?” asked Unmesh. Arpita looked at him and nodded. She was panting by then, and sweating too.

“And do you want us all to rub your pussy too” he asked, teasing her with his words. Arpita felt embarrassed but at the same time she felt more horny than embarrassed. And so she nodded her head in agreement.

“Not like that. Beg us to touch you. Offer yourself to us” Rahul said, adding to her embarrassment. But at that moment and in that condition, she was ready to do anything.

“Please, I beg of you, please fuck me” she said but could not look back in their eyes. It was very embarrassing.

Rahul smiled, all of them were enjoying the restlessness of the lady. “No, not enough, get on your fours like a dog, and then say that you are bitch on heat and need to be laid” Rahul tried to make it more embarrassing.

Arpita looked back at him with shock, but then slowly stood up and went down on her fours. “Please, I am a bitch on heat, and I want to get laid very badly. Please fuck me” she said, putting more stress on the last phase. Her eyes were getting moist from that embarrassment.

“I think that is enough” Anjan spoke now. He had already walked up towards her. He bent down and held her by the shoulders. His cool palms touched against her warm body, and a chill ran down her body. He pulled her up and stood behind her. “Look at her, she is so adorable, how can you be so rude to her” he added mockingly, and then bent forward and took his face close to her neck. He sniffed at her neck and felt her scent.

She smelled wonderful and then, he kissed her on the neck. His hands were on her waist, holding her tightly and sniffing and kissing at her neck. “All she needs is love and care, isn’t it?” he said more in her ears than to others.

Arpita was already very horny, and all that was making her more wet. She was panting heavily as he continued kissing at her neck with his wet lips. “Yessssss” she said between heavy breathing.

“Let me then take your clothes off, shall I?” he asked again, and Arpita nodded quickly.

He was already standing behind her, with her facing towards Rahul and Unmesh. She was wearing a sleeveless, pink Patiala Salwar Suit (Indian traditional dress) and was looking very adorable and hot in it. The top (or the Kameez) had a very long zipper at the back which ran down till her waist. Anjan slowly unzipped it and then touched her bare back.

Arpita wriggled again as he felt his cool touch against her warm body. He playfully traced a line along her spinal cord up till the straps of her bra, and then slowly pulled the sleeves from her shoulder and through her hands to let the top fall away. Arpita helped him by adjusting her body so that the top goes off without much difficulty.

The others looked keenly as she stood in her bra and the Patiala bottom. She didn’t have very large breasts. They were 32 inches with perky B cups which were covered in a white bra. And so she didn’t have very deep cleavage too. Arpita stood there like that but closed her eyes to block herself mentally from that embarrassment.

Anjan once again held her from behind. “You have such nice breasts dear” he said, cupping her breasts with his hands. He cupped them to feel their firmness and gently pressed them for the intended effect. Arpita moaned slightly as she felt her breasts being pressed. “So soft and yet so firm” he commented as he continued fondling with her breasts.

She had a pair of perky nipples too, which had turned rock hard and were pointing out from her bra. “And what do we have here? A pair of really horny nipples?” Anjan remarked as he took her nipples between her fingers and started rolling, pressing, and pinching them with her fingers. He enjoyed the hardness of those and loved to play with them.

Arpita too enjoyed the attention her nipples were getting, but she found it difficult to stand straight. She wriggled and shifted in a mix of pleasure and gentle pain. She would bit her lips often or lick her own lips to show how much she liked the attention.

“It’s time we get rid of it” Anjan whispered at her ears as he slowly lifted the bra from top of her breasts, bringing her naked breasts in full view of the others. They were not something to be very proud of, but looked very cute on her and complimented her body frame well. Anjan continued to remove the straps and the bra completely off her body and then once again cupped her, bare, breasts with his hands.

He played with her breasts and nipples for a couple of minutes and then slowly lowered his hands towards her waist. He rubbed them all over her body to feel every shape and curve of her petite body until they reached her waist. She still had the Patiala bottom on but not for long. Anjan quickly found the strings of her Salwar and then pulled it loose.

The Salwar fell down at her feet and she was left only in her pink panties. Arpita closed her eyes once again as she started feeling more vulnerable than before. Anjan ran his hands behind her, feeling her ass and the ass crack. He rubbed his hand right down till her pussy and rubbed on it gently. Arpita clutched her palms in a fist and moaned as Anjan continued teasing her pussy.

He then went down to his knees and held her panties from behind. Arpita took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she felt her panties slide downwards gradually. He kissed on her waist, then on her ass, then on her thighs as the panties slowly came down from those areas exposing her completely bare and nude skin. The others were enjoying the show with keen interest and already had a hard on.

They looked at her naked body and stroked their cock from over their pants. Arpita used her hands to cover her modesty somewhat but she was completely naked and at their mercy for the next 24 hours.


“You don’t shave your pussy?” asked Rahul, now standing up from the couch.

Arpita looked back at him and immediately felt embarrassed. She lowered her head and nodded in reply. She had a hairy pussy. “But we like clean cunts” Rahul sounded dejected, “no problem, we will start with cleaning you first” he added. Arpita looked up at him in surprise, she saw him saying something to Unmesh, who then headed towards the other room.

Unmesh came back with a small bag in one hand and a towel at the other. The bag had some shaving equipments inside it. Arpita’s heart started beating faster as she could imagine what was going to happen. Unmesh cleared the table at the dining area and then spread the towel on top of it. Rahul signalled to Anjan, and he picked her up in his lap and carried her to the table.

They made her lie down on the table so that they can shave the hairs off her vagina. Arpita closed her eyes as Unmesh picked up a pair of scissors from the kit. The scissors were to clip the long strands of hairs and Unmesh efficiently started clipping those. Arpita kept her eyes closed and body still, she could not believe that she was naked among these three almost strangers and getting her vagina shaved by them. She kept very still to avoid any injuries.

Within a few minutes Unmesh completed clipping the pubic hairs from her vagina to a shorter length. He looked at his work and spent a silent second in self appraisal. He then put the scissors back and took out the shaving foam and the razor. He loved the thought of applying the foam on her vagina. It will give him the chance to rub his hands nicely on it.

“Spread your legs dear” he told her and she obliged. But she also anticipated what was coming and became more restless and started breathing heavily. Her entire body seemed to be heaving along with her chest. All of them liked the view of the naked lady lying like a spread eagle on the table and shaking and panting so heavily.

Unmesh sprayed some foam on top of her crotch, and then slowly started rubbing it all over her pussy mound. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhh” Arpita moaned as he started rubbing the foam all over her pussy with his hand. It took long, but he applied the foam uniformly on her pussy. It was soon coated completely with the rich white lather, ready to be peeled off. Arpita kept moaning as long as he kept rubbing the foam on her crotch. Rahul and Anjan too decided to help her more by fondling a breast each.

As Unmesh continued on her pussy, they held a breast each and pressed it, fondled it, played with it. Arpita was getting more wet as she couldn’t control and started moaning harder. Unmesh was done with the foam, he had then taken out a razor to peel off the hairs from her crotch.

The others held her tightly so that she doesn’t get herself injured, and Unmesh slowly and carefully started peeling off the lather. The foam was coming off smoothly along with her hairs, and after 10 minutes of careful work she was left completely hairless. Unmesh used a wet tissue to clean off the area and her vagina looked exquisite.

She was very fair, and after being shaved her body resembled that of any child. They helped her down from the table and took her in front of the mirror. She looked at her and immediately felt ashamed. She felt good too but hid her excitement from them. Her pubic area was glowing, the complexion was a touch lighter than other parts of her body, and her cunt looked clean and ripe.

“I think you should thank Unmesh for this” said Rahul and Arpita nodded back. Unmesh had put the equipments back and settled back at the couch. He enjoyed shaving her as much as she enjoyed being shaved.

“Now crawl up to him and beg to suck his cock” Rahul suggested a possible way to thank Unmesh. Arpita was slowly getting out of her embarrassments and reservations. And she found no shame in getting down on her four again and then crawled up to Unmesh like a bitch. Her small 32 sized breasts hung from her body and swung as she crawled up to him.

“Can I please suck your cock?” she asked Unmesh, and he was more than happy to oblige. He stood up and lowered his pants down, and then sat back at the couch. His cock was already hard and throbbing. It was not very big, but of an average size and meaty. She held it first and then stroked it lightly with her palm. Unmesh shifted until he found a comfortable position, and then let her take it from there.

Arpita fondled with his cock for some time and then held it firmly with her hand. She rose up on her knees and then went down at his cock. At first she kissed the head of the cock and then licked it with her tongue. She didn’t felt the repulsion she had experienced before. On the contrary she felt an urge to suck it hard. But she was not an expert at it, so she managed to suck its head only.

Unmesh waited for some more time, but still she continued sucking the head only. So he held her head firmly and then pushed his cock further in her mouth. It poked at her throat and gagged her, and she broke in a fit of coughs. The other laughed seeing her gagged by the cock but then Unmesh eased his cock and then pushed it lightly again till the point where she wasn’t gagged for breath.

Arpita continued sucking. She had much more in her mouth than before. Unmesh watched for some time and then leant back to relax as she kept sucking at her best. Arpita felt a mad urge to continue sucking his cock forever. The manly scent, the feel of the hard cock in her mouth, drove her crazy as she played with her tongue around it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Unmesh controlled himself for some time, but then finally started moaning. Arpita managed to turn him on ably with her tongue. She would curl her tongue, and then wrap it against his cock to give him pleasure. And Unmesh had never received such wonderful blowjob before. He sat tight, enjoying the pleasure she was giving to him.

Arpita too was enjoying herself. She held his cock and licked and sucked it from all possible angles. It probably because of the stimulant or the vodka, but she seemed to have forgotten that she was someone’s wife, and these people were strangers among whom she now sat completely naked and sucking one of them too.

She took his cock out of her mouth and then licked it from the bottom to the top. She did it from all sides and then took it in her mouth again. Unmesh didn’t had to adjust it this time, as she took it well inside her mouth and continued sucking it. She continued like that for more than 5 minutes, changing the posture, varying the pace, sometimes licking at the sides, sometimes sucking the head. And by that time Unmesh was moaning hard.

“Mmmmmmmm….Ohhhhhhhhhhh….Uffffffffffff….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned in pleasure as she gradually drove him towards a climax, and after enjoying the suck for almost twenty minutes the urge to cum was building up in him. Unmesh realised this and tried to control himself, but Arpita continued blowing him off, making it more difficult for him to prevent himself.

And then suddenly, he sat up quickly and withdrew his cock out from her mouth. He held it tightly and continued stroking the shaft. Arpita looked at him in surprise but realised that he might be coming soon. She sat quietly as Unmesh continued stroking his cock, and then suddenly he grunted loudly, followed with a splash of his cum, sprayed on her body.

He stroked for a few more seconds before closing his eyes and collapse back on the couch. Arpita took his cock again and stroked a few more times, draining the last few drops on her hand. The rest of the cum was still sprayed on her body. There was cum on her breasts, and on her neck, and some drops on her chin too. She stood up, as Unmesh collapsed, and headed towards the toilet to wash herself.

Rahul and Anjan were proud to see her milk him so effectively. They had a hard on just looking at her and had already imagined other ways of using her. And while she was at the bathroom, they quickly decided what to do next.

Arpita came back after washing Unmesh’s sperms off her body. She looked like an angel. Small, cute, and naked, and she walked back up to them. Both of them stood up and walked up to her.

“Come it’s time we give some pleasure to you too” Rahul said, and he picked her up on his arms and they headed to the bedroom. There he put her down on the bed and she climbed up to lie in the middle of the bed. Both Rahul and Anjan climbed on to both sides of her. They started touching and poking her body.

Rahul started with her breasts, he touched her breast and squeezed them gently. Arpita sizzled and shivered at his touch. He then rolled her nipple between his fingers until they become rock hard. He played with her soft breasts and firm nipples for minutes, and then leant forward to lick it. He started rubbing his tongue on her nipple, tasting her sweet flesh. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Arpita approved as she felt his wet tongue lick all over her sensitive nipples.

Anjan too was busy with her. While Rahul concentrated on her breasts, he played with her lips. She had beautiful red lips and Anjan used his fingers to caress them properly before he started kissing and sucking it. He squeezed her cheek to turn her lips in a pout and then started sucking it. He used a lot of tongue too as he licked her lips and then occasionally her cheeks and then her lips. Arpita wriggled slightly in pain when he took her lower lips and bit on it intentionally.

Rahul, in the meantime, had started brushing his tongue over her nipples. He did this continuously until he took it in his mouth and started sucking. Arpita shifted in excitement and her whole body started shaking in pleasure. Both the men enjoyed seeing the way she was getting turned on and continued teasing her more. Rahul continued sucking her nipples while he held her breasts firmly and squeezed it hard for more pleasure.

Anjan sucked, licked, and bit her lips, and he also pushed his tongue in her mouth to explore her from inside. He put his tongue in and then licked her tongue. She responded too and both of them played with her tongue. Arpita now wanted them to attend to her pussy which was getting sore with a need for a manly touch.

The guys realised this too, and they asked her to spread her legs. Rahul held her thigh and pulled her leg towards him, and Anjan did the same with the other leg. Arpita’s legs now were at 90 degrees with her body with both the thighs in a straight line from one side to the other. It opened her private parts up and her cunt felt the fresh cold air of the air condition.

Rahul held both of her breasts and started squeezing them hard. He pressed and pinched the other nipple while he sucked the other. He took it between his lips and nibbled at it. Anjan however went down at her crotch. He placed his palm over her recently shaved vagina and started rubbing gently.

A chill ran down her body as Anjan’s palm touched her recently shaved parts. The cold touch on her bare skin shot spasms within her body. He clutched on the pillow and threw her head back in excitement. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh….Nnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Sssssssssssssss….Yesssssssssssssssssssssss” She moaned as the two continued working on her breast and her vagina.

Anjan started with a gentle rub but then gradually varied his pace and motion over her vagina. Arpita was going crazy. She thrust her hips automatically along his hand movement. His finger often brushed the sensitive parts of her cunt, and she squealed in pleasure whenever that happened. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned whenever his finger brushes past her labia or clitoris.

She moved her hips up and down, left and right along with his hands to keep him rubbing on her itching cunt. “Yasssssss…Yesssssss….Ahhhhhhhhhhyessssssssssssssssss….” She continued moaning harder as the two made it difficult for her to control. She threw her arms madly and banged them against the bed, shook her legs like a lunatic. Her entire body was trembling with pleasure as she came near to an orgasm.

Her cunt was already moist and it was becoming rapidly wet too. Anjan’s fingers glistened with her juices as he continued rubbing her cunt. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and grunted helplessly like a bitch as they drove her near to an orgasm. Her muscles ached as she stiffened and straightened her body. She turned sideways and arched like a bow. She felt the dam break loose within and she remained arched up like that.

A wet patch developed on the bed sheet under her cunt. Her pussy and her ass were soaked in her juices which squirted out on the bed too. Slowly she calmed down and her body relaxed. But she kept her eyes closed. Anjan and Rahul watched in amusement as she reached her first orgasm. The bitch was turned on completely, they had a satisfying grin. It was Rahul’s turn now, and so Anjan stood up and left the room.

Rahul locked the room from inside and started taking his clothes off. He kept his eyes on the desolate figure on the bed. Arpita was breathing heavily, her eyes were closed, and her face blushed in embarrassment and pleasure. She looked very adorable like that. Rahul got rid of his clothes quickly and jumped back at her. He started kissing all over her body. Starting at her stomach and then slowly going up towards her face.

He kissed all around her neck and shoulder and then started kissing her lips. Arpita too responded back by hugging him tightly and kissing him back. As Rahul climbed on top of her, his cock rubbed against her crotch and she felt the chill again. She wrapped her legs around his butt and then continued kissing him intently. Both stayed locked like that and kissed and sucked each other’s lips for almost half an hour.

Arpita was turned on again. She was ready for another orgasm. She pulled her legs back and spread them, allowing him to settle between her legs. Rahul started rubbing his cock on her vagina. His shaft was nicely placed over her labia and it was rubbing it nicely. Her cunt become wet very quickly again and she started longing for his cock.

Rahul lifted his ass a little to adjust his tool. He lined up the head with her vaginal opening and then moved his waist to rub his cock all around her pussy. Slowly the cock head pushed against a soft, wet flesh. Rahul pushed a bit more and his cock rubbed her soft skin and dipped inside smoothly.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned in an initial pain as his cock started going inside slowly, while rubbing against the sensitive skin of her tight vagina. Rahul had a 7 inches cock but with average thickness. And so she didn’t felt much discomfort, but being recently married, her cunt havened loosened up greatly yet. She clinched at him and hugged him tightly. She moaned as his cock continued moving in until it was completely fitted inside.

Rahul paused once his cock was fully in. He had had his upper body raised, supported by his hands which were at either side of her. She had clinched on to him when he was pushing his cock in her tight cunt, and hence she too had to raise her upper torso up. Finally when Rahul paused, she collapsed back on the bed. Her eyes were closed, she had beads of sweat on her forehead, and her face grimaced in the pain.

Rahul leant forward and kissed on her lips. Arpita smiled as the initial pain slowly eased away and she readied herself for the one to come. Rahul stood paused waiting for her to be comfortable. The look at her face eased and she smiled back at her. She was breathing heavily but managed to nod at her as a signal to go ahead.

Rahul smiled as he slowly started pulling his cock out of her cunt. Arpita grimaced once again, and then suddenly he pushed it back again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as the pain rushed back. She felt relieved whenever the cock was pulled outwards and was in pain again as he pushed it back Rahul continued this to and fro movement as she started moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.

She hugged her tightly, with her arms wrapped around her. “Mmmmmmm…mmmmmm….mmmmmm….mmmmmm…mmmmmm….mmmmmm….mmmmm…” she moaned with each strokes. Rahul gradually increased the pace, and with it her moans increased too. And soon he was fucking her hard and fast.

Rahul continued like that for almost half an hour, and by the end of it she was squealing like a goat. She no longer moaned with each strokes but moaned in a continuous tone. “Annnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnnnn” she kept doing without any pause as she neared her second orgasm. Her lips and throats were getting dry and she was exhausted like hell. Never before she had had two orgasms in a day, or had been fucked or played with so long.

Rahul too was getting high by the noises she was making. He continued kissing all around her face and body while his waist kept her at the edge. He continued fucking her hard as his cock too started building for the climax.

Arpita stopped moaning and started grunting as she realised how close she was from explosion. She felt like the bowl of milk which was about to be over-boiled. It had already blown up to its highest limit and was now about to burst. She wrapped her legs around her ass to keep him tightly in her cunt. Rahul raised his upper body again and continued thrusting hard.

He looked at her face and it said all. Her face was begging for the orgasm, he held her by her hairs and started grunting himself. He was terribly close to his climax. He closed his eyes and felt a trance as his cum slowly started to build up in his cock. Arpita gritted her teeth as her control gave up. She wrapped her legs more tightly as juices started flowing down her cunt. It flooded her from inside and she was swept away in a magical feeling.

Rahul too felt her orgasms. He felt his cock suddenly become wet with a warm stream of juices. It was enough to set him off. And he too exploded in a wild orgasm of his own. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Arpita moaned as she felt his thick load of cum filling her from inside and she lay back letting herself relax and enjoy the feel of his seeds spread within her body.

Rahul stood stiffened like that until his cock spit out the entire load, and then it lost its hardness and he collapsed beside her. They had started around at 11 and it was almost 1.30 when they finished. Both were dead exhausted and dozed off immediately. Arpita thought for a second to clean herself but found herself too tired to walk up to the bathroom. And soon the night dawned at them and swept them within a dark robe of sleep.


Chapter 3

Arpita woke up with a jolt. Stinging rays of the sun greeted her from the gaps in the window. She looked up at the clock, it was 10.30 am. She had slept for 9 hours. A naked Rahul was still snoring beside her and she immediately felt disgusted. She faintly remembered all that had happened yesterday, it must have been the stimulants or she had never been so wild.

She went to the washroom and cleaned herself up. She took bath and stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. Her bare pussy embarrassed her, but at the same time she felt how good she looked with the shaved cunt. She started having a mixed feeling. Rahul was still asleep when she came out of the bathroom. She looked around but realised that her clothes were outside. There were two more guys outside and she didn’t dare to go out naked in that broad daylight.

She took the bed sheet and wrapped it around her body. It was a nice sunny day, and she went out in the balcony and sat on one of the chairs. Her mind focussed on the previous evening and immediately her eyes became moist. She remembered the look on Pritam’s face when he was leaving, his touch at the taxi. And then she remembered that she was doing everything for him. No, she was doing it for them and for their future.

She started having a mixed feeling too. She got disgusted when she remembered what had happened, but at the same time she felt surprised on how her body reacted to it. She had enjoyed every bit of it. Her cunt remained moist throughout and she came twice, like never before. Did she actually enjoyed being so wild? She asked herself.

“There you are” her thoughts were intruded by Unmesh. “We are going down for breakfast, I will wait outside” he said before leaving.

Arpita came back inside the room. Rahul was no longer there, he had gone in the bathroom. She walked out to the living room, Anjan was busy in phone and Unmesh was doing something in his laptop. Anjan looked at her and smiled, and then continued speaking briskly to someone. Arpita spotted her clothes and then quickly gathered them.

She came out of the toilet, fully dressed. She looked cute and adorable as she was. Rahul too was back by then. He walked up to her and kissed on her cheeks. Stimulants or not, it was important for her to continue cooperating, that was the key. She took a deep breath and smiled back. And then all of them headed down to the restaurant for breakfast.


“So what is the plan for today?” asked Rahul.

All of them were eating silently till then. They had ordered toasts, butter, eggs, and tea. Arpita was applying butter on her second toast when the question was asked. Anjan too looked up at Unmesh, expecting him to respond.

“Well” Unmesh took a brief pause to make some quick plans in his mind. “Anjan gets the morning, I will have the post-lunch afternoon” and then he paused again to see the other’s reaction.

Both Rahul and Anjan nodded their head. Rahul already had the previous night with her, so he didn’t object to the proposal. Arpita was amused by the way they were discussing about her. Listening to the discussion itself was very embarrassing for her.

“Then in the evening, we will have a small party in her honour and then drop her home at the night, how’s that?” Unmesh concluded his plan for the day, and all of them looked content, all except Arpita, as she was not only a participant, but the object of the fun too.

It was already 11.45 am and they were having a late breakfast, so there was not enough morning left. “So why don’t you get going, if you are done” suggested Rahul to Anjan, who had just finished his tea.

Anjan rubbed his lips on the napkin and glanced on the table. He was done with his breakfast, he looked at Arpita, and she was having her tea. “Yes we will head back to the room, you guys catch up later!” he replied back to Rahul.


Soon, Arpita and Anjan were in the elevator. They had left Rahul and Unmesh back at the breakfast table. Anjan was finally getting his opportunity after a long wait. Ever since he had seen her, he wanted to make her his.

Arpita was nervous too, yesterday she had the help of the stimulants but today she was completely on her own. She was not that slutty or wild as she was yesterday. She was a plain, cute and adorable girl. Yet she resolved to do whatever needed to keep them happy, who in turn will save her husband’s job.

The elevator reached the second floor, and they headed towards the suite 2011. Arpita’s heart started beating faster as they approached their suite. Anjan looked at her and she looked tensed. “What happened? You nervous again?” he asked.

Arpita nodded her head and wanted to seem normal. So she held his hands and placed her head on his shoulder as they kept walking towards their suite. Anjan felt good and held her palm in his hand and squeezed it warmly.

Arpita looked at his eyes. She had a coy smile on her face. She had been slowly getting rid of her reservations. She has made her mind to do whatever required to keep these guys happy. Her and her husband’s future rested on these two days.

They had finally reached the suite, and Anjan took the keys out and opened the door. It was dark inside. Arpita switched on the lights and started walking inside. Anajn was close behind. He had shut the door and couldn’t wait longer.

He grabbed her on her way, and pushed her on to a nearby wall. She struggled to keep her balance, but Anjan had imposed himself on her. She was facing the wall and was pushed against it, Anjan held her hands and started kissing around her neck and shoulder. Her scent was lingering in him since yesterday, and he couldn’t wait to smell her again.

Arpita closed her eyes too, surrendering herself. She let him do whatever he wished. If nothing else, she too wanted to enjoy these two days. Anjan was sniffing and kissing at her neck, shoulder, back. He brushed her hand slightly on her back. She took a deep breath and wriggled at his touch.

He then slowly started unzipping her salwar top, it had a long zipper up till her waist. And he pulled it down. The dress got loose, exposing her smooth, milky back. And Anjan started kissing on her bare back. She looked so sexy and inviting that he could not resist and put his hands inside her top.

She was still facing towards the wall, with him close behind her. He had put both his hands inside her top and had wrapped them around her waist, pulling her against his body. He touched her belly, rubbed his fingers on her navel. Arpita had started moaning lightly, his cold touch against her warm body gave her goose bumps. She felt a current run in every part of her body as his hands explored her more.

He pushed his hands on her bottom, feeling and rubbing her crotch. It was already very warm and drove him crazy. Arpita was breathing heavily, his hand was moving on top of her cunt, making her jump in excitement. She put her hands on top of his, and stopped them from exploring any more. She then pushed herself and turned around to face him.

Her eyes were intoxicating as she looked back at him, and he immediately held her face and started kissing on her lips. He started sucking her lips wildly, once the top one, then the lower one and then in random order. She too was enjoying and started kissing her back. And soon they started playing with their tongue.

While kissing her, he quickly lowered his hands to her waist and tugged at the strings of her salwar. It didn’t take much effort and the salwar came off her waist. She was left standing in her bra and panties, and they kissed each other passionately.

Arpita too, lifted his t-shirt and took it off his body, while he continued kissing at her neck and shoulders. It was a crazy moment and both of them were hungry for flesh. He brushed his hands on her waist, feeling the bare skin of her thigh and lifted her legs around her waist. Arpita quickly wrapped them around his waist as she hung from his neck.

She held on to him tightly as he carried her to the bathroom. She was almost naked, and had her bra and panties on her only. He too was almost nude save the track pants. He carried her to the bathroom and took her to the showers.

He put her down under the showers and once again started kissing her lips. She too hugged him tightly and started kissing back. They spent some time like that, kissing each other, before Anjan took his hand behind to undo her bra. It came off easily, leaving her top less.

He had held her breasts and tasted it the previous day too. They were like two soft melons. Her nipples were already hard and were eagerly waiting for his attention. And he didn’t keep those waiting for much, and immediately started licking them. Arpita leant against the wall, throwing her head back, enjoying his wet tongue on her aching nipples.

Anjan held her breasts and started squeezing them as he took her nipples in his mouth. He sucked and pressed her breasts as she started moaning and wriggling in excitement. “Uffffffffffffffffffff” she moaned as he continued sucking and licking on her nipples. He was getting high on sucking her nipples. He felt some imaginary liquid coming out of them. He continued sucking until Arpita started moaning harder.

“Mmmmmm… you have so much magic in your tongue” she whispered, trying to be as much bitchy as she could. And inside too she felt like a bitch after what she had gone through the previous day. Anjan continued sucking her nipples, but gradually too he was feeling a burning desire in his loins. A fire which can only be extinguished by the wetness of her mouth. He remembered how she had sucked off Unmesh, the other day, and now he too desired to feel the warmth of her mouth around his cock.

He then slowly pushed her down on her knees. Arpita realised what he was intending to do. She hated oral sex, last night she had done it under the effect of those strange tablets, but now her body convulsed to the idea of sucking a cock. But she had no choice this time, she was in a position where she cannot refuse. Anjan took off his pants and his cock was ready. He was completely naked with his cock hard and protruding towards her mouth. She was kneeling in front of him, naked too, except for the panties.

Arpita closed her eyes as she felt a strong urge to refuse. But then, she took a deep breath and took his cock in her mouth. She used her lesson from the previous night and took it deep in her mouth and started sucking. Anjan stood still, feeling the pleasure fill him up slowly. He rested against the wall, leaning forward, letting her take more of his cock in her mouth. And she continued sucking, no matter how much her soul despised it but she continued sucking.

“Ssssssssss… ohhhhhhhhhh… mmmmmmmmm” Anjan moaned as she was rapidly bringing him at the brink of an orgasm. And he stood still, feeling fits of pleasure rise up in his body, he closed his eyes and continued moaning until it was hard to control. He swiftly held the shower knob and turned it clockwise. Stream of cold water soon started raining from above.

At first Arpita was surprised with the sudden rain of cold water, but then she too adjusted herself and both started getting wet rapidly. Anjan, then grabbed her abruptly and pulled her up on her feet. “I don’t want to waste my cum in your mouth” he whispered at her ears as he pulled her closer. “I know better places to put it in” and then he turned her around and made her bent forward, holding the wall.

It happened so fast that Arpita couldn’t fathom while he pulled her up and turned her around. By the time she realised what was going on, she was already bent forward against the wall, her panties were pulled off and she was completely naked again. She then voluntarily spread her legs, opening up her cunt hole for easy access from behind. And Anjan positioned himself, ready to enter her cunt. The water was still dripping rapidly from above.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as Anjan slowly poked his cock at her cunt. He then paused for a brief moment and then aligning his cock correctly, he pushed again. “Awwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned again, but this time in approval. Arpita felt his erect cock rub deep inside her cunt and then slowly starting to make to and fro movement.

She was getting aroused, she wanted to lie down and moan in excitement. But she had to keep herself upright against the wall. She held her in position with her two hands against the wall, while Anjan continued pounding her hard from behind. He also leant forward and grabbed her tits and pressed them hard. The cold water continued pouring on them, making them wet from outside too.

“Mmmmmm… ohhhhhh… ahhhhhh… pppphhhhhh… mmmmmm” both moaned together as Anjan continued thrusting his cock hard, in her pussy. She was not feeling any pain, only pleasure, a divine pleasure that was sweeping her off her feet. She had already had an orgasm and was rapidly nearing the second. Anjan held her tightly and was thrusting hard, nearing his climax too.

They continued with the same vigour for two more minutes, before suddenly she felt a thick warm liquid fill her cunt from inside. The cold water was still pouring from above, only Anjan no longer was thrusting as hard as he was a moment ago. Arpita realised that it was his seed that she was feeling inside her. She too had her second orgasm almost at the same time as Anjan had climaxed, and now her body felt so refreshing.

Anjan turned her around, gently this time. He started kissing on her lips again as both stood drenched under the shower, cleaning and kissing each other at the same time.


To be continued..

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