Story of Gays, 🏳️‍🌈 Lesbians & Cheating moms

Hi guys, I’m Nick, and that’s it for now. You’ll discover more about me as this story progresses. Please bear with me. I want you guys to know about me.

It was a Saturday night, and the rain was pouring outside. I sat near my bedroom window, watching the rain. No one was on the road except for some ambulances hurrying on the city roads. It’s been like this for the past months since Covid started.

I just entered my 20s and got stuck at home. For how long? Who knows? I lost my father two years before covid. Now I got stuck here with my mum. While I continued my education, staying home, I missed my friends and parties.

I never used to come out of my room, and my mum being overprotective, told me not to. She kept herself busy after my dad passed away. She got herself a nice promotion in her job. Even in the house, she keeps taking care of every chore. I used to concentrate mostly on my education.

Mum and I talk on messages most of the time. There are days when we haven’t seen each other faces. She’s in her mid 40’s but looks younger than her age. She really takes care of her appearance as she works in the fashion industry. I also have a sister who is not staying with us.

I spent most of the gaming with my gay friend Karen. He lives a couple of blocks away from my house. We’re also roommates at the university. He’s a fit, handsome hunk that no one will assume he’s gay. He saved my ass a couple of times during fights. But mostly, he’s a better wingman.

I have a crush on a girl at the university. She’s a year older than me, but that didn’t stop me from crushing on her. Once at a party, I met her with the help of Karen. But she was with her bf on the same night.

There was beer and wine for everyone. It was my first experience with alcohol. I started having some crisps and wine together. The host announced a drinking game everyone in the house got excited. As alcohol kicked into my system, I started ogling more confidently.

She noticed me checking her. Everyone is checking her in the room. All were waiting for a chance to devour her body. She’s wearing a slutty black dress in which her chest is trying to pop out free. She noticed me staring at her.

Her bf came back at her rubbing his crotch to her ass. They started making out, and I got a hard-on watching them. I left the place and headed towards the washroom to pee. I entered one of the bedrooms, and luckily the bathroom wasn’t locked.

I went inside and took my dick out. It’s rock-hard, and I’m unable to pee. Now I started hearing voices from my back. There’s someone in the tub. I turned my head and could see a lady in her 40s behind the shower curtain, hiding her body.

Woman: Who are you?

Me: I came to the party and needed to pee.

Woman: Okay, go on, finish your business and leave.

Me: Okay, miss.

I can hear whispering back from the curtain and definitely someone else behind the curtain.

Woman: Are you done yet?

Me: No, I can’t pee.

Woman: What do you mean you can’t pee?

Me: My dick. It’s hard. I’m unable to pee!

Woman: Oh lord!

Male voice: You need to jerk that off, kid!

I felt embarrassed at this moment. I pulled my hard dick back into my pants and left the place. I quickly walked down the hall and left for the backyard. I went near a bush where no one could find me. I took my dick out, and I started to piss.

I finally managed to pee, but I couldn’t manage to relieve my erection. My mind ran through thoughts on what happened back in the bathroom. I was never horny for a woman in her 40s. But she looked and sounded hot. I wished I was the guy with her.

I came back to the hall now, and the party looked dead at this point. Karen called me from the corner and signed me, ‘Let’s leave.’ We’re out of the house, and I told my incident earlier in the bathroom.

“It must be Dylan’s mom,” said Karen casually.

Me: How could you possibly know?

Karen: Dylan used to share stories about his mom’s affairs.

Me: Any guesses who she might be having an affair with?

Karen: I know for sure it’s this guy from the architecture department.

Me: She looks hot, and I feel jealous of this guy. Thoughts of being with her are making my dick harder.

Karen: She’s a beautiful woman. I’ll show you something when we reach home.

We hired a cab and reached our place. Once inside, Karen opened his mobile and pulled up a video. Someone recorded having sex, and it’s Dylan’s mom in the video.

Me: How did you get this video?

Karen: It’s some guy from our university who recorded this.

Me: Does Dylan knows about this?

Karen: He kept quiet when he was offered some cash. Come, let’s jerk off.

We both sat on the couch, lowered our pants, and started rubbing our dicks. I took my mobile in my left hand and started watching the video. Karen placed my hand on his dick and grabbed mine with his left hand.

Now Karen’s dick is hard full six inches. I grabbed his staff as his dick head was oozing precum. His ball sack is closer to his penis compared to mine. His dick head has more radius than his staff. It is the opposite compared to the dick he’s holding.

I started stroking his watching the video. I can feel my cock pulsating in his hand. Karen stood up from the couch, kneeled, and took my dick to his mouth. I let out a moan when my hot dick entered his wet mouth.

This isn’t the first time he is sucking my dick. He always does a pretty good job, and he knows how my dick works. Sometimes he really puts me on edge. He won’t finish it off until I beg for it. I started moving my hip to and fro as per his head movements.

Now I’m on edge with all his sucking and the sex video. I said I was about to cum. He took my whole dick in, and I had a strong orgasm. He drank my cum, and some came out of his mouth, dripping on my balls. He took my dick out of his mouth and started stroking it.

A few drops cum were still oozing out, and he licked the cum on my balls and took them to his mouth. He cleaned my shaft with his tongue and was tried after that. I took his dick to my right hand, covering it with his precum. I started stroking it fast. He released his cum, and it fell on the floor.

This is happening in the hall. Susan, who I didn’t mention earlier, lives with us in the same house. Actually, it was her grandmother’s house. We both are tenants. Susan watched us from the hallway with her one boob out of her shirt.’

Her right hand rubbed her pussy, enjoying the action. I noticed her when I got up to clean myself. Seeing me, she stopped rubbing her pussy.

Susan: Why do you guys have to finish so fast? I’m out of the mood seeing your soft dicks.

Me: How long have you been there?

Susan: Just around 10 minutes. What made you guys masturbate now?

Karen: Watch this video. It’s Dylan’s mom.

Susan: Dylan’s from 2nd year, right? His mom is so hot, and I would definitely do her.

Yes, Susan is a lesbian older than us by a year. She is an attractive girl. Not that I’m attracted to her, I don’t see her that way. We’ve seen her naked, and she saw us, too. She never minds walking naked around the house.

We three use the same bathroom up the floor where all our bedrooms are. And it is the only one we use. She took the mobile and said, “I need to take this to the tub,” and left. She filled the tub with water, got naked and entered the tub.

I sat on the side of the tub to clean my dick, and Susan offered to help. I said okay. She took my dick to her left hand and poured water. She applied soap to it. She started talking about her day for the next 5 minutes while cleaning my dick and balls.

I left the place to give her time to pleasure herself. I reached my bed and slept naked, thinking about the day.

I hope you guys liked it. Please share your feedback at [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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