Story of the making of a lesbian escort

Sonali took the opportunity as a female escort to entertain female clients. But it was only and only for in-call services.

Sonali had a small place with her son in the same room as her small studio apartment. But she was still comfortable in her place and provided the in-call service. Her son is in the same room. So she has no choice but to choose a time late at night when her son sleeps.

She got a separate phone given by the agency, and her phone number was made public. It was up to her discretion to accept/reject the customers according to her choice. This freedom was given to her by the agency. However, the customers will only be female (lesbian/bisexual women).

This assurance was given to her, and somehow rates were mentioned but negotiable. In a matter of few days, the phone started to ring. Female clients were talking to Sonali and inquiring about her and her erotic services. At the same time, negotiating the rate.

If the rate is way above the suggested rate from the agency. Then the difference goes into Sonali’s pocket. Otherwise, Sonali is subject to give a share of $100 to the agency from each client she chooses.

The first client who talked to Sonali was a bi-curious college girl. She was in her late 20s and wanted to explore lesbianism. The rate was settled, and the address was shared. Sonali prepared herself by putting some makeup on to look more attractive.

She put on a sexy nightgown but with no bra and panties inside. She prepared the room to make it more presentable, leaving only some dim lights and bed lamps on. She did not have any proper bed but two mattresses. So she made one mattress ready to lie on the corner of the room.

Her son was sleeping on the other mattress in the other corner. She made some clean towels ready by the mattress and a chilled wine bottle with a couple of glasses on the side. She played soft music at a low volume to avoid disturbing her sleeping son.

Within an hour, the phone rang to inform her that she had arrived downstairs. Sonali checked out in the intercom camera and opened the gate for her first client.

Next, Sonali’s door was knocked for her very first female client. Sonali opened the door confidently and kept a very seductive smile. She saw a gorgeous young white girl named Alexa with attractive attire standing before her. Sonali greeted her in a very seductive style and made her comfortable.

At the same time, Sonali made a quiet gesture for her client by saying, ‘Sheeshhh!’ So that she could alert her about her sleeping son not be awaken. The girl seems from a rich background by her dress and the perfume she is wearing. However, she seemed very confident.

Soon she made herself comfortable by kicking off her sandals. Before making any next move, she handed the money to Sonali. Sonali got her very first payment for her services. She deposited it in her bag and reached for the mattress.

Sonali could tell that the girl was extremely attracted by her. She was being desperate to have her very first experience with a woman. Sonali knows how to tease and make her want more! Both were in the standing position. Sonali made her close to her by hugging her.

A nice blow of some expensive perfume was waved! They both grabbed each other by extending their arms around. Sonali could feel her erect nipples and buxom breasts brushing her breasts through the clothes. She was the same height as Sonali. So they both held each other by keeping their arms around.

Sonali pressed her hard against her chest. The boobs got pressed against each other for a minute. Sonali was just perfect in making a woman turn on through her experience. The girl was getting super excited in the arms of Sonali. In no time, Sonali reached out to her back and unhooked her bra.

The bra dropped on the floor. Next, Sonali’s hands were on her naked perky breasts, caressing and softly pinching her nipples. Sonali brushed her mouth around her neck by planting soft kisses. The girl started taking deep sighs, being extremely turned on.

She grabbed Sonali by fusing against her. She started giving soft kisses on Sonali’s neck and face. While she was doing that, Sonali made another bold move by reaching out to her pussy through her pants. Sonali’s fingers were brushing her pussy.

She could tell how badly the girl was turned on. Sonali’s fingers were all soaked with juices! While Sonali’s fingers were still working on the girl’s pussy softly, the girl got overwhelmed. Suddenly Sonali felt that her hand was reaching out to her pussy!

Since Sonali was not wearing any panties, the girl’s hand reached out to her pussy very easily. They both played with each other’s pussy for some time, though still standing. They made themselves ready for each other. Indeed, Sonali was badly turned on, and so was the girl.

And now it was the time for Sonali to fuck her first client good. Sonali pulled out her nightgown quickly and got herself completely naked. She made the girl naked as well. She gave a good suckle to Alexa’s breasts one after another, making her horny.

Next, they both got dropped on the mattress. Sonali took a commanding position by getting on top of the girls face-to-face and keeping their pussies attached. Sonali was grinding her pussy vigorously! Both the pussies were soaked with their juices and were grinding against each other.

The girl was thrilled with the excitement. She was holding Sonali tightly against herself by keeping her arms around. They both kissed each other. Sonali could feel the intensity of the kisses as almost her lips were being bitten! In a few minutes, both reached their orgasms by releasing their love juices.

As soon as Sonali reached her orgasm, the girl flipped over and got on top of Sonali. She licked Sonali from the top to her toes and ate her pussy! She made Sonali cum a few more times. Sonali was fully released and exhausted by having frequent orgasms back-to-back.

However, she did her job as well by satisfying her client to the best of her abilities. As a client, the girl was very satisfied and tipped her well before leaving.

Once her first client left, Sonali fixed herself, and she was ready to take a nap. It was 1 am late at night already. She checked her son, who was deep asleep. Then she crashed into bed to take some rest. She could hardly have slept for half an hour. Her phone rang, and she woke up.

There was a call from a lady in her mid-30s. She was a victim of a broken marriage as her husband left home a day ago due to some argument. The lady was mentally disturbed. She wanted to come and see Sonali for some change of mind and to get some sexual gratification.

The lady was willing to pay a hefty hourly rate as she sounded rich. Sonali accepted her offer as her second client. Sonali fixed her makeup and got ready for her second client. Within 20 minutes, her phone rang again. Sonali was informed that her second client had arrived downstairs.

Sonali checked her in the intercom camera and opened the gate. Sonali opened the door with a great seductive smile. She saw a very attractive, sophisticated, and high-class lady in her 30s standing in front of her with a sexy smile.

Sonali’s room was filled with the lady’s expensive perfume. She introduced herself as Janice. Sonali offered her a glass of wine, and they both chatted. She was complaining about her husband and her rocky marriage. Once she got a little settled, she pulled out the cash of $500 and handed it over to Sonali.

Sonali was not expecting the lady would be so generous. She paid a little more than she did arrange the hourly rate. Once Sonali got the money, she was in business by offering her services. They both undressed each other and got involved with each other.

Sonali could tell by the moves of the lady that she was not any new to lesbian sex. She must have had many women before. Indeed, Sonali was enjoying being with her. The lady smacked Sonali’s butt a few times and became sadist. They enjoyed a few thrilling sessions one after another and then took a break.

The lady was still lying naked next to Sonali. She was more friendly and tried to learn more about Sonali and her marriage. Of course, she got a good sense of Sonali and her background in that conversation.

Next, the lady made a generous offer which shocked Sonali. The lady offered Sonali to move out of her small lousy studio apartment. She suggested she move in with her for some time. She mentioned that she has a huge house in a posh area. She can easily accommodate Sonali and her son without any problem.

She also gave the option to Sonali that she could still support herself as a lesbian escort to pull her expenses. By the time she could find a better job.

The lady played a little more with Sonali after a little recess. Then she handed over her visiting card and then left. Sonali was quite confused. Her mind started thinking about the offer she had just got. However, her thinking process got distracted by the phone ring.

Sonali did not feel like having another client for that night. She had earned enough for the night and was also exhausted. While her mind was still confused through deep thinking, Sonali fixed a drink for herself and then fell asleep.

Rest in the following upcoming part.

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