Strange Neighbor Turned Into Fuck Friend Due To Weed

Hi, ISS lovers.How are you doing? I had been a fan of ISS for past 9 years. I am an avid reader but this is my first story. Since this is my first time, hope you’ll overlook the errors.

I’ll describe myself a bit, I’m a 24 with 5’11” of height and holds an average 7″ manhood. I am a mechanical engineer doing Marine engineering in Kolkata from Northeast.

I use to have a beautiful GF but we broke up due to long distance relationship, as I couldn’t give her the time which any girl desires. We were both happy and wild as a fucking couple.

Doing group sexting and what not, but she cheated on me. And it all ended. I guess I had already bored you guys. Coming to the story, it was a new year’s eve and quite late in the night. At around

Coming to the story, it was a new year’s eve and quite late in the night. At around 1 AM, I was alone in my flat smoking weed and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell. I got tensed thinking it’s my landlady. As I was on high as fuck and the room was filled with weed’s aroma. I reluctantly opened the door to find my neighbor girl standing outside.

On my asking, she said that her roomie has gone out with her guy and left their flat’s key on the edge of corridor’s ceiling. And since she can’t reach there, she came to ask me for help.

So I obliged and handed her the key. Then I went inside my flat. After few minutes my doorbell was ranged again and on opening, I found that girl and it turned out that her roomie left the wrong key.

As my room was filled with smoke, I was reluctant to invite her and moreover, I’m basically a shy guy when it comes to dealing with an opposite sex.Seeing my hesitancy she said “it’s okay if you smoke pot. I don’t have a problem with it. I won’t complain to our landlady. I only need to stay for few hours till my friend comes”

I said “Ok no problem.come in then”. I asked her to make herself comfortable, offered her water and pizza while I took the opposite couch. Then there was the awkward silence which was broken by her.

She- So what’s your name? We didn’t even got properly introduced.

Me- (Grinning a bit) Myself Abhiraj from Assam and you?

She- I’m Debasmita from Durgapur.

Later she said that she is doing

Oh! to describe her features, she was nearly about 5’6″ fair, cute and beautiful bong girl. She was wearing a satin one piece pink dress. I already had a little bit crush on her but never approached her.

We got to chatting about academics. I don’t know all of a sudden she said, she also wants to have weed. I was like “seriously could it get any more weirder? “Seeing the look on my face she asked me “have you never smoked weed with a girl?”

Me- Nope. I had a number of times but never with a strange girl.She- That’s okay. We can be friends you know.

Being high as fuck. I agreed and made her a bong shot with ice mint hookah flavor. After her first shot, I took one and so she did. My lappy was lying open on the couch only. It turned out she was an F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic too.

We started discussing our favorite characters and scenes. We had another shot and moved to the floor and started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And then after a while she was getting tipsy and kept her head on my left shoulder.

I was feeling awkward but didn’t dare to do anything, being deprived of sex and influence of weed I started getting horny. But being a decent guy, I controlled myself.

But after 10-15 mins later, she casually put her right hand over my thighs dangerously close to my crotch. Then I looked at her at that very moment and she did the same.

Our eyes met ( her eyes were half opened though ?). We both leaned and smooched. Then I cupped her face and started kissing widely. Our tongues entwined and dancing to our euphoria.

I moved my left hand to her waist and brought her closer and broken the kiss. And then started kissing and sucking her ears. Grazing her smooth soft thighs, she went mad with my move and got on top of me.

Started unbuttoning my shirt and I followed the same. Kissing her neck sliding the left strap of her dress to discover a matching satin pink lingerie bra. I have a weak point for beautiful lingerie and breasts.

I pounded her cleavage and started sucking her valley cupping her breasts. Digging my face on those beautiful soft 32C breasts, she started running her hands all over my hair and undid my shirt.

Moved her hands on my back and she was scratching in ecstasy. I couldn’t hold any longer and scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom and selected my jazz music collection.

While on the bed, I freed her and her one piece dress to reveal her beautiful body with sexy lingerie covering her womanhood And then like a hungry lion I pounced on her. Removing the bra straps, I slowly lowered her bra which made her breasts popped like a cherry.

She had one of the beautiful pairs of light brownish tits. To made her more aroused, I rubbed the ice mint hookah flavor on her right boob. I started moving my tongue in slow clockwise motion and started pinching her left tits, she was going crazy.

She kept her hand on my head to apply more pressure, after sensing her need I started swirling my tongue quickly. Giving my love to her beautiful bosoms, I moved down south to her belly button and right away dug my tongue into it.

With both of my hands nibbling her boobs while running my ice minty index finger all over her stomach making her shiver. She couldn’t take it anymore and came up. It made her wilder and she made me lie down and got on top of me.

The lights from the window illuminated her face and she was looking so beautiful and gorgeous which I can’t pen it down. She came down and started giving french kiss and I reciprocated.

Taking in her saliva and her aroma, her smooth silky hairs on my face and her neck was simply sexy. After 2 mins of kissing she slowly went down kissing my ears, neck, sucking my chest and male nipple.

I clenched the bedsheet in ecstasy. She was driving me mad with her moves and my manhood was running with her love juices sokaed panty. I could feel its warmth on my trousers and my dick was trying to come out of its cage.

The rest of it will follow depending on your response. Have a good day to you all..Do give your feedback on “[email protected]”

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