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Hi, I am Arsh one of a regular iss reader, this is my true story happened two years back, now I am 28 yrs and looking like a normal indian guy average but fit, I did my degree and joined a reputed firm as a design and development team member in coimbatore. You know that coimbatore once we financially comfortable and also jobwise its more livelihood.

I planned to buy some clothes for me. Usually, I never choose weekends because of rush. So I chose normal weekdays, it was monday morning I went a shopping mall a famous branded store, there I parked my car

In that morning hours nobody is there in the parking area, I quietly went upstair and bought some clothes again I come back to the underground parking , when I was out from the lift, that time few feets away a lady nearly 40 yrs an average typical tamil lady stood she holds newly purchased bags, I never thought because may be she is waiting for vehicle. When I crossed she called, can you please bring me to the customer lounge, I lost my balance, my leg so pain, I replied yah sure then I just picked her bags and hold her hands tightly, I feel her heavy sweating and she is not able to walk, so I said that lounge too far please get some rest into my car,no…Thanks she replied but her pain, so she accepted.

I brought her to my car. I switched on car a/c and gave some water, after few minutes she little bit relaxed, please clean with water where that wounded area I told her, she cleaned I gave a towel,tissue papers, pain balm, she cleaned but not able to apply balm, so I asked can I help you, I told her treat me as a nurse, first she refused then gave the chance. I adjusted front seat brought her leg over the seat she covered her saree decently, I never mind her appearance, that wounded area of her leg so reddish I just hold her thumb finger in between next finger applying balm gently in that area, after few minutes she said now the pain reduced I replied please relax sometime. I asked her are you waiting for your husband? No she is trying to call a taxi that time I crossed, I asked her may I drop you? Treat me as a taxi driver . She refused again I convenience her.

I started to drive her to home, she told where her place it nearly 45 minutes travelling time where we started, by my luck some traffic extends our journey time we both come to so close, our talks like my job, studies, family, paying guest life, hobbies and friends her’s early personal life, husband and his busy job,and two kids who almost ending years at boarding school, we reached her home it stood atleast an one km. From the main road, I drove slowly, we reached her home that the place for mostly high-end working communities.

She invited her house, I readily accepted and went inside, I expect somebody in her home but no one is there, its quiet and big home I asked her how long you are living here, from last 15 years she said. Are you feel safe she replied yes, shall I prepare coffee or tea? I preferred coffee, we both went kitchen I hold her hands for easy walk, she served me a good coffee, a maid available usually she comes at morning and evening hours only she said. After few chit chat, I asked her shall I go? She told me please after lunch.

We again come back to the main hall and she called her husband and confirmed where he is and when he will be back, he is in an out of the city he may be come by late night, she said.

She went inside kitchen and took hot water and a cloth for massage again she bit uncomfortable can’t herself, shall I do? I asked, this time she openly accepted so I put her leg and started to massage with hot water after some time I wiped that wounded area with cloth and brought her legs over my laps she never opposed me I started to massage slowly she sat back and closed her eyes, my penis started to raise, I slowly move my hand to her backside of her leg inside the petticoat

After few minutes I reached her thigh and also simultaneously moves her leg over my penis, now, she feels about my hardness, she enjoys that moment but she never open her eyes, my hand almost reached her upper thigh and slowly rubbing backside of it, suddenly she raised a question, how long? I immediately stopped rubbing her thighs, I feared, she again asked how long we with oral I’ve no time, shall we go to the bed room, I nodded, she quietly guided me to the bed room, now I turned wild with full freedom, I just hucked her in backside, my penis rubbed her ass crack I plant a kiss in her shoulder she moaned like hmm … And she feels my hard breathing she mildly told please relax otherwise it’ll come out quickly, but I can’t, so she straightly undressed and she told remove her saree, petticoat and blouse wow her body so smooth and fresh skin, I can’t control she smiled! Nice you are I said.

Now we both in inners. I can’t able to stop heavy breathing she instructed slow and lay on bed, I laid there, she removed my inners, mine normal length and good thickness, I feel hard and shivering,

Now she started to touch my chest and neck her hands, follows further guts and upper and lower thighs, she never touch my penis, after some time she asked me to remove her bra and panty.I slowly removed now she is in nude nice shape of boobs 30-32 size, neat pussy, her stomach and thighs are so softy, she wants to huck from behind me, she went back and tightly hold and started to pinch my nipples after sometimes she turned front both movements,

I feel her softy boobs crushing over me mine touches her part, now I little bit comfortable, I covered her started to press her boobs, eating all the way of hers after sometime I rubbed her pussy, started to fingering and also with tongue, next few minutes she moaned heavily my tongue tasted her liquid I saw very first time of a lady’s ejaculation, now I freed her, she came down and put her mouth in the balls the same time her two fingers went below the balls started to play with that area, I widened my legs for her, after few minutes she started suck my penis hardly, I said its coming, she likely engulfed my sperm.

We both cleaned and took some rest, myself and back we both drunk fruit juice energized ourselves, we set back and start smooching it goes next 5 minutes, we set back to the bed from the standing position. I started and roll over her after 10 minutes of pre-play I am getting ready to fuck she offered me in the donkey style, this time mine stood long more than 10 minutes fucked and ejaculated in her pussy I collided over her in the bed next 15 mins, we took some rest and went for bathing this time our session like squeezing, licking she beautifully made me with blow job after the end of three sessions little pain in my penis I said, first time my husband also met early out she replied, now he is ok.

We went lunch and took some rest, she brought olive oil and started to massage my penis gently. Few minutes, I bit comfortable for next session now our session at floor she offered me ass this time and I put oil in the hole, she widened and I started to insert, its hard, finally my half penis entered into her ass hole then I started to stroke she screamed with pain after long in/out, I shot my load into her. We both went cleaned ourself.

Now this is our last time fucking I made her regular position more than 20 mins. We ended one by one. After bathing I ‘m getting ready to move, again we both long kissing session and shared my phone number, next six months we quietly meet 4 times, she feels about her privacy because kids are back to home. I oftenly speak with her. Leave your comment: [email protected]

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