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Hi All, I am back with another experience of mine. This is one of the few experiences I had long time back in Goa. For those who are reading me for the first time, I will introduce myself.

I am Darshan working with a private firm and travel across Gujarat for my official work. I have an inclination towards fitness and health. You can post your feedbacks on my mail okay.

I have got lot of feedbacks that second part of my story is published very late. Hence I am writing entire in one story itself and that’s why it is a bit long.

I had one this 4 days trip to Goa in a contest and the targets were so huge that in entire country I was the only one who qualified for this. I was happy for I would get to drink in bar and being served on my table, otherwise it’s always self help whenever drinks happen in Gujarat.

I took my flight reached Goa and was 2 beers down even before I reached hotel. It was late evening, so I freshened-up and directly made it to the bar in the reception area. India-England match was going on I was enjoying it with chilled beer.

I drank huge, ate hefty and fell asleep as soon as I reached my room and hit the bed. Next morning I woke-up with a hangover and took a strong coffee. Next moment and I was about to enter the shower when I looked myself in the mirror and appreciated the way.

I had maintained my muscles even after having such tight work schedules such full mirrors always motivate me for the workouts. I decided to hit the gym and then plan for the day in fact. There was no plan except for drinking when I entered the gym.

I found there were only a handful of people there apart from me there was a foreigner running on treadmill and a lady on the cycle. I did my warm-ups and started my workout with pull-ups. Neither was there any music, hence I just cracked a conversation with that lady.

I asked her if she is working-out as per her schedule or just burning some calories. To which she replied without even looking at me that she is just killing time. I was shocked and asked her with same amusement that I have never heard of some-one hitting the gym just to kill time.

She did not answer then I asked her further if she was on vacation or on business trip? To which she answered none. I felt bad and told her bluntly that and I am sorry if I am bothering you but you can tell me if you don’t want to answer. Anyways I was asking it casually, and such cold replies are being rude.

To which she turned and saw me for the first time and then she scanned me from top to bottom and replied. She told that she is accompanying her husband who is on a business trip here. She came along thinking that she would get bored back at home for entire week.

But now she realises that she is getting more bore here at least back in her town she had some friends. Then interrupting her own narration she asked me on why I was in Goa was I on a business trip or vacation.

I told her that it is supposed to be a vacation but I am alone here and described her and the entire contest thing. Soon, we were talking to each other and decided to keep in touch at least till we are in the Resort.

We exchanged out room no. and cell nos. After finishing the workout we decided to go for water sports which were arranged in the Resort itself. Resort was built on a private beach, and only resort’s guests were allowed for all the facilities arranged on the beach to keep the nuisance and non-sense away.

Soon we caught up on the beach. I was wearing a grey Sandoz and white cargo three-fourth. She was wearing a half-thigh covering comfort fit white shorts and red sleeveless t-shirt. She also wore glasses as she had a weak eye side. We played around and took turns doing water sports and clicking each other pictures.

After couple of hours we got tired and called it up when we handed over our life jackets back to the organisers I realised how drenched we were. I could see the glimpse of her black bra through her red t-shirt, immediately my eyes went down to her shorts.

From the back side I could see her floral print panty through the white shorts after handing over my life jacket we both started walking back from the beach, when she asked for what next. I suggested relaxing and having some sun in the pool, and if she likes maybe a few drinks too.

I was not sure if she will agree with the pool idea but she agreed without any hesitation. We both confirmed to be there at pool after changing in swimming clothes. I was just guessing how this 5 feet 5 inch milky white lady will look in bikini with her awesome figure of approximately 38 C 30 38.

I reached soon as my room was very near since I had taken a pool view room. I was in my swimming trunks and in the water with a can of beer. The pool had a mini bar in the centre of the pool in no time she came but with a disappointing costume.

She was wearing a one piece knee-length spandex costume. It was sleeveless and not even deep from the neck to give even a millimetre of the cleavage view. The only good part was that it a totally backless and this confirmed that she was not wearing bra under it.

Also she had tied a cloth on her waist so that the sticking spandex does not reveal any of her curves at least 6 inches below her waist. She removed that cloth only after entering the pool. She joined me and called for a breeze.

We took our drinks, talked about all the non-sense like weather, movies, politics, economy and also swam in between. Now sun started moving towards west and loosing it’s heat. It was time for us to say good-bye to the pool and move back to our rooms as soon as she was out.

She tied her cloth back but I waiting for the opportunity managed to see those panty lines another disappointment but I was happier to have a company than being disappointed for it being not so spicy while moving back we saw there was a tarot card reader sitting in one corner of the lawn surrounding the pool.

We went there had some fun with few cards predicting our future and all. When we started off from there and we saw a big poster of the Kerala massage. We went on to enquire and found it interesting but when we decided to go ahead with it we were told that.

We should not have taken alcohol for at-least 4 hours while going in for the massage. We were not happy but then I made the plan for the next day. We agreed on my suggestion that we would get the massage after our morning gym session.

We came back to our rooms and I dosed off for a nice sleep after the tiring sports and pool, not to forget the help of beer in making me sleepy. We again caught-up at night for the dinner, where I met her husband too and after a brief formal introduction.

I left the couple with their privacy and moved towards the casino. I lost only thousand bucks in casino which were given to me complimentary as a corporate guest again a started drinking and last night’s schedule was repeated.

Next morning I woke-up by the ring of telephone in my room. It was the same lady on the other side and we finalised to meet in the gym in next 10 minutes. That day I was scheduled for legs workout, so I wore my tight shorts and a full sleeves dry fit t-shirt.

She met me wearing a full track pant and a Sandoz. This time instead of just killing time she worked-out her legs as per my instructions and I just jokingly made her work-out a bit more as I knew that she would be having a relaxing massage post gym.

We both reached and they were waiting for us as we had already booked our appointment the previous day. First they showed us their facilities of the massage rooms, steam, Jacuzzi and shower facilities and then we both were guided to our respective massage rooms by our respective therapists.

Being myself a professional massage therapist I knew that abhyangam is one of the best Kerala massage, I confirmed the same for both of us. The massage relaxing and equally exciting is it is done with only a langot on your body but what happened after massage was the shocker and most un-expected.

After the massage I was in the steam when the door opened and this lady also entered. I was sitting nude as I had taken my towel off but soon picked my towel and kept it over my thighs covering my bareness. She was also wearing a towel around her body which was covering her bust fully but her entire thighs were visible.

Since the steam was there and was not guessed she also entered without being aware of my presence. It was when she was taking her seat she saw me and busted in embarrassing laughter. She said oooh my god you are here? I didn’t knew that they allow males and females in the same steam.

I replied with a similar embarrassing laughter no. it’s not that. They don’t allow males and females together. I think since we both have been together for the enquiry, booking and the session they have put us together in-fact they don’t take appointments of 2 clients at the same time.

She settled herself on the other side of the wooden bench I was sitting and said OK in a long sound as if she understood what happened. Then I handed-over her another towel napkin from stack of towels and told her to cover her head with it. She asked surprisingly for what.

Then I explained her that while having steam head should always be covered with a cotton towel or something otherwise the head gets over-hydrated and you may feel dizzy. Then she asked as how come I know so much, and I told her that I am a trained massage therapist myself and exactly know all these things.

She asked if I used to work in some massage parlour before this current work of mine. And I denied it saying that I still work as a part time massager and also as personal fitness trainer during the non-office hours. After five minutes we started sweating and the warm steam started relaxing our skins.

I moved to the other bench just besides the bench we were sitting. This other bench was a bit down as probably was made for kids to sit. I sat down on the lower bench with my legs stretched fully covering the entire length of the bench and adjusted my towel to expose the maximum possible skin to the steam.

She looked at me and said that she too wants to enjoy the steam fully and will I mind if she takes off her towel from her body, and promised in continuation that she will keep her crotch covered.

I replied with an affirmation that it’s perfectly ok and let’s both of us feel free like matured ones and not be shy like some teenagers. Saying this I completely took off my towel and sat their nude with half erection. She also gave a mature smile and took off her towel and matched my nudity.

I don’t know where her eyes have scanned me, but my eyes immediately caught her dark brown nipples and her dark but clean shaved pussy. She had a mark of stitched from her pussy to her navel and must have been under scissors for her delivery. Soon her glasses were off and eyes closed.

She was relaxing as I saw that her folded legs were spreading apart bringing her pussy lips to the glory. I started stroking my cock slowly enjoying the gradual excitement building in and then I shifting stroking my cock to the left hand and placed my right arm on her bench exactly under her folded legs with my palm very near her pussy.

I ensured that I am not touching her anywhere. Now my cock was full erect and I left stroking. I did not wanted to take chance of her waking up in the middle of my ejaculation and making the entire thing a mess. There were still 4 more days in Goa to be spent.

The next thing happened was she moved herself a bit forward or maybe it was just re-adjusting herself after sitting in the same position for long and her pussy touched my fingers. She froze for few seconds and then quickly grabbed her glasses as soon as she grabbed her glasses I closed my eyes completely.

Nothing happened as soon as I heard the noise of her glasses placed back on the wooden bench, I opened my eyes. She was lying in the same position but now her eyes were not closed. I moved my finger on her pussy very slowly.

I knew she would know it immediately but her not moving back away from my fingers was some sort of signal for me. She asked me if I was ok and comfortable. I told her that yes I am ok and why she asked so. I was still rubbing my fingers over her pussy but very slow.

She replied that my erection and my actions does not match my words, and she told me to tell her like mature people and not shy as some teenagers. I told her that I was feeling bit excited and it’s just the effect of the massage and steam relaxation.

I also added that I always get a hard-on in the steam after massage and masturbate myself. Then she said that I can go ahead with my masturbation and she will not mind it. I re-confirmed that is she sure of what she is saying.

I masturbating in her presence is no issue with her and then she replied that she know that I am a gentleman and what’s happening with me is quite biologically normal and she understand it completely. She also added that her presence in nude in front of me is also one of the reasons for my excitement.

I should relieve myself instead getting frustrated and feeling helpless. I thanked and appreciated her. I moved up myself on the same bench she was sitting and sat exactly opposite to her. I kept my folded legs apart and started stroking my cock gradually while stroking.

I asked her as how come she can be so open, frank and understanding and she replied that though she is a housewife but have a good understanding of people and she agreed to spent time with me in Goa only because she found me a good straight forward person.

She was impressed when in the first meeting I had told her that if she doesn’t want to talk she can say that and giving cold replies was rude. Then when she touched my hand in the steam she knew that I had placed my hand intentionally there but at the same time.

I had the decency of not touching a girl without her consent. Now she placed her palm on her pussy rubbing it slowly and said that I will also understand that when a hunk sitting nude in front of a girl is stroking a massive cock the girl also gets excited.

And needs to relieve her too with that last sentence of hers were both busted into laughter. I said if we keep on talking so maturely then it will be evening by the time I will be able to relieve myself. She said with a wink need some help?

I said it will be helpful and she spread her legs wide and while rubbing her pussy started moaning. I also started moaning, but we both knew that our moans were fake and did not help much. I again said why don’t we rub each other? This fake moaning is very comic and not at all seductive. She replied

I agree that it is not helping but I am not sure if touching each other will be ok. I replied the one who massaged you also touched you all-over is it that being touched by an un-known female on bust is ok but by a male friend on the crotch is not ok?

She replied back in agreement you have a valid point. Also we can’t sit here for entire day hopelessly rubbing ourselves. Now she came near me and we were like in L shape position. She started stroking my cock and I starting rubbing her pussy with-in seconds we both were in ecstatic world and cherishing each other’s touch.

Now I made a move and while rubbing inserted one figure in her pussy and started rubbing her inside her too. She also moved ahead and took my cock in her mouth. Her warm wet mouth took me to the pinnacle of excitement and cum started building in.

I also started finger fucking her with one figure and rubbing her clits. But before I could she reached her orgasm and shivered with real moans and left stroking me almost when I was about to cum. She took more than a minute to be back and normal and my erect cock was waiting.

She looked at me, said sorry and again started sucking me now with more vigour and also cupping and stroking my balls. Now I was about to cum and told her to back off, but she signalled me to cum in her mouth itself and I did exactly the same.

She took all my cum in her mouth and stroked with her lips tightly on my cock not to leave any drop un-attended. Then she got up and spit the entire semen of mine on the floor in a corner. We thanked each other not by words but by a small lip sucking kiss.

And then wrapped our towels and went out of the door. The passage leads us to another room where the south Indian lady was waiting. When she saw us she came to us with a tray having lemon juice. Then she told us that warm water was placed in the bath tub body wash mixed and covered with rose petals.

And once we are through we can enjoy the hot water Jacuzzi and get ready. She showed her where our clothes were placed properly in a hanger. We looked at each other and thanked that lady and she went off. She also told us to bolt the door from inside as soon as she went off we both again laughed on her statement of bolting the door.

Now we knew that they were miss-understanding as a couple. But none of us bothered. We looked around the room. It was all wooden and the only light in the room was of the number of candles lit. We moved to the bath tub, removed our towels and entered the tub one by one in the same stark nudity.

I went first and then she followed. But this time instead of sitting opposite to me, she sat towards me with her back resting on my chest. I had kept my hands on the side of the tub, which she held and by her hands and wrapped it around her waist.

We both were silent for few seconds and then she broke the silence by saying that she didn’t knew that warm water would feel so good even after a hot steamy session.

I pinched her stomach by repeating the words with emphasis on steamy session and then she started telling me about how nice the room is decorated, the fragrance of scented candles and all and then she said that she now understood why people come to Goa for honey-moon.

I asked her where did she went for honeymoon and she told that they went Singapore for honey moon. Then she kept on telling about the Singapore, different things, places etc. During all these talks I was continuously embracing her stomach, her arms and her thighs but did not touched neither her pussy nor the boobs.

Once she was done with Singapore she told me how nice a person I am. How I respect womanhood and how nice she feels to find a friend like me. I also appreciated her of being so understanding and helping out in embarrassing situation.

Then she told me that I am the only person except her husband who has seen and touched her like this. When she said this I kissed her on her neck and held her tightly in my arms. Then she moved a bit up and turned her face sideways and kissed me on my cheek.

But when she moved up her ass started touching my cock and sending the sensations to my mind. Now she held my face and turned it towards her and we both were smooching again while smooching I moved my right hand up and groped her left breast gently.

After some smooching she turned above me completely and hugged me. her breasts crushed against my chest and cock started coming alive. Then slipped down and rested her face over my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and started rubbing her ass cheeks.

Nice ass is my weakness and within seconds of my rubbing her ass my cock become fully alive again. She moved her hand down and started playing with my cock again. I bent my face down and we started smooching again after few minutes she went under water.

I started sucking my cock under water and came out after sometime. Now, I told her that I also want to taste the glory. She understood and stood up in the tub and brought herself near my face. I placed my mouth in between her legs and started sucking her pussy, and sucked her wildly with my tongue, lips and teeth.

I kept on till she reached her orgasm and made my mouth salty with her juices. Now waiting for nothing she moved in the centre of the tub and positioned her pussy over my cock. My tip was touching the entry point. Then she told me that her husband’s cock is quite small compared to mine and they were not one of those daily having sex.

She told me that this would be painful and she wants to go slowly. I nodded in complete agreement and held her face with my both hands. I think her husband had a smaller and thinner cock because just the half of my cocking going in made her eyes clinched and her lower lip bit.

She started moving up and down on the half cock itself and every time she moved down she took more some more part of the cock in her and after few strokes she sat completely making a sigh sound and hugging me tightly.

Now she started moving her hips to and fro making my cock touching every corner of her pussy interiors. Then I told her that let’s move out of the tub as it is too small and we might get hurt or injured. She said ok and clinged to me like a monkey sticks to the mother.

I rose up out of the tub taking her in the same position. Threw towels from the sack on the wooden floor and made her lie on her back and started stroking gently in the missionary position. Now I was changing gears of my thrusts.

I started pounding her stronger and deeper every time I stroked deeper the tear filled her eyes and when I started stroking faster the tears started rolling and she said started repeating my name with an oh every time. Now I started fucking her faster and her moans turned into sighs in between.

I kissed her lips, pressed her breasts, licked her nipples and kept on stroking. I was nowhere near to my cum but I turned out of breath then I moved my cock out and brought it near her mouth. She started sucking my cock and I started playing with her cunt.

I gave her slow slaps on her pussy and she started getting heated more. Soon I got my breathing normal I moved her into my favourite doggy style. Went behind her and inserted my cock in one single stroke completely inside her.

She screamed and then suddenly buried her face in the towel on the floor and took towel in her mouth. I was not stooping now. Her big round ass in that position was good enough to get a dead man masturbating.

I started pumping her hard and fast, soon I realised that she was crying but I kept on. I was fucking like mad but the cum was not building in. I needed more excitement. I spanked her ass hard and as a reflex she pushed herself forward and my cock came out of her pussy.

She said oooh Darshan bahut dukhta hai and I won’t be able to walk if you do like that and I said don’t talk like a virgin yar you won’t even feel anything once it is done and you know that saying that I again pulled her back in the same position and again started pumping with same velocity.

She kept on crying, and again I spanked her but this time harder and again the same reflex happened. I took a view around in the room, there was a table with flowers, comb, hair oil etc lying. I took her in my arms and placed her in the table in the bent position.

Now I started sucking her pussy again pressing her ass cheeks. Juices were flowing and getting mixed with my saliva, while licking these juices my tongue touched her asshole and my brain captured it. I started licking her asshole also.

She realised it later as what I was having in my mind when I started poking my tongue in her asshole. She immediately turned around sat on the table and started saying nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi. I asked her why.

She said crying baht dukhega yar aaj nahi fir kabhi karenge but aaj nahi. I inserted my cock in her pussy as she was sitting on the table facing me and said abhi dikh raha ha? She replied nahi, abhi nahi dukh raha. I replied isi tarah starting me dukhega fir nahi dukhega trust me.

I won’t do anything to hurt you baba and the kissed her. She agreed reluctantly. Then I said let’s try some fun. Use tumhe dard ka pata bhi nahi chalega. She asked what? I replied waxing. She quizzed me waxing?

I took a candle in my hand and dropped few drops of wax on my hand. She almost tore her eyes in amusement and shock. She said are you sure you want to try it? I said yes and she herself turned reverse and got into the bent position, but I moved her on the floor in the doggy position and further her hands put behind her back.

Now her asshole and pussy lips were openly exposed to my view. I took 4 candles with me on floor. These were thick candles and had lot of melted wax instead of dropping wax I poured the melted wax on her both the holes.

She would have jumped if I had not held her hands behind her back. She creamed but very next second she said she liked it. Now the pain and burning had been so much that she was talking with shivering voice.

Then I started dropping wax on her bare ass every drop would make her sigh loudly after some time her entire ass was covered with wax. She got so excited that she stood and saw her wax covered ass in the full mirror and then embraced it.

I spanked her ass hard and some of the wax fell down and then I looked at her and asked, does she want this wax to be removed. She said yes. Now I made her stand bending down fully and started spanking her hard and wax started falling down.

Now all her screams had made my cock as hard as it would bust with the adrenaline flow. I then spanked her 10 to12 times in continuation to which all wax from her ass cheeks fell off and she also fell on the ground crying like small kid.

I told her that wax in the ass crack is still there. I again made her stand in same position but this time with legs full apart. Now and I starting spanking her asshole and pussy spanking on her asshole was still physically bearable with her but my first slap on her pussy made her jump with pain.

And she lied down on the floor folding her legs and caressing her pussy with her hand. She told me that she cannot take the pussy spanking and I replied I have other way of removing wax from there. I laid her missionary position and the raised her legs over my shoulders and started pounding fiercely.

This time it was less of pain and more of pleasure for her continuous stroking again took me out of breathe but with no cum. She asked me teasingly with tears dried on her face that what I will take to cum. I said I don’t know maybe your ass and smiled sheepishly.

She said thik hai babi thik hai even I want to have it today only abhi ka abhi and smiled. Now we both entered the Jacuzzi. She placed her asshole in front of forceful water flow and I started fingering her asshole. I had taken the hair oil with me and kept it near the Jacuzzi.

I started with one finger then two fingers and then three fingers. Once she was taking three fingers in her, I applied oil on my cock and entered her asshole in one single stroke. Believe me the coconut oil works as a fantastic lubricant.

She was placed on the side of Jacuzzi with her upper body out of Jacuzzi and her lower part bent inside the Jacuzzi. She again started crying and I kept on fucking her ass. I also kept spanking her ass cheeks, which were half in water every spank splashed in the water.

And we were in the position where the hot water flow was directly hitting the area from side where my cock was going in and out of her ass. Her ass was very tight, oil made the rhythm smooth and hot water made the tingling excited. Finally I came inside her and I came a lot.

I got so exhausted that I fell on her in the same position. Now cock went limp inside her ass, and she said that she was enjoying so much that she still wants more. I told her that we have still lot of time and lot of things to do.

Now let’s relax as we came for this massage to relax only and not tire ourselves. We both sat in there just relaxing. I placed my cock directly in front of the one water force and she placed her holes in front of the other. We both relaxed there and then got ready and left.

The most humorous thing was when we were leaving the receptionist asked, how was the session? I hope you had a good time. We both laughed and she was confused. She again asked if she had asked or said something wrong?

And we both again laughed and then thanked and assured that the massage was very good and very relaxing. We also signed their feedback book and did mention about the privacy and interiors were few things which made that place more beautiful. Kindly post your feedbacks on [email protected]

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