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Hi to all and I am starting to write back to this site after a long time. For all those who are reading me for the first time, let me tell you something about me.

I am 27 yrs old working at a senior post in the financial industry. I travel across Gujarat because of my work. You can write your feedback to me on [email protected]

This is one of my experiences which happened long back. I was out of job and started my own small business. I was looking for someone who is skilled enough to take care of the office in my absence.

I had to go out in field for meeting customers and could not keep office closed as walk-ins could happen and closed office always leaves a negative impression.

My office was small and was divided into 2 sections. One section was my cabin and the other was outside my cabin. My cabin had my table chair, a cupboard for files and an attached washroom.

The other side was a small table with a chair for reception and a long sati kind of thing to sit. I had not placed any ad nor was recruiting through a consultant to avoid the cost.

I was trying to get someone through references. Many came but were not fit enough, and those who were fit were not ready to join at the package I could offer.

Luckily one day a girl came for the interview. She was 20 yrs and had completed her BBA and was looking for a job. She was looking for a non-field job and was also ready to work on a lesser pay.

Though she was not much fit because of no experience but her communication skills and basic understanding was good enough to manage with learning under my guidance. Still I interviewed her for a long time. She was wearing a black tight formal pant and a tight blue shirt.

Top 2 buttons of the shirt were open but there was no cleavage visible. Also there was no impression of bra but the firmness and the way her bust was intact made it sure that she was wearing a bra.

First impression made me clear that she was a smart girl of today and knows how to present and carry herself.

During interview I learnt that she was ready to work on holidays and off and had no problem in late working hours. She was very charming and bubbly girl who loved talking and was full of energy and to my surprise when I told about the salary.

She was like more than happy and thanked me at least 5 times when I told her that she could join from tomorrow, she insisted to start work from that moment itself. I was pleased and gave her a laptop and id and password for the mail. I had created 4 mail ids of my business domain.

One was for me, one was a customer care/ suggestions id, one was for complaints and the last was for the receptionist. The one for receptionist and customer care/feedbacks was to be handled by her and along with mine I took care of complaints mail id.

I gave her a one hour brief about the business and what is expected out of her and she got it and went to her desk with excitements and started going through the files.

The partition between my cabin and the other side was a glass wall with a glass door and it was painted in such a way that I could see everything from inside but no one from outside could see as what’s happening inside.

The day ended nicely and I dropped her to her apartments and went home. Next day when I reached office I saw she was standing outside and looking better then yesterday.

She was wearing tight grey pants and short tight white shirt, complete formals. Her shirt long enough to just touch the waist band of her ultra-low pant. I greeted her and said sorry to make her waiting and once inside gave the second key of the office to her.

Once in my cabin I realised that her shirt was a bit designed type. Though from the front there was no impression visible of her bra but from the back it was clearly visible that she was wearing a white bra inside. I had an eye for her.

I dialled her number on the intercom and asked her to come with the files of quotations from the stock and also asked her to bring a coffee for me. She came in with the coffee mug and the files. She immediately came besides me and started discussing the quotations with me.

She was standing next to me and bending to reach the height of my desk. Because of this her tight shirt has given some way between her body and her clothes as she kept top two buttons open I was inside, her two globes were tightly kept in the bra and the bra covered her boobs hardly half of it.

It seemed as if she was wearing bra of a smaller size. Oh, I forgot to tell you about her body. She was tall of 5feet 7 inches with a must figure of 34 24 38. I asked her to handover me the coffee while going through the quotation table. She had kept the mug on the other side of the table, but instead of going around she just stretched herself on the table to reach the cup.

I saw that her shirt lifted up to reveal half of her bareback and also saw that panty peeking from her pant from her waist. Her pant was too tight and worn very low, though it was surprising the way she behaved but the shock was that she wore a G-string panty.

Once done with the discussion and I casually asked her that why she wears such tight clothes, doesn’t she feel un-comfortable? To this she replied that she has gained some weight in the near past and instead of going for the new ones, she is trying to reduce and comeback in shape with a light laugh,

I told that she looks quite fit and instead of reducing weights she should create a new wardrobe and, then left the decision to her. The day went fine as I had to go to field and went home straight from there.

Next day was Saturday and we were dressed in casual. I was wearing a light blue jeans and a tight black shirt. She was wearing a light blue tight ultra-low jeans and a pink short shirt. Her shirt was short enough to reveal her navel and her jeans low enough to expose the 4 inch area below her navel.

I told her that since the opening the filing has not been done properly and we need to get everything digitalised so this weekend would be quite busy. She agreed to work with a smile. We decided that we would spend Saturday arranging the files and do the data entry the next day.

We both came to my cabin and removed all the files on the floor and started piling it in different groups as per the subject of the files. We both were sitting down on floor and arranging, and lot of movement was happening.

Once or twice my eyes fell on her from behind and her shirt has rose up to reveal her entire half of her back. She was extremely fare and her skin seemed very smooth.

Once I went out of the cabin to bring some files and when I came in she was bending on the floor to pick-up one pile of files to keep on table. She was struggling with number of files and hence was bent for quite some time.

I came closer and saw that her low waist jean has moved further down and her ass-crack was visible. She was 5 years younger to me but she looked very sexy and tempting.

I gained some strength and placed my hand on her bare exposed back and asked that if she needed some help in picking-up the files. She did not reacted to my touch and to my question she said that she was trying to pick the entire pile in one go.

And that’s why struggled and now she would lift the files in two breaks. I patted her bare back and said good, go ahead.” Once we were done with the files in my cabin we ordered pizza for lunch and then moved to outer office to do with the files there.

Before we could start the Pizza came and we thought of having lunch before going ahead. As we both were tired and needed a break. She stood-up and stretched herself. She was standing in front of me all these her innocent actions were making me hornier towards her.

She said she would freshen-up before lunch. I asked her to use the washroom in my cabin when she came back, I saw that now her three buttons were open, revealing some cleavage and her hair wet with water dripping on her shoulders.

She looked like a bird out on a fresh after rain morning. She was looking like an ice-cream cone to by eaten away. We both sat and had our lunch and then started working again. Now we were to bring files in the attic down.

I said that I will bring it down but she said that she could do it as she is lighter than me and she started climbing the table. To help her climb I supported her by placing my hand on her butts and started squeezing it slightly.

Again there was no response and before I could go ahead she started handing over the files to me. With no other option I started the work back again. It was 9 pm while we finished our work. I offered her a dinner but she said she had a party to attend and would have dinner there itself.

I agreed to it and also to drop her to her friends place as we started our drive she took out 2 blue coloured satin clothes out of her purse. I asked what is it and then she said that I shall not expect her to attend a party in such casuals and she will change into these when she started un-buttoning her shirt.

I realised that she was planning to change in the car. I was shocked. She told me in a low voice that this stretch is dark and lonely so I should slow down a bit so she can change here. I couldn’t say anything and brought the car in 2nd floor.

She moved her back towards me and removed her shirt. Her pink bra was totally visible in the dim lights. She wore a shoulder-less satin top and then removed her bra from inside. The she slipped her matching satin skirt over her jeans itself and then un-buttoned and removed her jeans and then buttoned up skirt from the left side of her skirt.

She requested me to dump her clothes in my car itself and she would take it next day. I left her at her friend’s place and she gave a kiss on my cheek as an expression of thank you sir. Whole night I dreamt about her and had my drinks. Morning I woke-up and decided to dress up more casual.

Wore a low waist loose khaki cargo pant and a broad neck loose with t-shirt. By the time I reached office, I saw it was open and she was doing sitting on her desk doing something in her laptop. She was wearing a denim micro mini skirt and a fluorescent green shoulder-less tube tank top.

The impressions of her nipple clearly spoke of no bra. I had my doubts about her panty. Her skirt was so short that I wanted her to stand and bend with me behind. All the files were in my cabin and then we both closed the office from inside and went on to start the work.

She gave me a compliment that how nice and young I look in t-shirt and also commented on my fitness. Taking this as opportunity I again told her that she is equally fit and she should not feel the other way. She again told me with a stubbornness that she is not at all fit and is rather fat.

And if doesn’t reduce in time then she might not get a good groom as well. I again denied and to this she responded by lifting her top from the bottom and exposed her flat stomach to me and asked me to see myself if she is fat or not.

I hesitantly placed my hand on her stomach and started feeling it. Her touch was giving me cold shivers and my cock started responding to it. I told her that yes there is some fat but it is normal, since her stomach still looks flat.

To add to my shock she turned her back towards me and raised her skirt exposing her butts to me and asked me if I still feel the same about her not being fat. She was not wearing a panty and her ass was looking like made of cheese.

I placed my hand on her ass and squeezed it and said that yes I still feel the same. Then she again turned her face towards me with her skirt in the same position exposing me her clean shaved hairless pussy to me and asked for my attention towards her breasts without exposing them

She lifted her boobs from bottom and told me that they have started feeling heavier and then asked me to weigh them. I moved my hands and lifted her boobs from bottom and said that they weigh normal and are not at all heavier.

The she pulled her top down and revealed her pink nipples like a cherry on a vanilla cake and then asked me to check them. Now I could not play a good boy anymore and instead of touching them I went close and took one of her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.

She left a soft moan and closed her eyes after one I went to the other nipple and started sucking it softly and gradually moved myself towards her neck and above till I reached her lips. Now I started sucking her lips and the kiss went wild, with our tongues exploring each corner of other’s mouth.

She had pushed her fingers in my hair and grabbed me with her legs wrapped around me while kissing she removed my t-shirt and unbuttoned my cargo which instantly fell on the floor. I also pulled her top and skirt above her shoulders and out.

She immediately hugged me tightly and the touch of our bare skin heated both of us. She started moaning and her erect nipples were pinching me in my chest. She started kissing my chest and sucking my nipples with her one hand reaching to my cock as soon.

She held it she exclaimed with a big sigh ooooh God!!! It’s so big I asked,” What does it mean? Have you seen others as well?” She replied with a stern smile. I am a no virgin and had many but never this big and never with such big (saying this she wrapped her arms around me and guided my cock to her pussy.)

Soon I was half in and then she left my cock and asked me to measure her depth with my tool. I penetrated in her fully with few soft strokes and her eyes got filled with tears and she was biting her lower lip to suppress the scream of the pain.

Then I realised that we were without precaution and she said that she had many. I told her that I don’t want to go without precaution and I am not carrying any. To which she proudly asked me to take her to her desk, she has few in her purse.

I carried her with my cock in her and she wrapped around me to her desk. She pulled out a dotted condom from her purse and unpacked it. I removed my cock from inside her and moved my hand to take the condom away from her.

But instead she slipped below the table and placed the condom over my cock and then slid it with her mouth and got it tight on my cock. The condom was a size small and she started sucking me. She sucked for lesser time and then started biting me.

And then soon she started gagging herself with my big cock trying to fit it in her throat. Meanwhile, she started pampering my balls and cupping it and groping it. She was good and awesome. Then she pushed me on the table lying on my back, as the table was small.

I could fit only my butts and some part of my back on it. My head and legs hung in air, she placed her legs on both sides of me and sat on my cock taking it half. After few half strokes she jumped on it taking my cock completely in one straight thrust.

And screamed with open mouth, and started riding with words like ‘oh yeah’ and ‘come-on’. She kept on riding it and making noises and voices and statements. After sometime she got tired and asked to take over.

She lifted up herself and I stood on the floor. She immediately bent herself on the table and took her pussy in my mouth and started sucking it. First she denied to do it as she find it boring but soon she started moaning heavy and kept on asking for more while sucking her pussy

I was also licking ass in between. She was very talkative and asked me how a virgin ass tastes. With the words of virgin ass my head struck with an idea. I entered her with one strong thrust and she screamed like a bitch in pain, it was because I had entered her virgin ass when she was expecting it somewhere else.

Now things shifted gears of wildness with every step. The first change in gear was the spank on her ass and so on. I would narrate what next in second part of this story. You can write your feedbacks to me on [email protected].

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