Sudhas Cheating Story With Watchman

Hi friends this is Sudha again and here I would like to narrate my next story with my watchman after that bus incident I became wild in sex and wanted more and more sex daily but my husband could not satisfy me.

Hardly has he climbed me once in a week as I am sex starved and already tasted outside sex I have planned to seduce watchman for fulfilling my desires. He is 25 years guy with good physique.

One day after sending my husband to office I have planned to seduce watchman when my watchman was there I have opened my bedroom window and started changing saree for attracting his attention deliberately.

I made some sounds and I have seen through dressing table mirror that he was watching me and for seducing him more I have removed my saree and blouse. Now I am with my bra and petticoat only.

I observed that he has moved towards window excitingly after changing the dress and I have opened the main door and called watchman. I could clearly see his bulge in the pant.

I asked him to help in moving the Almirah as my ring is missing when moving Almirah and I deliberately touched him and when moving here and there deliberately brushed his back with my boobs with this act.

He was again got erection and sometimes he too tried to touch me in between but not dared to go further after finishing that work he went out as I was fully aroused and could not control my sexual feelings, immediately.

I closed the main door and rushed to bed room for masturbating. I lay down on the bed and lifted my saree up to my waist and started masturbating in 10 minutes I have finished my job and relaxed when I stretched my legs down.

I noticed that window is still open and watchman is watching me excitingly. He saw me that I have noticed him and for giving green signal just I have smiled at him and closed the window as I was fully strained I got sleep immediately.

I could wake up when my husband rang the calling bell. Next day again I have done the same thing after departure of my husband to office. This time watchman became bold and watched me directly but did not dared to proceed further on the third day deliberately.

I have opened the main door and changed my dress when he was watching me I gave a smile to him and went to the kitchen for cooking the food after half an hour suddenly I felt some one grabbing my breasts holding me from behind and a body hard against my back.

It was watchman and his face was resting on my shoulder and he was giving me soft kisses on my shoulder and even between my blouse on the shoulder and my neck. It happened so fast that before I could realize it, he was kissing my neck and my cheeks.

I tried to push his hands away from my breasts and push him away in general but the more and I tried to push him away, the more he squeezed both my breasts with his hands and was now kissing my cheeks and putting his face and trying to kiss my breasts from over my shoulder.

I began to feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass over my saree. He managed to drop the pallu of my shoulders from my saree and was squeezing my breasts in such a way that they were pushing up and above against the blouse.

A lot of my cleavage was visible over my blouse. I was slowly getting aroused due to the constant rubbing of his cock on my ass over my saree and the squeezes of my breasts. His kisses were beginning to make me want more very soon.

I responded for his acts and wanted my body to be used in every possible way by watchman. His hands were under my arms and on my breasts and then slowly he began to kiss my neck from behind and slowly began to kiss the bare back above the blouse.

His head started moving down and his lips and tongue were all over my back while his hands continued their rubs and squeezes on my breasts. Now he was on his knees behind me still kneading my breasts and his tongue along the waist line just where my saree was still draped around my petticoat.

Now he began to press and squeeze my ass over my saree still running his lips and tongue along my waist from behind me. One hand around my waist to keep me closer to him and the other alternating between rubbing each of my ass.

I think I was also responding to his touches by arching my ass a bit towards his face. He tried to remove the saree from my waist but it was tightly tucked inside the petticoat. I decided to help him out and move my hand and pulled out my saree from my petticoat on one side of my waist.

Watchman wasted no time in removing the rest of my saree from my waist.Now I was standing in just a blouse and a petticoat with my watchman’s hands all over my body feeling my body from top to bottom. Watchman got back on his feet and gave me a tight hug from the back.

Again his cock was pulsating against my ass. This time, I moved my hands behind me and softly placed them across his waist giving the impression that I wanted him against me and on me and seeing this, watchman put his hands on my breasts but this time.

He was trying to undo the buttons on my blouse. My blouse had buttons on the front. He managed to break the top button and was fumbling to remove the second button. I decided to help him removing my button. After all, I didn’t want him breaking all the buttons of my blouse.

But he was very impatient and broke two buttons of my blouse before my breasts were fully exposed in my bra. He parted my blouse till my shoulders and removed my blouse completely. Now I was just in my bra with my breasts showing a huge cleavage due to his constant squeezes and rubs.

His hands began exploring the bare flesh of my breasts and then he put one of his hand inside my bra and began feeling my nipples. My nipples became hard and erect and his finger was running over my hard erect nipples feeling them.

Now, I wanted him completely and I moved my hands from across his waist and moved my hand between my back and his body over his cock and squeezed his cock over his pant. I moved my hand up and reached the top of the short and slowly slid my hand inside his pants.

And inside his underwear and touched his naked cock and held it in my hand with my other hand, I pulled down his pant and now his erect hard wet with pre-cum cock was now out of his pant in my hands. Watchman removed his hands from inside my bra for a quick moment and quickly removed his pant completely.

He was now in just his baniyaan behind me while I was in my bra and my petticoat. That’s when he tried to remove my petticoat also. Unfortunately my petticoat knot was too strong and he was unable to remove it. He tried to pull my petticoat down my waist but now prevented it.

I tried to remove my petticoat but in my excitement (or rather sex excitement even I could not remove the knot then watchman began to pull up my petticoat to my waist and feeling my naked thighs and inner thighs with his hands and fingers.

I began to stroke his cock which seemed to me like it was even longer than my husband’s. His pre-cum was running along the length of his cock every time I stroked his cock making his cock sticky. I got a lot of his pre-cum on my palm stroking his naked cock.

Occasionally, I would feel the tip of his cock and the head of his cock and rub his pre-cum on the sides of his cock. During this time, he managed to get my petticoat up to my waist and now he suddenly went on his knees again and began to kiss my naked ass.

He began to kiss, and lick and softly bite my naked ass. I was getting wet with excitement. Subconsciously, I pulled my bra down to fully expose both my breasts. The straps were still on my shoulders and began to rub my breasts and play with my own nipples with excitement.

One hand moved down and behind me to press his head against my naked ass. His fingers began to explore the gap between my thighs and his fingers began playing with my naked pussy. I like to keep my pussy trimmed and felt his fingers exploring the pussy and the area around it.

I parted my legs to give him more access and he inserted a finger in softly and began to finger fuck me. I was totally out of control and feeling weak at the knees but he kept me standing. He began with one finger then used two fingers on my pussy slowly at first then very fast and again very slowly.

I desperately by now wanted his cock inside me. Somehow I managed to turn around to face him and held his head in both my hands and made him also stand up and for the first time and I was face to face with him in broad daylight with my breasts exposed.

My petticoat around my waist and his naked hard wet erect long cock against my stomach and his wet cock made my bare stomach also wet and sticky. I kissed him hard on his lips and he kissed back. It was wild passionate kiss.

Our tongues were deep inside each other’s mouth and we were sucking each other’s tongue very passionately. He at first began to rub my breasts again then moved his hand down to finger fuck me even as we were still kissing each other wildly.

I too followed his lead and move one hand down to hold his hard cock and began to stroke his cock as fast as possible. We were masturbating each other even as our tongues were in each other’s mouth then he pushed me back against the kitchen platform on which I prepare food.

He pushed a few utensils away and made me rest against the edge. I knew it was now wild hard fuck time and I actually wanted to be fucked like a desperate slut by my watchman. I was now wanted his cock to ravage my body and treat me like his slave.

He pushed me on the edge of the kitchen platform and I held his cock and brought his cock between my legs. My legs were spread on his either side and wrapped around his waist. I guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy and pulled his waist towards me.

I was filled with warmth and my pussy was hot with his cock filling me entirely. His face was almost on my face and he was breathing very hard. He was kissing me but his cock was inside me making me wild. I wanted him to fuck me like a wild dog.

He was fucking me slowly at first but after a few seconds suddenly began to fuck me very fast. I had to catch my breath when he began to fuck me very fast suddenly without warning. And this was making me even wilder at first; one of my hands was across his head pulling him closer against me.

My other hand was across his waist moving along with his thrusts. Now, I was totally beyond care and moved both my hands back to rest on my hands on the kitchen platform. I had arched my back so that my breasts were jutting out towards my watchman’s face.

He saw my breasts pointing towards his face, saw my hard erect nipples and immediately began sucking my breasts. At the same time, fucking me like a wild dog. His cock slipped out of my pussy a few time as his cock was wet and sticky and I was also wet in the pussy.

But he would immediately put his cock back in my pussy and continue to fuck me. We were fucking each other for almost half an hour and each time he rammed his cock in me, my breath would leave my body making me moan like a bitch in heat.

To stop me from moaning loudly he would put his fingers in my mouth and I would immediately close my mouth on his fingers and suck his fingers like I would suck a cock. Suddenly, he stopped fucking me grabbed my waist, pulled me from the edge of the kitchen platform and pushed me down on the floor.

And made me to lay by spreading my legs wide open and I was just like a bitch in heat and didn’t care and then he fucked me in missionary position for 15 more minutes and finally collapsed on me with a big stroke after he finished cuming, his cock was still in my pussy.

I barely thought that a guy could cum that much. He gave me a small hug before quickly leaving the kitchen and going to the bathroom. His pants and underwear were lying on the floor in front of me right beside my saree and my blouse. Sex with my watchman soon became a daily feature. I will continue my stories in next episode.

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