Suhagraat – An Unforgettable Day In A Couple’s Life

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Coming to the story, this is an experience which happened with my friend.. We were very close to each other, and we shared everything about each other.. She knew everything about me.. How many girls and woman I had met, and what all I did..

She was very hot herself, but she was a very good friend so I never had such feelings for her. She always was very curious to know what all I did, and my new partner wanted something new to be done. Many girls and woman have different fantasies..

Like 2 best friend’s want a threesome. Few like 2 guys at the same time. Someone likes outdoor sex like a terrace, theatre. Someone likes it wild with dirty talks. Someone wants to be seduced during a massage. Few like to use different things like honey etc…

We used to share all this and we were very decent when it came to our relationship. And then she got married.. So we dint get to meet a lot as she got busy with her married life and I got busy with my work.. It was just hi, hello, how are u etc..

After almost 1 and year of her married life, she   pinged me on whatsapp.. So we were chatting and she asked me whether we can talk.. I said why not. And I called her.. She was on a maternal leave… So we spoke for some time and then she said she wants to share her feelings with her if I don’t mind.. And it’s all very personal and there is no one else she could share all this with..

I was a little confused about she wants to talk about and I always liked her so much as she was 1 was of my best friend’s.. I asked her to share her problem and I shall try to help her if I could.. She replied ” ONLY YOU CAN HELP ME ROHAN!!”. I was a little surprised coz she had a very supportive and a good family..

I asked her, temme dear how can I help you? She said she is not sure if she can share this not. I asked her to feel free and share her feelings..  She said she is not happy with her married life.. I first may be she had problems with her in laws. So I told her everything must be OK, it may take some time and then your in laws might start liking u.

She said she is OK with her in laws and her hubby, but the problem is her physical life. I got a little worried and asked her what her problem was. She said that her hubby was good in sex for the first 6 months and now all he does is take her clothes off, fuck her for 4 to 7 mins, releases his cum and goes to bed.. He doesn’t like any foreplay any more..

This is the problem with most of the married woman. Husbands are happy with just the intercourse and don’t like foreplay anymore after a period of their married life.. But woman want a lot more than that. They want a lot of love, kisses, romance etc..

I felt very bad and I told her, try to make it more romantic with her messages and talks etc.. She said how can she do it daily? He just wants intercourse Rohan.. nothing else.

And then she suddenly said that only I can help her.. I was shocked when she said so, coz I had never had such feelings for her. I asked her whether is she sure about what she is talking. She said Yes Rohan.. I can’t trust anyone else apart from you..

She then said that she wants it to be very special and wants to try something new which I have never done to any girl or woman till now.

I wondered what could I do to her to make it special. So I started giving her few options. I asked her whether she wants me to use honey and lick it while making love to her. She said NO. I asked her if she wants 2 guys at the same time she said NO. I asked her if she would like me to give her a massage, especially on her love whole with ice cubes and ice cream? She again said NO.

She said that i have tried all this with my other girls. So she wants something special. I wondered what to do.. And I asked her if she has anything on her mind.. She told took some time and then she came up with a suggestion.

It’s something very interesting.. She said let it be our FIRST NIGHT!!!! OUR SUHAAG RAAT!!!

I was so happy and I loved her suggestion.. I asked her where does she want this and how is it possible. She said that she is in her maternal house as it’s summer vacation and she could come with me for 2 days.. She asked me to take care of the hotel bookings etc..

We decided to meet the next week in 1 of the hill Stations and I did all the hotel bookings. She was always very special to me, and her thought was so special so I also wanted to give her a surprise and make it even special.. So after a lot of thinking I got an idea and I was sure she is gonna love it..

The day had finally arrived. We met near the hotel and we checked in the hotel. As she wanted a SUHAAG RAAT, we had to wait for the night. And I dint tell her that I had a surprise for her tonight.

I guess you to want to know what was the suprise.. Well u need to wait a little more. I took her for sightseeing. We had a nice time spending time together and I we were moving around like a couple. I love holding my girl by her waist and walk, when she rests her head on my shoulder. We spent some quality time together.

And now it was almost 8.30pm and she looked into my eyes with those beautiful eyes with a gorgeous smile on her face.. Must be the most beautiful moment of my life.. Kehte hai na.. Ankhon hi Ankhon mein baatein ho gayi..

So we started to leave for the hotel. And I asked her to change and get ready..

Here comes the twist readers. SUHAAG RAAT hai, aur inni simple nahi ho sakti na? So meine 1 suite book kiya tha jiss mein 1 connecting room tha. I guess you know it..

Yes, you readers have guessed it. The connecting room was decorated with flowers.. I got it done with the help of the hotel staff and 1 of my local friend there..

I opened the door and my jaws dropped till my knees when I found her in that red lehanga with red bindi, lipstick and her jewellery. She had her draped her duppatta in such a way that her belly button was seen and anyone can go crazy for.. It was just too romantic and I couldn’t take my eyes off her!!!!

I then sat near her, and raised her ghoonghat. She was shy and her hands trembled as I placed my hand on her hands..

She looked gorgeous!!! With red lipstick and all that jewellery on her!! I kissed her hand, and slowly I started to move towards her face and I kissed her forehead!!!

I then took her hand and asked her to get up from the bed and I closed her eyes with my hands and I told her that I have a surprise for her. I slowly asked her to move and is opened the door of the connecting room. Just as we reached the room I just let go my hands and asked her to open her eyes!!

She couldn’t believe her eyes.. And all she could do is give me a tight hug and said it’s beautiful Rohan. Kabhi socha nahi tha ki you’d make it so special.. it’s too beautiful!!!

I then slowly raised her face and placed a kiss on her lips.. And said it has to be special for such a special person.. I then took her to the bed and made her sit.. I then started placing slow and warm kisses all over face and slowly removed her pallu or even call it duppatta..

Now she was just in her blouse and lehanga with that red bindi on her face with all that jewellery. I was loving every bit of it and I slowly started to remove her earrings and kissed her ears. I slowly pushed my tongue in her ear and started to lick it..

Now I had my hand on her waist and I had a gentle grip.. I then slowly moved towards her lips and started to give her that beautiful kiss.

It was our first kiss and it couldn’t have been more special.. It was a very romantic kiss, definitely not a smooch where we just enjoyed kissing each other lips and I slowly started to remove her chain from her neck..

After almost 2 mins I removed her chain and I started kissing her on her neck. This time it was more passionate and she could feel my warm inner walls of my lips with my saliva.

It was so romantic that I couldn’t stop myself from giving her a love bite on her neck.. I then raised her face and asked her to open her eyes and look at me..

She was to shy and she finally looked into my eyes and I placed kisses on her eyes and moved my hands on her back.. I then made her lay on her tummy and I started to kiss her lower back. I wonder why I love kissing and biting a woman’s back. Wonder if they like it too..

Slowly kissing her back, I started to inch up towards her blouse and I started to unhook 1 by 1, placing kisses after opening each hook of her blouse. I finally unhooked all the hooks of her blouse and I started to lick her back with my tongue.. I started to lick her spine starting from her lower back moving up till her bra strap..

I then moved my lips to her bra strap and started to unhook her bra strap with my teeth. It was a little to open that sexy red bra as it was a little tight, but I don’t think she would mind it as she could feel my lips crushed on her back..

Now I moved up to her shoulders and I started to kiss her. She still had her blouse and bra on.. And I slowly started to slide my hand in her bra and I cupped her left breast.. I slowly started to feel them. And I could feel the hard nipple poking in my palm.. I started to slowly massage her breast with my hand exploring her back..

And then I turned her and I started to kiss her cleavage. I slowly removed her blouse and bra and started to kiss and lick every inch of her breast.. Now I started to pinch her right nipple and I took her left nipple in mouth and started sucking it.. I bit her nipple and she screamed in pain ouch!!! Then I moved to her navel and put my tongue in her deep navel and started to lick it..

I then went to her feet and slowly started to raise her lehanga and kissed every inch while doing so.. I finally reached her inner thighs and I slowly undid her lehanga and she was just in a red panty!!!!

Kissing her inner thighs I started to feel her pussy with my fingers.. She started to breathe heavily and I realised that she wants my tongue on her pussy lips. So I pushed that panty aside and gave her few kisses there.. Then I slowly removed her panty and I started to lick her pussy..

I could feel it so wet and I inserted my tongue deep inside her exploring every inch of her pussy.. I started to fuck her with my tongue and she kinda started enjoying it and in no time she had her first orgasm..

It was too much for me resist and I slowly guided my thing near her pussy and slowly pushed it in.. I dint move for say some 30 to 40 seconds teasing her.. And I suddenly started to make love to her.. I then changed my position from missionary to a potion where I spread her legs wide and hold them with my hands near my elbows and started to really get deep.. In this position you can get in very deep and your partner will love this position..

Making love in my favorite position, I looked into her eyes and I could see the shine and happiness in her eyes which I had never seen before.. She now started to moan.. Oh Rohan, plz don’t stop!!! PLZ!!! And I increased my pace and I started to pump her harder.. After almost 20 to 25 mins of intense love making session we finally reached the climax..

And we made love to each other 6 to 7 times during out stay in different ways and potions like doggie style(my favorite), she riding me, sex in the shower and bath tub…

It was an magical day for both of us, which we can never forget all our life..

Hope you guys loved this experience and I hope you show some love by reaching me on my email or hangouts.. It’s all because of the love of you readers I have made an effort to share my experiences here.. And it’s definitely not very easy to do so.

But trust me, there is no better feeling when I see my mailbox flooding with ya love with all kinds of requests, suggestions and advice..

Please do write to me and let me know how much you liked this experience..

And girls if you want like to get romantic nag get naughty and I might not be a bad choice.. you would definitely be very pleased.

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