Summer Vacation Diaries – Part 1 – The Bath

Hi mates. I am Raja and have been around this place silently reading, admiring and enjoying all your experiences for quite a long period and must quote that I have always truly enjoyed being here. And I think this place has become an almost daily visit for me as I expect it to be the same for most others. And I am a person who likes to read true incidents rather than fictions and fantasies.

This place has given me a lot of opportunities to quench my thirst. I have been around here so much that I have finally found the rage in me to post my own story. I think I should have done this long back but I think today is the day destined. I hope everybody feels the same excitement when letting out the smoke.. Cheers to you guys!!!So people, let me tell you what to expect in my story or say mini series!!! It is not going to be a kiss, bang, cum sortie. It is a revelation of the happenings in my boyhood and so it is going to be in parts,depicting the summer vacations I spent at my native village from my sixth grade onwards. So start following the series if u find it interesting.

I was on the verge of leaping into teenage, never knowing what the word meant or what changes it would bring to my body and mind. I didn’t know as most others that sex or sexual urges will become an important aspect to my body as would any other aspect like eating, breathing, pooping etc.. So again like most of the 80’s and 90’s kids I became aware of it only by self discovery. There was no internet, access to porn books was a nil, nobody gave you sex education considering it was a sin and taboo, parents didn’t have the social maturity to teach u bad touch or good touch and the list goes on..

So what was this self discovery??? It was Watch – Analyze – Test – Learn – Imply!!! It may seem an easy task but it consumed almost the entire teenage streak.. Compared to today’s available internet tech which takes just a couple of google searches and Lo you are the master of n number of techniques, positions etc within hours. But though the process was slower those days I think the flavour it provided was enchanting and strong such that it still prevails in our minds ever refreshing and gives me a boner even now when I think about it.

So as a normal male kid of that age i was slowly learning the mechanism behind an erection like why and when my erection is being triggered. The first thing i knew about sex was breasts, they gave milk and were kept hidden from male eyes which basically stirred an urge to see them at any cost. The pussy hole was still a mystery at that time until further discoveries. This made me plunge into a sexploring mode, waiting cautiously for any approaching opportunities of cleavage glimpses, upskirt glories, bathroom peeks and occasional touches of the female flesh.

My native is a village in South Tamil Nadu from where we later moved on to a nearby city for my father’s business which also provided for my schooling. My father’s business was based on agriculture like fertilizers and farm equipment sales and service.. So even though we lived in the city he actively did farming back at the village making him to pay frequent visits with us accompanying him during some of the weekends.

My exploration started off with seeing and touching which had a kick start during one of my vacations. I never knew that my first crush would turn out to be what is known as Incest today. I found jackpot at my own home. Yes it was my Shanthi Chithi (Mausi, Pinni). She was the icebreaker of my lust which paved an awesome road to an inline series of fuck ups with few other girls and women all waiting to be exposed here.

Shanthi is my father’s younger brother Manikandan’s (Chithappa) wife. They got married during my sixth grade school days. Chithappa only had two weeks leave and soon after marriage went back to the gulf where he was a heavy truck driver and would return only once in two or three years. Shanthi chithi was a close relative from the neighboring village of our native village. She had only completed her 12th when she got married. She lived with her parents since Chithappa left and would visit us once in a while. She became fond of me in those limited visits and would specially bring me those village delicacies whenever she came.

She would usually come in the early hours of weekends while I was still asleep. She would finish talking to my dad and mom and then come to my room calling out my name.

She would then try waking me up playfully, roll me over, try pulling off the bedsheets and sit on my bed and hug me from behind. I could feel her fresh breasts crushing on my back and that was when my morning boner would feel all the good than rest of the days. She would then whisper into my ear what all she brought for me. Her speciality was Country chicken gravy and that was when I would spring up to life. It was my favorite when combined with Idli for breakfast. This is how my touching story started taking a fairly good flow.

Vacations proved to become a plethora of such ample samples. We always had guests during vacations as our closer blood relatives would also come and stay with us at our ancestral home and it was full time bliss at the village.. No restrictions!! Any time play, food, field visits, swimming in the wells and kanmai(lake) and everything we could do. Literally the villagers are all relatives and so there was no problem of us getting lost or any problems like that. Anybody and everybody knew whose kids we were and were always kind to us.

So along with the cake I also had the extra icing that I needed to calm the sly and nurturing young sex beast inside me. Day time it was all cricket, goli gundu(marbles), Ghilli and other games. Come dusk and it was time for ice (hide and seek) with girls and boys all together. So I think u can imagine the weirdest, crankiest places and situations we would be flooded with during the game play or say sex play. But all that is for another time. Though I had no intercourse there are a few high octane incidences that are worth sharing another time.

So though my chithappa was absent my chithi was always present as the caretaker of all the kids. Right from waking up to sleeping off in the night she was responsible for all the pampering we kids needed. Her pampering always kindled the sex receptors in me.

We had to bathe twice everyday, morning before breakfast and in the evening after sunset. She always started with the little ones working her way up until she reached me as i was the eldest male kid at the end of the chain. Though I was mature enough to do my chores she thought I shouldn’t feel left out and went an extra mile since I was the most closest of her nieces by relation. I never showed a nanometer of resistance. Come on who would????

At the village though we had toilet facilities in our home pooping in the open was still what most of the population did. You can see people in small groups and some single, taking a walk to the outskirts of the village(there were specific locations) each with a neem stick crushed at one end to be used as a tooth brush. They go, poop, wash at some water source and return home. Some bathed on the way either at a well, a hand pipe or at the lake.

Why I mentioned this was, though we had a toilet it was fun going to poop in the open with the other kids. Yes and I forgot males and females separate even if you were a kid. So while i went away and came back from my morning outing Shanthi chithi would have almost finished with the other kids.A morning hot water bath with my chithi would be the most soothing thing I could ever get. What else would I want!!!!


Shanthi chithi would either be bathing the last of the kids or waiting for me sipping her morning tea when I return from my poop outing. She is always a treat to the eyes adding to the pleasant morning colors the village offers you with its lush fields, water bodies, all the sounds from the birds and cattle and sometimes if lucky a mild mist. Her Saree would be almost totally wet from bathing all the kids causing it to wrap around her body so cosily creating an almost instant hardon in me. Same case for any other guy but thanks to the conservative and brilliant planning of the house, no outsider will ever have that opportunity. Even though we have an open top for the bathing area it is not accessible for any body else to peek from outside. Though we can peek from the inside which again has to wait for another time.

So Shanthi… The Damsel in Wetdress awaiting the homecoming of a little Prince. As I said I see her in this state everyday of my vacation. I can always feel my flag post hoisting itself as I walk down the corridor seeing her sitting in her usual position at the bathroom entrance which had a two step elevation. Her wet Saree would be enveloping and caressing her wet upper body. Down below she would have her Saree and petticoat rolled and tucked into her waist revealing her legs thigh deep.

Then came the trinkets of water that looked like they were hanging on for life and never wanting to fall down for any sake from the micro tiny hairs on her wheat bread colored legs. The visual effect of all this was directly proportional to the rapidly climbing atmospheric, barometric or whatever metric levels in my tender dragon chicken like phallus causing it to become a hardened kind of beef sausage. OK!!! Bingo!!! Mad Angles!!! So as I said, this was a daily routine through which I found and confirmed that my dick responds to excitement by looking at a female.

Sipping her tea she would say “Raja.. Go fetch your set of fresh clothes and towel from your mother while I ready your bucket of hot water.

Me: “ Ok chithi. I don’t want it too hot please!

And I would scuttle off to my mother yelling ‘Ammaaa Ammaaa’ all the way. When I returned, shanthi would be mixing the hot water into a bucket of cold water keeping in mind my preferred level of warmth. I would stand there behind her, staring at her side boobs enclosed in her wet blouse which kind of made a contracting and expanding motion dancing randomly to the rhythm of her bending down and hand movements. I don’t know, but I kind of enjoyed every inch of her.

She would then stand upright facing me, with a smile indicating that she had done her best to suit my preference. I would stand there awestruck at her frontal appearance. Her pallu will have somehow swindled and would be perfectly passing through the valley between her breasts revealing the two blouse encased boobs topped with a medium amount of cleavage.

So putting together all the above said ingredients of her fashion stature I could recollect and reconnect even now to the familiar tingling sensation that wired up my penis taking it all the way to my brain and then through my spinal chord ringing all the bells in it’s way till it reached the tip of my toes down below unable to flow further and clogging all my common senses leaving me dumbly staring at her.

She would sprinkle the water in her fingers onto my face and say

“Lose your clothes and come fast, before the water gets cold!!” and she would be busy tying her hair into a bun while I reduce myself to the brief and stand beside her. My brief would have a small tent which I didn’t know would be exposing my state of mind to her so literally. She would start pouring the warm water on my head letting it wet my entire body. This would further enhance the hardness of my cock lifting the tent a little higher.

She would then first pick up the shikha powder to lather up my hair. As she massages my hair, her boobs would be straight in my face juggling their way around and teasing me. I would be like, what would it be like to have my face in them and Lo it felt like she read my mind.

“Close your eyes or it wil hurt!!” she would say as she reaches out to lather the rear of my head. She wouldn’t turn me around for it, instead she would just reach her hands farther pulling her body closer to mine and giving my face a sacred burial into her coffin of soft mesmerising flesh never wanting to breathe eternal air again. I never closed my eyes one single moment after that and decided never ever to close them no problem how hard my eyes burnt due to the foam.

She would then rinse my hair and then apply soap to my body starting with my back, giving it a good scrub and then turn me around to face her again. She would soap my hands, signal me to raise them and scrub my armpits. She would then finish off my chest and squat down to scrub my legs starting from the toes and working her way up my thighs.

Life is a circle they would say,wow and now it was her turn to take it in the face. Yes my tented cock would be almost ogling at her right in the face as she worked the soap on my legs. The wonder soap would work it’s trick on my thighs. And I would start getting butterflies in my stomach as she reaches the crevices between my thighs. She would send her fingers probing into them to scoop out any accumulated sweat and dead cells. ‘Aaaw’, that’s when her fingers would brush against my balls and bat sending shivers to my brain. When she was done, she would get up, soap my face and then handover the soap to me and say

“Ok.!! Now soap the inside of your brief while I mix some more water for you.”

And I would face away from her, soap my groin in a jiffy and turn back. She would then start pouring water while I rinse off the soap from my body.

Then she would pull the elastic of my brief to make a gap and pour water into it while I wash off the soap there. Once all this was done she would take a mug of water, circle my body three times with it and pour it away.This is a ritual ladies do in our homes with children to fend off bad omen. She was damn cute when she did that and it was proof that she considered me a kid.

So this went on throughout the first summer vacation with Shanthi chithi. It was her first too after her marriage with chithappa.

I started admiring her beauty not only during my bathing session but anywhere and everywhere else. I was successful too. I started becoming an adept at catching glimpses of the female flesh. It was like I had developed a sixth sense as to when such opportunities would arrive predictively and either waited for it to happen or forced myself into being there. So all the other days of bathing sessions went in the same manner until one day….

Until Next Part….

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