Sunita – My Father’s Personal Secretary

Since I am new to this site, let me first introduce myself .. I am Vinay Sharma ( my close friends call me vikky ) .. I m 24 years old and m from pink city Jaipur .. My father is a well known industrialist of Jaipur ( sorry, i cant disclose his name ) .. U can say that i m from a high class family .. This is a true incident which happened to me last month .. So , without wasting any time, let me start the story ..

This story is about my father’s personal secretary .. Her name is Sunita .. She is 26 years old .. She got married a year ago .. But after her marriage , her husband met a serious accident and he went into coma .. So there was no one in her family to earn family .. Seeing her pitiful condition , my father appointed her as his personal secretary ..

She was very beautiful .. I always kept my eyes on her .. It so happened that my mom and my elder sis went to my maternal uncle’s place to Delhi for a week .. My exams are very near , so i didnt go with them .. But after two days , i fell seriously ill and there was no one to look after me expect my father and sunita .. My father has an important meeting at Ahmadabad , so he went away .. But he asked sunita to take care of me .. I was very happy to hear that ..

Next day , i got up at 9 am .. I saw sunita sleeping at on sofa which is near to my bed .. I was in a deep sleep .. I went close to her .. Her cleavage was totally visible .. But i didnt made any move and went to take bath .. I have not fully recovered yet from illness and i slipped at the bathroom .. The door of bathroom was open .. Sunita came running inside the bathroom and lift me up and took me to the bed .. Her boobs were crushing into my shoulders .. An awesome sensation passed into my body .. We had breakfast together ..

At 12 pm , i went to the dining room for watching me .. She followed me and sat beside me .. We then started chit chatting

Me – how is your mother in law ? ( her fil is dead and her mil usually is sick)

Sunita – she is fine ..

Me – and your husband ?

Sunita – well , he is as usual .. ( in a sad tune .. She literally cried)

Me – dont worry , everything will be fine ( i kept my hand on her shoulder )

Sunita – i hope so ..

Me – u know sunita , i like u from d first day i saw u .. But since you are married , so i never expressed my feelings ..

Sunita – what ?? How can you like me ?? I m so poor ..

Me – i know that you are very unhappy because of your husband’s condition .. So i want to bring a change in your life .. Please give me a chance .. ( i was moving my hands on her shoulder )

Sunita – you are right , I am very unhappy .. Well , i also like you .. But what if happen someone cums to know about our relation ?

Me – dont worry , no one will come to know about our relationship .. ( i hugged her tight .. She was not responding .. But not resisting also .. I planted a kiss on her neck… She closed her eyes )

Sunita – oh vinay , please stop .. This is wrong ( now she was getting in the mood …She held me tight in her arms )

Me – nothing is wrong sweetheart .. U deserve all d happiness … And i m d one whom u r looking for .. ( i was kissing her all over her upper body and she was moaning .. Then i started unhooking the buttons of her blouse ..She was not resisting at all and enjoying my moves .. I removed her blouse completely .. And also i removed her saree .. Now she was in white bra and petticoat ..)

I started smooching her .. And my one hand is on her right boob and other is inside her petticoat ..She was moaning like hell . I removed her bra and petticoat .. She was naked in front of me .. I started chewing her left boob and fingering her pussy .. She then asked me to remove my clothes .. I removed all my clothes .. My dick was fully erect .. She grabbed my dick and started to shake it .. She then took my dick and gave me d best blowjob till date ..

I m not able to control anymore .. So i took her to my bedroom .. And made her lie on back .. I parted her legs and placed my dick on d entrance of her pussy .. She was not virgin but her pussy was very tight .. After 5 mins or so , i was able to slip 1/3rd of my dick inside her pussy .. She was moaning continuously .. I kept fucking her for next 30 mins and ejaculated inside her pussy .. She was very happy ..

Now whenever i get chance , i press her boobs .. Later she disclosed her , even my father fucks her .. But she is a awesome beauty and i love to enjoy her ..

So guys , how u like my story .. Please mail me .. If any gal or aunt wants to have sex with me , then email me .. Or is someone wants to have phone sex with me then email me your number … It will be top secret … And i promise that your number will not be spread ..

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