Surprise Package From Mysore Girl After 10 Years

This story is about my surprise physical encounter with one of my surprise contact. This lengthy story will reveal a few surprise moments of my life with this Mysore girl Bhagya. This encounter happened a month back at Bangalore, but the link to the story goes 10 years back in Mysore.

At that time, I was working in Mysore in a private firm. I was a bachelor and sharing the accommodation with two other friends. This rented house was in a residential area in Mysore and it was in a walking distance from my office.

Every day I was walking to my office at a specific time in the morning. I observed that a tall girl on the way to my office, stood in front of her house every day. Most of the days she would be outside the house during that time.

She was tall, slim and attractive but I was very shy and scared to speak to that local girl in front of other local people. Every day I just glanced at her and moved forward, I was feeling sad if any of day I didn’t see her.

One day my roommate asked for my mobile phone to make a call to his friend and he informed his phone doesn’t have sufficient balance. I didn’t check whom he was calling and did not even ask who is that friend.

Few days later I resigned my job and left Mysore to join another company at my native place. After reaching my native place I immediately have joined a new company and started to work there.

A few days later I started to get few missed calls on my phone, when I called back to that number, they answered my call and didn’t say anything. This was repeated for few more days.

Finally, one day I heard a hello from a girl from the other side, but she asked me to guess who she is. I was unsuccessful in identifying her, and I gave up and told her I couldn’t recognize her. She gave me a hint, she told me she is staying in the same street where I was staying before.

Suddenly I realized about that tall girl, this was the first surprise moment from her but unfortunately, I was not aware of her name at that time.

Later she told her name is Bhagya and she said she was impressed with my height, my dressing sense, and my shy nature. She said every day, she was standing outside her house purposely just to watch me. I asked her how she got my phone number.

She said she was speaking to my roommate and one day he called her from my number, so she saved that in her contacts. From then onward we started to speak daily, and we were exchanging a lot of messages.

During that time my parents were discussing my marriage proposals, so I didn’t give much encouragement to this girl for romantic talks. I told her we can be good friends but not more than that. I also informed her my parents are already in process of fixing my marriage.

She was a little sad about my restrictions but still, we were sharing all the routine things with each other. Sometimes she was speaking emotionally and trying to show her love. But I tried my best to control my feelings and not show my emotions to her.

Within a year my marriage got fixed with another girl and after my marriage suddenly she called me. During that time, she completed her education and she was getting a job away from her hometown.

I wished her all the best and success in her new job. After that our communication had stopped completely. In the routine life, slowly her memories vanished from my mind. I lost her phone number also while changing my old phone. My phone number also changed to new number due to office CUG lines.

In between a lot of changes happened in my life. New job, the birth of my daughter, change of location, new friends. Once or twice I remembered Bhagya and just tried to search her on Facebook, but I didn’t succeed in that.

After 10 years, suddenly one day I received one friend request on Facebook with a profile picture of one guy with his wife and kid. I couldn’t recognize the name as well as the picture. I tried to recollect all my memories to identify that person.

I couldn’t make it out but still, I accepted that friend request and decided to ask directly about the identity of that person. Before I could ask, I received a message from that side and thanked me as I accepted the friend request. That person also thanked me for remembering after 10 years.

This message made me more confused and now I could not ask who is that person. I just replied with a smile and asked where you are now. I got an immediate reply, “I am in Mysore.”

By this time half of my doubts were cleared but still, I was confused with the name on Facebook. I asked directly, “Your name confused me.” Her reply cleared my doubts. She replied, “It’s a mix of my husband and my son’s name.”

This was her 2nd surprise for me. She gained more weights in the last 10 years. After marriage and childbirth, she had a more matured look. Once again, we started to chat, we were sharing the stories of the last ten years.

We were talking about ups and downs of our life. We were talking about how our communication stopped. She said she didn’t like to disturb me after my marriage.

She sent photos of the messages which I had sent her 10 years back. She had written every message in a notebook and kept it safe. She started to send pictures of those messages one by one.

I realized how much she had loved me at that time. I felt bad about discouraging her during that time. I also felt till now she has the same feelings for me.

I sent her love smiley in reply to her messages. She was surprised to see that reply. She asked, “Prashant are you serious or joking?” I said, “It’s not a joke, sent from my heart.”

She replied I was waiting for this reply for last 10 years. I got more emotional and sent a reply, “Hug U Bhagya.”

She said I was a completely different Prashant this time. I replied, “Yes, earlier I was controlling my emotions. But this time I couldn’t control myself after knowing you are still in love with me after 10 years.”

She started to cry in emoticons and said this is the happiest moment of her life.

For another three months we were chatting like lovers. We started to exchange kisses, hugs and love you messages frequently. One day I told her I am going to Bangalore for some work and I asked her if she could come to Bangalore to meet me.

She said she will try to manage, the next day she said she will come to Bangalore to meet me. She informed her husband she has to go to Bangalore for some office work.

I was very excited to meet her, it will be our first face to face meeting. Earlier every day we were looking at each other but never talked face to face. I reached Bangalore early in the morning and I was staying in a hotel room.

She asked me to come to the Bangalore Satellite bus stand. She said she has limited time and she has to go back within two hours. My room was almost 30 min away from satellite bus stand. because of her urgency to return, I thought it’s better to meet her in any of the shopping mall nearby.

When I reached the Satellite bus stand she was waiting for me. We were tensed. She was more afraid because she might meet known people. On our first meeting we just shook our hands and said, “Hi!”

We were not in a state to speak. I asked her what she wants to do next. I gave her the option, either we can go to nearby shopping mall or any restaurant. We can talk and spend time for another one or two hours, and then she can catch her bus for the return journey.

She said she can’t go to public places with me, she asked me to take her to my hotel room. This is one more surprise from her. I told her it is half an hour distance from here, it may delay your return journey.

She said its fine. I called one auto rickshaw and gave him direction to my hotel room. Throughout the half an hour travel in auto rickshaw we didn’t speak a single word. She was very nerves to speak in front of the auto driver, we started to chat on Whatsapp sitting next to each other.

Once we reached the hotel room I closed the door and asked her to sit and relax. She was still in confusion and standing there and thinking. I went near her and hugged her softly. She hugged me back and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

I kissed her eyes and wiped her tears with my lips. She whispered slowly, “I waited for this moment for 10 years.”

We were standing in that position for 5 minutes. I made her sit on the bed, I too laid down beside her and pulled her over me and made her sleep on my chest. We hugged each other and slept without speaking a single word.

I was caressing her hair and she was looking into my eyes and asked me is it dream or real. I kissed on her lips and sucked her softly. She took a few minutes to respond to my kiss.

Slowly she started to kiss me back. We closed our eyes. My hands were caressing her back and her hands on my hair. My hands started to explore her back and caressing all over her back.

Slowly I reached to her bum and squeezed there softly. My other hand came front and cupped her right boobs while kissing was continued. I started to rub her boobs slowly, she gave a soft moan while kissing. Her moan made me wild and I started to squeeze her boobs roughly and bit her lips.

Now she was more comfortable with me and responded to all my actions. Her hands caressing my chest and I started to undress her salwar kameez. I removed her top and I took out my T-shirt.

I started to kiss her neck, caressing her stomach with my right hand. Slowly I inserted my fingers inside her panties and started to rub her wet panties slowly. She moaned loudly when I touched her triangle.

My hands went back and unhooked her bra buttons. I removed her bra and kissed those firm lovely melons. I hide my face between her boobs and feeling that soft and warm touch on my face.

I put my tongue on her nipple and started to suck her slowly. My fingers moved below her panty and started to rub her dripping pussy. Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning with my rubs and kisses.

I untied her salwar and pulled it down to her feet. My hands moved up again and pulled down her wet panty and made her nude. I spread her legs and came up in between her thighs and put my lips on her wet pussy, my fingers caressing her thighs and my tongue licking her wet pussy.

She crossed her legs on my head and tightened her grip and murmured, “I love you Prashant.”

I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy and started to poke her clitoris with my finger. She was moaning loudly and started to shake her body. She tightened her clutch on my back and started to pull my hair deep into her pussy.

I increased the speed of my tongue also inserted my finger inside her pussy and giving her double the pleasure of tongue and finger. She left out a big moan and started to jerk. She released her juices into my mouth. I sucked every drop of her juice and licked her pussy clean.

She closed her eyes and slept silently on her back by feeling the pleasure of her first orgasm. I removed my pant and become naked. I came on her and started to kiss her lips again.

I started to rub her boobs softly, my rock-hard penis poking over her pussy. I continued my kisses on her lips. I kissed her earlobes. I kissed her neck, slowly she hugged me and started to kiss me back. Her hands came down to my penis guided it into her pussy. I asked her, “Are you sure?” She smiled at me and nodded.

Again, I took charge of the action and pushed my hard penis into her pussy. Her pussy was wet. I entered deep into her and started to move my hips slowly. She again started to moan loudly and scratching my back with a wild smile on her lips.

Her action made me wilder and I started to smooch her roughly. She responded in same roughness and we were kissing like two wild tigers and squeezing and rubbing each other.

We hugged tightly like there is no space between us. My hips moving up and down against her hips and my hard penis moving up and down inside her wet pussy. The movement inside her pussy making sounds and her moaning sound got louder.

I increased my speed and my fingers pinched her nipples. We fucked for almost half an hour, we forgot the time and forgot the entire world.

We were getting ready for final action. I clipped her fingers with my fingers, my legs clutched her legs, my chest pressing hard against her boobs, my lips locked her mouth. We were connected with every inch of our body, my hips rubbing her boobs and my hard penis digging her love hole.

I increased my speed and she was pushing her hips up in the rhythm of my pumping. I told her, “I want to fill your well with my water.”

She replied, “Come fast, I am thirsty for your water for the last 10 years.”

I increased my pumping, she was shouting with pleasure and I was moaning loudly along with her sound.

It was time for the climax. I loosened my control and my penis started to sprinkle loads deep inside her love hole. She also tightened her grip and started to jerk for the second orgasm. I filled her pussy with my juice, it was mixed with her release and flowing on her thighs.

We hugged each other tightly and slept for another ten minutes in each other’s arms. We were feeling calm and relaxed after completing the wild actions. We were kissing each other softly and caressing with a lot of love and care.

She was already late by half an hour, we dressed up quickly and departed to satellite bus stop to catch the bus for Mysore.

This lovely girl gave me many surprises in every moment. Now we have a sweet memory of our new relationship.

Hope you all readers liked this surprise package. Thanks to everyone for reading this lengthy love story. Please leave your feedback at [email protected].


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