Surprising my BF on his Birthday

Hello ISS readers. My name is Daniel. I am writing about how I surprised my BF on his birthday in Pune by letting him fuck me like a slut. This is my first time writing after gaining a lot of courage. So hope you enjoy it!

So it was the month of December. As you all know, the winters of Pune are quite chilly. So it was my BF’s birthday, and we planned to celebrate it at a club.

A little bit about him and me first. I’m a dusky guy with an amazing bubble ass which is stared at by a lot of guys in Pune. A small dick which goes better in my panties. I like being a submissive slut for my BF and obeying everything he says.

My BF, whose name is Peter, is the dominant type. He is 6’2 and has an 8” dick on a lean body. We have always hidden our relationship from all our friends. Our friends and family would not like such things.

So coming back to the story. We were planning to book a table at a club. My BF was excited as he wanted to spend time with me and have fun. He didn’t know I was planning a surprise for him later that night.

Before his birthday, I brought sexy red lingerie for myself and some lipstick and makeup items. He always wanted to see me in such sexy clothes. I booked us a room in Hyatt Pune and went there and kept everything ready. I put on my anal plug before leaving for the party. I took Viagra with me to put in his drink later.

We went to the party, and after a while, I put Viagra in his drink. We spent the evening drinking and dancing. After a while, as he was hard, he asked me to come to the washroom so that I could blow him. But instead, I told him that I would book a hotel and go there and have fun. He agreed.

I pretended to book a hotel and asked him to leave for Hyatt Pune. Once there, we went straight to our room. I kept a blindfold ready and tied it to his eyes. I told him it was a surprise. I asked him to sit on the bed, and I went to the washroom.

I’m always shaved below my eyebrows, so that was the best to wear lingerie. I wore some makeup and applied red lipstick, and went outside. I asked him to remove his blindfold, and he was shocked to see me like this. His hard dick was trying to get out of his jeans.

I came close to him and sat between his legs. I started removing his jeans and underwear. His 8” dick popped out, ready to rip my ass and drill me deep. I stroked his dick and then took it in my mouth. I was giving him a sloppy blowjob and trying to go as deep as possible.

He took control of me, and he started fucking my mouth faster. I was gagging on his dick with saliva dripping all over. He then took his dick from my mouth and asked me to lick his ass. I obediently went down and started to lick his ass. It tasted amazing, and he let out sexy moans.

I rimmed him for a few mins and started sucking his cum filled balls. They are huge, and I was sucking them and pumping them fast. He again pushed his dick in my mouth and started mouth fucking me. This went on for 10-12 minutes.

I could feel his balls getting tight. I knew he was close. So I deep-throated him, and he knew what I wanted. He went in and out and started pumping cum in my mouth. He came so much my mouth was filled.

He took his dick out and asked me to swallow the cum, which I happily agreed to. Then I licked the cum from his dick and sat there waiting for him to fuck me hard. I went into the washroom to clean.

I saw myself in the mirror with my makeup ruined by my BF with a few drops of cum below my chin. I licked it off, making me wet as I oozed precum in my panties. I cleaned my mouth and put the makeup back.

Just when I was about to get outside, I saw my BF staring at me with his dick still hard, waiting to fuck me. He came inside the washroom and asked me to undress him. He got naked, turned me around, and started kissing me on my neck. This turned me on, and I started moaning.

He started biting my neck with his one hand going inside my panties. He started stroking my dick slowly, giving me love bites all over my neck and back. I was pushing my ass on his hard dick, which I wanted badly.

He took my balls in his hands and started to caress and press them. It was painful and also seductive at the same time. He started to stroke my dick with his other hand much faster than before. I was about to cum, and I started moaning louder.

He pressed both my balls harder, this time while stroking. I started cumming inside my panties. I came for 10-15 seconds. My panties were soaking in my cum, and once he removed his hands, he brought it close to my mouth and asked me to lick it clean.

I did it instantly and started licking my cum from his hands. I was tired and fell into his arms. I hugged him tightly and was catching my breath. He took my face in his hands and started kissing me passionately.

I hope you liked the story. If yes, please give me feedback at [email protected]. I would write in my next story how he fucked me all night long like a slut. Till then, have an amazing time.

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