Sushila Bai Made Me What I Am

My name is Suresh Kurian, 32 yrs of age, staying in Mumbai with my lovely wife and a beautiful two year daughter. It has been a wonderful family and I do love them a lot.

But women have always been my biggest weakness especially the lower class women. Their raw look and musky smell make me go crazy. Perhaps this could be attributed to my childhood experience. Let me take you to my such experiences.

This is about my experience when I was studying in the ninth STD as my Father and Mother used to work, only my maidservant used to be at home. Once it so happened that my mother’s Uncle passed away in Kerala, so my parents decided to leave me behind with our maidservant and go for the funeral.

But then Dad had some urgent work in the office and Mom had to go alone. For at least 7 days Mom was going to be away. My Mom left for Kerala and me and Dad was with our full time kaamwali Sushila bai. Now to describe about our ‘jhadoo-ponchawali’ Sushila.

She was a typical Maharashtrian village woman in her mid 40s, may be around 45 yrs of age. Sushila bai had been working in our house for almost 10 years at that point. She was typical marathi kaamwali type. She was slightly dark in colour but had a beautiful face.

She stood 5’2, brownish complexion with perfect dream figure of any man. Her body is voluptuous, bulgy with required curves in her hips. She looked like any mature Indian woman at such an age but with a lusty fig. Her biggest assets were her breasts and her buttocks which were prominent because of her slim waist.

Her breasts looked rounded and more than enough to be held in a person’s palm. It must be around 36D. Her fig was 36-28-36. She had thick, long black hair that were kept tied in big buns. She wore saris and behaved like traditional conservative woman.

One thing that that I had noticed lately was that whenever my Mom was out on tour and only Dad was around, she wears deep neck blouses with hardly 4 hooks showing a very huge neckline. Her blouse would be so tight that the boobs start plunging out from the top of the blouse showing a huge cleavage.

She would wear the saree very much below the navel button leaving a huge space between the blouse and stomach. It would be worn just above her pussy and butt line would sometimes visible. She used to wear the nine yard long Navvari saree in the typical Maharashtrian style were it is hitched between the legs.

And tucked at the back which is the conservative way in which the rural Maharashtrian women used to wear the saree. Sushila was married but her husband died 5yrs back and her children were married and gone. She lived in servant’s quarters attached to my dad’s office on ground floor of building.

I never used to have any sexual thoughts about Sushila and neither did she ever give me cause to for many months as she used to dress conservatively in saree. I used to read about sex and but did not had any experience on that. The night Mom had left for Kerala, Dad and I took dinner, served by Sushila.

Sushila Bai she was dressed in her traditional maharashtrian sari. She had her nose ring, bangles, bindi on when Sushila went to the kitchen to get the curry for us, he could not refrain his eye devouring the wiggling motions of Sushila’s great big round ass.

Sushila had especially big ass when Sushila was serving him the curry Dad was getting enough glimpse of her big tits, enough for Dad to guess how big Sushila’s tits really were. Even under the blouse, they were trying to come out of the confinement.

She had her eyes cast downwards and was trying not to look at us while Dad ogled her. Every time she came to serve us rotis, Dad grabbed her ass or tits thinking that I am not realising what is going on there. It was totally humiliating for her but she kept smiling.

Once our dinner was over, Sushila bai collected the plates. Dad sat down to watch T.V and I went to my room for sleep which was on the top floor. On my way to the room I saw Sushila, sitting on the kitchen floor having her food even being on bed for the next half an hour.

I was not able to sleep. I thought of going down. The moment I opened the door, I saw that Dad was there down in the hall. Dad sat down on the sofa watching T.V. After some time, Sushila also came and stood at the entrance of the hall close to where Dad was sitting.

What was different about her was that her long black hair was open and displayed in front, covering her right breast and falling down all the way to her thighs. Her head was covered by her sari pallu but that didn’t hide the fact that she was completely naked underneath her sari.

She was not wearing the blouse. She was wearing the saree very much below the navel button leaving a huge space between her bosoms and the stomach. It was worn just above her pussy and butt line was visible. Her green 9 yard Maharashtrian navvari saree draped tightly accentuating her sexy figure.

Perhaps it was actually a 5 yarder worn as a 9 yarder just to churn up helpless young men like my Dad! Sushila was fully aware of the effect she was having on his senses, or rather his extrasensory perceptors! Her saree in the typical Maharashtrain style was hitched between the legs and tucked at the back.

With the pallu tucked at the back and her butt line visible, she was looking damn sexy. Her nipples jutted out alluringly from beneath the aanchal.

Later, only when she shifted her attention and looked at Dad’s face, she saw Dad staring at her boobs.

However, she was not one to let go an offender scot-free without making it known in expressed language to have noticed his offence. Sushila pulled the aanchal of her saree on top of her head. She was blushing like a new bride and did not know how to react. She smiled meaningfully and said coyly:

Saab, kai dekhto hai tumi?

Her query amused Dad I guess without any hesitation, Dad said bluntly, Tumhe dikh nahi raha mein kya dekh raha hoon. Mujhe batana pdega?”

She laughed out loudly but did not say anything then I looked at her eyes sharply. She gave Dad yet another coyest meaningful smile. It was at this precise moment I realized she was not all that innocent but very clever. She gave Dad sufficient body language to express she was not only sexy but hungry for sex too.

She gave Dad hints with her eyes that she had no objection if he treated his eyes staring at her boobs as long as he wanted or to put it nearer the truth; she too enjoyed Dad watching her bosom intently. Dad bade her sit down and she, like a dutiful dulhan, slowly sat down on the floor on Dad’s insistence.

Sushila moved further closed to him and sat next to Dad. It took some time to do this given the heaviness of her body; she had to manoeuvre her body and very delicately place her ass on the floor in the process her aanchal slipped off her shoulder and revealed a part of her sumptuous bosoms.

She immediately adjusted the aanchal after sometime I saw Dad’s vision hovered and zoomed on her body. To be specific, his gaze remained fixed on our Kaamwali’s big bosom with her large full boobs and to her buttline where the saree was hitched as it was the summer months at Delhi.

We used to sweat a lot as it was hot at night Dad told Sushila that it was too hot and removed his shirt. He was only in his Lungi. Her Big tits were visible and my cock started to make a tent, so I decided to stand there and see what is happening.

Dad sat down on the sofa watching T.V. After some time, Sushila also came and sat on the floor next to him watching T.V. It was after some time that I had noticed that Sushila was holding Dad tightly along his waist. Dad too was holding Sushila along her waist and his hands were moving along her hips and bare waist lines.

Twice he also pitched her boobies and Sushila smiled back and murmured to him, “Deva kaai karto hai tumi, Munna dekh lega”. It was then that I was confirmed that there is something between them. Dad started talking with her in a low voice and Sushila Bai responded in the same tone. Both of them were laughing.

Suddenly Dad caught hold of Sushila’s hand pulled her towards him. Soon I was treated to a magnificent sight, something that I was waiting for. Unaware about my presence, the two of them had entered into foreplay. They seemed very desperate, especially Sushila.

My mind was full of images and thoughts of what I was witnessing. It was hugely erotic to see something so taboo as my own dad fucking our ‘loyal’ and long ‘serving’ maid Sushila bai. What made is so sexy was the fact that I had always seeing Sushila bai as a traditional, conservative Hindu ‘sati savitri’ type.

Always had her head covered with sari pallu. Hair always tied in neat bun. Bindi adorning her forehead. So demure and shy and to see her in this position with Dad was very erotic. I couldn’t wait to see Dad Fuck Sushila bai.

Dad was sitting on the Sofa and Sushila sat between his legs on the floor. Dad’s hands were inside her blouse, fondling her breasts. Her ghoonghat and aanchal had slipped away from her breasts. Sushila reached her hand, held Dad’s head at the back, brought it to her lips, and began kissing him.

He released her breasts, held her with both his hands in a tight clasp, and returned the kiss. While they were glued to each other in this fashion I could see Sushila with one hand, was rubbing her palm over Dad ‘s crotch. I could make out the hardness.

The kissing continued and Sushila’s fingers worked on the Dad’s Lungi. Suddenly Sushila moved away. Abhi nahin, Munna abhi soya nahin hoga.

They disintegrated for a while but soon Dad felt our Kaamwali’s hands reach under his underwear and with a devilish grin she skillfully held his Lauda.

No doubt that our Sushila Bai was hornier as if she was not fucked in years. He was in his underwear. Sushila stared at it for a while and caressed his penis over the underwear with slow movements of her hands. Then she bent down and planted a kiss on it.

Dad was looking at her. She then rose up and slowly pulled down and his 8 inch long penis from the underwear. His penis popped out in all its erectness and stood up like a pole swaying in the air. Sushila bent down on her knees on held his penis in her hands.

She was looking a sexy whore. Dad took the pallu back on her head and Sushila smiled back. She held it with both her hands and bent down again and reached the tip of his penis. There was a momentary pause, as if she was wondering what to do.

Dad asked Sushila to kiss his Laud with pallu on her and smile and lust on her face, Sushila came forward and slowly kissed his Lauda. Dad could feel the sudden excitement in his dick which was twitching with excitement. Sushila picked up a pillow from the bed and sat down on her knees on the floor.

Looking up at dad with her big eyes, she moved her tongue forward and slowly licked the tip. Then she began to lick it up and down, worshipping it with her mouth. Eventually, she took it into her mouth. I could hear her gagging as she took all 8-9 inches down her throat.

Dad put both hands on her head and started fucking her mouth. I could hear Sushila’s bangles clinking as she clung onto his body while Dad fucked her mouth then Sushila Got up. Aap kamre mein chalo mein abhi bartan dho kar aati hai and saying so Sushila moved into the kitchen and Dad went into the servant room which was allotted to Sushila.

Dad sat down on the floor and surveyed the room. It was bare except a mattress that was laid out on the floor with a couple of pillows a sit case and few of Sushila’s clothes. He laid down on the mattress. Sushila sat beside Dad near the bed.

She was holding a katori in her hands which was filled with oil. She told Dad, Saab aap kaprey utariye main aapko malish kar doon.” She herself started undoing Dad’s shirt buttons and took off the shirt. It was wet with perspiration. Then she deftly took off his Lungi and said Khare ho jaaiye.

Dad got up and she pulled down his Lungi. He was in his underwear now which had become yellow with over use. She held his hand and pulled him down on the floor. Then she poured oil on her palm and rubbed both her hands and placed them on his head. Then she slowly started massaging his hair.

They were facing each other. Sushila pulled Dad’s head over her breasts and rubbed his hair in slow circular movements. He could smell her body and hear her heart beats; her bosoms were heaving up and down slowly. Her aanchal had slipped away and her bounteous breasts were exposed to his face.

Sushila’s breasts were popping out of her saree. Dad closed his eyes and savoured the aroma while she continued to massage his hair. The bangles on her hands made jingling sound. After having finished with Dad’s head,

Sushila pulled his head away from her breasts, adjusted the aanchal of her sari over her breasts, and drew the pallu over her head. With the pallu over her head, she was looking like a bashful dulhan in the full bloom of eroticism.

The nose stud and the earring added to the eroticism on her rounded face. She was also looking at him and smiling. Both of them were looking at each other and smiling. The pallu slipped from her head and a little while later the aanchal covering her breasts slipped away from her breasts to one side, exposing her dudhu.

They were remarkably huge. She made no effort to retrieve her aanchal and seemed to flaunt her breasts. Sushila was still smiling while Dad gaped at her breasts. Her hands had reached his armpits and her fingers were working deftly inside the hollowed space sending down tickling sensations down his loins.

Her fingers combed her hair in slow movements. Sushila raised her arms to tie her hair into a bun and this revealed her armpits, which had tufts of curly hair in them. She obviously did not shave. Now this was too much for Dad to take. He was getting very impatient now.

Dad had an incredible urge to thrust his cock inside her and fuck her like a demon. She lay down in the bed and he lay down on top of her. Immediately the kissing began anew as their lips met and she wrapped her arms around him.

He began to kiss her neck and worked his way to her ear where he lightly blew and nibbled which elicited a moan and caused her to wrap her legs around his back.

Slowly Dad began to un wrap the Saree from her body revealing the two brown erect nipples. She lay naked for a moment as he admired her. Her skin was dark but soft. Her breasts were amazing, full and proud and tipped with brown marble-like nipples.

It was like two very large white snow mountains. His mouth was becoming dry. There was really something uniquely appealing, erotic, in seeing the breasts of a woman, a true woman, and a woman like Sushila. She caught his hand pressing it there to her breasts.

He started rubbing and pinching them slowly. Then he increased his pinching and his fingernails lightly scratched the slopes of her breasts. Dad had admired her breasts for so long. He had imagined touching them, playing with them, but he had never imagined that actually he would take them in his mouth.

She put Dad’s mouth over one nipple and he softly kissed and licked all over her breast. Waves of pleasure flowed from her breasts all along her body. She moved his mouth to the other nipple. He slowly increased the speed of his tongue and deeply sucked her nipples lightly biting them with his teeth.

Sushila felt as if her pussy was burning, on fire. She arched her back and groaned, forcing more of her breast into his mouth. She was panting like a wild animal. Her arms were locked around him and she continued to grind against him.

Sushila never felt her breasts were special or thought of them in a sexual manner. But now, with Dad licking and sucking them, she had never felt sexier, had never knew they could ache so, and need to be kissed and sucked.

Watching Dad slowly circled each nipple with his tongue was erotic. She could not imagine how turned on she was as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin of her aureoles aahhhh Jor se, Aur jor se chooso meri choochi ko Saab!” she moaned, “Jor se Saab, jor se chooso.”

Her breasts were overflowing in his hand. He slowly covered them with kisses sliding his tongue across them.

She moaned and screamed, “Aahh Saab bahut achha lag raha hai. Lambe time se kise ne bhi ise chua nahin hai. Saab mat ruko, aaj chod do mujhe”. Sushila cried out to him.

“Mera chuchi Aapko achha lagta hai na, roz ise ghoorte rehte the, me sab jaanto hai?” She teased.

Her words spurred him on and made her even hotter then he was! oh Sushila,meri rani, mujhe is raat ka kitna intazaar tha, mein to na jane kab se tumhe chodna chahta tha. Aaj poori raat tumhe chodunga.” he whispered and started again because now he needed no further encouragement.

He started again licking all around her breasts with his tongue occasionally flicking over her nipples. He could hear her moans and she put her hand on his head and pulled him in tighter to her. She started to run her fingers through his hair just as he started to lightly nibble on her swollen erect nipples.

Soon he felt her hands reach under his underwear and with a devilish grin she skillfully held his Lauda. He was in his under wears. Sushila stared at it for a while and caressed his penis over the underwear with slow movements of her hands. Then she bent down and planted a kiss on it. Dad was looking at her.

She then rose up and slowly peeled off the underwear. His penis popped out in all its erectness and stood up like a pole. Now Dad sat down. Sushila slowly pulled down and his 8 inch long penis came out swaying in the air. Sushila bent down on her knees on held his penis in her hands.

She was looking a sexy whore. Dad took the pallu back on her head and Sushila smiled back. She held it with both her hands and bent down again and reached the tip of his penis with pallu on her head and smile and lust on her face, Sushila came forward and slowly kissed his Lauda.

Dad could feel the sudden excitement in his dick which was twitching with excitement, then she moved her tongue forward and slowly licked the tip. She took it inside her mouth and started licking it with quick dart like movements and kissing it.

She took the tip of the penis between her lips and started nibbling at it; then ran her lips slowly down the entire length of the penis, over his scrotum, at the sensitive juncture where it met the thighs, retraced her movements and ultimately took the entire stuff inside her mouth and began sucking vigorously.

Sushila was an expert cocksucker. Dad was consumed with excitement. The feeling of wetness and warmth was so good that he moved forward and back pushing his Lauda into her mouth. My buxom Sushila working on Dad afforded a sight, which was so erotic that I could feel myself throbbing with desire but I decided to desist, and instead just look at them.

Sushila was sucking Dad’s Lauda madly. Her pallu lied on the floor exposing her massive breasts her big breasts popping out. Her breasts popped out in all their glory – they were huge and bouncy and the erect nipples on them were the size of a cork that pointed upwards. Her breasts hung like the teats of a healthy cow they were swaying with every movement.

The two of them were now at right angles to each other; she was no longer straddling his legs but sat crouched on the floor at a right angle to Dad’s legs who was now sitting with his back resting against the wall. With one hand she was holding his penis and sucking it.

Dad’s Lungi and underwear were lying on the floor beside her crumpled saree and both his hands were free. With one hand he was squeezing her hanging breasts and with the other hand he had started grappling her fleshy buttocks over her saree.

Then Dad made Sushila to stand up and pulled down her pallu. Dad then started pressing her boobs and took her boobs in his hands and started sucking her like a mango he was sucking hard and Sushila was getting pain but she was liking it and moaning ououohahohoh.

Then Dad started kissing her abdomen and navel. When he started kissing her naval hole, Sushila was moaning with pleasure and closed her eyes. Dad then turned Sushila and started kissing her back and and the butt line. He took off the tucked part of her pallu behind her butt and unwrapped her saree.

Now Sushila was standing in a red panty which was faded due to overuse. Her panty had got hitched between the crevice of her buttocks ; it brought into relief the contours of her ample thighs and buttocks.

Dad kissed her choot over her panty and then he bend down and removed her panty and brought it close his nose smelling it’s odour. He pulled down her panty and revealed her naked and luxurious bottom. Sushila again bent down and took Dad’s lauda in her mouth and started sucking it.

Meanwhile Dad kept on sniffing Sushila’s panty and seemed he liked the odour of Sushila’s urinal and vaginal discharges on it. Sushila was kissing his balls. He moaned and touched her shoulders. This seemed to encourage her. She grabbed his cock and gently pushed back its foreskin, exposing the shiny head, which she licked once with her tongue, gently, self-consciously.

He cried out in pleasure. She looked up at him to watch the expression on his face. Now she started licking him all over, wetting his cock completely with her spit. Dad looked heavenwards and muttered some vague things. She licked greedily taking the entire lund of Dad inside her mouth, her head bobbing up and down with the movements of her tongue, sucking and licking for the next 5 min.

She loved it so much that Dad had to stop her because he was about to ejaculate which he did not wanted now. Dad then asked Sushila to stand. Dad was sitting on the mattress and Sushila stood before him naked. He then started running his hands over her naked and luxurious bottom.

Dad clutched them hard. With his fingers he stretched the two fleshy globes apart and her deep-set ass hole was revealed to me in all its delight. His middle finger had now entered her hole and vigorously working inside it with rapid strokes. He was finger – fucking her ass.

Her lump of an ass wriggled like jelly with each thrust of the finger inside.Dad gripped Sushila’s buttocks, and asked her to turn around. Sushila stood before Dad bending from the waist, her fleshy buttocks exposed in big close ups in front of Dad eyes.

Then Sushila bend forward and she was pushing her Gaand (butts) towards him, so that the two cheeks were slightly parted. Oh, she was really a sex-goddess! She eyed at him, smiling teasingly, and watched the effect the sight of her bare Butts was having on him.

Dad had already started stroking his big cock gently. Now, the sight of her bare Gaand made the movements of his stroking hand vigorous. He studied her Gaand. It was big, and round. It was dark-colored, like the rest of her. Actually, it was darker, and her assholes were the color of apples.

Dad could not hold himself back any longer. He lunged forward and placed his eager hands upon her magnificent bottom. He moved his palms in wide circles all over it, feeling its warmth, its enormity, and its rotundity. His whole body was shaking now with a feverish movement.

He positioned himself close behind her and, pushing one cheek of her great bottom to the side, he brought his face close to her Asshole and started rubbing his nose inside her Asshole. Sushila understood want Dad wanted to do and smiled with excitement.

She parted her Asshole further with her hands and Dad inserted his tongue inside Sushila’s Gand and started licking her Asshole. He seemed to love the smell of her Asshole and Dad savagely started licking Sushila’s Asshole and Sushila closed her eyes with ecstasy.

Dad holding her tightly by the ass, ran his tongue on her asshole with all the love he could summon, slurping the wetness of the thick jelly of saliva that would form into the hollow of her rectum after this phellatio and finger -fucking and ass sucking, had continued for some time, Sushila stood up. Despite her sumptuousness.

Sushila was shapely and had a classical figure her body tapered at the waist and then again spread out into a broad hip. Her fleshy buttocks curved inwards where they met the thighs, accentuating the two big globes. Her thighs and arms were robust and her midriff suggested but fell short of flab. When she walked her hips moved sideways in a provocative manner and the two globes of her ass bounced up and down.

It was such a delightful sight to just sit and watch her walk around the room naked, swinging her buxom bottom on your face. Her breasts also moved with the same bounce creating a rhythm through her entire body that sent ripples down my loins.

She looked so stately in her nakedness. The bangles in her hands, the thin black thread girdle around the fold of her waist and nose stud and earrings lent her nakedness an eroticism which was irresistible. She had the kind of figure that would always look good in a saree whatever way it is worn.

She had raised her arms to tie her hair into a bun and this revealed her armpits that had tufts of curly hair in them. She obviously did not shave. Dad was lying on the floor face up and Sushila once again straddled him. She held his penis and directed it inside her vagina and resting her hands on the floor just beside the two sides of his shoulders.

She began a slow rollicking movement. Her hanging breasts swayed with every movement and Dad grappled them and started squeezing them hard; her nipples had become bigger and Dad held them between the tips of his fingers and squeezed them too, but gently. This brought out moans from the woman who cried out aloud in Hindi.

Dad was rubbing her nipples with his thumbs and pinching them softly; she could not stand the pleasure-laden pain anymore; so she held his head and directed it over her nipple and Dad began to suckle her breasts vigorously. She kept on rollicking and gradually increased her speed.

Dad switched between the two breasts and Sushila kept on moving and moaning. The two naked bodies glistened in perspiration. I could feel she was drawing towards a climax because her moans became louder. Her breath came out in gasps now and she cried out like a hysterical woman at the point of high.

She fell on Dad who did not seem to have attained his orgasm and rested on top of him for a while. Both of them were sweating and their bodies glistened in perspiration. After they had lied like this for a while, she got up and wrapped the saree around herself clumsily and sat beside Dad who was still lying.

She held his penis in her hands and started masturbating him with slow movements of her hands. He soon ejected and as soon as the first spurts hit her palm, she bent down and took it inside her mouth and swallowed the entire cum and licked it clean in slow and laborious movements.

The saree was wrapped around her naked body clumsily and she rose up and went out of the room. After about ten minutes, she came back. Dad had got up; he was still naked when she entered. She took him by the hand and led him out of the room.

After 15 min, Dad came back alone, still naked. His hair was wet and it was obvious he had taken a bath. Late night again they coupled and finally both of them went to sleep in the morning when Dad was leaving, At the door they did it again standing. He pulled up her saree till the waist, bent down on his knees in front of her and burry his mouth inside her cunt and slurped in her wetness.

She had spread her legs apart and lowered herself a little against the wall to accommodate the crouching Dad who was giving her butterflies. As usual she let out moans while she clutched his hair; she is drawing to a close, keep on keep on, fuck it! And Dad kept on the motion and holding her by the waist brought her to an ecstasy where she let out a loud cry and collapsed on the floor.

She then took out his dick and the two of them had a last fuck standing against the door. After he had come, she bent down and licked the last drop from his dick. Then Dad left office after pecking a kiss on her cheek and thumping her bottom.

I watched Dad fucking my Sushila in various poses, almost every night, and some times in the afternoons on holidays. Mostly Sushila was always on top of him and fucking him. It has become a compulsion for me, to watch Sushila being fucked.

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