Sushree Apa In Bhubaneswar Good Doctor

Writing a story takes much more than only the pen and paper, it requires courage to describe everything in detail.

I have been constantly trying my best to write more and more and doing it better every time so that my readers are satisfied to the most.

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Running late by almost four hours due to a long operation in a small time nursing home in Balugaon, we were desperate to return home as we were tired and away from Bhubaneswar too. Sushree Apa and me have been together practicing medicine for quite some time.

She has always been very friendly with me since my college days and when I joined a job in Bhubaneswar she immediately called me and informed me that on Sundays I must accompany her to different nursing homes for operations. I obliged.

The nursing home owner suggested we took some rest and in the mean while he arranged for our lunch in some hotel. We had the lunch and after lunch Sushree Apa suggested she would take a nap before returning.

I did not say anything as I too was tired. We were given rooms in a hotel in Balugaon and Sushree Apa slept immediately while I was browsing the TV

After about half an hour Sushree Apa knocked on my door and asked if I am not taking rest. I denied and she came in and sat with me on the sofa and put her head on my shoulder and slept.

That was unusual, because even though we have been going for practicing medicine for almost an year now, she never came that close to me. She was very fair and beautiful lady having a kid. Her husband was a professor in some college. Anyway I did not mind either as I always liked her as an elder sister.

After sometime she asked me about my family and we talked for some time and then she said life has become a mess, and I asked why she said her husband is in Sambalpur for job, daughter is in Rourkela for her studies.

And she is alone in Bhubaneswar. I said you can get transferred to Burla, but she said she liked it in Bhubaneswar and then she said it is difficult for a married lady to stay alone.

And then suddenly she said my husband has not touched me in last more than a month from now. And I feel desperate and I said you can take a break and go to Sambalpur for some time and come back and she said patients are there and she cannot leave. It was indeed a big problem.

She asked me, how often do you people do sex? I said once in a while, means whenever time permits we do it. She is always ready for it and I am a tiger on bed. Sushree Apa smiled and said show me how good a tiger you are on bed.

I was dumbstruck and she pulled my hand and put it on her left breast and started massaging it and she closed her eyes while brining her lips close to my face, I thought for a moment and then put my lips on her lips and she started vigorously sucking my lips and exploring my mouth with her tongue.

And with my hands she was squeezing her breasts. Although she has a daughter who is about 18-19 years old and Sushree Apa has a nice figure and I had always noticed women have shagging and flabby breasts while Sushree Apa had nice pointing boobs which were about the size of an orange.

I squeezed them to me like after sometime we unlocked our lips and I got up and closed the main door of the room and coming back to Sushree Apa, held her tightly and opened her saree and blouse. Then in a while she opened all her dress and she was standing in front of me in a bra and Panty.

I opened my dress and then she pushed me on bed and pulled my underwear down and started sucking on my dick for almost ten minutes and now my dick was hard like rock and was throbbing and giving me pain.

While she was sucking my dick with my fingers I fucked her vagina and teased her clitoris and she moaned and in some time her vagina was wet with fluid.

I pushed her on the bed and sat above her and pushed my dick into her vagina and started giving good thrusts to her. She was moaning and throwing up herself on my dick and I fucked her faster and faster. She was becoming ecstatic and enjoying a lot.

She grabbed my waits and pushed her vagina on my dick and tell me tightly like that and made my dick wet with her vagina fluid as she achieved an orgasm.

She was silent now and I was slow on giving thrusts to her. I moved my dick out and then pulled her to the side of the bed and made her lie on her belly on the bed with her legs hanging down and I knelt behind her and pushed my dick into her vagina and fucked her there like a dog.

And she felt immense pain as the dick entered much inside the hole and she was moaning and groaning after sometime I slept on the floor and she rode me with the dick in her vagina and jumping above me.

I grabbed her and started sucking on her breasts and that made her mad and she pushed her vagina further into my dick and grabbed me yet again and her whole body started vibrating and she bite my lips and bragged me tightly and came with a huge fluid flow.

And this time the floor become wet with her fluid and I was enjoying the most steamy sex session ever with someone outside marriage after her second orgasm she got tired and I made her stand like a god with her body on the bed and legs on the floor.

And pushed my dick into her vagina and while giving slow and steady shots I pulled my dick out and keeping the wet and hard dick on her anal opening pushed it in.

She resisted and then said nothing and that was a welcome sign for me and so I pushed the dick into her ass a bit further as the dick was wet with her fluid and her body was relaxed the dick went in inch by inch till the whle of the dick was inside.

I asked Sushree Apa, if she is feeling any pain, she said, come one you are my tiger today do whatever you like, and that made me feel great and I started fucking her ass slowly and she enjoyed it a lot and then with my fingers and I started massaging her clitoris and this made her go crazy and she moaned louder and said.

I cannot take it any more I am exhausted and then I said but the tiger has not cum yet. She was moaning louder and I was fucking her ass faster and the dick was going in and coming out slower with much tight feeling and she was squeezing my dick which was giving me a great sensation and then

I said I am going to cum and Apa said when you come please pour your semen on my face. And I fucked her ass for another couple of minutes and then pulled out my dick and Apa sat on the floor.

I stroked my dick a bit more and a whole lot of cum started flowing out of my dick and on to her face and she applied it all on her face and smiled with happiness.

I fell on the bed while Sushree Apa cleaned my dick with the bed sheet and then started sucking on it for some time and I fell asleep and when I got up it was in the afternoon and Sushree Apa was also sleeping by my side on the bed nude and I squeezed her boobs.

And started eating one of her boobs and she got up and we did fuck each other for another ten minutes and cum together and then took a bath and got prepared to return to Bhubaneswar.

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