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Hi Friends, How are you all? This is Harman again from Dehradun. Friends, First of all i would like to thank you all for very good response for my Previous experience with my bhabhi. I have already published few of my previous experiences and you can read them in ISS by searching my name or else you can ask me to mail me. It’s because of you only that I managed to have relations with three ISS readers. Thank you very much once again. Lot of ladies mailed me and am thankful to them. I am in contact with them and expecting this friendship to go forward. This incident is of my relationship with one such ISS reader.

First of all let me tell you about myself. I am Harman and I am 31 years old. Fair in color and 5’6” in height with a tool good enough to satisfy any woman. Am married from last four years. My wife is sexually Disorientated and does not like to have sex. Also she is very conservative and reserved. Due to this I am left unsatisfied. My sexual appetite is very high.

This experience is about one lady who is from Hyderabad. Her name is Sweety( nick name) and i am publishing this story after her permission only. After my second story of fucking an ISS lady i got a chat request from sweety.

Initially for first three days there was no response from her side. Finally i found her online on 4th day and she was very reluctant. she was pretending as if she has sent me chat request unknowingly. Later on When i insisted she told me that she is a married woman 24 years old, her hubby was in Kuwait due to his work and she was staying with her in laws in Hyderabad. I thought there is no point in talking to her as Hyderabad is too far away. Anyhow i started talking to her. She was not opening at all.

I started talking general to her and was asking her questions. She was very shy and scared to talk to me. Finally we started talking more and got to know each other. She told me about her. She was medium built having a figure of 34-30-34. She use to wear saree mostly. She was fair and short built. There were no sex talks in this as getting this info from her also was a tough task. She stopped talking to me after about five days as she was feeling guilty and was scared also. Finally i convinced her after lot of mails.

We started talking and shared our pics. She was decent looking and good to fuck. She liked my pics also. We use to chat mostly about our personal lives and it never use to go towards sex. Then she opened up and started discussing her sexual life. Her hubby has gone abroad after 2 month of marriage and she was missing sex. We started sex chats over the mail. Then I had to go to Banglore for an official trip and i told her that I will not be able to talk to her for few days. When i told her about Bangalore she asked me if i can go from Hyderabad. I was waiting for such opportunity.

I asked her she will have to stay with me for one whole day as her in laws never use to allow her night outs. She told me she will manage night out after speaking to her friend. I also nodded in yes and we started planning for same. I had to go to Bangalore on 17th September and so i took a flight for Hyderabad on 16th Sep. She had already done lot of shopping as she wanted to utilize this chance fully. She bought a sari for herself and a tie for me. I had booked a room in Hotel Novatel near Hyderabad airport for one night stay.

Till now we have seen each others pic and not even spoke to each other as she was not allowed a mobile. You all can understand sex desire of a lady who is not getting enough of sex and to top it up in laws are very strict and conservative. I was initially very apprehensive but thought of taking a chance as i myself was sexually starved. Finally i took the filght on 16th Sep and boarded a 7:50 am Indigo flight thinking of her. I reached there at 9:30 and i was at exit point at 9:50 looking for my lady. Lots of thoughts were running in my mind. What if she did not come? I had to wait there till 10: 00 am as she was to come at that time.

She was not there at that time and i was like totally lost. I thought of waiting for some more time. it was 1020 and she was nowhere. I did not had any contact number of her and she was not online also. That was the only hope as she must be in taxi. Finally my lady came at 1035. She came out of the car and we immediately recognized each other. She was much prettier than i had thought and much sexier. We shook hands and smiled at each other. No hugs or anything. We took a cab for hotel and reached the hotel in 15 minutes. We checked in as a couple and we were allotted a pool facing room.

We entered in the room and it was an elegantly done double bed room. She sat on the edge of bed and was looking at the floor. I stood at the corner of the room and was seeing her. She was not able to make an eye contact with me. I could clearly see a feel of guilt and fear in her body movements. She was wearing a pink saree which was nicely done. A matching blouse which was not able to hold her boobs. Her waist was visible as her saree was tucked below her navel. She was playing with her pallu and not saying anything. I also was quite.

Then after about 4-5 minutes she looked at me and i smiled. She immediately got up and came close to me. I took her face in my hands and she closed her eyes. We had promised each other that the first kiss we will have will be a smooch and a long one. Her pink lips were already shivering with cold and she was ready to kiss.

Slowly I placed my lips on hers and started kissing her. Ahhhhh friends i can still feel that first touch of her lips. We were in that position for few minutes and then started kissing each other deep. She also started responding and was sucking my lips. She was very sweet just as her name. Our tongues were rolling in each other mouth and we were exploring each other. She was deep in my mouth. Our saliva was mixing in and i can taste her saliva.

It was most passionate and embraced kiss i ever had. We were literally eating each other. My hands were on her face and she was playing with my hairs and cheeks. That kiss lasted for about 15 minutes till the time we became breathless. It was like we are lost lovers and this is last kiss we are getting. Finally she broke the kiss to breath and i hugged her immediately.

Slowly I made her lie on the bed and she had closed her eyes. I can see her breathing fast and due to that her boobs were moving up and down. Wow! What a sight it was. I remove her pallu and here were one of the most beautiful pair of boobs in front of my eyes. They were tucked nicely in her blouse and were popping out.

I could clearly see the deep cut of boobs in her blouse. She was still lying with her eyes closed. I gradually bent forward and started kissing her on neck. She was moaning and her hands were combing me. I kissed her on neck and then went down. Then I licked her upper cleavage and she was already in a world of ecstasy.

She was moaning hard. Slowly I inserted my fingers in her deep valley and started exploring her mountains. It was warmth and softness inside. I opened top button of her blouse and she started arching. Then second, third and then both the flaps of her blouse were wide open. I had an amazing view in front of me. She was wearing a black netted lacy bra. Her milky boobs were matching perfectly. Those mountains were moving up and down with her breath. Then I asked Sweetie to open her eyes and she was very shy. After lot of convincing she opened her eyes but was avoiding eye contact.

Slowly i took my hands towards her back and lifted her. She came forward to kiss me and i unhooked her bra and took it off. She immediately tried to cover her boobs with her hands. Till now she was not saying any thing and was just moaning. She was now smiling and trying to cover her boobs with her hands. I started kissing her from her neck to her navel. She was enjoying and moaning aaaahhh harman, this is too good, mai taras gayi thi iske liye, plsss achhe se kiss karo.

I started pounding her boobs and was sucking her tits.. Her tits were erect, pink in color and her areola was dark brownish. Just like a cherry on pineapple cake. I was sucking her tits and pressing her boobs. In between i was pinching her tit which was adding spice to that. She was pressing my head on her melons and moaning aaaaaaaaa aaaahhhhhhh harmaaannnnn!!! aur karo!! tezz tezz, chuso inhe , bahut din se kisi ne inhe chua nahi hai… i kept on playing with her boobs for 20 minutes.

I made them red and she was crying also due to pain but she never asked me to stop. Then i moved to her navel and kissed it well. I inserted my tongue in her navel which was very sexy. My tongue was rolling in her navel and she was moaning in very high tone. It was becoming unbearable for her. You all can understand a newly married housewife not had sex for 6 months.

I then made her stand and took off her saree. I asked Sweety please say something. I am dying to listen to you. But she was not saying anything. I dropped her saree and petticoat to floor and there she was standing in front of me only in her panty.

Again a black lacy panty which was only covering her hidden treasure. Then i again made her lay on bed and took out her panty. She had again closed her eyes. WOW!!! What a view? She was clean shaved. Her pussy lips were pinkish attached to each other. I started kissing her from her toe and went upwards. As i moved up she started folding her legs and i had to take help of my hands.

I was kissing her thighs and then i digged my head in her pussy. I just blew air from my mouth and she shivered. I was kissing her pussy area and not directly her pussy. She was moaning with full pleasure. And then i planted my lips on her lower lips. She arched and moaned aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…….

I increased my passion and i started licking her pussy deeply. Her fragrance was totally erotic. I was loving it and she was enjoying it hard. I started rolling my tongue inside her and was totally into her. She was pressing me in. I was tasting her and eating her. I started tasting her salty juices, She was arching her body and moaning in full pleasure….. aaahhhhhhhhh ……harman ye kya kar rahe ho aap….. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. mai marr jaungiiiiiiiiiii…… aaaaahhhhhhh…… aur tez karo naa…. mera ho raha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i started drinking her juices.

She was releasing her juices and i was drinking her and then she relaxed finally aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. i licked her dry and went up to her. For the first time she was in eye contact with me and we were smiling. She said Thank you……. I had never experienced this and you have shown me the heaven. I kissed her on lips and we again were engrossed in a deep passionate kiss.

Till now i was in my t-shirt and jeans whereas she was completely nude. She took my t- shirt out and started kissing on my chest. I have lots of hairs and she liked it. She was sucking and licking my lips and then she bite on my nipples. When i cried she said “maja aaya”, She placed her hands on my bulge from over the jeans only and was pressing it. I asked her don’t you want to see that. She said i am dying to see it. She opened my jeans button and took it off.

Then she took her hand inside my under wear. As soon as she touched my dick it went up again 90 degrees. She was kissing my lips and rolling her hands over my dick. Then she said it’s BIG. Her hubby had a 4.5 inch. Mine is 6.5 inches and 2 inch thick. She liked the pink dick head and she was drooling at that. While chatting with her she had promised me that she will give me blowjob of my life.

I asked her do u remember something and she nodded her head in affirmation. I was lying completely on bed and she was sitting beside me. She bent forward and licked my dick top with her tongue. Aaaahhhhhhhhh…….. I moaned sweetyyyyyyy…. And she was blowing me up. Her tongue was rolling over my dick. She was licking it and sucking hard. When I saw at her she was looking like a kid enjoying his lollipop. She took my whole dick in her mouth and then release with her lips rolling over entire length. I was asking her to do faster.

She was gulping whole and licking harshly. My dick was shining with her saliva and it was making a sound of FUCH… FUCH… In between she was looking at me and I can see lust in her eyes. Pressure was building in me and my balls were swelling. I told her Sweety I am about to cum and she increased her speed. Aaahhhhhhhhh sweeeettyyyyyy and with force I sprayed my cum in her mouth.

She was still sucking me up and drinking my juices. Waves after waves were ejecting my cum in her mouth and she gulped whole. She licked me clean and dried me up. I brought her closer to me and placed my lips on hers and we started kissing. Finally she asked… Kaisa raha?? How was that?) And I hugged her tightly. We started talking and were caressing each other.

She was rolling her hands over my hairy chest and I had placed my right hand on her back and with left I was fondling her neck, boobs and face. We laid there for 15-20 mnts and slept. When I woke up she was not there and I heard sound of water from bathroom. I took the blanket on me and tried sleeping. I heard my name after some time and saw her standing near the bed.

She had just taken bath and was looking very fresh. Her hairs were long up to her waist. There was a shine on her whole body. I made her sit on bed and started kissing her from top. My dick was hard by now and she grabbed it. Again she bent down and started sucking. After sucking for 5 minutes I made her lie on bed and spread her legs. I positioned myself between her thighs.

My dick was staring at her love hole and her breath had become fast. Slowly I applied pressure and she closed her eyes. I entered her half and she cried aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………………. its too big…………………………………………….. I replied in yes and caressed her boobs.

She regained her breath and looked at me. I could see a nod of yes from her side in her eyes and completely went in. With a grasp of breath she closed her eyes, her teeth crushed with each other and she lifted her bums to close me up. She was tight, soft and very wet from inside. It was a mixture of warmth, fluid and tightness which I was feeling.

I bent forward and kissed her lips. Then I entangled her legs in mine and gave a push and she screamed again. My dick went deep in her pussy and was touching her end. Again a smaller stroke and then some more. I gained my speed and started pushing hard in. she was in pain in starting but gradually was enjoying it.

We were thumping each other hard and fucking vigorously. She was moaning aahhahhhhhhh……. Harmannnnn this is too goood…… Uuuuuuuuuuuu. Fuck me hard plssssssssss I was waiting for this….. U r too goooooooooooddd…… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me hard…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tear away my pussyy plssssss…. Make me urs……. Show me ur strength…. And I was yelling her name.. Sweetieeee……. I continued fucking her in same position for 15 mnts and then made her on all fours. She had an awesome ass and I entered her from back.

I was holding her waist and thumping her. Her hairs were wide open and falling on both the sides of hers. Her beautiful boobs were swaying left and right. In between I was pressing her boobs and fucking her. Then I made her stand and her hands were on table and started fucking her. It was 30-35 minutes since we were fucking and we knew we are about to reach climax.

She was moaning continuously and asking me to fuck her hard. I was trying to get in as deep as possible. My dick was hitting her womb and I was also ramming side walls of her pussy. With a loud moan she released her juices and I felt hot liquid on my dick.

She was still moaning and taking my name. I was still fucking her and asked where to cum she asked me to cum in as she wanted to feel me. With a moan taking her name I ejaculated inside her. Our juices mixed up and I could feel it on my dick. I rested myself on her back and kissed her back. She was playing with my hairs.

Then I took out my dick and our juices flowed out wetting the carpet. We lay on the bed and were looking at each other. Sweetie is literally one of the most beautiful, sexiest, caring and hottest woman I have ever met. We fucked each other in different styles whole of the day and night. She was anal virgin and I took that off.

We fucked 12-15 times in next 24 hours. In the night she dressed as dulhan and we celebrated it as our first night. I still cherish the time spent with her. She gifted me a beautiful sky blue tie which I wear on special occasions. I also gifted her a love band. I stayed there till next day and took an afternoon flight. Sweetie I miss u a lot darling.

So friends this was one of the most beautiful experience of my life thanks to ISS. She is now with her hubby in kuwait and will be coming in 2014 and once again I am alone looking for a partner. Ladies and girls I am looking for a partner with no strings attached. I know just like me there are lots of married/divorced or widowed lives who are missing sex from their life. We can have fun together. I assure you of complete secrecy and full enjoyment. I keep travelling and hence won’t be difficult to meet.

Someone from Delhi or Dehradun please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to some great feedback and mails at my I’d [email protected] or [email protected]. Till then enjoy your life to the fullest…

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