Taking Control Of Two Sluts

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Next morning was wonderful, I was happy and feeling like a dominant for the first time. But the harassment I had in my life, it was time for payback. I decided a payback for Neetu but then I thought that better to use Swati first as Neetu will be with me for rest of life and I can use her anytime I want. What to do with her was my first thought so I started to think about it.

In the evening I came up with a wonderful plan, I called my assistant a female staff of my office and asked her a favour. I said that as some work was going on at my house, it will be great if she can accommodate Neetu at her house for night only. She happily agreed and so I asked Neetu to get ready and then I dropped her at my assistant home around 8 PM. I called Mayur and asked him to see me at my place in 1 hour.

Then I called Tarun and asked him that will he mind to show up with two of his friends with whom he fucked Neetu previously. He mumbled but I asked him that I wasn’t annoyed it them or him. I just wanted to throw a party and so I invited them up. So he agreed & I told him to arrive around 9:15PM. Mayur arrived on time exactly at 9:00 PM. I wanted to use Swati tonight to I just passed her a bra and a short pants for the evening. She was looking so ravishing in dress.

As Mayur entered in house I welcomed him and we got seated. A minute later as Swati was been instructed, she came with alcohols and glasses. Mayur jumped of his seat seeing her there. Indeed he was excited and impressed. He asked in eye movement that who was she, I said normally that she was today’s entertainment. He looked happy and so I poured him drinks. I poured five glasses as I was expecting Tarun and his champs any moment. He looked at me in questioner. Just then the bell rang and I shouted to come in.

As expected it was Tarun and his two friends. They came in trembling a little and hesitated a little. Hesitated was Tarun more than them, yet they came in and I asked them to sit. They wished me and I just shook my head. As soon as they got seated I poured them liquor and both his friends picked up the glass. Tarun hesitated for a while and I asked him to take it. He took it and started to sip, one of them asked whether there were no snacks with it. I shouted snacks, and just then Swati entered the room. She was carrying snacks in a tray and came to put it on the table.

As soon as Tarun looked at her and she looked at Tarun, both were confused seeing each other, yet managed to control their emotions. As Swati was about to leave I called her near. I pulled her bra straps and asked what that was, she said sorry and left. I turned my head towards the group and said that mind to play poker. They said that they don’t have that much cash with them. I said we won’t play for cash. They looked at me in confused manner so I called Swati.

She came in the room and I asked her to stand near wall. She went and stood near the wall. I said that the winner in the game will get a chance to have her in the bedroom. As the winner will get chance, he will be removed from game and we would keep playing. One after the other the winner will get chance and would leave the game until last guys it left. The last guy wouldn’t get chance with her and have to leave without it.

Mayur nodded in affirmative but rest three looked confuse. They looked at her, scanned her from head to toe but couldn’t reply. I looked at them thrice while they did that and said that I understand that they must see her fully before they decide anything. I said Swati and she kept her eyes down, started to remove her bra, and later her pants too. She stood naked before us without seeing us at all. Tarun two friends said immediately that they were in.

Tarun caught their hands but they pushed his hands away. I dealt and asked Tarun was in or out. He took the card immediately, I think he wanted to win first, so that at least Swati was saved from one ravage. He was good at poker but not as intelligent as me in the game. I made sure that neither I wins nor he wins, luckily Mayur win. He looked at me and I made sign to go on. He got up, moved to Swati, pulled her by her arms and took her inside the bedroom. Tarun didn’t even looked at them.

As he was in, he was making much comments, while paying with her body, his comments were loud and clear. When he got inside her he commented that time also that how tight she was and all that. Then his sound vanish, but Tarun wasn’t able to see in my eyes. I asked the guys to start dealing, it was Tarun turn but he didn’t pick the card, so next guy started to deal. Tarun looked at him angrily but he smiled and continued. This time Tarun tried level best to win but I made sure that he and I lost this time also. So his friend won, he was more than excited so he drag his clothes and sat there in just an underwear. He was waiting so that Mayur gets out and he could enter. It was about 20 minutes now and Mayur took 10 more minutes to come out.

As soon as he came out that guy rushed inside the bedroom immediately, he shut the door inside and then we started to hear voice of Swati outside. She was indeed in discomfort and I knew that both his friends enjoyed rough sex. So I asked the next guy to deal. He dealt and we started to play again. But as her weep and voices mixed with discomfort was coming out, Tarun was having tough time to concentrate. I didn’t do anything and he lost automatically this time along with me. He was so tensed now, if I would have said anything I was sure he would have wept. This guy means his second friend too dragged his clothes out and was impatiently waiting for his turn. He even knocked the bedroom gate few times. I smiled at him and Tarun looked at him angrily.

Mayur was about to leave, when I asked him to stay, he looked at me confused and I said that I have some work for him. Soon the guy fucking Swati came out and just then Tarun second friend went inside immediately. Same type of sound started to come out. Weeps, discomfort of Swati and Tarun was indeed in terrible condition. I picked the card and started to deal. He made sure that I loose but lucky for me and unlucky for him he lost. He looked at me with sad face. I said game was over and we’ll play again tomorrow. I asked his friend that would they like to join me tomorrow also.

He readily accepted but Tarun looked at him angrily. After 20 minutes his second friend came out, he dressed and they were about to leave. They finished their glasses and had few snacks, meanwhile Tarun one friend told another that they were invited again for next day. Tarun got up from the seat but waited for I while. I turned towards Mayur and asked him whether he wanted to fuck that girl again. Mayur nodded his head but Tarun said that it was against the games rules, winner will get only one chance with her. I howled at him that game was over and that girl was my slut, after the game I could make her fuck anyone.

Mayur went to the room jumping, he didn’t bother to close the room. After few second he shouted that she was not allowing to drill in her ass. I shouted that Swati let him do that. I asked that will she like to call me 10 more guys for the night. Mayur said after a second that he was inside her. I asked him to fuck her as many times he like and then go home. I also asked him to come again next day. Till then all three of them reached till gate. I went to the gate and closed it after they were out.

I came back to bedroom after about one hour. Mayur had left and Swati was sitting naked, weeping, and keeping his head between her knees. I pulled her by arms and asked to get bath with me. She didn’t say anything and we both started to have bath with me. She said trembling that why I made them all to fuck her, she was there only to get fucked by me only. I told that I only wanted to punish Tarun for some mistake and I will not treat her so roughly next day. Then I carried her to bed and fucked her three times before I cuddle her and went to sleep.

Next day when I woke up she was already up. She was on breakfast and I took my, then pulled her back in bedroom to fuck her three more times before afternoon. I asked her that today she would be staying at my friend house. She looked at me in pleading manner so I said that it was a girl not boy, but if she has any lesbian desire she can have fun with her. She became red but didn’t said anything.

In the evening I called my assistant and told that Neetu sister came accidently and as the work was nearly done, I needed Neetu at night but want to leave her sister Swati at her place. She readily accepted that and I picked Neetu at 6 pm and dropped Swati there. Neetu looked confused but I brought her back. At home I gave Swati dress the bra and pants to her and asked her to wear them only. I told her that I was having few guest tonight and she would have to serve them in that dress only. She looked at me angrily but nodded her head and went inside.

Around 9 Mayur arrived just after that those three arrived. I was sitting with cards only on table. They came and sat around. I shouted for drinks, and so Neetu came inside with liquor. Mayur was over excited to see her, so were Tarun friends. But Tarun assuming that it was Swati, so he didn’t turned towards her. But when his friend asked that where the yesterday bitch was, I told him that she was on rest. Immediately Tarun turned towards Neetu and was overexcited to see her here. She served the liquor and then went in kitchen, I texted her to come naked with snacks. She replied ok and within 5 minutes she was back all naked with snacks.

I asked her to stay near the wall and we’ll tell what we required. The guy with Tarun picked up the cards and started dealing, he was very much excited to start the game and I very well knew it why. The game started and I was there only one for loosing, rest were trying to win at any cost. This time Mayur lapsed but the guy with Tarun win. He jumped off his seat and rushed to Neetu, he was about to grab Neetu when I stopped him. He looked at me confused and I said who said that winner will get the chance. He looked so dejected and I was so much feeling to laugh. But I controlled, I said today I have changed the rule. Today the looser will engage her and rest will continue to play. Mayur jumped in excitement and rushed to her, he pulled her by her arms and vanished inside the bedroom with her. He closed the bedroom door too.

We started to deal again but no one was interested in winning now, everyone were interested in loosing and that made the game complicated. It went on long than expected and when Mayur came out after finishing we were still in game. Ultimately Tarun friend lost this time. Tarun was so dejected but he didn’t say anything. That guy was about to rush to bedroom when I stopped him. I called Neetu out, she came out all naked and I called her near and instructed her something.

She nodded her head and went back to bedroom. After 10 minutes she was back and everyone were stunned to see her. She was wearing thick anklets and lots of bangles, just like newly married. I asked Tarun friend to take her in. He rushed with her inside and then the sound of bangles and anklets started to chime the environment. It was sure the he was fucking her speedily, and when the sound stops it was sure that he had stopped hitting.

Now concentrating on game was very though and this game ran more than expected. Mayur was seeing the game and smiling all the time. He was enjoying the tension between Tarun and his friend. So this time also Tarun Friend lost and he rushed to the door which was still locked from inside. He kept on banging the door in few intervals. But his friend came out after full 10 minutes. As he was out I asked him to get dressed and leave. He looked at me and then got dressed and left. I continued with Tarun and being only two players the game was even tougher. Plus the chimes sound was making Tarun even more restless.

Till the game was in middle his second friend finished and came out, he looked at Tarun and then looked around for his second friend but he was nowhere. He asked about him, so I roughly told him that he left and he should leave now even. He got dressed and left. To my luck and Tarun bad luck, I lost this time and Tarun won. He looked at me and I smiled. I said to get the fuck out of here. He just got up and went towards the door. I said to Mayur to go inside and enjoy with her to core and then he can go home. He rushed to the room and just then Tarun came back. He said that today was the sixth day and shall he take Swati back with him tomorrow. I looked at him and he murmured that I said for a week only. I said him that it was alright and he can take Swati around 7 PM tomorrow. He turned back and went away.

Next morning I went to my assistant house and brought Swati back to home. Neetu was already at home but as Swati was with me I intrusted her not to come out of the bedroom at all. I also instructed Swati something, she begged not to do that but I thrashed her up. I told her that I had already enough stuff of her. I showed her the video recording of her in bedroom in which she was been fucked by three different guys in bedroom. She surrendered for that and I was ready for the biggest slap for Tarun. I called Tarun around 5 in the evening to arrive immediately.

He reached in 10 minutes and stood outside the gate, shouting for Swati. I went outside so he just asked for Swati. I told him that I asked to come around 7, why he reached at 5. He looked confused and said that I only have told him to come early. I showed him that I was thinking something so I said that it must be some misunderstanding and I will be releasing her at 7 PM. He went sad and said that he’ll come in two hours then. He turned around and was about to leave when I called him and said to wait inside itself, why he will go and comeback again. He thought for a while and came inside the drawing room. I asked him to sit and went inside. I was back in 15 minutes and sat on the sofa. I shouted for Swati and Swati came out in bridal jewellery. She was wearing all jewellery from head to toe, just the thing missing was her clothes, and she was all naked. Tarun was shocked to see her in that getup but yet he didn’t looked at her for long and dropped his head and eyes down.

Swati came and sat beside me. I lit a candle and we started to take rounds around it. Just like marriage ceremony, after that I applied a mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hair parting. She bowed down and touched my feet and so I got rid of my wares too. When I went bare I sat side by side to her and passed my mobile to Tarun. I asked him to click the pictures of newly wedded couple. He took the mobile and clicked two three pictures. I asked him to handover the mobile and I viewed the picture. Cunningly he cut her face and mine too. I looked at him angrily and asked him to click properly. For his convenience I switched on the TV with mute on. The events of room was running on it live. He looked at the TV for a while and then clicked pictures nicely. I took the mobile and then after confirming that pictures were great, I gave him mobile back. I placed my hands on her boobs, pussy and asked her to kneel and take my dick in her mouth. All was video-graphed and pictured by her own boyfriend cum fiancé.

As the picture session was over he said impatiently that could he take Swati with her. I laughed and said, we are just married, at least let us have the wedding night or fucking session. I went inside and gulped a power tablet. I came back after 5 minutes and asked Swati to lie on the sofa table.

As soon as she was spread eagle on the table I got inside her, pumping my dick inside her. She was neither opposing nor supporting, just lying down like a statue. I slapped her and asked that I was her husband and she must enjoy with me.

She started to respond immediately making all type of sound that she was enjoying. But I was taking longer than expected, so she said that her pussy was soaring now. I pulled my dick out and turned her around, drilled my already lubricated dick in her ass hole and started to thump there. But as I had taken a power medicine, so very soon her asshole started soaring too. She begged that it was hurting too. I pulled my dick out and pushed in her mouth and asked to suck it nicely then. She sucked for complete 30 minutes, when I was too near to explode. I pulled her and pushed her back on the table and fucked her pussy. I exploded inside her pussy all bare flooding it inside her. I pushed myself out and asked her to get cleaned up and get prepared.

She went inside, had a bath and then came out well dressed. She took nearly 20 minutes, meanwhile I was viewing the video recorded just now, just in front of Tarun. As she was out, it showed from her movements that she was having hard time in walking. Still I kissed her in front of Tarun and gave her 10000 bugs as wedding gift. She insisted that she don’t want it but I forced her. She kept it in her purse and then vanished away with Tarun. I called Tarun after 30 minutes, he picked up after a moment. I told him to remember that whenever I will need Swati he must drop her to me. Else I have much stuff to make both of them surprise. He was angry I know but said politely that he’ll do anything I say.

After two days I got a card with courier, it was wedding card of Swati and Tarun. I think Tarun send it me purposely so that I could have mercy on them and stop bugging them at all. I smiled at the card but neither had I called them back nor did I go to their marriage.

Do write mail to me for comments and suggestion over my mail id: [email protected], readers are requested not to ask whether this is real incident or fake one. I would like to leave the matter to you. Believe it as real one or a fake imagination. Request only reviews on mail, no rubbish mails are to entertain. Do not request to send pictures of my wife. Do not request for, her or mine communication details. Do not request to meet us in personal; I’m not interested in all that.

I would write another episode soon. Till then have a nice time, stay happy, stay healthy and keep waiting.


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