Taking hot SIL’s virginity on her birthday

Hello Reader, Sanjay here. This story is a continuation of ‘Super Hot Sister-In-Law Divya – Part 1.’ Please read the previous story to better relate to the story’s characters.

It was Divya’s Birthday, and she unexpectedly invited me to the party. Looking at the seductive body of my Sister-in-law, I couldn’t control myself and started touching her inappropriately. Divya got upset and walked out of the party.

Divya and I walked out of the party immediately. My heart was beating faster than ever, and my brain was thinking of negative possibilities. We got into the car.

Divya didn’t say a word. She was looking out of the window, hiding her tears from me. I was embarrassed. I had to sort this out before we reached home.

Me (with a shivering voice): Divya, please let me explain.

She kept looking outside as if she was ignoring me.

Me: I am extremely sorry; I was not in my senses. As soon as you came close to me, all my blood rushed towards my cock. I forgot that you are my sister-in-law.

She didn’t respond. I was scared now to death.

Me: While dancing with you, I saw Karan staring at you desperately. I turned your back towards him and slowly moved my hand down to reach your sexy ass. I gently grabbed it and bit my lower lip to show him how much I enjoyed it. I just wanted to tease him more. Sorry, Divya!

Hearing this, Divya turned immediately and looked at me in awe. I couldn’t understand her expression.

Divya: Don’t be sorry. That Bastard was jealous and deserved it.

Saying this, she held my arm, gave me a side hug, and thanked me. Finally, my heartbeat came to normal, and I felt relaxed now. But I was still confused. Why did she thank me for doing nasty stuff to her? I decided to chuck this thought as I didn’t want to complicate things further.

“Ice-cream?” I asked. Divya jumped in excitement with a big yes.

We stopped at a nearby Naturals Ice cream parlour. As usual, she went with her favourite Chocolate flavour. Now after cheering her up, I was curious to know what had happened at the party.

Me: Divya, you woke me up in the middle of the night and pulled me into the pub. Can you please at least tell me why you were upset?

She first ignored me and pretended she was completely into the ice cream. I frowned at her.

Divya (laughed): You mean you liked my pictures on Instagram in your dream?

I blushed. She smiled. I tried to change the topic, but she caught me.

Divya: It’s fine, Jiju. It’s not your problem that you have such a hot Saali. (She winked)

We both laughed, and it eased out the air between us.

Divya: On this Birthday 19th), I had thought that I would lose my virginity. Karan had been flirting with me for a couple of months. I thought I would seduce him on the dance floor and then get fucked by him.

I was surprised to hear that she was still a virgin and was craving so hard for a cock. Shame on all the boys for keeping such a bombshell still a virgin, I thought.

Divya: While dancing, I pulled Karan closer to me from behind and started rubbing my ass over his cock. His hot breath on my shoulder turned me on. His left hand was trying to reach my half-open boobs while his right hand was rubbing my bare thigh. My hard nipples were easily visible through my dress.

Divya: Everyone was staring at me as if I was a call girl, but I didn’t care. By now, Karan’s cock had grown to its full size, and I could feel it between my ass crack. My panty was soaked wet. With my closed eyes, I already imagined his cock inside my pussy.

My cock was rock hard by listening to this from my virgin sister-in-law. I adjusted my cock while driving.

Me (mischievously): Divya, I never imagined you could be such a desperate slut.

She slapped me on my shoulder playfully. “So, did you fuck him?” I asked.

Divya: Looking at us, Nancy rushed to the dance floor and pulled Karan away from me. Nancy was burning red with anger. “He is mine bitch,” said Nancy. That was a rude awakening for me. Karan was flirting with Nancy as well, and they were dating now. I felt embarrassed. Thanks for being my saviour in pulling me out of that situation.

I felt bad that Divya had to go through all this on her Birthday. I decided that I won’t let her Birthday go to waste. After all, she had prepared a lot for this day.

We reached home by 1:30 am. We sneaked into the house without making any noise.

Me: Divya, don’t change your dress yet. I have some surprises for you.

Hearing this, her eyes got their shine back. Her smile broadened. She was excited. She went into her room to freshen up.

I immediately checked on Shriya. She was in a deep sleep. After all, I had used her like a fuck machine a few hours back. I turned on the AC so that she slept well and locked the door from outside.

I turned on the fairy lights on my balcony. I filled two glasses of wine and played Divya’s romantic Bollywood playlist. I texted Divya, “Waiting for you.”

She came out with all renewed energy. She looked more beautiful in that warm white light. I handed over a wine glass, and we moved towards the balcony. The same balcony where I dreamt of fucking her a few hours back while clicking her pictures.

We always fight for the only beanbag on the balcony. But today, we decided to share it. I sat first, and Divya sat on my lap. While setting up things, I didn’t realize that my cock was already hard. After all the dancing episodes in the pub, she knew exactly how a rock-hard cock over the ass felt. She laughed.

Divya (in a seductive low tone): Jiju, do you think I am hot? You cannot lie now; I can sense it with a lie detector poking my ass. (She wicked)

Me (looking into her eyes): While clicking your picture yesterday, I got hypnotized by your looks. Since then, I have thought about all the possible ways to fuck you. Hell, yes, you are the hottest woman I have ever seen.

Divya bit her lower lip and blushed, and we both took a sip from our glasses. There was a moment of awkward silence between us. I decided to break the ice.

Me: So, Divya, I wonder how come such a hot girl is still craving for a cock. I am sure you would have got any guy on that dance floor.

Divya gulped the entire glass of wine and pulled me up for dancing. “Even you,” asked Divya with her typical seductive look in her eyes. I nodded. After a few minutes, she turned her back towards me and pulled me closer, exactly the way she had done with Karan. Now I knew where it was going.

She started rubbing her ass over my already hard cock. Her ass crack instantly got hold of my cock. Now she was moving her ass up and down to rub my cock. I am sure she has practised a lot to perfect this skill. I was still holding back, thinking that she was my innocent sister-in-law.

Divya (leaned back to reach my ears and whispered): Come on, Jiju, I know, like any other guy on the dance floor, even you wanted to fuck me hard.

She held my hands, pulled them towards her young, tight boobs, and started pressing over them. I could feel her erect nipples.

Divya (in a seductive voice): Jiju, show all the possible ways you want to fuck me. I am ready for it.

I gently kissed her neck. Gentle kisses turned into wet kisses. Wet kisses turned into rough kisses. She was breathing heavily and leaned her head on my chest. I pushed her onto the wall and pressed myself on her. I held her tightly so she could not move and started kissing her earlobes.

Her thigh-high slit dress gave an easy passage to her pussy. I slipped my hand inside her dress. Her panty was drenched with her love juice. It was dripping down through her thighs.

Me: Looks like you have been craving a cock for a long time.

Divya: Yes, Jiju, please fuck me hard today. Don’t show any mercy on me. Gift me Slutty Birthday.

Her words made me hornier. I pulled down the straps of her dress to expose her boobs in her black-coloured pushup bra. She looked damn hot. I turned her over, and we started kissing each other passionately. I had completely forgotten that this sexy woman was my wife’s sister.

I pushed my tongue to explore her mouth. She sucked my tongue with her juicy lips and didn’t let it go. I broke the kiss to take a breath, but she was in no mood to let me go. She pulled me back with my hair. She started unbuttoning my shirt while smooching.

I was amazed by looking at her passion. I was going to make her my slut tonight. I pulled down her soaked panty and sniffed it with a deep breath. The mixed smell of her cum and piss made me go crazy. Divya was sucking my nipples while I was busy sniffing and sucking the juice out of her panty.

She slowly went on her knees and unzipped my pants. As soon as she pulled down my underwear, my thick-veiny cock jumped out like a spring. She was taken aback by its girth and length.

Divya: Oh my god Jiju, I am not sure if this will fit in my pussy.

Me: I guess there is only one way to find out.

She started rubbing my cock back and forth and started kissing its forehead. I held her ponytail and started pushing my long cock deeper. She tried to get out of my hold, but I forced it deeper with every push. She pushed me with all her strength to gasp some air. She breathed heavily.

Divya: This is the first time I am sucking a monstrous cock, Jiju. Please be gentle.

Me: You are a born slut like your sister. You should beg hard and not gently.

Divya gave a few strokes to my cock and started sucking it. This time she was sucking like a pro. She made it sloppy with her saliva and choked herself to the entire depth of my cock. I choked her neck with my hand and pulled her up. My rock-hard cock was dashing her clitoris.

She was moaning softly. I unhooked her bra to see her beautiful and tight 32C breasts. I stepped back to admire her beauty. I couldn’t believe that a few hours back, I had dreamed about fucking her on this balcony. And here she was now. She is completely nude, standing in front of me at 4 am.

Standing and begging for my cock. Without wasting a sec, I decided to fuck her. I asked her to turn over, and she obeyed like a slave. My cock saluted her slim and curvy body. She looked even sexier from behind. Her ass was tight and curvy, pussy was clean-shaven.

I felt as if all this time, she was getting ready to get fucked by me. I couldn’t resist. I kneeled and stuffed my face between her ass cheeks. I licked her virgin asshole and started rubbing her pussy from behind. Her virgin pussy was so tight that even my one finger went in with an effort.

I knew how lucky I would be to fuck this tight virgin pussy. I applied some saliva to my fingers and pushed two fingers this time. Divya screamed in pain. I got up and asked her to open her mouth.

I stuffed her smelly panty in her mouth to suppress her screams. She felt disgusted, but she didn’t oppose me. Somehow, she had turned into an obedient slave now.

Me: Are you ready, Divya, for your Birthday gift?

She nodded yes. I gave a tight slap on her soft ass cheeks. Her milky white ass turned red with my finger marks. Now I rubbed my cock on her pussy which was so wet that it felt like a rainy season inside. I tried to push the head of my cock inside her, but her virgin pussy was making it difficult.

I held her ponytail and pulled it hard so that her back arched. I got a perfect angle for penetration. I was able to push the head of my thick cock inside.

Divya (grunted): Arrrrgggghhh…Arrggghhh.

She couldn’t shout as her mouth was stuffed with her panty. Before she could recover from the pain, I gave another push, and half my cock was inside. Tears started rolling down her eyes. I slowly retreated my cock from her pussy.

Me (whispered in her ears): You had asked for no mercy. You wanted to be my slut.

Saying this, I gave a hard push inside her pussy. She screamed harder and harder, but her panty was doing its work. She signalled that she wouldn’t take any more and asked me to pull out.

Me: When I took your sister’s virginity, she begged me to pull out. But I kept fucking her. Now you see, she has become such a nice slut. I will make you a whore like your sister.

I kept moving in and out slowly, and her body was shaking due to the cold breeze. I cupped her boobs from behind and rubbed her nipple. This seduction suppressed her pain. Now she was moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I increased my speed, and she was enjoying it now.

I removed the panty from her mouth. I kept her hard from behind; my balls were slapping her ass. It was making noise, ‘Chap…Chap…Chap.’ Her pussy was tight and sloppy simultaneously, which gave me the perfect kind of pleasure. With such a perfect pussy my cock couldn’t withstand it for a long time.

I didn’t want to risk filling her pussy with my semen as I was not wearing a condom. I pulled my cock out and ejaculated on her sexy ass. I wiped it with her panty. Divya turned around.

Divya (begging like a child): Jiju, I want more. Please use me more like a paid prostitute

Me: I know bitch. You won’t get easily satisfied.

I pushed her on the beanbag and asked her to spread her legs. I kneeled to her pussy level and started licking her pussy juice leaking all over her thighs. I slowly reached near her clean, shaved pussy and started kissing it. She shivered.

I was unsure if it was due to the cold or pleasure. I spread her pussy lips and started licking her clitoris. Simultaneously, I started finger fucking her with two fingers.

Divya: Oh my God, Jiju, this is the highest level of pleasure I have experienced.

I started sucking her clitoris. My fingers were moving in and out at different angles to search for her G-spot. Finally, after 10 minutes of finger fucking, Divya started moaning in pleasure. I knew I had hit the G-spot. I increased my pace and kept moving my finger in and out.

I was simultaneously rubbing her clitoris with my other hand. Divya held her boobs tight and rubbed her nipple. It was an uncontrollable pleasure for her.

Divya: Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. (Divya begged)

Her moans grew louder and louder. This time she stuffed her mouth with her semen-soaked panty. She was sucking my cream on it. Finally, after more than 15 minutes huge spray of Divya’s love juice came out. I was completely drenched in her cum. Divya was panting heavily and was completely exhausted.

Divya: Oh my God, Jiju, that was fucking hot. How can I thank you for this?

Me: Don’t forget that you are my whore from now onwards. Whenever I wish, you should be available for me.

Divya: Yes, Sir, I promise.

She was lying nude on an open balcony like a cheap, roughly used prostitute. I picked her up in my arms and kept her on her bed. I went to my bedroom. Lying on my bed, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Within a night, I used both the sisters like a slut in the same house. I couldn’t understand whether I should be proud or guilty about this.

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