Teacher’s Punishment Lead To Enjoyment

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This happens when I was 18 I was studing in 12 std. I was a good and clever student and also good looking I have nice figure all the boys used to stare at me. There was patrick sir on our school who used to teach us pt and also shinde sir who used to teach us maths both were good looking. One day I forgot to do maths hw so sir got angry and gave me punishment to wait after the school and do the hw 10 times and the hw was plenty.

After the school got over I was supposed to wait and do the hw 10 times so I waited after the school and started doing homework. After about 1 hour shinde sir came and ask me the hw I have completed only 2 times. Sir got angry and ask me to follow him.

He took me to the old band room of the school this place was quite silent as nobody come near this area. As we enter the room shinde sir closed the room I was afraid as I turn around I was shocked to see patrick sir standing on the door both were looking at me and laughing and slowly slowly walking towards me and I was walking backward and was facing towards them.

Suddenly I collapsed to the wall behind now there was no space to me to walk. I was begging them to leave me but they were in no mood to leave me. They caught me in there hands. Shinde sir started pressing my boobs , he was pressing it really hard and patrick sir was kissing me on my lips. I tried hard to push them but they were strong enough to hold me.

I started to feel something as if I am getting a shock. Then they removed my shirt now I was my black coloured bra was exposed to them. They were like hungry wolfs, tthen shinde sir started to suck my boobs over bra, I was in pain. Then patrick sir removed my skirt and my black panty was exposed to patrick sir he started playing with my pussy from top of my panty. Now I also started enjoying all this. I started letting out soft moans aaahh slowww hmmm aaahh.

By hearing my moans they became more horny they immediately removed there cloths. Now there were two school teacher naked in front of me there tools were erected shinde sir has 5’5 and patrick sir has 6’4 I was afraid when I saw these two big monster. They removed my bra and panty and now I was lying naked in front of my two school teachers they grabbed me and shinde sir started inserting tongue and licking my pussy and patrick sir said me to open my mouth but I neglected.

When shinde sir gave a hard slap on my ass I opened my mouth to scream then patrick sir inserted his tool in my mouth with a force it was difficult for me to take such big tool in my mouth now he was moving his tool to and fro I was unable to handle this double attack and let out my first orgasm of my life.

Then patrick sir came down near my entrance and keep the tip of his tool on my opening of my pussy and shinde sir inserted his dick in my mouth.

Then patrick sir gave a hard push and only a part of his dick went insise me I was in great pain I was not able to bear that pain and also the blood started to come from my pussy again he gave a hard push within 3-4 try he inserted his dick. The pain was unbearable he stopped for some time and then started fucking me in my pussy till then shinde sir cum in my mouth it taste was saline he tell me to drink it then he came near my ass opening and lubricated my ass and inserted his dick I was like,” nahi sir udhar nahi pls sir udhar nahi bohut dukhega sir”. But he did not listen and inserted I let out a loud pain immediately patrick sir covered my mouth by his mouth.

Now I was being fucked in both my holes I was also enjoying now and started moaning hard aaahh ahhh faster aaauuur zzzoor sse cccodo muujhjhe phaadd doo meerri chuutt.

They were banging me more hard by listening to my moans shinde sir were fucking my ass hole and also slapping my ass. Then patrick sir told to shinde sir, kya mal hai yar ekdum kadak puri randi hi hai kya chut hai iski aahaaa, then shinde sir told haa wo to par iski gand bhi kuch kam nahi kya gand hai iski ekdum maakaan majaa aa raha hai marne me. I was aroused by hearing such type of discussion patrick sir was fucking my pussy and also sucking my boobs after fucking me 20-25 min they exchanged their position and again fucked me.

In this whole session I cummed around 4-5 times and was totally exhausted. They fucked me around 2-3 time they squirt there cum on me also the their cum was oozing from my pussy and asshole. I lick their cum and also make their dick clean by cleaning them by my mouth then they wipe the cum on my body with my bra and panty.

Then we got dressed up I was even not able to walk then patrick sir drop me near my house. After that incident we had many such session I was also fucked by our principle other teacher and also by the peons of our school but that I will tell u in another story.

Thus then I was fucked nearly by whole school and all the teacher of school..

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