Teaching My Cousin The Basics

Hey, everyone, I’ve been a regular reader of ISS from my college days which continues even now. Now coming back to me I’m Vijay 24 year old an average male of 5’7 height with broad shoulders and a tool of pleasurable length. So says, my girlfriends. I love reading incest stories and I love imagining them.

So here goes one of my fantasies. Introducing the heroine, my cousin sister Shivani also of my age she more on the chubbier side, like I would say fat at the right places. Her love handles would make any guy go mad. Whenever I used to stay at her place I would go through her wardrobe looking for her inners. I would get an instant hard on seeing her flower patterned panties and colourful bras. I would just imagine her in them as soon as I touch them. Getting back to our story. She is getting married to a guy in 2 weeks time so I was asked to stay at her place for couple.of weeks and help her parents out with the function as she didn’t have any other siblings. They had a small house with two bedrooms. One where her parents slept and another one where she slept.

I usually sleep in the main hall but since it was summer and even the nights were really humid I was asked to sleep in her room as it had an air conditioner. So I was lying on the floor and she in the bed. I was just imagining all sort of stuff when she poked me and asked if had slept. I said no and that she wanted to talk. I could sense a mixture of anxiety and excitement in her voice. She said ” I know all about your girlfriends I’m pretty sure you must have “fun” with them as well”. I said ” well I don’t know what you mean by fun but yea I did have good times with them ” and I winked at her.

She started laughing and I understood she was relaxed. She said ” I’m really scared. I’ve never been with any guy before I don’t know how I’ll do in a relationship and how I can keep him happy”. She said, ” I’ve never gotten physical and the thought of getting physical with a stranger that my parents found is even weirder”. I was surprised on hearing that and at the same time my hard on went a mile extra. Well this is my time it’s now or never I gathered up all courage and I said: ” then why don’t we have a practice session with somebody that you know for ages before the real deal?”. She was confused and surprised that I would say that. She said ” what are you even saying? How can you think of me like that” I said ” listen we’ve known each other since childhood you’re my cousin sister you need help and I’m here, nobody has to know about this and also this would get rid of your fear. Just imagine what if everything goes wrong at your first night it would definitely upset you and him. So why not ?”

There was silence and awkward moment of silence to be precise. I could see her thinking about my opinion. Thinking real hard. I was relieved that she did not make a fuss or throw me out of the room. She said “alright but we are not going too far with this and I would stop if the minute I feel uneasy.” I gave a small cheer in my head but put a straight face and climbed over to the bed. I could see her anxious and tensed face. Sweat beads on her forehead despite the cool air from the AC. She was wearing a loose T-Shirt and knee length skirt. I kept my hands n her shoulder to reassure her. She was breathing heavily, I slowly and gently pulled her towards me and gave her a hug. Her breathing sowed down she kept her arms around me. I supported her head with in hand and with the other, I snapped her bra open. To which she jerked and I said: “it’s alright I’m just making your comfortable”.

Her 34 D assets jumped out onto my chest. What a wonderful feeling it was. I slowly took mybhand sunder her t shirt on to her bare waist. The moemntni touched her she hugged me even more tightly. I gently gave a kiss on her cheeks, moving to her ear lobes licked it gently. She was relaxed, I made her lie on the bed and I removed my shirt and my shorts I was completely naked, she was confused. I slowly moved to her neck breathing warm air on to her skin, she felt good I knew this coz she clenched onto my hand. I slowly kissed her neck moving to her ear lobes.

And this time I advanced my hand from her waist to her boobs. Her bra was undone so i had enough space to slide my hand underneath it.she was under my control now. I got on top of her and slowly pulled up her t-shirt along with her bra. That’s when I realized all my imagination about her boobs were nothing compared to what I was looking at milky white firm round boobs with dark areolas and erect nipples. That view was so inviting that I started licking the nipples and gently nibbling on them. While she was enjoying she accident touched my tool and she removed her hand quickly. I paused for a moment I said ” it’s alright you can play with it, it won’t bite you” I slowly and gently took her hand and kept it in my throbbing tool. She wrapped her fingers around my tool and I told her to slowly move my fire skin.

She started to pump my tool gently and she was arching back in pleasure. I started raising her skirt inch by inch. I started caressing her voluptuous ass over her panties. I started to squeeze them like how I always wanted to. Slowly I brought my hand to her pussy, she was wet. She was immensely wet. All this time I was still playing and nibbling on her boobs. I was slowly pulling down her panty to which she immediately pushed me away and said: “No we are going too far.” I stopped she rushed to the wash to clean herself up and I want to the main hall to sleep since it would be awkward. The next day morning we behaved as nothing happened and as I was going out to get something for the function she ran to me gave me a small piece of paper and said ” thank you” with a smile. I wanted to open up and read the paper there and then but I was surrounded by relatives and I didn’t want to take a chance.

So if you guys want to know what was written in the paper email me your comments and opinions, I’ll tell you then. And all you naughty girls out there let me nibble you nipples.

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