Team Outing Plan Leads To Sex Paradise

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This incident happened between me and my office colleague in Bangalore. We were in same team and used to like each other company but nth serious as she was married. We used to do leg pulling to each other. But we were knowing our limit too. Our manager was planning for Wonder La(Amusement Resort) team outing and whole team was very exited. But in last moment plan got canceled because of budget constraint and we end up having only team lunch. She was very upset as she had never gone to Wonder La. I asked if she is fine we both can go to Wonder La. I thought she will say NO.

Next day she pinged me and said YES as she wanted to see Wonder La. I informed my manager in advance that I’ll take leave on upcoming Friday and she informed on Friday that she got some urgent commitment and will take off. One day before trip, I asked her to wear NICE dress for Wonder La. She said she will see.

I picked her from her house in the car. Both of us informed in our family that we were going to Wonder La for team outing. She came wearing Jeans and normal Top. I was disappointed to see her that’s she didn’t wear anything special. We reached there on time. First we did the dry ride and nth special happened. You have to go in pair in many rides so we went but I didn’t do anything. We just touched each other here n there(accidentally and intentionally both) but nothing much. But we were comfortable to touch each other now. I was feeling hardness in my jeans. After dry rides we had food and went to changing room to change our dresses for water rides.

I wore 3/4 shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. She came wearing blue shorts which was 6 inch above her knee and tight fitting sleeveless white top. She was looking damn hot in this dress. Her milky legs were glowing in SunLight and all her body curves were visible. I told her she is looking hot bomb in this dress. She replied that you only told her to wear sth NICE. I immediately felt some current in my body that this bomb is going to with me for next 3-4 hours. First we went to normal pool and throwing water on each other. We were drenched in water in no time. Our cloths were stick to our body and now even her bra shape were clearly visible. My penis was growing inside the short and I was adjusting it frequently. After that we went to Wave Pool. This is heaven for couples. Wave will throw you outside and you will keep loosing your balance. Now we were continuously touching each other. Even holding each other to make balance. I was standing behind her so that each time wave will throw her on me and I can explore her body. Now I was touching her everywhere accidentally as well as intentionally. I was holding her from her back and jumping her upside when wave was coming and finally she would fall on me. Now sometime we were even hugging each other to make balance. I was even touching and pressing her boobs intentionally now. She was also feeling this and her nipples were hard and visible from the top. I was touching her belly with both hands and legs with my legs continuously. We enjoyed it full 10 minutes. My penis was hard. Luckily it was not visible because of water.

After that, we planned for the wet rides. First we went to water pendulum. Two ppl have to sit back to back in rubber raft. I sat in front and she sat on back side. Her legs have to pass throw between my arm and body. I was touching her bare legs. Her legs were very smooth. She told me later on that she did waxing one day before only. I was caressing her legs. It was smooth ride and we enjoyed the rides.

We went to next ride in which we have to sit on same kind of raft. This time I told her to sit in front and I sat on back. As soon as ride started, We started screaming. I leaned on her and I hugged her tightly from back. I was holding her belly and then I lifted my hands and pressed her boobs. I behaved as this happened accidentally. After the ride, my penis was rock hard and it was quite visible from short. She also noticed this. We went to next ride and this time she told me to sit in front and she sat on back side.

As soon as ride started, she leaned on me and hugged me from back. I felt her soft boobs in my back and enjoyed it. Then suddenly she extended her right hand and touched penis area over the short. It was already hard so she caught it very easily and pressed and left as rides was going to over. I was awakened by her move. After the ride, she asked me why is it hard ? I told because of you and for you :P. She blushed.

After that we decided to go for rain dance. This is paradise for couple. Now both of us were turned on and wanted to explore each other body. We took one corner where crowd was less and light was dim. Now we were touching each other body frequently while dancing. After some moves, I hold her body from back and started moving her body with my hands. I was holding her waist and dancing slowing. Basically I was poking my penis in her ass. She understood this move and now she was pushing her hips to my groin area and rubbing my penis with her hips. Both of us were fully seduced by now. Now I was caressing her neck, shoulder with right hand and her belly with left hand. We were out of the world and not bother about the crowd. I inserted my left hand inside her top from bottom. I was touching her tummy now. In between I was kissing her neck and shoulder also. She was rubbing my penis with her hips and sometime she was touching with her hands also over the pants. I slide down my right hand and started caressing her breast area and finally put my right hand on her right boob over the top.

Slowly I started pressing her boobs with my right hand. I was moving up my left hand slowly inside the top. Soon my left hand reached her bra and I started pressing her left boob over the bra and right boob over the top with right hand. She was moaning heavily. Now she directly caught my penis over the short with her right hand and started rubbing. I was also kissing her neck and ears. Both of us were full turned on. I removed my right hand from the boobs and placed on her short. I was pressing her both boobs with left hand over the bra. She inserted her right hand inside my short and caught my penis over the underwear and started rubbing. I also did the same and inserted my right hand inside her short and started rubbing her vagina over the panty. I inserted my left hand inside her bra and touched her bare boobs first time. They were big and very soft.

Now she inserted her hand inside my underwear and caught my penis directly. This was the first time, she was touching my penis directly. She started stroking my penis. I inserted my right hand inside her panty and touched her vagina. It was wet and clean shaved. I like clean shaved vagina. She had come with all preparation. My left hand was massaging her boobs one by one. I started rubbing her vagina from outside. she caught my right hand with her left hand and pushing my hand inside. I understood she wants finger fucking. I inserted one finger inside her vagina. It went smoothly as she was not virgin. Her vagina was totally wet from inside. I started finger fucking. She told me to insert one more finger.

I inserted one more finger and started doing again. She was stroking my penis and I was doing finger fucking. As rain dance time was going to over. We increased the speed. I told her that I am about to cum. She told the same. After some time, I felt hot and sticky liquid in my fingers. I also cummed in her hand. We removed our hands from each other body. By this time rain dance was over and ppl started going outside. We were breathing fast. I hold her head and gave a kiss on her lips. It was first time I was kissing her on lips. She also did same and gave me lip lock. We had to stop as ppl were watching us now. We came outside and it was different atmosphere now.

Now We were behaving as a couple and walking holding each other hand. She told me to remove my t-shirt as she wanted to feel my body. I told that you will have to remove your bra for me. Surprisingly she said YES and we went to restroom and removed. Now she was even looking more hot with her jumping boobs.

As we were tired, we went to lazy river and relaxed. She was exploring my bare body and pressing my penis whenever no one around. I was also enjoying her body and pressing her boobs and hips whenever getting chance. After that we planned to go wave pool one more time. But this time we were knowing our intensions. This time we went to more deep so that our body will be covered in water. As soon as we reached she caught my penis inside the water. Her target was my penis and my target was her soft boobs.

As waves were throwing us outside, we were holing each other body to make balance. She was pressing my penis inside the water and whenever I was getting chance I was pressing her boobs. It was like a fight to hold each other private parts. Her top was stick to her boobs and boobs shape was clearly visible. Her hard nipples were trying to come out from top. But she didn’t bother. Till now we had felt each other private parts but could not able to see. It was amazing experience to feel it in public. We wanted to see but it was not possible in public.

By this time it was evening and we had to leave the place. We changed the dress. Now she wore red short and tight fitting black top. I was wearing loose Cargo. I noticed she didn’t wear Bra and her nipples were visible. As it was dark so it was fine. We started from there. I hold her hand with my left hand while driving. As it was dark and highway so nth was visible from outside.

Slowly I placed my hand on her bare leg and started caressing. I was caressing her inner thigh and she was getting turned on. She also placed her right hand on my left leg and started pressing. My penis was getting hard. Slowly She started going towards my groin area and caught my penis over the cargo. Current ran into my body. I also inserted my hand inside her top from bottom and caressing her tummy. She played with my penis for sometime. I was feeling like heaven. I also moved my hand up and touched her soft boobs.

After some time, she opened my Cargo button and zip and placed her hand on my penis over the underwear. I was also pressing her soft boobs and pinching her nipples. But I was not able to do continuously as I was driving. But her hands were free to do anything. She was running her fingers over my underwear and caressing my bare inner thighs. She again inserted her hand inside my underwear and caught my penis directly.

She hold my penis tightly for sometime then started rubbing the penis. She touched my balls also. She was not able to move her hand because of underwear. She lowered down my underwear from front and my penis was standing straight like pole. She again started playing with my penis. Underwear was creating problem for my balls and it was paining. I lowered down my Cargo little bit and lower down my underwear too so that she can access easily without hurting my balls.

Now she was able to access my penis and balls very easily. Sometime she was rubbing my penis, sometime pressing. My penis was standing straight like a pole. She was exploring my penis but was unable to see clearly because of darkness. She told my penis is thicker and longer than his husband and She liked my penis. I thanked her.

I also complimented for her soft and big boobs. She thanked me. I keep my groin area clean shaved. She told she liked it. Her husband doesn’t like to clean it. I told her that even I liked her clean shaved vagina else it smells bad. I was driving and she was playing with my penis and balls. She asked me what do you want me to do? I told her to do whatever she likes. She told that she does not like to do normally but I have clean shaved so she would like to do.

Before I could understand what she said, she leaned down and kissed my penis with her juicy lips. I didn’t expect this move but I was very happy. My penis also became more active. She asked me did u like. I told obviously, Who will not like.

She asked do you want more. I said YES, Ye Dil Maange More. She leaned again and took my penis in her mouth. I was in cloud nine. Sometime she was licking my penis with her tongue like a dog. Sometime she was sucking like lollypop. She was expert in giving blowjob and knew how to please a man. This is benefit of married women. They know how to please a man.

She kept my full penis inside her mouth and sucking like a pro. It was my best blowjob. She was trying all things. Sometime rubbing with hands, sometime licking with tongue and sometime sucking with lips. She did it for sometime then I told her that I am about to cum. She told I can cum in her mouth and she will spit as she does not like to drink. I told her that my wife never allowed me cum in her mouth. She told even she doesn’t allow her husband. In fact she doesn’t like to give blowjob to her husband because of his hairs. But she liked my penis lot and that’s y willing to give best blowjob. I thanked her.

She continued her blowjob and finally I cummed in her mouth. She licked my penis like a chocolate and spitted all the juice outside. It was best blowjob of my life. By this time we reached in city area and road light were on. So we adjusted out cloths. Still she was keeping her hand on my penis over the Cargo and caressing like a baby. I think she really liked my penis. We reached her house. She gave me a lip lock in the car, wished me good night and left.

It was one of the sexiest day of my life. We didn’t even see each other private parts but we still enjoyed a lots.

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