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Hi friends and nice to receive lot of mail it was difficult to reply to everyone, anyhow thanks for encouraging me to write further.

By mistake the title was mention wrong in my last story it should have been how my hubby friend made me hot and continuous to my earlier story I would like to write the remaining part what all happened in Shimla and I want to write more in detail hence it will be very long reading.

After we reached Shimla my hubby had sex with me as my hubby was fondling my breast I was feeling the hand of Rohan, as I was closing my Eyes Rohan was coming in front of me, when my Hubby was playing with my body

I was feeling as if Rohan was fondling with me and I was getting more hotter and responding to my hubby very differently, my hubby was enjoying my moves we really had the best sex after a long time after the sex even my hubby told me that it was the best sex he had with me after long time.

Next morning when we got up and was getting fresh Rohans wife came to our room, asking for some Cosmetic, even I wanted some things from them, I was about to go their but to my luck Rohans wife came to our room and I asked her to give me Hair Oil, she told she will send with Rohan and left.

My Hubby had gone for taking bath just then Rohan knocked the door, when I opened the door he gave me a very sexy look I just smiled and put my head down and came inside he followed me and asked in soft voice where is my hubby.

I moved my eye ball telling him he is in Bath room, immediately he hugged me and started Kissing me, I was pushing him as I was scared that my hubby will come, he moved his hand on my Ass and kissed my lips, I pushed him hard, he left and whispered, I Love you and left the room.

We all got freshen up and went out for Breakfast and further for some sightseeing, where ever possible Rohan was Teasing me making fun of me and also touched my ass many time and some time Pressed my Breast with his elbow

I was getting scared what will happen if My hubby Or Rohans wife come to know, But Rohan was smart enough to do all this things that no one understood, whatever was happening and I was getting more attracted to Rohan

I don’t know why as if some Magnetic Force was drawing me towards Rohan, but I was enjoying what all was happening after sightseeing when we all were coming back Rohans wife asked what is the program for the evening, immediately Rohan replied we will have Camp Fire and enjoy the eve.

I liked the idea so everyone agreed. We reached our place and my daughter was sleeping, when we reached in our room I kept my daughter in the bed. My Hubby was getting romantic

He started playing with my body pulled me towards him made me sit on his lap started fondling my Breast (That’s the best thing I like) then started removing my Kameez.

I was in my bra he was sucking my Breast like a small child and pressing my other breast, I was sitting on his lap his erected pennies was touching my ass, it was really a hard one he was moving his hand on my Cunt pressing it harder.

He moved his hand inside my salwar and started inserting his finger in my cunt, I was getting hotter I was pulling his hair he was passionately enjoying me, after some time he made me Nude, pulled his penis and started inserting in my cunt.

I was moaning he was jerking harder and harder, I started licking, after some time he also licked, in a while he fell on my body like a child and kissed me on my cheek.

I laid down for some time naked and went to the wash room for taking bath, as we had to get dressed up for the camp fire, as it was scheduled for 8 pm. I asked my hubby what dress should I wear?

He removed a Blue colour skirt and told me to wear that, he told I will look sexy with that dress as it was with low cut and only up to knee, I got my daughter dressed up and we all meet in the garden area.

Rohan has arranged all the things very well I think he was busy arranging all this he might not had sex like we did, as Rohan saw me he was just staring at me, I was feeling ashamed, just to Divert I asked Rohan about his wife, he told that she is coming.

My daughter who was holding left my hand and started running my hubby followed her taking a chance Rohan whispered you look damn sexy and I just smiled and gave a sexy look. Just then Rohans Wife arrived

I went with her and sat in a chair. Children was playing to themselves Then Rohan and my hubby came towards us and started asking for the food menu, we all decided and accordingly they ordered, music was going on we all were humming with the music the atmosphere was cool and relax.

Rohan was enjoying seeing me and my Cleavages. I was also seeing him often, Jokes where also on the peak for which Rohan was expert sometime even my hubby was making fun with his humor, as the time was passing my Hubby Brought a Bottle of Vodka with four glasses

I Drink occasionally that too 30 Ml. My hubby was making the drink for everyone and served we started singing songs enjoying the drink and laughing loud Rohan was Teasing with his eyes. I started teasing him with my look and body moment as all was involved with the atmosphere.

I started showing my Breast to Rohan by bending he was giving his view by his eyes, I was laughing within myself, I was sure that Rohan was having the harder one, he was getting Impatience with my moment

I was understanding his situation, he gulped his drink at a time, I was also teasing him by showing him my cleavages he took his wife in his arm and started Dancing, I and my hubby was clapping our hand and encouraging them, then my hubby took me for dance

We all were dancing, Rohan and my eyes was meeting after sometime we all sat. Rohan and My hubby sat on the ground Rohan sat facing me where as my hubby was sitting facing Rohans wife, My hubby and Rohan was talking some humor’s things and making us laugh, as usual Rohan was staring at me whenever possible

I also took a chance and spread my Legs such a way that Rohan could see my panty, he was stun seeing my panty I saw him touching his penis I was continuously teasing Rohan showing my Panty and Breast.

Drinks was going on and soon Dinner was also served we all had our dinner and Children where getting sleepy, we made them sleep and joined our hubby who were still drinking, when I came out I had removed my panty, I was nude inside my Skirt now

I was more playful I sat such a way to show my cunt to Rohan that he was amazed, I was feeling his Curiosity to have me now, night was getting darker it was already 11 o clock.

Rohans wife was Dosing I was still teasing Rohan, his wife went to bed now me my hubby and Rohan was talking and listing to music, I don’t know what happened to Rohan he offered me in front of my hubby for a dance, I did not agree, but my hubby forced me to dance with Rohan

I agreed and started dancing with Rohan he was holding my waist and started doing waltz, our eyes was meeting, we got involved so much in each other that we never realized that my hubby was sitting over there and I don’t know what happened my Hubby said excuse me

I am going for a loo and he left, as soon as he was not visible Rohan started Smooching me and moving his hand on my Bare ass lifting my Skirt, As he was the only Person who knew I was without Panty, we were smooching like made my hubby had not come, it was lot of time.

I Pushed Rohan asked him to find where my Hubby is, he went to our Room he came and said he is sleeping, then he started kissing me like madly, daringly he lifted my skirt and moving his hand on my ass, I told him let’s stop my hubby can come any time

He told me that he has locked the room from outside. I gained some confidence and started reciprocate Rohans kiss, I was smooching Rohan wildly, I just wanted Rohan he was kissing and moving his hand on my ass and cunt as I was without panty he took my hand and placed in his penis,

I was pressing his Pennies it was very harder he removed his pennies out and I was holding his pennies, he removed my skirt I was nude in front of Rohan he was sucking my breast Fingering my Cunt I was stroking his Pennies, he made me sit and made me suck his penis.

I was sucking and stroking his penis it was very hard and full in my mouth, he was getting the pleasure, I was stroking his penis harder and harder, he was Moaning Common Darling, I love you please suck harder, I was stroking harder and harder he was coming he licked he took me in his arm and started fondling with my breast and started thanking me.

He started saying that from how much time he was eyeing on me, I was surprised with his words, as I did not had any idea, he told me that when he saw my Breast first time few years back when he had come to our house once when

I had stayed in their house he had kissed my panty which was kept for drying in their bathroom he was obsessed with me since last 3 years he had dreamt of having sex with me in Open Garden and today we were in the same situation lying nude in the garden

I was sleeping in his lap Nude he then started Playing with my Breast he was again getting erected I was also getting hotter he started smooching me Pressing my breast and fingering my Cunt I was getting hotter he then came over me and started kissing my Body sucking my breast

I wanted Rohan badly all over me he started sucking my cunt I was getting the pleasure shouting loudly seeing the Cloud on the sky I was playing with his Pennies he then lifted my legs and inserted his pennies in my cunt and start stroking

I was enjoying sleeping in the grass seeing the sky my first sex in a lawn cool breeze of Shimla was flowing on my nude body and stroke of Rohan it was the ultimate experience he was stroking harder and harder then he made me seat on his lap and started pushing me up

And down I was enjoying the hard cock of Rohan after some time we both Licked we slept over each other after sometime we were sleeping in the ground seeing towards the sky completely Nude stars were shinning Moon was Full giving the light and making the night more romantic.

Further story the sex talk with Rohan and further encounter and I hope you all are not bored while reading, if it is so, still comment by mail, will be happy to get your view via mail in [email protected]

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