Teenager’s masturbation adventure with desi maid

Hey guys, this is my first story and let me make it clear, it isn’t a sex story but my real adventures with my maid and has a lot of erotic moments.

The names used are different for obvious reasons. This story is a bit long as I have gone into a lot of details for the build-up. So, apologies in advance, and please bear with me.

Let me introduce myself, I am Amit a 21-year-old boy. I am average looking with an average height of 5.5 ft. My penis size isn’t impressive and is 5 inches. I have built my body a little bit.

I have always been a socially awkward and shy person and have struggled to communicate with girls and girls consider me some sort of a freak and I often get ignored by them.

My thing is that I always had a high libido since a teenager and I couldn’t help myself. Since my teenage, I have fantasized more about mature women, especially those who are dark-skinned and wear their sarees in such a way that their back is visible.

The heroine of the story is our maid who has worked in our house for a long time, her name is Anita. She fits the description perfectly, she currently is 50 years old, and dark-skinned. There is nothing great about her assets, but she is thin and fit for her age. And the way she has always worn her sarees, her beautiful back has always been visible which I so desperately wanted to touch.

Anita is married and has four children. Her husband is an alcoholic and he beats her up. She has been working in our household for a long time, she has always been friendly with me and I would fantasize about her since a young age. She would always laughingly talk to me and others as well.

As I grew up and was 19, I couldn’t control my hormones and by reading so many sex stories about maids, I decided to try my luck as well.

So, it started a few months before. As per the playbook, I decided to watch porn in such a manner that it’s visible to her when she comes to clean my room.

I was watching a blowjob video and was scared about what I was about to do. Anita entered the room and I was watching that video and rubbing my penis (which was within my pants), she observed me but did not react. She went about her work but I did not stop. I decided to talk to her:

Me: Aunty, did you see anything?

Anita: No.

Me: Ok, because I thought that you might have seen it.

Anita: I was busy with my work, I didn’t see anything.

However, I knew she was lying because I heard her heavy breathing.

From that day, I became more courageous. I would often make my penis erect just for her to see, she would see it but won’t react but would continue to watch it. She would breathe heavily.

Her demeanor however remained the same. She would be friendly with me as usual.

Slowly, I started to observe that her way of clothing had changed. She started to tie her saree a bit lower such that a part of her stomach would be visible, however she would always keep her navel covered.

And whenever she would clean my room and I am there. The maid would bend in such a way that her pallu would drop and a part of her chocolaty stomach would be visible to me. I would secretly record her and fap to it. I would continue rubbing my penis over my pants and she would observe it but won’t react to it. I also observed that her eye contact with me became more frequent and she would sometimes blush when she is talking to me.

She would always talk to me about how hot the weather has become and I would reply to it in a sexual way. However, I was (still am) scared to make a direct move as even I am not sure whether she is truly reciprocating and she might even complain about me.

One day, a golden opportunity came. Both my parents were out of station, this would mean I could spend some time with my sexy babe Anita. She came and started to do her work. As she came into my room, I decided to make a move. While cleaning, I talked to her:

Me: Aunty, don’t you get tired doing all this work?

Anita: Yes, I do get tired. What to do?

Me: Should I massage your back?

Anita couldn’t understand what I said and she asked again, so I repeated my question. She got quite flustered.

Anita: No, there is no need.

I was disappointed. I thought she found me creepy so I decided to comfort her.

Me: Aunty, did you get uncomfortable because of me?

Anita (laughingly): No, why would I get uncomfortable? I have daughters around your age and a son as well.

I was relieved, however, I thought the servant wasn’t interested and decided to give up on her.

For many days, I stopped looking at her and would act normally in her presence. However, her unique way of dressing and her friendly demeanor always caught my attention.

I slowly started to observe that she would get restless if she wasn’t able to access my room to clean. Like, one particular day, she wasn’t able to clean my room due to me having an online meeting. She would continually come in front of my room and would get impatient as to why I wasn’t opening it. So, she decided to come in the evening to specifically clean my room. This gesture made me think about whether she reciprocated my feelings toward her.

Also, she always cleaned my semen-stained blanket and she wouldn’t complain about it to my parents.

All of it gave me renewed energy to try to seduce my babe again.

So, yesterday, I decided to make the boldest move of all: To touch her delicious back.

However, my parents and other maid were in the house and I did not want to create a scene, so I didn’t proceed with it. However, once I was left alone with Anita, I decided to do something different.

I went to a room where Anita was cleaning the bathroom. I rubbed my penis (under the pants). I acted as if I was watching porn. She observed it keenly however again, she didn’t react. I then heard her heavy breathing, this further gave me courage. This time, I decided to put my hands inside my pants and started fapping.

Anita passed by the room. She clearly saw it but again, she didn’t say a thing. I was getting frustrated, so I decided to remove my pants and fap. I fapped so fucking hard and I had the best orgasm of the time! I noticed that Anita was trying to secretly watch my act from the kitchen (which I don’t know whether she saw properly or not).

She saw me coming out of the room to wash my hands. She announced that she was done with today’s work and she was going. I felt so fucking bad. Like, even someone like Anita wasn’t in my luck.

I was unable to understand her intentions on one hand she teased me on another she maintained such boundaries. I felt like she will just play this game with me but won’t let me enjoy her.

This was my story. I know it was long. Thanks for bearing with me. Please do give me feedback on it.

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