Thank God For Laptop And Creating Women With Beautiful Structure

I love women ….love women…

All Girls, Ladies, Women, Divorced, Widowed in and around Hyderabad/Chennai and Banglore of course from anywhere in world can ping me 100% Secrecy is maintained at any cost details are not revealed… [email protected]

Myself Aamir from Hyd /Chennai/banglore ..Age 25..Heigh 5.11 ,,looks simple and normal…..Working in hyd.

I am regular reader of ISS .First of all I would like to “THANK GOD” for creating a beautiful women’s in this earth.

We can’t explain about their beauty..what a beauty they maintain from top to bottom each and every area covers sexy spots like Lips, neck ,Navel ,Thighs ,pussy,clitoris and Ass .I used to dream it and sleep every day by having masturbate.

After reading these stories I was feeling disappointed y can’t I get a chance like aunty, neighbours, colleagues like that..Because doing sex with women is not that much of easy ..It’s 100% we need her cooperation.

Days were going on like that now days mostly all s/w employees will get week off like that for me also having week off on sat and sun

One Saturday evening I went upstairs and drinking Boost(Milk) and listening music after sometime I heard a sound of child playing with his friends and they were beside to our house .the boy was very fair and cute and I started to think how his mother will look ….after some time I heard a sweet voice like Arun come down ….that kid was not listening and still with his friends and suddenly a princess, hot bomb came she looks like actress wow what a sonali ..5.7height,,36-24-38 her boobs were in perfect shape ..all I want is to eat her pussy dripping with love juices.. i was observing her continuously..Obviously she saw me and turned her head ……

I was staying with my aunt and uncle in HYD.

They were newly came rented beside to us…one day my aunt came upstairs to take washed clothes at evening and saw that kid such a cute and my aunt called him and asked him his name and where is studying he simply told his name and went to play because he is njoying with his friends…and her mother sonali came upstair to take his child and my aunt asked her that you r kid is soo cute she thanks to my aunty and like the communication started between my aunt and sonali.

Again I started to watch her silently and sonali observed me that I am watching her … between sonali told that they came here on two days back and she was staring alone because she got divorced and she also work son some other company divorced due to some personal reasons..

My aunty told sorry to heard about that she told no problem.we went down ..In between the communication become strong between my aunt and sonali …one day my aunt told me that sonali kid was crying because arun wants to play games in sonali laptop ..but laptop was not working ..With that sound make me happy because I know abt hardware in desktop and laptops.

My aunt called her and invited our house am waiting to see her omg what a beauty she entered in our hall and she was very near to me .her BOOBS round in perfect shape her stomach and her ASS OMG ..all were like big sizes …and my aunt introduced in to her as Aamir ..she smiled and say hi..myself told hello with smile….i cant able to control myself ..I asked her what happened she told getting blue screen and I opened it check ram and cleaned it and restarted and now it works and she was very happy that I saved her from his kid arun because he won’t sleep until he plays games.

She went to her home 1 days she was not feeling well and asked my aunt that she needs someone to take her to hospital my aunt told me to take her ..we went to near doctor nothing it’s simple like foods poison doctor given some medicines and we came to her house and I said ok sonali am going to my home she said come to home I said thanks no problem take rest and will come on some other day….

After some days sonali informed that again her laptop got a problem and my aunt told me to go her home and check it because in my home I will be like very innocent ….again energy levels raised and I rang bell she opened the door with a smile and we sit at hall and it’s 2 bhk ..i asked what happen this it was Operating system problem and I resolved it mean she was preparing food for dinner after resolving the issue in laptop I turned on there is no pwd to her laptop because mostly arun will play games…and i started to scan all folder and I found 1 personal folder like entertainment I thought there will be some movies but I found all porn videos ..

Sonali was coming near to me and closed all folders and told her that now it was ok and I told her that am leaving she told to have dinner I said thanks..she asked my number for future if she got any problem with laptop she wil call me and I have given mine and taken her .. and went to my home and started masturbate becaz she is very hunger for sex and I might have chances to fuck her …

While sleeping

I— msged her Good night..aftersometime I got reply

Sonali– r you sleeping…. now the time is 10:00pm.

I— s… will sleep normally this time..i asked her what r you doing ..

Soanli— messaged me she was watching movies in her laptop

I —- messaged what type of movies …

Sonali—she replied bollywood movies

I—ohh …. I thought you was watching romantic movies ..

Sonali—she replied that aamir you need to watch those movies at this age and not for me …

I—– msged y cant you ..

Sonali—-she told ya obviously I wll also watch when she get a time …and she asked abt my girlfriend and I told no .

Like that we become little bit close and started to chat with personal matters.

Sonali ——- why can’t you come to my home …..

I —– told thanks not this time ..sure will come If the days come and won’t miss the opportunity.

Days go on my family members went to out of station for relatives marriage three days except me because for me I haven’t got a leave I tried but bad luck for me ..

While leaving my aunt told me that take care about house and we have a rice cooker to prepare rice and for curries my aunt told me that to take from sonali else buy it from hotel..

On day 1 afternoon I buy curries at hotel and finished my lunch … evening sonali came to our house and I was surprised and she was little bit angry on me that what you had lunch I told I bought it from hotel she said that you r aunt told me take care you for food ..she requested to come her home for dinner and went I told to sit and have a tea/coffee/milk she said thanks and went to her home ..

Then I felt very happy that I got a chance to stay with her and I don’t want to miss the opportunity ..i went a 8 .0 clock and finished dinner and started normal chat ….and

I —- told am leaving ..

Sonali —- she told y cant you sleep here no 1 is at your home …

I —— told no sonali it won’t be good for us .. how can I ..

Sonali —– why ..i wont tell you r aunt come and sleep like that she requested me ..she old that daily she was feeling alone these 3 days she wont feel alone if I sleep there …..

I ——– for formality I told no no no…after sometime I say yes. Ok….i went my home and locked all doors and immediately came to sonali house….arun was sleeping ……

I ——— told sonali that I will sleep in hall.

Sonali—no you can sleep with me in my room

I—no I will sleep in other room because it wil be good for us.

Sonali— no problem you can n sleep with me

I— this time I said no sonali during sleep I won’t be in control and I had a bad habit during sleep might legs or hands will be on u

Sonali-no proble I will take care

I—started to normal talk and we started to sleep …

Sonali –was silent though she slept


After sometime

I ——– here don’t how was feeling she was in saree I clearly able to see her BOOBS, NAVEL,LIPS and the smell makes me mad…slowly I put my hand on her navel response from her again I put one of my leg on her no response after ask she was beside me and after some time I started to rub her boobs slowly and my dick got erected fully not able to control and I started to kiss slowly on her navel this time she moved and I removed leg and hand ..

After sometime she turned to opposite direction and I opened my dick and started to rub slowly on saree on her ass and same time with my other hand I touching her boobs slowly and kissing on her neck again she moved and turned in middle position am sure that she is not sleeping and I thought that I got green signal ….this time again I put my leg and same hand and started to kiss on her navel ..this time she woke and aksed Amir what are you doing …..

I ——— Sonali sorry I can’t able to control myself and I love you very much and am getting mad of you r beauty and I know you was also very hungry for sex and you will be controlling you r self by watching porn movies. Parallely I inserted my finger in her pussy it was little bit wet and she started moan slowly and saying Aamir plz don’t do this I can’t expect this from you…

Me —– sonali plz and I started to kiss on her lips without gap for 5 to 7 minutes and continuing the fingering almost she was enjoying …

I know that she is also very hungry for sex but acting outside.

Sonali —– amir plz don’t do this it’s not good ..

Me- —— his time I moved her petticoat and there was no panty and stared to kiss her legs .THIGHS what a beautiful thighs very huge mind blowing and I enter to pussy area it was shaved and wet and started to lick her pussy…suddenly heard sound ahhahh ahhh ahhm, mmm by hearing that sound I got mad and started to lick her pussy. What followed was a loud aaahh aaaahh .. Almost after 10 to 15 minutes she cummed and was happy ..

Now this time I told her to give blowjob she ignored after requesting she started to give blow job what a heaven it was ….first she started with balls….and then she come at forehead for 2 minutes and then she totally inserted my dick in her mouth and was in heaven slowly moaning … ahhh ahhh.i told that am going to cummm..she told okay no problem little bit went inside her mouth and some fell on her body we went to washroom and cleaned .

This time again stared normal chat and again started to kiss her body from Forehead to legs each and every part started kissing on her back ,butt boobs meanwhile her sound were made to madly ….

Finally again I reached her pussy and this time my dick got fully erected.

Sonali— please Aamir please fuck me I can’t wait was very hungry from so many months.plz fulfill my wish

Me-don’t worry sonali I will fulfill you r swish Here the thing is this is my first sex experience I don’t know first time inserting my dick into her.

I tired slowly to insert it went little bit and it was fuly wet .. i know that it will go easily if her pussy will become wet …then she slowly pushed my dick in her pussy and I forced slowly this time it went easily.

Slowly I started stroks she started to sound like ohhh aaaaahh .. Aamir plz fuck fuck fuck fuck ..i started little bit fast .again she sound aaaaahh. hhhhm, aah … what a sound that made me mad

After some time we both cummed and relaxed like that we fucked thrice in whole day I put sick leave and her kid went to school and she slept for sometime on day and I went to my house and cleaned my home and went to bank to deposit amount ..

At noon I went to her home she opened with hot smile and closed the door and she was preparing lunch in kitchen don’t know after seeing her body like Navel and BOOBS,ASS automatically my dick was erected and can’t able to control and went to kitchen ans started to kiss her on neck and she said no Aamir not now will do it on night day time won’t be good.

Me ——- no sonali there is no time for sex we can do it on 24/7

Sonali- laughed and you naughty and started kissing on her lips for 5 minutes and we went to her bed room again same stated to kiss on her navel ,boobs backside thighs and coming to pussy it was little bit wet..

Anyhow I need to made it fully wet because it will be easy for me to fuck that it will go inside easily.

What a sound she moaned loader. Aaaahhh aaahhh aashh hhmm hmm . I couldnt control by seeing her facial expression. She cummed . A mixture of juice was flowing from her pussy. I kissed slowly on my lips and we both lied exhausted.

Again her turn she given nice blow job and started to fuck her madly and we both were in heaven for 20 minutes like this we had fun for 3 days ..unlimited pack ..

After my aunt and uncle came from marriage and we started our entertainment when evr we get a chance for 1 hour.

Finally she said that she satisfied to the core which made me happy for her. Hope you guys enjoyed the story, sorry for my mistakes and if long, do comments, feedback and suggestions at [email protected] , All Girls, Ladies, Women, Divorced, Widowed in and around Hyderabad/Chennai and Banglore of course from anywhere in world can ping me 100% Secrecy is maintained at any cost details are not revealed… take care guys bye…

Yours loving Aamir…

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