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Heya all. Thank you for your mails for my previous incident. And special thanks to Miss.Shalmali for her honest opinion and a great chat.

Its been nearly 7 months since the last Thanksgiving. It was October 10 of last year. My family started with the festivities from Saturday. We usually hosted the Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday but this time we scheduled it on the Thanksgiving day.

I was given the rather boring work of calling up and inviting our extended family. After a few boring calls, I called up my favorite uncle, Uncle Mat. He said he will be here for sure. Then he said that my Aunt Alison will also be joining us.

I was amused. Aunt Alison had divorced Uncle Mat nearly a decade back and I hadn’t seen her since. I said alright and put down the receiver. I told my mother about this and she was equally surprised.

Finally, on Sunday, I was watching with great intent as my mother prepared roasted Turkey and mashed potatoes when the ring went off. I answered the door. My jaw went slack looking at Aunt Alison. She had aged exceptionally well!

She stood tall at 5’8; had jet-black hair just below her shoulders, pretty green eyes, and a shapely jawline! She extended her arms out and took me in a hug. It felt weird as I could actually feel her nipples through her gown on my chest.

Everyone arrived in time and we sat at the long dinner table. I could hardly take my eyes off Aunt Alison. She did not quite notice me though. After a hearty feast, I went to the washroom. I opened the door and there was Aunt Alison standing with her back to me, adjusting her dress. I think she had just finished peeing. She lifted her gown a little to adjust her fishnet stockings, giving me ample view of her ass.

I got a raging hard-on. I knocked on the door and Aunt turned around in panic, adjusted her dress and moved out with an awkward smile. I decided then that I just got to have her under me. I called out to Aunt Alison saying I wish to catch up on the lost years and asked her to join me for a chat in my bedroom.

I turned up the heater a little and we sat on the bed chatting. I asked her about the reason for divorce. Her face was expressionless. “I was too outgoing”, she muttered. I did not quite understand it. She said she found it hard to turn down advances from other men and eventually ended up spending nights with quite a lot of guys.

My erection woke up again hearing this. I playfully asked her as to how many nights did she have fun in the last decade. She looked at me with a serious face. She gave a wry smile and started moving out of my room.

“Hey Aunt, would you like to see my graduation pictures?” I asked her in a bid to stop her. She agreed. My heart did a little tango then. I got my iPad out and showed her the album. She put on the slideshow. She was watching with great interest when suddenly a nude pic of mine popped up. It was a selfie I had taken in the washroom.

The slideshow continued with me posing at different angles and my dick on full display. Aunt looked at me. I kept a stone face on and looked at her. I took my dick out which was erect and started shagging, looking into my Aunt’s eyes.

She simply showed no expression. I extended my hands out and cupped her right breast. She suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “Okay you wanna do this; I need a young dick too!” I did not think it would be this easy. Aunt got rid of her gown.

My guess was right. She had no bra on! Her boobies were sagging slightly. They must have been around 36C. She was standing in just her fishnet. Looking at her naked, no one would guess that she would soon cross 48. Her hips were sleek and her ass protruded at 38. Her nipples were brown in colour and a perfect size areola!

I jumped on her and took her lips under mine. She too grabbed my bum and pulled me closer. I went on to hold her naked breasts! Aah, I hadn’t had sex for a while so it was after a long time that I had nude breasts in my hands. I squeezed her boobies. She went on licking my tongue. I squeezed harder. She bit my lip in pain.

We kissed for more than 10 minutes and in the process, she undressed me. I was completely naked in front of her. Then someone knocked and called out my name. We panicked. I collected our clothes and we rushed to the washroom. I turned on the shower. We started kissing each other again under the shower and I applied foam on her body. During this process, I pulled down her panty and saw a slightly hairy cunt.

We remained under the shower. We did not have time for a great foreplay as our absence would surely become suspicious. I pulled her up over my body. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I laid back on the washroom wall. With shower running over us, I made my first incestual push into Alison’s pussy. She grabbed my hair and put her lips over mine.

I gave the second push and now my dick lay comfortably in her pussy. She rode me up n down. It was getting a bit difficult to breathe what with the shower running, the grand fuck and the wild smooch!

I’ve had a worse pussy and I’ve definitely had better, but when I reminded myself who I was fucking, it was as though someone flipped a switch. We both lost our rational selves and fucked at a manic pace. I concentrated only on the feral pleasure of our fuckfest.

She cried out, “Jess, it feels so good!”

I kept repeating, “I’m fucking my aunt! My beautiful sexy aunt!”

The excitement soon had me hard enough to cum. I panted, “Aunt Alison. I’m going to explode inside of you. I’m coming inside my aunt.”

I stopped stroking and held her tight. When I came, I thought a rocket exploded from my dick. She was too busy moaning to reply. As soon as my spurt hit her vaginal walls, she too gave way and had an intense orgasm causing a black-out

We laid there and held each other for a while, the shower washing away our cum. I turned to her and said, “Well I guess I have a new lover.”

“You mean you want me after today?” She asked surprised.

I looked her in her eyes. “If things were different, I’d run off somewhere and live with you. I’d tell people I’m your caretaker. I wish we could do this every night. That’s how much I want you.”

We kissed.

Aunt Alison smiled and stroked my dick. “Well,” she said, “We’ll just have to go with plan B.” With that, she leaned over and took me in her mouth. I closed my eyes and just sighed.

I turned the shower out. We dried ourselves with a towel. She wore back her gown. I put on my clothes, without the underpants though. We came out and left the bedroom. Everyone was seated in the living room, chatting up.

“Hey, where you been?! I’ve been looking for ya. I though you ran away again!” Uncle Mat said to Aunt Alison and cracked up. She just smiled and went over to Uncle Mat and kissed him and settled down beside him. I went and sat next to my mom.

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