The Accidental Plan Which Turn My Life

A warm welcome to all ISS readers and this is my first story and I thank all the ISS writers who put up their effort in penning down their experiences. I am Reji, 26 years old guy working as a sales executive in Thrissur, Kerala .

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After reading all the ISS stories, I always wondered whether I would have any such real experience. I waited and waited until a day. I had with my first cousin’s wife Seetha. I am not good with English so see any mistakes plzzz ignore it.

One day morning she called me and said come with her to co- operative bank. We went to bank, and waiting for manager. About her, she is 41 years old but good looking, height 5.3, whitish colour, 36 size boobs and good figure . Only have one daughter (age 20) her marriage fixed. But financially very poor so we are here to take a loan of 5 lacks. Her hus is an alcoholic and lending money from everyone, so no there to help them. He is a security guard in a shopping complex and seetha is a tailor at home. She always wear sarees which I love most. Her daughter neethu and me were friends, I always go to her home and chit chat with them. I never had any intension of sex towards seetha until one day I saw her daughter measuring blouse over her boob . Her pallu was dropped, I can see her navel and belly button. I stood there and hard on so I returned to my home and masturbated thinking of her .

Then whenever I got free went to her see any glimpse of her naked parts, it became my hobby. That’s why I go with her to the bank. The manager arrived and calls us in and check the documents. He was ready to give the loan but need a guarantor with land tax. Then we returned home on my bike and she made tea for me. She changed her dress and went to wash cloths, I followed her and asking about loan details. She was worried about the loan that no one is going to risk of guarantee because of her hus (my cousin). I was observing her beauty, her boobs dancing when she washing the cloths. Then her daughter arrived from college ( b com final year), asked about the loan and seetha said everything will be fine.

I went to my house masturbated 3 times and lay on bed and thinking of seducing her. I think all possible ways sleeping pills, taking a nude pic and blackmail her even raping her. But I afraid that if anything went wrong it will all over for me, so I wait. After couple of days she call me and said I want to meet you. I went her home,she asked me to be the guarantor . I was shocked and asked why me?. She said no one agreed, and requested me with tears dropping from her eyes. Because there is only 11 days left for the engagement and I said have think about it. I reach back home and made a plan and called her at night and said ok .

Next day she went to document writer and write the legal documents by adding my name as guarantor which cost her around 5000/- . She called me to sign the documents but I asked her to come home. She reached her home where I was waiting, her husband went to job and daughter went to college. She ask me why you want me to come here, and I said my mom won’t agree with it. By hearing this she fell on the hall and began to cry by saying why now. She was begging me to sign and saying if this marriage cancel her daughter will never agree for another one. I asked if I sign what you have in return, she said I will thankful throughout my life.

Me ; I don’t want your thanks!

She : what you want?

Me : I want you!

She : no way, I am a loyal to my husband and always will be!

Me : if that is your decision fine, I am going .

She : no please, no please don’t go .

And started to crying, she is sweating a lot. She got wet and her black colour bra became visible in pink colour blouse, I was enjoying the sight. She was crying in the corner, so I decided this is my chance and went close to her. I have 4 hours before her daughter came back, so I decided to enjoy slowly. Put one hand on her shoulder other on her cheeks and pinch, she push me down . I got angry said if you do this one more time I will go without signing.

She closed her eyes, I took her in my forearms and put her on the bed. And locked the door she was still crying with eyes closed. I said her to stood up which she obey and I took of the saree very slowly . Now she was in blouse and petticoat, I kiss on naval and lick it slowly. Then I hug her tight and kissing on her cheeks and neck, I bit on her lips for few minutes then lay her on the bed. I got top of her and for the first time I press her 36 size boobs hardly and she open her mouth in pain. Then I unbuttoned the blouse hook one by one and took of the blouse and bra, free thee the real mangoes .

I suck the left boob like there is no tomorrow and pressing the right boob like an angry animal, then exchange. She now making some sounds which make me more aggressive, then down to her navel which was the best in her body, I press it and pinch it also kiss with passion . Then untie the petticoat and threw it away, she already wet her white colour panty and it was hot like anything. I smelled and my cock became like iron . I kiss it and take it off and keep it on my pocket, I took of dress in seconds. Her pussy hair was shaved few days ago, I fingering her pussy which is so hot . I taste her pre cum,she now making some horny noises. It was a bit tight but I fingering her pussy fast and she made first orgasm.

Actually I forgot to buy the condom, because I never thought that my plan will success. I asked her to suck my cock which she got shocked and open her eyes, she beg me not that one because she never did before.I asked her one more time with loudly, she took my cock and said it’s big it will kill me. I forced to her mouth with one push I touch the bottom, she began to suck it for 10 minutes and I shot my cum at her mouth.

Then I took of my cock and try to insert at her pussy but it was tight like virgin which I came to know after that her hus not interested in sex at all . But push it hard and insert it and she was crying again this time in pain, I started it slowly and getting faster and faster about 15 minutes and cum inside. After 15 minutes we fucked in doggy style and her boobs were dancing, then I stopped the dancing by milking her . After we collapsed I kissed her and said sorry for it.

Then I went to the bathroom for bath, there I found her daughter’s panties and bra. I smelled it and take bath, I dressed myself and she was trying to dress herself but her panty was missing . She want it back because she only have 2 panties. You can have it at night 11.30 pm, I will wait you at your terrace. She said no plz that is risky, I said if you want it come and get it. Then went to bank and sign the documents. And she came at night and have a fearful session.

After the engagement we did it couple of times, now she loves me and I got a chance to fuck her daughter. One day after fucking seetha I found neethu’s mobile and I know the pattern so l open it .I was shocked, she was sent couple of her naked photos to her groom which I share it to my mobile.

I will post the story later, if any aunties or girls want contact me this is my id : [email protected]

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