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Hello everyone! My name is Abhay aged 25 reside in Mumbai and I am a big fan of ISS. I regularly read many stories and also rate them according to the erotic of the story. This inspired me to post a story on this site.

I hope you’ll like this story and rate it accordingly. Let’s start the story. This incidence happened couple of years back. One fine day I was going to my office on bike. Suddenly my mobile rang.

I picked the call and was shocked after hearing my ex-girlfriend’s voice. Her name is Rita. She asked me how I was and everything. After couple of minutes she invited me to her house.

Actually she got married six months before only. After her marriage I was alone only. I thought there must be some problem. Thinking this I went over there as her house was near my office only.

It was raining and I forgot to take my windcheater with me. When I reached there she welcomed me with a smile. Frankly speaking, after her marriage I was disturbed as we both loved each other but because of family problem she has to marry with someone else.

Anyways coming to the story, I went there as a friend. However I came to know that except her there was no one at her house. I was wet due to rain and she asked to sit me on chair and she went inside to bring the towel for me.

She herself started to dry my hair with the towel. I asked her how was she and her hubby. She replied that she’s fine and her hubby has gone to office. She also said that her mother-in-law and father-in-law were gone outside and there’s no one else in the house.

I was shocked and asked why she called me urgently. I asked her is everything fine? She kept quite. There was complete silence in the house and only her bangle’s noise was coming as she was rubbing my head with towel about Rita, she was 20 years old with a height of 5’2″

She was fair and beautiful with a figure of 34-26-34. Anyone could get attracted by looking at her. A mild fragrance was coming from her body as she had just taken her bath and called me.

I stopped her hands and again asked her what happened? As soon as I asked her the question her eyes filled with tears. I stood up and held her cheeks and asked her why she’s crying?

She replied that after six months of marriage also she couldn’t forget me. From morning onwards she was thinking of me. So she called me to her house. I said its ok.

Now don’t think about me and asked her to forget me. She refused to do so then I asked what others will think about her if she calls a boy to her home when she is alone. She said she care a shit about others.

She told me to sit on the chair and went inside to bring water for me. She came near me and sat down on knee and kept her head over my lap. She said that she missed every moment which she felt when I was in her life.

She became very emotional and I made her stand and asked her about her husband. She again started crying and said that he never cares about her. Always looks after his job and company.

I understood the matter and asked her what she wants from me? She again started crying and hugged me tightly. It was a current flown through my body. I also hugged her tightly.

After few seconds she looked up into my eyes. She was trying to say something but couldn’t and I understood and slowly went near to her lips and kissed her. She loosened herself to me and I kept on kissing on her lips.

After a couple of minutes she started to grow up and was responding me. We both exchanged saliva and she started to squeeze my back tightly. I broke the lip lock and started moving down on her neck.

She started moaning and I pushed her towards wall and started kissing her on her neck and slowly came down. She was wearing a brown color gown on which there was a chain in front of her neck.

I unchained the gown and now I could see her cleavage clearly. She unbuttoned my shirt and started to kiss on my chest as I regularly attend gym and I removed all my chest hair. I was feeling horny by her touch on my chest.

I again started kissing her and this time squeezed her ass slowly and later on tightly. I asked her whether she is unsatisfied with her husband. She shook her head up and down saying yes and hugged me tightly.

I slowly started lifting he gown and when it came up till her ass I again squeezed the ass on her panty. She moaned slightly and I kept on lifting the gown and this time removed it completely over her head.

She was wearing a light pink color bra and panty. I asked her when she had last intercourse last time with her husband and she replied that she was with him on bed three months before.

I was shocked hearing the answer. How could a man be so stupid not fucking a bombshell like her? I lifted her into my hands and took her to her bed room. I kept her on bed and told her to wait as my mobile was ringing.

She held my hand and pulled me on her and said not to go anywhere. I was on top of her and she started kissing me. I lost myself into her and responded well and slowly.

She came on me and sat on my semi erect dick and started kissing on my neck, chest and stomach. She further came down and started removing my belt. She then unbuttoned my trouser and took it out to throw it on the floor.

Now I was in my jockey and she was in bra and panty. I slowly unhooked her bra and there she was topless in front of me. I squeezed both her boobs and pulled her towards me to suck them as soon.

I sucked her nipples she moaned aaahabbbbhaaayyy, suck it, squeeze it, it’s all yours. Do anything with them. After couple of minutes she slowly came down kissing all over my body.

She came near to my jockey and looked at me giving a naughty smile. I asked what you are waiting for. It’s all yours, do anything with it. She smiled and touched from outside the jockey and squeezed it and slowly she removed my jockey and was shocked to see my 7 inch thick dick.

She was happy after seeing that and slowly kissed the dick. Actually she didn’t like to suck the dick and even I never liked to lick the pussy. She then kissed my manhood for five to six times and started to move it front and back.

After a couple of minute she came up kissing my body. I slowly came upon her and now it was my turn to make her nude. My dick was touching her pussy from her panty then also she was moaning. I slowly came down and squeezed her boobs and sucked it again and again came down.

And touched her pussy from outside of her panty and I slowly removed her panty and saw towards her face. Her eyes were closed and a big relax was reflecting on her face. I removed her panty completely and spread her legs. Her pussy was clearly shaven,

I pushed my middle finger in her pussy. It was quite tight; from this I understood that her husband hardly fucked her. This was the reason she was disturbed and was crying as soon as pushed my middle finger inside her pussy.

She moaned loudly Aabbhhhhayyyyyy I love you and I want you baby fuck me hard, fuck me I am yours. Today I want to make you mine ahhhh, don’t tease me fuck me out your dick inside my pussy.

Now it was peak time even my snake was oozing to bite her and go inside her love holes in between I asked her why she is not satisfied from her husband. She said that first of all his dick is hardly of four inches and over that he hardly gets time to sleep with me.

It was like her husband is so dumb that a woman like her will never get satisfied from him. I couldn’t control and I took condom from my wallet as I keep it every time with me. Who knows when it can come in to use.

She requested me to fuck her without condom but I refused her and told the ill effects of having fun without protection. She agreed and I wore the condom then I slowly made her legs spread and kept my dick near her pussy.

She held my rod and shown the path to go inside. I kept the tip of my dick on her love hole and slowly pushed it inside. She was screaming and asking to take it out but I was in no mood to take it out.

I further pushed harder and within couple of pushes the whole dick went inside. Initially she was screaming but later on as I started to move in and out she started to enjoy it.

She said her pussy never experienced a big cock like this before and other than her husband I am the only person with whom she has slept. I was hardly concentrating on her words and started to move even harder. She was moaning loudly.

Fuck me hard, I am yours put that dick deep inside aaahhh tear my pussy. Fuck it harder aahhh squeeze my boobs suck it. Fuck me hard I am all yours. Her eyes were closed and she was feeling every inch of my dick.

After some ten minutes she took me down and sat on my erect dick and started to move her ass faster and faster. She was moaning loudly, I love you Abhay.

Fuck me hard and I never got this experience before aaahhhhhh ouch push from down fuck me hard. She took my hand & put it on her boobs and pressed my hands asking me to squeeze it. I squeezed her very hard.

She loved it as it was a pleasure for her. She moaned loudly as she was coming after 10 minutes of hard fuck, I made her stand and asked her to keep her right leg on the table. She kept her leg on table and came from back pushed my dick into her pussy.

She jumped surprisingly and started moaning aahh Abhayyyy you are so adventurous. Saying this she took my both hands and kept them on her boobs and squeezed them. I started to stroke her harder and she started moaning louder.

After five minutes I removed my cock from her pussy. She asked me why I took it off. I told her that I was about to come and I don’t want to come so early, so I removed it out. She understood why I did so after couple of minutes

I laid her on her back on the bed and brought her on the edge of the bed. I took both her legs on my shoulder and inserted my dick again inside her pussy. She again moaned loudly and asked me not to tease her this time.

I started stroking her pussy. She was moaning loudly yes fuck me Abhay push it hard. Deeper inside, fuck me deeper and I was in the heaven as I was stroking her hard and fast.

After ten minutes I was about to come and came inside her and she also came with me and she held me very tight as there was never tomorrow. I lay on top of her keeping my dick inside.

A huge satisfaction was there on her face. After couple of minutes we both separated and slept on bed for half an hour and then I asked her whether she have ever experienced a dick in to her ass.

She said no and was very excited for the act. She said her husband never does like this and he ejaculates within five minutes then I made her sit on her knees making her bare ass towards me.

It was a doggy style pose and she said that she is going to experience this type of pose for the first time. I quickly wore new condom and kept the tip of my dick on her ass hole. I asked whether she’s ready, she shake her ass and said yes.

I slowly pushed my dick inside. Half went inside and she was screaming with pain and asked me to take it out. How could I leave it in half way? I caught her ass with both my hands and pushed it hardly.

The whole cock went inside. Tears came out from her eyes. But as I started stroking her ass she started enjoying it. She again started moaning loudly. Fuck me hard, tear my ass it’s all yours.

Fuck it, dig it I want it all inside my ass aaahh Abhay fuck me harder. After about twenty minutes I ejaculated inside her and after this session we both went to bathroom and took shower.

After having a hot tea I heft the house for my office. I reached office and I got a message from her saying that, she was very much satisfied and love to keep this relation in future.

I replied yes and later on we had sex once in a week. If any girl or bhabhi can contact me on [email protected]

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