The Best Sister I have Got

Myself Naveen from Vizag, I am 27 years and 5 feet 8 inches, I do have a cute face(many people do say that) if not it will be difficult to own my Sister 🙂 and coming to my cousin Deepu(name changed) age 22 who is damn sexy to look at and have an mind blowing shape of 34 30 36.

Coming to my story, we use to meet very randomly at family functions and we never had this thought of any special intentions.

I hardly remember, we have met when she is studying her 9th class for the first time when they are looking for a house change. The second time is when she is studying Inter for the subject and course-related matters and from then occasionally at family meetings. So it all started one fine day when her mother called me to wish for my birthday and gave over the phone to her and she has asked for a party, so we exchanged the phone numbers, she calls me “Annayya” by the way.

The regular chat session made us close and slowly we started exchanging about our personal life, she is not satisfied with her love life as it involved many complications, slowly she used to detail every particular thing which happened with her boyfriend and her thoughts to break up with him. I supported her as she is no match for him.

As things are progressing we are supposed to meet a family marriage. This is the day which made things as sweet as honey. She wore a lehenga with a loose hair and with those perfect shapes and chubby cheeks she made my mouth wide opened. We spoke for almost for an hour or two and then she said she is getting bored lets go out for a ride on bike at 11 PM in the night, so we hot on road and had an amazing view of beach road and this time she said she is getting bored with the marriage and lets go out somewhere, we roamed around for an hour and having no place to visit we decided to stop by at her home(its locked) and we decided to stay in the balcony on the steps.

Deepu: brother, I am getting bored there.Me: That’s the reason we are here na, it would have been better if we got the keys.

Deepu: What would you do if you have got keys.Me: What else, we can go inside and catch some sleep, me, however, its very difficult to stay calm with a beauty like you 😛

deepu: She winked and said Annayya stop it 🙂 Hope you remember I am your sisterMe: Yes I do, that’s the reason there a gap between you and me on these steps 🙂

Deepu: Ahaa, if you sit close to me also it’s not an issue, I have control over me and I can handle it.Me: I don’t believe so, I bet you can lose your control if you can sure handle it and believe yourself, give me your hand and let’s give it a try.

Deepu: Ahaa, ok here is my hand.

I slowly ran my finger tip starting from her fingers to the shoulder by the way the Lehenga is sleeveless… She was smiling and said for this you thought I will loose control? I immediately took her finger into my mouth and started sucking them slowly with slow and deep strokes, she looked cool for 2 minutes but later I clearly observed she is loosing it.

Deepu: Enough I am under control.Me: Ok I agree with a smile.

**** for the next 5 minutes we are completely silent just watching each other into eyes****

Now the time is around 2 PM,

Me: Deepu I am done for the day, I am damn sleepy can I sleep on your legs.Deepu: Sure Annayaa, come here and she patted my head for 5 minutes.

I again started to hold her hand tight and said it would have been lovely if we had keys to get inside the home.

Deepu: Ananya shall we go inside then?Me: What the hell? If you have keys why didn’t you said me earlier?

Deepu: I know about you and beyond that its not so easy to stay under control*** So I said I do not have keys, enough of discussions lets go inside and saying you again if you make any steps you will be out of the house.

Me: Sure dear. *** We settled down on bed and I said I won’t cross any line but can I hug you and sleep***

Deepu: yes bro, ***I hold her for around 15 minutes without making any move but gently massaging her hands.*** Suddenly she turned to my side and took a huge breath and kissed me on my cheek and turned to another side without seeing my reaction.

This is the moment I have waited for, I slowly hugged her from back and my dick is near her ass, I kept my hand on her navel (her lehenga moved up exposing a lot of her navel)I pressed it and made her turn my side.

We are just looking at each other face, and the gap between our lips is starting to reduce, I am not completely sure who is moving towards other, the movement my lips touched her lip, she closed her eyes and moaned. I aggressively started to smooch her and bite her on the lips and started pulling her lehenga upwards.

Deepu: she moaned Annayya and took off my shirt and started licking my nipples.

I then started holding her boobs on her dress and started pressing them slowly and with each press, she started called me Brother/Annayya.

We just came back to the senses as someone may come in home and said at whatever cost lets stop it here if we have the same feelings from here on we can continue further.

*****Obviously it continued further****** Let me know your feedback If you are interested to know what happened later. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

P.S: I didn’t proof read the story again, so there maybe some mistakes, but I assume you would just consider the feeling of it.

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