The Bike Ride And Get Chance To Fuck Aunty

Hi friends!!! This is my 1st story on ISS. So pardon me for any grammatical mistakes takes place. I am Raj (23) from Kolkata studying M.Sc in physics. I am very tall with height 6 feet and biceps of 14 inch. I want to told you the story about my aunt Sunita (45 approach) living in skirt of Kolkata city. She was Healthy and very fat with height 5.9 and body measurement 40-38-41. She always wear gown in home and saree outside the home.

In the month of July during the end of our semester I and my mom went to her house on my pulsar 220 bike. Mom sits sideways and holds my shoulder. I enjoy the ride with mom because my thought towards mom has changed after reading the incest story on ISS. So why I can’t think and masturbate on my beautiful aunt’s beauty.

After 2 hours of ride on bike we arrived at aunt’s place and change our cloths and get fresh. Aunt served crushers and cold drink on the very hot day. She was wearing a transparent gown. I intentionally touch her boobs while taking the glass. My 6 inch penis lifted up and I can’t control myself and went to bathroom. I masturbate two times about thinking her beauty and incident of touching her boobs.

On the evening aunt, mom, aunt’s daughter and I went to market. We are going by car. We had some general shopping and came back. My mom would go to Kolkata the next day with uncle and her daughter. Uncle will go to US on flight due to business meeting and their daughter has a quiz competition in Kolkata.

Mom, uncle and their daughter left early in the morning by train. My aunt and I were alone in their house. At about 10 o clock my aunt asked me to ready and take bath. I was surprised and asked why? She said, “You come here once only year and goes. You haven’t visit our city properly and don’t see our farm house.” I said ok. I take bath and applied perfume on my body. She said we 1st go to temple and then visit the city after that we will stay on their farm house on the night.

I went to start the car. But aunt asked can we go by my bike. I said, “The bike have not much petrol and its mileage is very low. Although you have not the practice of riding bike on pillion sit.” She was angry with me and said she will pay for petrol and she want to go by bike to enjoy the ride with me on open sky. So I started the bike and she uncomfortably sit on pillion sideways because she wear a green saree. I ride slowly because she said me she had a fear of riding bike on back seat.

After 10 minutes we arrived at temple. She had done the pooja and give Prasad to me. After that I started the bike now she was holding my tummy and pressed her 40 sized boobs on my back. We have visited their city and watched some historical monuments. I was bored by watching these.

At about 3 pm we headed our bike to highway. I was very hungry. Then we filled the fuel tank and checked the air on tube. Because we have to go about 20 km. Aunt paid for that. We have our lunch on dhaba. Aunty went to bathroom and I start the bike. She hoped sideways like Indian lady. I asked her to hold me properly. She asked how? I keep her right hand on my thigh and left hand on shoulder.

After some time I speed up the bike up to 80 km/h. She feared much and she kept her right hand on my penis over my track pant and left hand on my tummy. I intentionally applied break to fill her 40 sized boobs. I think she also ride the journey on bad conditioned highway. Because she pressed her boobs although I did not apply breaks and hold me like my girlfriend. She rubbed my penis with her right hand. She said me that I am adult now. I shocked when heard it but I concentrate on riding the bike. She said that if she wore jeans she could have ride bike by placing her both leg on both side. I amazed by hearing this.

After half an hour we reached their farm house because the road is very bad in some portion. I take bath and get fresh. After that Sunita aunty take bath and wear a knee length gown. I surprised by seeing her on this dress. The servant working in the farm house give us coffee.

We were having coffee we are talking about her life, my study etc. She crossed her left leg on the right knee. I easily saw her panty. My penis grows up behind my half pant. But I somehow control the devil. In the evening she sent the servants of farmhouse to their home. I can understand that she want to enjoy me for my athletic body. Also her husband is busy in business instead of family. She prepared rice and I prepared a mutton curry. She said that I will take care of my wife. Then she asked me about girlfriend and relationship. I lied that I have not any girlfriend and still a virgin. She also noticed that I lied to her. But she didn’t ask me any question.

At about 11 o clock we went to bed. But Sunita aunty said that she feared to sleep alone on the big farm house. I said ok. I am very excited to sleep with her.

After lying on bed she touched my biceps and said you are very fit. She also checked my six packed abs. At that time I touched her boobs she did not react on it. I became too confident to fuck her and fulfill my long time dream. I started to kiss on her neck. She replied well by kissing. Slowly I kissed on her lip and started to press her big boobs. I never saw a boob like that of my aunty.

Slowly I pull her short gown and thrash my 6 inch penis on her place. She takes the penis on her mouth and sucked it with tongue. She takes a chocolate from her bag. After melting the chocolate she gives massage on my penis with chocolate. She started again to chuck my penis. I press her mouth towards my dick. I removed my pant and fucked her in doggy style. She shouted, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” I also increase my speed. And masturbate in her body. She was also shouted that, “Fuck me heard Raj. I want more. I am hungry for sex. Fuck me.” I again fuck on ‘69’ style. After 2 hours of heard fucking. She was tired because she was not my girlfriend she was a 45 year old lady.

The next day we were having breakfast and watched their field cultivation etc. Before living the farm house she asked me fuck me one time more. I fuck her very hardly. She also got very satisfied on my sex energy. We have our launch on farm house. She prepare very wonderful dish of fish. This was her special. She asked me to give her my track pant so that she could ride the bike by placing her both leg on both side. I give my pant to her. I wear a boxer. I kick start my bike. She sat on my bike like a man by wearing my track. She hugged me tightly. And press her boobs on my back. Both of us were enjoying the ride.

Again we stopped at dhaba. And have a cup of coffee. She changed her dress in the dressing room of the dhaba. And wear the yellow saree. She can’t go to town by wearing track. She looks like angel. She sat on the bike sideways and we heading towards her home.

Now I often come to her house. Once in two weeks or when uncle is not in home. Her daughter also lives on hostel. So we can easily have sex on their house. She became my sex partner.

Now I am married and working in research centre. But when I get lift I went to aunt’s house and fuck her. That bike ride gives the chance of fucking my hot aunty. Thanks god. Thanks friends.

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